I’m sorry but couldn’t Crystal let Bonney and her mom have sometime together with their brother without her vlogging it. I would love that but I doubt it’ll happen since Crystal never lets them have some time off camera. I know Crystal will have Shelly come along and Shelly would get Mindee come along too.


Who the fuck is this mindee. I keep hearing about her and seeing her and I’m so confused


Mindy is Crystal and Shelly’s sister. She works for Shelly and Jared around the house.


Mindee is in Shelly’s videos sometimes. She’s short and blonde and have a very short haircut. Mindee in my view looks like a combination of Bonney and Grandma


Is she another child for them?


Mindee is Crystal and Shelly’s sister. She’s in between them age-wise. She works for Shelly.


Aaron wearing a hoodie to that nice steak house gave me the ick


Saw the title refuse to watch, what was the surprise?


A plane ticket for Aunt Bonnie and Crystal’s mom to Michigan to see their brother that they’ve only seen once. I don’t know if I get it right because seriously Aunt Bonnie’s voice is like a roof being torn to pieces. It’s so high pitch, painful to the ears (they seriously need to tone it down) and the accent BUT I THINK they only knew about that brother after they took a test (like a 23andMe something). I think their brother’s health is declining so they wanna see him. So yup, something like that. P.S. there are no tickets yet bec Crystal said she wanted them to choose the date, just a letter telling them about her buying them tickets.


Lol oh sweet summer child you do not know high pitch speech unless you follow one of my other favourite niche families: The Rodrigues Family (Jill and David + 13 kids, overly religious) Thanks for filling me in though :)


Oh so it will never happen like jo going to nz or whatever. I agree with the hyperactive voices these people would be so damn draining


Ya what happened to that big trip they were taking Joe too. Fiji or something


Oh jesus crust what am I reading here.


Apparently a lot of people care about Crystal having surgery. From the number of posts bashing her about not vlogging her previous surgeries, now you want to talk down about her vlogging this one? As a person with self-respect, I don’t leave the house in my pajamas, so I understand where she is coming from there.


That was all a lie because of all the comments about Crystal having a secret surgery and 2 weeks to recover but the kids have a camera in their faces during seizures, in hospital rooms etc. that’s why she had her nervous laugh when saying she wanted Aaron to record her


It doesn’t matter why it wasn’t vlogged. It could have been because she didn’t want a camera in her face or because Aaron didn’t vlog it; the point remains that it wasn’t vlogged and people bashed her for not vlogging it when she vlogs her kids’ medical stuff, then they want to turn around and bash her when she does vlog it. So while people may not care about her actual surgery, they do care whether she vlogs it or not.


People didn’t bash her for not vlogging the actual surgery situation, people bash her for basically covering it up and suddenly going dark for a couple a weeks and the kids all of a sudden running the vlogs with little explanation. She hides what she is going through but shoves the camera in her kids faces when they are dealing with something medically. She’s hypocritical.


You people are absolutely unbelievable. While I was watching the video I thought to myself ‘surely those on Reddit could not find a way to twist this really nice deed’. But you proved me wrong. Just unbelievable. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You guys need some happiness in your lives.


The deed itself is good, it’s the way it was executed. Crystal gave her Mum her ‘surprise’ on the podcast to benefit that and then saved Bonnie’s for a separate video to milk it for views on a different platform. Bonnie, being the genuine person she is, delivered the emotional reaction Crystal was seeking. No one is saying it’s not a good thing to enable her Mum and Aunt to see their brother. This is a business for them! It IS calculated.


Crystal only does these things for views. How can you not see that ? Making sure everyone is in camera shot and smiling. Constantly checking to make sure they are still in camera view. Maybe if Crystal didn’t record all her “good deeds” then people would criticize her


So true!


If Bonnie didn’t want to be filmed she would say so. And….if she didn’t talk about her surgery you all would be making up some insane conspiracy theory about what she is hiding. Whether she mentions it or not you’re all going to bitch about it either way….so what does it really matter?