She was backed up against a car, and he could have easily walked away. She is much smaller than him, and the power difference means that a haymaker is not in any way equivalent to slaps. This is not an issue of gender, this is an issue of someone much larger using disproportionate force against someone smaller. Therefore, any of the following comments will be receiving a ban: * equal rights, equal lefts * she had it coming * pussy pass denied Or anything else indicating that Nate was in any way in the right for his violent choices. Self defense doesn't mean a one-to-one reciprocation. It doesn't mean you get to punch back if you're slapped. He wasn't in any danger, and was the aggressor on top of that. Have a great day.


Whoever recording seems like the biggest gas-lighter/ manipulator I’ve ever heard.


Also, from what I can surmise from this video, that the person filming is dating the girl who gets knocked out and they have no reaction to what just occurred? Yikes




Yeah she gave absolutely 0 fucks about her friend. Honestly the guy seemed more concerned about her


The way she just said really? Steady camera hand. Just ready to either see a guy hit a girl to get him in trouble, or, see the girl knock the dude around and get bitched out.


Ikr not even the slightest hint of a flinch. Honestly it's low key funny lol but I'm more curious on the context behind all this.


She gave zero fucks about anyone there.


Amber Turd vibes intensifying...


No no no, they are both equally bad, haven't you heard? Johnny can be difficult on set. /s


Not to mention he would try to get away anytime she would get physical or if the argument was to much. What a monster. /S


And he does drugs and falls asleep. She has pictures to prove it!


With an ice cream container on his lap, no less! Oh, the humanity!


yeah, he even calls out her behaviour in the video. probably a psychopath/abuser (the one recording)


Unfortunately, he's in her grasp and played right into her hands by punching that girl on film. Even though he was within every right to do so, no doubt he is now labeled a domestic abuser (if the filmer an he used to date) and has suffered real legal troubles.


Sounds like andy milonokis


They sound like they’re high on opiates or benzos or something


He sounds like he might be high on helium too


Adrenaline, hell of a rush


Never done opis but the guy seems just reasonably upset about camera person


They just sound drunk to me


He sounds drunk camera girl sounds sedated


Camera girl sound sadistic


The camera man does for sure. People on Opiates always speak in a mono-toned slow-motion. Nate had a point though. Camera guy could seem to give AF that the girl got knocked out, no urgency or even an attempt to check on her. Didn’t even try to help her to help herself by telling her to stop provoking the guy. As long as he’s got some crazy footage, that’s all that matters. Whata Creep.


People on opiates can act speedy also. Hyped up and talkative where you’d think they were on some sort of upper. It really depends on the person, their tolerance, the amount of the drug they took and what opiate/opioid they took.


This sounds like an argument off a playground


She sounds dull AF, mentally.


He sounds like morty


Oh jeez


Whoops, didn’t mean to steal your comment




Holy shot, I couldn’t place it, but now I can’t unhear it. “Y- you just have no remorse, ya know? Ooohh jeez, now I knocked her out.”


He sound like the Apparently kid


who has apparently grown up.


watching with/without sound, completely different videos lol


He gave me Charlie Day vibes lol


I pictured Andy Milonakis




Slightly longer video over at worldstar. [Have Fun.](https://worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video-c.php?v=wshh4J3pQfM3JH49330V)


Need the whole context. Even this is could be misleading. So the girl that got knocked out was in the car recoding nate and he slapped the phone out of her hands before she started punching him? If that's how it all started he was the aggressor.


Nathan explains the context https://disqus.com/by/disqus_2CZMHqSuhM/?




That's why I said we need more context. To be honest I don't think anyone in this situation is void of blame. Just trash all around.


Yep. I simply don't have enough information to weigh up anything about who is at fault. My only takeaway is being REALLY surprised the woman in the car thought that was going to work to just attack him at close range over and over and over and also thought it wasn't a dangerous position to be in between the car door and the side of the car. Seems like a stupid situation


Nathan explains the context https://disqus.com/by/disqus_2CZMHqSuhM/?


No, I’m sure everyone does share blame. But by the time someone punches you square in the face five times in a row, typically most people who haven’t already run will start fighting back.


Yeah weak ass punches. He didn't need to lay her out. I have been in the same situation. You don't need to fuck her up. No excuses, be the better human.


This needs more upvotes!




Damn, this is like when you fighting a boss in a video game and refuse to do upgrades.


This is me playing Elden Ring right now


Damn the accuracy of this comment.


What does this mean for the Jazz?


Hmmmm yes, shallow and pedantic


An All-Hallows Eve store? In January? How fiendishly droll.


☝🏽 ☝🏽


Never seen a man so angry about what he just did to someone because that person wouldn't quit it.


Vicarious remorse. It was just a test from Nate


I know this feeling kind of, I had a gf that I lived with who eventually spiralled into a violent black out drunk and I tried everything to stop her. I grew up in an abusive household and I absolutely hate that stuff. One night I just wouldn’t play into it and she was smashing things and throwing things and finally I just said I don’t care just do whatever you’re going to do until you burn yourself out. So she pulled a knife on me, I just said “gf if you come towards me with that knife I have 0 choice but to punch you and it’s going to be as hard as I can.” So then she pretended she was going to use it on herself and started to walk up the stairs when I didn’t follow her she walked back down and started saying how she would never attack me with a knife. I read on here one time a nurse saying, in a knife fight the loser dies in the street the winner dies in the ambulance. Still to this day whenever I hear a guy hitting his GF, I don’t jump immediately to he should be beat/in jail. There’s gotta be context these days unfortunately.


I hope the man at least gets the chance to defend himself in the public eye. He even implies that the camera operator convinced the woman to physical assault him I've never hit a woman, but I can tell you now that having one follow and physically abuse you with full knowledge there will be no repercussions is much scarier than any violence I have received from a man. It escalates. Right now she's throwing punches, but next there will be weapons. There was a better way to resolve this, yes. But on this guy's face I see a victim who was backed into a corner, seemingly with the intention to socially blackmail when he retaliates. That is fucked up and needs to be called out in its own right


Can speak of it first hand. My girlfriend got really physical a lot of times. And i knew, if i would just give her a taste of her actions just one time, i will be the bad one. It wouldve just got shoved all on me. So i just endured it when it happened. Clenching my fists as hard as i can, keeping my self from Fighting back. Its the scariest thing i ever endured. Knowing you dont deserve it but you cant fight back


Me too, man. My ex from years ago even punched me in the face on Christmas. We were in an argument and in front of my face, I held up this long, drawn out letter she had written to me in order to win my affection back a month or so previously.. I said that what she wrote was a bunch of bullshit. Next thing I knew, BAM, that letter was riding her fist straight into my face. I couldn't do anything but laugh, because it was like a Three Stooges gag, but I really did feel wrecked inside. I picked her up, carried her to my back door and put her out. It didn't stop her from pounding on the door for almost an hr, but I didn't care. I'd rather be alone.






Glad you got out of that regardless, sooner or later her abusive tendencies will catch up to her.


Crazy how common women physically abusing men is. I went through the same thing, ended up calling the cops on the hoe one time and she ended up having to take abuse or anger management classes for it. I did that cause I know punching her back would have me thrown in jail so I just said fuck it and called the cops on her ass after she punched me lol




You weren’t to me. Quick story, I was new to a city and asked a girl for directions to the subway, she said she was going that way and I could follow her. I knew it was roughly 10 minutes away just not which direction (I was pretty drunk) after about 15+ minutes I questioned her. She immediately reached into my pockets and grabbed my wallet and (dead) phone. I grabbed her wrists so she couldn’t get away and she started screaming help. I said let go and walk away and I’ll do the same, then she said “what are you going to do hit a girl” to which I replied “if you don’t let go of my shit I’ll leave you in a slump on this side walk” and she got so offended she had a look of disgust and let go of my stuff and waked away


Men are allowed to hit women in situations where the women are putting other people in danger. Obviously.


Cops technically would have had no repercussions shooting her. Golf club is a deadly weapon


Cops dont have repercussions either way


God damn hero




I've never met a mean Nathan.


Except their hotdogs, amirite? Delicious mean Fuckin hotdogs


Yeah I'm pretty nice.






Fuck you, take my upvote.


Yea, fuck him. I voted him up also.


10/10 can't wait to see this reposted. No sarcasm. I'll literally upvote it every time I see it.


Well considering this is already a repost of a repost , you’re in luck .


Are we supposed to feel bad for her?


You’re crazy if you think that him walking away would have got him out of this situation. If a girl has no problem hitting him in the face that many times, there’s no way she would have let him walk away without following and still hitting him


I think you have a strong point. I’ve had an ex that was EXACTLY like this. However he’s kind of got her pinned up against the car which makes me question how much that ties into it




I don't think the dude was drunk


That dude would be going to jail is she kept the video to herself. Often police look for marks to show signs of battery. I’m sure his haymaker left more of a mark than her slaps.


Her last few hits were closed fist, but you’re still right.




Do you have a source?? I need to consume as much context as possible on this


https://worldstarhiphop.com/videos/wshh4J3pQfM3JH49330V/tried-the-wrong-one-dude-knocks-a-woman-out-after-getting-hit-with-a-barrage-of-slaps-amp-punches It's a little bit longer but basically he knocks her phone out of her hand which she then replies by getting aggressive back, and hitting him. Everyone sucks here imo. Just avoid that whole shit.


A source ans context? Sir this is reddit


Shorsey is real. Wtfk.






C'mon wit' it! *Baby powder me*


Helium is a hell of a drug


This comment is so funny I love it


Charlie Day’s evil cousin


Yeah what's up with that voice?


This triggered a cringe memory of mine when my voice cracked in the heat of an argument.




Nate may also have a sweet tenor voice.




There’s a lot to unpack here


Sounds like they already took the benzos out of the packaging.


Girl recording is a pos friend.




Morb mode unleashed


How can she slap?




She wasn't slapping him.


He sounds like Gary Vee




That may work where you’re from. Where woman don’t have legs and they can’t chase after you and continue their assault.


Made me laugh. The situation is messed up. But, your comment was a true gem


"You knocked her out on camera" Yep and the camera caught her repeatedly punching him in the face first. Go ahead and give that to the police and see what happens.


The biggest piece of shit is the person filming this.




Exactly right. Why are people on her side at all? She's the aggressor. It's also hard to decide without context, but still.


You are exactly right. They clearly didn’t watch the same video.




There’s not nearly enough context in this video to make a decision on who is in the right and who’s in the wrong. A lot of the comments on this are either backing him way too much or backing the girl who got knocked out way too much. If you don’t know what happened don’t pass judgement, yours is probably the first reasonable comment I’ve read


To me, it seems like he is the aggressor, but like you say, we don't have the full story. At the beginning of the video, he is pushing her head down and pushing against the car door- pinning her in- making it seem like he is the aggressor. She is the one who can't back away and is trying to get him to back off. Then he takes her glasses so she continues to hit out at him. This is simply what I see but I could be wrong- videos never usually show the full story. The thing I hate about this sub is how excited everyone gets when a woman gets knocked out. It makes me sick to see things like 'bitches be crazy' or 'that bitch deserves it' or 'I love it when a bitch gets what's coming to her'. I remember a video where a woman slapped a guy- not even that hard, but still, she shouldn't have done that. A proportionate response would have been for him to slap her back but instead, he picks her up and body slams her down on her head, KO'ing her. A move that could easily kill someone. Everyone here was SO excited about the 'bitch that had it coming'.


its had a little more context trimmed off since the last time i saw it posted https://reddit.com/r/fightporn/comments/uo0fad/man_knocks_out_woman_no_one_feels_remorse/ last thread was a lot more feral though. i got mass downvoted for pointing out facts.






Sorry, I knew you weren't disagreeing- that's why i upvoted you! But holy hell, I went through that thread and even though this is the clear case, they were all blaming her and praising him! Very disturbing. ETA- I just realised that this is why he took her glasses off. He was planning to knock her out!


Yes exactly a lot of people get some sort of vicarious thrill seeing another man use full strength on a woman.


can somebody tell me who the hell nate is?


Nate with the killer right from Mason Heights or so the legend goes....


The person who recorded this is a pos she didn't attempt to stop the girl from 'attacking' him nor did she check on her after she he retaliated and knocked her out


In a fight these things don’t matter race, gender, self identification, religion, political beliefs… basically all that matters is 1) who starts it, and 2) who is standing in the end. Guy vs guy it only matters which guy is walking away fully coherent, same goes for girl vs girl, now I believe anyone in a fight should take extreme measures to ensure survival… double tap the mfer if you’ve got to… I don’t care if it’s a girl vs a guy UNLESS he started the altercation. But that only matters if she doesn’t use a weapon of some sort, so there’s too many things to decide whether it was fair or not. So this is the last thing I gotta say about it. The second another person whether it be a CHILD even you neutralize the threat however you have to do it, obviously don’t punt kick the little crotch goblin across a football field or anything like that, but restrain movement, and bring them to the idget that didn’t teach their kids sometimes there’s killers out here and you need to be mindful of that…


We all know it was the person recorded that probably started all this. For how calm she was watching everyone explode she’s a pos.




I mean she did hit him like 20 times 🤷‍♀️








Wtf. Enforce the rules not your opinion


He looks and sounds more worried than the camera guy


Keep your hands to yourself …


Such stupid bitches.


Why would she hit him like that and not think that it’s a possibility that she gets hit back? Poor choices all around.


Pow!! Right is the kisser


If you hit someone you have to be ready to get hit back






Crispin Glover in River's Edge


Back tf off beta fish


This dork sits at home modding subs all day, you can tell it’s gotten to his head


The untethered way the camera person talks remind me of that psychopath Steven something who killed his crush and was interviewed when he realised police found the remains of the victim. Blunt psychopathy without any emotions.


“rrrrRRRrrreally Nate?”


The mods shouldn't really need to be apart of this I get that it's not a proper response to the situation but there's no context as to what happened before the video started .No one's in the right here


she could have easily gotten in the car and stopped punching him in the face. as i woman, i appreciate the ability to be able to punch people in the face repeatedly with 0 repercussions. thank you.


N8 stfu


All I’m going to say is you shouldn’t put your hands on anyone. Every action has a reaction.


let the bodies hit the floorr


Unbeknownst to her, she was merely filling up his power meter.


Would do the same shit.. just don’t slap anyone for no REASON


Camera girl super manipulative.


The one with the camera is the problem with this country. Stand around all day filming instigated situations. With a retarded deadpan voice. "I got you on camera." Heaven forbid the bitch help her friend. It's better to be a piece of shit voyeur - desperate for views. That poor guy. I hope he presses charges on the girl hitting him.


Cameraman exposed for being a sose


Bitch filming sounds like she struggled to find the brain cells to even say he knocked her out on camera. Definitely doesn't have the brain cells to understand what fucking assault looks like.


Fucked around. Then found out.


Op it’s pretty wrong to ban others that have an opinion that’s different then yours no matter the content. Your pretty sad for setting up a one sided environment with the rules. Fuck you








🎶🎤Sweet Slumberrrrr, Oh That Brother Gone Home🎶






Hope she gets charged with assault. 100% fair self defence. Edit: on second watch he's at her car, could've backed away and looks like the aggressor. Shame there's not some backstory.


I'm very confused about the age range here