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I wonder if that guy could’ve gotten off with clear self-defense....if he hadn’t walked up to him while he was on the ground and shot him again.


Yes, the guy’s self-defense justification went out the window when he walked up to the guy on the ground and shot him again.


Probably more like when the guy started running away. Source: had a self defense trial yesterday


Glad to see Brazil can still hold some kind of accountability


Even after the first shot the guy ran away and he shot several more times *in his back*. As soon as they flee you, even if they started it, you're the aggressor at that point


But if he was a cop it would be ok.


The dude swung a bat at him. If you believe your life is in danger youre allowed to continue to shoot until the threat is neutralized. The only issue i see is the pause. You cant do a coup de gras. Thats a no-no. But in reality in all liklihood most DA's wouldnt bother with charges on this guy. The bat guy swung on him first and it is perfectly reasonable that the man with the gun was afraid for his life. Once thats established, most juries would give u quite a bit of leeway as to your actions in the heat of the moment. But yeah if he had put the guy on his knees and then double-tapped him, he'd def be going to jail.


Yeahhhhh not really. Can’t shoot a fleeing victim. And the bat was dropped so even using your argument every shot after than isn’t in self defense. (Fl attorney)


it is very illegal to shoot a fleeing person no exceptions lmao


There absolutely are exceptions. I dont know about u but i am perfectly capable of shooting at someone while simultaneously running away from them. Guess youre just stuck not being able to legally shoot me in the back while i unload on you over my shoulder tough luck buddy. The sweet loophole of death.


well no shit if u wanna be a pedantic dumbass


Then dont say no exceptions when there are in fact, lots of exceptions. It turns the discussion from one where it's automatically illegal full-stop to one where you consider "under what conditions should it be allowed, and does this situation fall into one of those exceptions?" See how one of those conversations is productive and the other is not when you actually care about justice?


Not really. Some jurors have never been in a fight and can't relate to the heat of the moment. Must states allow for reasonable force to be used in self defense. This guy used excessive force once the guy with the bat started to flee, and there was opportunity for him to flee or escape the situation. I wouldn't be surprised if they charge him.


This country is so scary. The fact that someone is fallen on the ground and you can shoot them and still claim self-defense. The threat been neutralized when he ran away and he could have just driven off.


I think maybe u just dont try to bash someones brains in with a baseball bat over a road rage incident and you'll be fine


Don't get out of the car.


The guy in the background just stopped and started strutting back in the opposite direction. Like some GTA character.


This video is cropped on the right sidewalk there's a guy that walks down and books it the other way too lol Edit: found the link https://www.reddit.com/r/robbersgettingfucked/comments/tyf5ue/brazillian_road_rage_gets_fkd/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


LMFAO, the whole clip is 100% a GTA murder


‘Robbers getting fucked’ subreddit?! That seems fun, I’ll be there for a while..


Oh the top of all times are a treat if it's your first play through enjoy


Brazilian off duty cop I assume!


No puerto rico actually no cops lol


Looking for this comment cuz I didn't want to be that guy who comments something that was already said.. But yeah you just never know when you fucking with the wrong one till it's too late..crazy world


Username checks out.


The bloke walking "Leave the house they said!! Get some fresh air! Fuck this"


Lmao how he walks down the street and turns around.. "fuck this shit im goin inside, fuck today"


Didn't even crouch, didn't even have a reaction to a man being murdered in front of his eyes, he just turned around with the disappointment that his morning walk is now ruined


Dude on the sidewalk eased out like ![gif](giphy|a93jwI0wkWTQs)


he forgot his keybinds


Haha noped the fuck outta there


I was walking in a residential part of the Bronx one day and I heard gunshots coming from very close by, in the direction I was headed. I literally said “nope” out loud to myself, did an about face, and took my ass back inside. On the way back I ran into a stranger going in the direction I was just coming from. I told him that there was just some shooting in that direction and he also did an about face and went back where he was coming from.




I always thing about that when someone is killed like this. They left they house doing everything for the last time


Attacked someone with a bat for the last time


screaming like a little girl for the last time.


This made me laugh out loud which is rare for me. Thank you


left their brain on the table for the last time


Yeah imagine waking up to a beautiful day, maybe next to your most favorite person in the world, maybe you send your kid to school and tell them you love them and you’ll see them later, And then throwing it all away because you didn’t think to just *not* be violently angry at a guy you don’t even know. Idk if the bat guy had a good family, but if he did, he threw it all away for nothing. All he had to do was not come out swinging. It’s the worst.


That dosent look like a "beautiful day" type of neighborhood.


Poor people have beautiful days too


[A good day in Compton](https://youtu.be/h4UqMyldS7Q)


One bad mutha fucka named ice cube. Straight outa Compton


Lmfao bro was movin’ like a GTA V pedestrian


T o u c h g r a s s


Like a game of rock,paper, scissors. Gun beats bat.


Game of Gun, Bat, Knife.


Knife beats gun, bat beats knife


Damn, beat me again.


I see you've played knifey spooney before


Suppose you’ve never heard the phrase bringing a knife to a gunfight lol


I lost a good friend who found out that you also don't bring martial arts to a gunfight. He was a wiry little badass who was working as a bar bouncer until one of the people he threw out drew on him and shot him dead where he stood.


That’s rough, sorry to hear that.


Thanks. He was recovering from a rough spot in his life, and was climbing back into being a responsible member of society, doing the only work he could get at that point, and it cost him everything.


Okay, let's go another round. Ya ready? ... It's okay I'll wait.


knife beatos all if you do detroit urban survival training


Let's play Florida or Russia. No one's wearing a track suit and that 100% dead guy had a *huge* mullet so I'm going Florida. Final answer.


It was actually Puerto Rico… kind of close.


Ah yes. South American Florida. ![gif](giphy|12XNCUCpYCwQFy)


Puerto Rico isn’t in South America but the Florida parallels are real.


> *Ah yes. South American Florida.* 😂🤣 Dude! You’re going to piss off a bunch of Puerto Ricans.


True.... But at this point we are living the darkest timeline..... So Caribbean South Florida.... Btw, I'm Puerto Rican and this is mega fucked up!!!!!


Puerto Rico is a US territory.


Puerto Rico, Alabama.


Do you happen to have some info related to this event?


That's Other Florida.


Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors


only a jerk takes a bat for a gun fight


Batman says otherwise


Next level comment considering how batman hates guns




Only a bat takes a jerk to fight gun


Only a bat jerks off to fight gun


Bro, guy in the back doesn’t give a SINGLE fuck


my bro's like "damn, interesting..wait, i forgot my charger, gotta head back".


Another day in detroit


Lessons to be learned: There's always gonna be someone stronger than you. There's always gonna be someone more insane than you. If someone drives like a maniac, maybe he is just that. Why mess with a maniac? If you intend to spill blood, there's a good chance it might be yours. No amount of material damage is worth somebody's life.


>If someone drives like a maniac, maybe he is just that. Why mess with a maniac? good rule of thumb on the road for me lmao. anyone who drives like an idiot IS an idiot. really isn't worth your time.


Tbf the guy with the bat was the one that was stupid at driving, wasn't he?


Couldve been either really, but Lets say the guy with the gun was the idiot driver, cost the baseball bat guy his life didnt it? Just for being angry.


The pedestrian was super calm about this


He might have been able to use self defense, but that last shot is going to send him off to jail.


"last shot". He emptied the magazine and only stopped when there were no more bullets lol.


Fair point. I watched without sound.


Yeah, he straight up executed him with that last shot.


This happened here in Puerto Rico he tried claiming self defense but like many pointed out those last shots cost him the case


He still might have lost it either way because he fired almost all of those bullets into the back of someone running away


Last 5


Wow. Someone just died in front of my eyes!


Are you new here ?


Yeah… not gonna lie… that was intentional murder. The bat guy was already fleeing and was shot. In the end, the shooter even went in and gave a headshot


Looked like about 6 headshots to me


Meh unlikely. If you've ever mag dumped one handedly at the range you'll know your accuracy suffers even from that range


I’m pretty sure there is a longer version of this video where the dude on the ground picks his head up and starts to look around. Not too sure he was hit in the head at all.


Ive seen a lot of people shot in the head and they definitely move more than the average person would expect. I had one guy flailing his arms around and try and roll out of his stretcher. Not that I know better than you if this guy was hit but theyre much more wiggly than the movies depict.


> Ive seen a lot of people shot in the head and Okay, I've got to ask...


Trauma surgery rotation baltimore


Maybe I’m blind but I can’t really see any shots. I would have assumed he hit him maybe once in the back. Edit: oh I see now.. there’s audio


Well duh, medical bills ain’t no joke, threaten me with a good time I’ll take my chances


It was pretty clearly self defense until he followed a fleeing attacker and unloaded the magazine in his back after the threat was already gone now it's murder


I am totally okay with that. A bat to the head is just as lethal as a bullet. Self defence, and also ridding the world of a would be murderer. If people can't handle their rage, they shouldn't be driving. YES- there are bad drivers out there NO- they don't deserve to die because they made a bad turn. MAYBE- you need help with your anger issues, and should take a fucking bus.


It's not self defence when the other guy is running from you


I once chased a guy down after I acted in self defense. Him and his buddy jumped my girlfriend and me. I fought back. He tried to run, I caught him and beat the shit out of him. We both got arrested. So yes, you are correct.


Yea I mean, I'm sure they deserved it. They always start running like little bitches.


Its not like the guy is Mr Disciplined Soldier. Its heat of the moment. This is an extremely predictable outcome and he shouldn’t be responsible for murder. The attacker made his intent clear. There are plenty of people who stop when their attacker retreats only to find out their attacker is armed too and get killed. You should always incapacitate or kill your attacker if you want to ensure your survival. Its not like they had a conversation or he was begging for his life.


I don’t think its this guys responsibility to stop fighting for his life immediately just because his attacker realized he was going to die. Its a hormonal response and it doesn’t disappear at the flip of a switch. The attacker made several decisions that lead to this. The shooter didnt start shooting until he was being hit with the bat. Its clear the guy with the bat was perfectly ok with grievously injuring someone unarmed. It would be stupid for the shooter not to kill him. Whats stopping him from going back to his car and getting a gun? Ive seen plenty of people lose a fight and come back with a weapon. I don’t think the shooter should have to face jail time for this depending on the context not shown in this video.


I’ve been in a situation similar to this. A couple guys jumped me and my girlfriend I fought back and they ran. (I didn’t know their full intentions so I acted in the heat of the moment too.) I caught one and beat his ass and broke his orbital bone. He got arrested but so did I. I got 6 months probation, community service and anger management classes. So yea the heat of the moment can cost you. As others have said, this becomes an act of retaliation not self defense.


The telephone pole in the video literally marks the line in the video when it crosses over from being a good shoot to murder. On the right side of the pole the guy shoots the dude. But then he follows after the guy and puts his gun hand down by his side, perp is already flat on the ground, and the guy takes several steps towards the perp and then brings his gun up and mag dumps him. He should have stopped when he dropped his hand by his side. As soon as he raises his hand back up is where the line is crossed into malice and thus murder.


Unless you’re a cop! No but seriously they justify it that, you don’t know if the guy is going to come back and attack after being shot at.


You're absolutely right :-)


It isn't self defence when you've already gunned the fucked down while he is running away from you, and even then you shoot him in the head a few more times. That's cold blooded murder, and the guy with the gun is at least as much a criminal as the guy with the bat.


Id hardly call that "cold blooded murder". Dude was being attacked with a bat.


This is a retarded take. Didn’t even see bat guy hit him with the bat, could’ve swung at at his car, whereas gun guy Literally gunned him down as he was running away then put a few more shots in his back to finish the job. Talking about ridding the world of a “would be murderer” who was running away, by murdering him. Fucking Reddit brain disease I swear


“i am totally okay with that” LMAO


Exactly… had he not followed him he may have gotten away with self defense….. but this is definitely intentional


i mean, the cops do it too...


Shooter just needed to stay in his car and put a few in his chest and he was clear for self defence, now he’s going down for murder possibly


first time?...


It’s not unusual


What a world eh


Welcome to the internet buddy! Enjoy your stay


you must be new here


That went from self defense to execution. Should've stayed in his car. That being said i don't think I'll miss the other guy tho


As far as I'm concerned I won't miss either. Off to jail with two unhinged people.


1 unhinged person. The other is going to the morgue.


Oh yeah whoops


Yeah I don’t think he missed him either


One guy dead, one guy probably going to spend the next 20 years in prison. Lose lose over some damn road rage. The sad part is he didn't even have to shoot the guy, he probably would have chickened out just seeing the gun and he could've held him until the cops came.


I just don’t get people who start issues in countries such as this. Eventually one guy is gonna whip out his gun and this is going to be the outcome. Rip, it was definitely intentional.


“It was definitely intentional” Oh really? Ya don’t say. I thought he might have accidentally walked up behind him and shot him like 6 more times. Whoopsie!


Typical hangry me 🤪


He did right by protecting himself but he messed it up by shooting him while he fled, now he’s gonna get some time


Depends on local law of course, but in most places this would be straight up murder. Shotting someone running away then executing them with a headshot is not self-defence.


This was in Puerto Rico... but in Texas, you can straight up shoot someone running away from you even if they only stole something from you and you are not in any immediate danger. Not even kidding!: https://codes.findlaw.com/tx/penal-code/penal-sect-9-42.html


Also in Florida, that's how George Zimmerman got off


Things like this usually start as two people road raging against each other. This could have been mutual participation going on for a few minutes. And there’s a good chance that neither one of them would have have taken it this far had they not been armed with weapons.


Lets see: No such thing as a fair street fight. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes Never bring a a bat to a gun fight. Shoot until the the threat is eliminated. It was Murder.


You forgot the new “play stupid games”—“Fuck around and find out”.


Lol thanks


He fucked around and found out


Dont forget something about 'off duty cop in brazil' and a couple of nerds saying something about how this is actually somehow badass and if they were the one there they would have shot even more times because they're more badass


And now you're fucking dead. Wonder if the last thing that went through your head, other than that bullet, was how bad an idea it was to attack another driver.


Rule #2: Double Tap


Well that'll learn 'em...


So is executing someone in broad daylight in the middle of the street in camera. There is a difference between self defense and murder. The initial gun shots were self defense. The follow up gunshots finishing the aggressor off were not mercy, they were murder. Plain and simple. There is no way this guy isn’t getting charged with Murder in the 3rd degree and aggravated assault.


Walking up to him after he is down and emptying the mag into him is the difference in self defense and murder.


Shooting him while he ran away is when it turned to murder


Exactly, thank you


The guy in the background just turns on the spot and walks the other way...


Yeeeah that turned from self defense, into murder... Real quick.


hitman 3 npcs when you walk into a restricted area for .3 seconds


those were blanks right?


The double tap might get him jail time


Those last shots were pure love of the game....damn dude


Guy walking “I sees nothing! Nothing!”


How many times is this gonna be reposted and milked


Play stupid games win stupid prizes




If this is the US. Defender is fucked. You can’t shoot a man anymore once they have turned there back to flee. He has made him self an aggressor now in the eyes of the law. Whether here it was out of fear or anger. This was handled wrong


Dude is going to prison, that's straight-up murder.


Why are you guys so hungry for murder? This guy doesn't deserve to own a gun. The other guy fucked around with the wrong person and found out, but with his belly on the ground like that, he didn't deserve to die.


Nowdays you can die by just badmouthing someone. I think most people are aware of that. Problem is, some people must think they're superheroes, a main character from a movie or any shit like that, to feel entitled enough to harass/threat somebody and expect no consequences at all. You never know who you're dealing with. You may think you're the badboy, the badass... but reality ll always surprise you. Remember, we are just a sack of flesh and bone. It's too easy to die and not worthy to have a meaningless death like that at all. The guy with the bat definitely thought he would be the winner right there. The stronger one. The one who make threats, scares and teaches people a lesson to never oppose him. The one who's allowed to hit people just because he's mad... Welp. It may have worked 1, 2 times for him... but not that day.


But looking at the flip side, humans are so unhinged that they think just because they have a gun, a bat, a pair of fists etc. That they are allowed to play God and take life because they cant deescalate a situation. There are people who literally just pick trouble and wait for someone to do something so they have their chance to live out their blood thirsty fantasies. You know what i would do if i saw a grown man with a bat exiting his car? Id stay in mine and call the police and let them know i have a license to carry, but i would also never put myself in a situation where I'd need to defend myself/life if i could help it. People are so hungry for an excuse




I'd say the first 2 shots were justified, not the other 3 when his back was turned. Then after he falls, walking closer to get 5 headshsots??


Notice how the people in the back walking are not fazed at all


Got himself to blame


Dumbass picked the right one that day.


Bet he didnt expect the dude to have a gun huh


That one guy in the back: “huh weird. Guess I’ll leave”


bet he wont do that again


in defense shooting, when the attacker started to run off he should of disengaged. Now he probably will go to prison. That walking up and shooting dude on the ground is a hell of a no no.


Remember folks, it's hard to look tough with a bullet in your head.


So… I understand the man is angry. But that was an execution. He was already down. WTH


When from self defense to murder real quick


Dude that mf had the wrath of god packed into his pistol


he was the aggressor by blocking the other car off and running up on him with a bat. the shooter had a right to defend himself, but then he walked towards an already shot and downed man and executed him in the street. his legal self defense went to illegal murder real quick. send him to prison edit: i’m an american and just assuming this is america it may not be and the shooter might of been going to prison either way for shooting but in my state he couldn’t shot him and drove off to protection and called the police and probably wouldn’t face any jail time, especially with this video showing the guy with a bat cutting him off and approaching him


I like how the person walking in the background just took a moment to process what happened then casually turned around and walked back lol


This is why when I drive I drive with caution and if I cut the other person off by accident I look at the drive and gesture and say sorry and wave. And go my merry way.


Went from self defense to downright murder in seconds


Obviously it’s self defense and the victim shouldn’t get in legal trouble. Having said that, he’ll probably need to hire a lawyer after executing him at the end there...


For either one of them.


He was good up until he shot him in the back.


That’s murder. You are allowed to shoot if your life is in danger. After he shit the man once the man turned and tan he continued to shoot then the man fell to the floor and he popped a few more into him while on the ground lol. Honestly you shot him and he was running that should have been enough. You didn’t have to execute him lol


I don't even honk my horn at ppl anymore. I just assume everyone is armed. It ain't worth it.




I lost it when the dude in the green shirt just turned around lol


Why the execution though


Man that guy in the backround hardly gratified the baseball bat attack with a glance, and barely looked up when the killer emptied his clip, just kept walking normally back from where he came. That would probably be gta or cyberpunk


The dude in the background turning back around!! Lmaoooo


There is a big difference between protecting yourself and straight up murder.


That's not how you use a gun in self defense...


I love how nonchalant these headlines on Reddit be. “Doesn’t turn out well” 😂


Damn. He shouldn’t have stood over him. He would have had the case beat. Should have just popped him up and called the police. Now It’s no longer self defense when you do that.


Guy in the backround just turns around and leaves


Maybe repost it a few more times


That was 100% justifiable self defence. Until the last shots he took lol


To be fair, if you'd just got cracked with a bat you'd probably be pretty fucking pissed off to.


Oh yeah I would have done the same thing. A bat is a deadly weapon and you should always meet deadly force with deadly force. The first volley was exactly that but the second volley into his head after the perp is obviously incapacitated on the ground could well be argued as second degree murder