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Black shirt had good blocking form. Still gave up the QB sack though.


I knew this comment would be here as soon as I remembered the video 😂


didn't he end up just getting like a suspension or something like that? been i while since i saw this, didn't even realize which video it was til i hit play for a few seconds.


The way my man got off the block🤌


That pass rush was too much to handle😂😂😂😂




Gotta keep the feet moving, I think that's where he lacks technique though


They both seem like they have a screw loose.


His bottom is probably loose. He's giving sugar bear.


Her problem wasn't hitting him, it was waiting until someone was between them. When he first was getting in on her, a solid few hits would have been fine. Wacking him once and running, yuck.


Was coming here to say it’s funny how she waited til someone was between them to actually take a swing


Not defending her, but in the beginning hes saying she touching me while walking towards her getting i her space and belly bumping her. Id push back too. Get your belly off me! After hes moved from the space and someone got in the middle i wouldnt have hit him.


Y’a I was just about to say that “your touching me” as he is walking towards her chest bumping her. They are both absolutely crazy


Eh in moments like these I always follow the three sides method. Her side, his side and the truth. https://www.fox4news.com/news/spirit-airlines-employee-traveler-fight-dfw-airport


well said


He really did provoke her.






Why they always gotta delete the dumb shit they said... I wanna know what he said🤣


Airport dude was pushing the matter. No reason for him to be trying to body up a customer like that. Call airport security and let them deal with it. Now he’s out of a job because he was too dumb to walk away.


Agreed. He was absolutely escalating and provoking her by bodying up.


>Now he’s out of a job because he was too dumb to walk away. Maybe he'll get treated with the respect he deserves in the unemployment line.


They both suck. End of story


I thought they were gonna kiss for a second


As is the case most of the time. Also, title of your sex tape (final installment).




He is very feminine I bet if it was a man he would of backed down.




She waited to assault him until someone else was holding him back. It's not as if she felt threatened in that moment and needed to defend herself.


She knew what she was doing. She did the finger wave inches from his face, she kept jumping forward to push him, granted he kept reciprocating, but she was the aggressor here. She wanted him to hit her first so she could play the victim card, but when that guy stepped in she took the cheap shot and ran. They're both just as guilty as the other, but she was the aggressor. She never "backed off" she only backed up when he stepped forward. Stop pretending like she was doing nothing wrong.


Spirit Airline is like cruising on Carnival!


Air Greyhound


The part that makes me mad is only one guy tries to step in when they are arguing and she is pushing him and when she hits him but when he retaliates a half a dozen other people jump in. Why did you wait till he retaliates? This situation is already volatile, what were you waiting for?




People not acknowledging this acting like she didn't deserve it lmao. Bro was definitely pushing the issue but she waited till he was preoccupied to swing and that is the end of civility for me 🤷‍♂️


At least she knew it was coming, I guess?


I see two cases of assault, her obviously for hit him but he then when out of his too hit her back. It sucks but legally I’m pretty sure you can only hit someone defensively.


It’s tricky and depends on the state. Texas is a stand your ground state so you can hit back, but I’m sure there are some parameters as well. I’m in MA which is not stand your ground. If you have a reasonable chance to escape or flee and you choose not to, it’s not self defense. There also has to be proof that you are in actual danger. So if a small woman is slapping a large man and he hits her back it’s most likely not going to well for him in a MA court.


Stand Your Ground only really applies for home defense, otherwise you usually have a duty to retreat. Edit: but like you said, it varies state to state, and I don't live in Texas.


Thanks I never really looked into stand your ground since it does not apply here. I thought it was broader.


Uh 🗿


Then they become a couple because they’re that toxic just so they can keep beating each other…what a twist!


This dude kept walking towards her though and getting in her space as she was backing away. She shouldn’t have hit him but it seemed like he was fishing for her to do that


This wave of entitlement by women to strike a man is not going to be tolerated.


But why was he in her face and walking her back to begin with? It looks like she was provoked and took a swing after she told him to get out of her face. What was she supposed to do, back into a corner and let him keep bumping chests? This one is messed up.


I hate white knights who come to the aid of broads who hit first but in this case they get a pass. Homeboy just had that 'looking for an excuse to release pent up aggression' energy.




The white knights rose up.




Lowkey he was the aggressor… I’m not defending her nor saying she should have hit him but he was saying “stay out of my personal space” but in all reality from what I can see in the video he was approaching her


Keeping it classy spirit airlines


How does someone lose control like that.


"You're in my personal space"... moves forward into her space and bumps chests...."you're in my personal space!". What a maroon.


Where were all of those people BEFORE he went to hit her back?


Bro was instigating the fuck out of the confrontation though, almost like he really wanted her too.


She hits him first but the guy was not allowing her to pass. She could not get around him and he kept maneuvering her back. What other options did she have? Sometimes the person that hit first has a reason to do so.


All the SIMPs rushing to defend her as soon as shit got physical ...


She tried to walk away he was too in her face


whatever airline he works for is looking at a lawsuit along with the airport. Unless there is more to the video leading up to this, he was being the aggressor. She also has no right to place her hands on him.


They both found what they were looking for. Let's not pretend he wasn't asking for it, too.


Waits for someone to step in then she punches him & runs away THEN all the men jump in. Jesus, what a mess.


Gender equality at its best 😅


Stupid B, deserved it


She may have been being stupid, but the guy was aggressively approaching her and getting directly in her face. He wanted her to hit him so he had an excuse to beat her up. He was being aggressive.


They are both overgrown asshole children.


He’s crying about personal space while walking up on her chest to chest




dude in hat kept getting closer to her. she kept touching him because he kept getting closer. yes she probably did touch him prior to the video starting but he didnt have to get so close. then other guy comes in trying to get hat dude to walk away. that dude just wanted to justify hitting her. when that other random comes in trying to stop dude in hat and touches him it’s not a problem.


“Why are you touching me” as he is walking directly into her. Obviously she shouldn’t have swung, but let’s not pretend this dude is some poor innocent bystander. He was being a cunt too.


I like your username.


Yours is ok, but I prefer suffering succotash


Awee now I wish I would've thought of that.. I just used the one it randomly generated😆


All he has to do was walk away. Don't pretend he's a victim. Neither of them are.


Right. It’s like that video where the girl is beating on this dude hard af and nobody says nothing but the second he punches back it’s “WOAH WOAH WOAH” like uh? She was beating on him for a solid minute?






Ah yes, the double standarts at work.


If you can’t act like a civilized adult in public because it’s simply the right thing to do, then at least do it because of the possibility that somebody’s recording. Because somebody usually is.


ITT: people who are suddenly fight experts. Reddit at its finest.


If she were a man.... all I gotta say


He was escalating it so he really has no leg to stand on with his argument. If you keep pushing up on me to yell in my face you will get a nice headbutt to your nose


Airport dude kept getting in her face, honestly I would’ve put my hands on him but that’s just me.


So what is everyone's opinion on this? Never hit a woman, or it's permissible by man-code when the woman hits first?


When you spend several decades infantalizing the population, this is what you get. Secure adults do not act like this.


"Don't touch me and get out of my face" says the man as he continues to walk toward the lady.


Both shitty people, but he was more wrong. He was bigger, was at no physical risk and was aggressing. Saying "get out of my space" and "dont touch me" means nothing when you are actively closing the distance.


Good hand fighting, dude was definitely a defensive tackle somewhere. Oh and cue the knights in shining armor🙄🙄 I mean I guess at least they stopped him from an attempted murder charge but I can't stand that particular breed of male.


My home town. I'm so proud.


I love how everyone did fuck all about the guy being assaulted until he stood up for himself


at least they got the guy part correct, definitely no men present . They all walked away.


Bruh shed that blocker and dove for the tackle like a fucking pro


Drives me crazy when all these guys stand around and do absolutely nothing while she assaults him, then when he hits her back it’s a mad rush to get involved. I think these airport workers need the same immunity as the police when they defend themselves against these idiots, and I think these idiots shouldn’t be allowed to sue anyone or the company when they act like this and get hit back.


Where's all these dudes when it was her trying to hit him, let her get what she gets since she is the provoker


Well she really has little chance at hurting him. And that’s likely a powerful dude. It doesn’t matter who started it.


That's not truth. Everyone has the choice to make that first move, if you ignore observations of your opponents size, that's on you, you opened that door.


She’s a woman known to him. I would take my chances because I’m a man. But you do you.


She lucky she didn't get knocked tf out, some people don't play like that anymore


Did she spit in his face twice?


At the end; dude said "I'll fight whoever", captain sav' em stepped back though. 🤣


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Dumb bitch 😒


Bro is straight off interdimensional cable: https://youtu.be/Bm5OVg50swY


“You ain’t gunna fight that woman bro” Get The fuck outta here. She gunna throw hands, she gunna get it back. Fuckin cucks who stand by and watch this bitch berate and smack the dude


I love when women think they can hit men and get away with it


Man, let homeboy go! She clearly wants her ass whooped. No one held her back when she was yelling and hitting him, but all of a sudden…


No cause why wasn’t anyone sticking up for him?


Bro I work at DFW I was getting some Wendy’s during my lunch break when I heard the shouting can’t believe it’s on this sub Reddit lmao


Watching without sound, I'm embarrassed by both parties.


Here at Spirit Airlines, we pride ourselves in our ability to furnish our guests with a good old fashioned, down home bitch slapping! So, come fly with us.


Bitch should do 2 months time = excellent deterrent


Spirit, the Greyhound of the sky. Free entertainment on both.


I really wanted him to fight the guy.


Man I feel so bad for that guy. Had to deal with her shit and then 4 dudes gang up on him because they didn’t see how it started.


Nah the fact they only stepped in after he swings


Gender Equality at it finest


White knights everywhere…


Good for the employee. He should not take that shit from anyone.


Ughz..... they do it to themselves.


Some people just can’t control their emotions, especially in public 🤣🤣


Hit and run… her demeanor changed quick af when that cornbread fed mf started trucking 😂


All those SJWs piling in once it was on - rofl. Should have handed out wayyy more hits.