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F them kids bro. I know they deserve it


Teachers aren't paid to deal with violent kids at all. Most of them aren't prepared for it, they're not psychologists, therapists nor social workers. Disciplinary issues should be handled by qualified people, and teachers should be able to just teach their subject. Or they should be trained to deal with this kind of issue (most teachers just get trained to teach, not to discipline). This will continue to be an issue until the system realizes that a different approach is needed. Especially because some parents refuse to have anything to do with their kid's education at all


This is basically why I will never work for a public school. I have a degree in History and most people assume I want to teach high school kids, the fuck I do!!


there is absolutely no reason she should act like this. railing on an eleven year old like "does your dad hit women?" is insane


Nah thats aint it. this is near abuse


Should have got fired and arrested


why the downvotes? theres really no excuse to talk to a child this way, shes a grown woman. maybe it just triggers my own traumas with school, but I could not even fathom what the fuck I would do if a teacher talked to my kid this way.


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