Why is CLEAR a green button while ENTER is yellow? I kept accidentally clearing my PIN.

Why is CLEAR a green button while ENTER is yellow? I kept accidentally clearing my PIN.


it will be funny when the text worn out and people keep resetting their pin




Weird bot


The user might be very young judging by comment history


Agreed. Very young or very old.


Either that or hes crazy. His profile picture says "nos vemos", which is like "see ya" in portuguese. And he comments that should get going all the time.


He has a busy day tomorrow.


Also means that in spanish.


I guess that’s the joke. He’s always saying goodbye


Most likely some karma bot, or a bot meant to be used in karma manipulation. The fake history provides the idea that the user is real to automated systems. I've been seeing this a lot. Accounts that comment on many threads all over in a very short time frame, usually with a comment that is irrelevant to the thread it's in. Likely copied from some other comment on an old thread.


I assumed he just meant his local ATMs are like this and he’d be busy visiting them all to rub the text off them. Gotta be well rested to commit deeds of anarchy


No, he's posted the exact same thing many times. His post history is nonsensical.


Why do you comment about how busy your day is in a million different subs




this is hilarious


I get the schtick, man, I’m just wondering. When did it start / what does it mean? You can be meta for five seconds to satisfy the curiosity of a stranger 😖


he's very busy, you shouldn't disturb him


...but not too busy to tell us that he's busy


He's busy telling us that he's busy. That's why he's always busy


Well how else would you know he’s busy


Otherwise how would we know?


It's a bot. Not a real person behind the account.


Clearly he responds with context, so it’s either the most sophisticated bot I’ve seen in a while or a human. It’s just really annoying that they refuse to explain anything- I understand that kinda ruins the joke, but evidently lots of people wanna know, and it’s no longer entertaining. Edit: I don’t wanna pretend I know for a fact this isn’t a bot, just saying it’s sort of impressive.


r/shittyunethicalillegallifeprotips: Use sandpaper to remove all letters and numbers from keypads, and run away


Where's the Q? Where's the Z?


Probably on the "1". I've seen that on older keypads, and this appears to be an older setup. (Source: I manage a gas station and haven't seen a CRIND like this in over a decade).


Isn't this supposed to be universal, for people who memorize their PIN as a word (e.g., LIGHT for 54448)? I think they just didn't print the Q and Z but they should be on 7 or 9 respectively.


Like many technological innovations, letters on number pads trace their history back to Ma Bell. The way shown here (QZ on 1) is correct, to the old standard. Letters were put on phone keypads (well, rotary mechanisms) to aid the customers in Direct Dialing in the 40s-50s (when we started calling people directly, without calling the operator first). To make numbers easier to remember, we used “Phonewords”, or exchange names. These would generally be based on the street the exchange was on, or the neighbourhood it served (Belmont, Hudson, etc) - the first 2 letters (BE, HU) would be the first 2 numbers of the phone number. As an example, the oft-heard-around-Chicago “Hudson 3 - 2700” would map to 483-2700. These names were standardised in 1955 by AT&T, and all future exchanges would be named off the approved list. None of these names used Q or Z, so we didn’t need them - and this allowed for a nice 3 letter-per-key option. Later on in the Touch Tone era, we needed Q and Z for input, but 1 was the only “free” number (since 0 still belonged to the operator), so there they went. Damn, this came out longer than I thought.


This is something I didn’t know I’d find interesting but I still found quite interesting. Thank you!


This is a remarkably good and comprehensive explanation. Thank you!


I'm not sure. I'm 35, I remember when I was a kid, most telephones had 1QZ, along with ATMs and the payment terminals at the grocery store. I always found it odd. 7/9 became more common, if not near universal around the turn of the century.


Back in aught five, I reckon


TIL something.


I remember the phone we had in our house when I was young just didn't have a Q or Z anywhere. It was common among older ATMs or touchtone phones just to ignore them completely. It really bothered me.


Weird but also cool seeing someone else know what a CRIND is.


The letters were designed for telephone numbers, which were communicated using words (and in turn letters) when self phone dialing became a thing. i.e. telephone number 441-5555 would be communicated as HIland 1-5555, HI being 44. Q and Z were unused, and as such did not appear on rotary or touchtone phones until the 1980s or so when telephone computer systems (such as banking) required them, and was then assigned the number 1 typically. This practice just carried over into other numeric keypads. My credit union's ATM has Q and Z on number 1.


Is that why shows will have phone numbers like Klondike 5? TIL


Yep. KL5 corresponding to 555.


Always makes me think of the Glen Miller orchestra song "Pennsylvania 6 5000"


On the 7 and 9. For some reason lots of devices in the US never printed them, they were just implied for whatever reason. Maybe the aesthetics of only 3 letters per button? Once texting on cell phones became a thing, they started printing the Q's and Z's.


This gas pump is full of issues.


Thanks Chase bank.


Well Q is back in the continuum and Z is hiding out back.


Green means you have plenty of time to CLEAR the intersection, yellow means you might have just enough time to ENTER the intersection, and red means this intersection is CANCELLED. Would you like a receipt?




This is what I was thinking, like a shitty disconnect between the programmers and interface designers of this thing.


Makes sense to me… green means go, so go ahead and start over.


I color code all my info. I wrote gay son in green. Green means go. So I know to go ahead and shut up about it. Orange, means orange you glad you didn't bring it up.


Most of the colors mean don’t say anything


It's not quite clear why they did that.




Take my upvote and get out


This makes me think of [Norman Doors and the concept of affordance. ](https://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Design_of_Everyday_Things#doors)


Such a great easy to read introduction to human factors and why they're important!


I kind of agree with it. Green is safe if you press clear you will be safe. Enter may charge you or something significant etc so the yellow puts emphasis to be sure that’s what you want ...


This really assumes you never intended to get gas in the first place. You pulled up to a pump, took out your wallet and card, swiped your card, entered the PIN digits and now are presumably and logically looking to proceed to pump your gas. Green should highlight the next step to proceed, not to go back. And we’re not even talking about the big red cancel button that gives a clear path to “safety”. Plus you’d have to actually pump gas to get charged.


I see where you are coming from too. Clear should definitely have no color.


Are you sure it's not a [skimmer](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Credit_card_fraud#Skimming)?


99% sure this is a Kroger gas pump, this how they all are afaik.


It’s funny they would go through the trouble to put a pad lock on the dispenser when they could literally change out the lock assembly that is built in to a non generic key. The key that is used to open those dispensers is so easy to get.


Definitely looks like it could be a skimmer. It's not aligned properly with the machine, so it could just be stuck on at an angle. The misleading clear/enter buttons could be deliberate to make users enter their pin more than once.


Yellow for ""Be cautious, if you press this we will take your money" maybe. Yeah it's odd they bucked the trend


Colorblind flex: Both buttons look exactly the same to me, so I would never fuck this up.


Because I’m colorblind I always read the text and never go by the color of the button. Pretty much the only perk to being colorblind.


I’m okay with this. Enter in the right side is the standard, isn’t it?


I don't mind where ENTER is located. It's the color they associate with it. ENTER should be green. CLEAR should be yellow.


That would be nice, sure. But for me- if they changed the colors but also the orientation— I would certainly press the wrong button.


Ehh. Maybe read next time. And yeah enter is always on the right side. That should be a clue too.


ive seen enter buttons on the left side, not everywhere is consistent


That was my thought. I probably wouldn't have noticed the colors since it's in the spot I expect it to be.


Yeah I would be 10 times more confused if the enter button was on the wrong side.


Or is itt?..


Bad design. Missing letters. Edges don't line up well. I'd give that puppy a closer look. Do some tugging on pad and the reader. Could be a skimmer.


Cause it’s green for “all clear” and yellow for “enter at your own risk”.


what's the PIN? You can add the security number, digits on the back and expiration date.


They want to make sure you provide your personal account and not a clearing account.


Card skimmer


Dyslexic engineers?


Being red/green colorblind, this is one of the few things that plays in my favor.


I’m legit curious, are you able to drive?


Yeah, I can identify hues and I know red is on top, green is on bottom. I also have EnChroma sunglasses that help me identify color a lot easier. The only time it's slightly unsafe is if I'm driving at night on a rural highway and there's a blinking 4-way light, not knowing if it's red or yellow, or if I need to slow down or come to a stop, but the glasses fix that, and it's usually yellow.


Wait what do the blinking lights mean and where do you live? In my country a traffic light blinking in any color just means "ignore this traffic light".


It means it's a 4 way, half is an old highway, half is an older one. 1 light on 4 sides. Yellow means yield/slow down, and red means come to a complete stop. What country do you live in and why would a light exist to indicate to ignore it? I don't think we have any "just ignore it" traffic lights here in America.


In my country yellow means stop if safe to do so, red means stop and green means go. When turned off or if any of the lights are blinking it means that normal traffic rules apply i.e. follow road signs. If there are no signs then it's the standard give way to your right. Traffic lights are often set to blinking at night when they're pointless, or during roadworks.






When you outsource your UI to a colourblind guy 😅


99% of pumps by me are black handle for regular, green for Diesel. BP decided green is their color for regular, black is diesel. Thankfully I noticed before pumping diesel into my gas truck, but still wtf


Wait there's no z either


Just read wth.🤣


Green means GO!!! You make sense....


you kept doing it, which implies you did it multiple times, sorry to tell you, but thats on you now


But the enter is where it normally would be. How many times did you clear your pin before you realized? Not making a crack but can you read or only go off of color? When has ENTER ever been on the left side?


Reading is fundamental.


Do u guys really refer to the colour first? I always read the text first.


Try reading buttons before pushing them?


Am I the only one that actually reads the words?


No thats for r/assholedesign


I always read, not look at the colors


CLEAR is GREEN because nothing bad will happen ENTER is YELLOW because “Caution!” (This button actually allows them to take money from your bank account!)


Not really. You still have to pump the gas before you’re charged anything.


That’s why it’s only YELLOW for “Caution!” (Also sometimes they put a hold on your account but it goes away)


This really assumes you never intended to get gas in the first place. You pulled up to a pump, took out your wallet and card, swiped your card, entered the PIN digits and now are presumably and logically looking to proceed to pump your gas. Green should highlight the next step to proceed, not to go back. And we’re not even talking about the big red cancel button that gives a clear path to “safety”.


It’s a joke I don’t know why it’s green and yellow it makes 0 sense


I love how crappy design means "you need to pay attention to what the buttons say. How dare they?". :) Yes, this is one of those times I take a downvote bath, but that's what I get for being snarky. ;) (That being said, one post below about when the words have faded out is valid)


Good user experience design is intuitive. If you have to decipher or override your instincts, it’s not efficient. Inefficient design is crappy design.


Right. So if you need to think, it's not efficient... sigh...


Um, yeah. If society has conditioned me to associate “green” with “proceed” and I have to consciously override that to complete this transaction, then yeah it’s inefficient and poor user design. The brain processes an incredible amount of info all the time and takes shortcuts so we can survive.


So much processing... can't pause to... read...


Perhaps you *should* do some reading, whatever the cost.


I'm not the one saying that reading is too much effort, so we should worry about colors. That's OP.


I know you're being snarky, but this could easily be a big problem for someone who can't read English at all. I know most reddit users are from the US and they probably haven't thought about that.


Yeah? I wouldn’t know about that at all, being a foreigner in Japan. /s If you’re in a land where you don’t speak the language, in this day and age, there are plenty of solutions, and portable ones at that. You really should never be resorting to choosing a color.


Well this is just a waste of everyone's time, when you could just as well make the UX intuitive for everyone by using symbols rather than language to begin with. Nobody wants or expects to need to whip out their phone to understand how the ATM works. It's an ATM. When you're in an airport looking for the departures and you don't know the language, you don't try to translate the signs. You look for the plane pointing up. I live in a complicated country with many official languages and as result textual information is generally avoided. Instead of "dead end street" we have a symbol that pretty intuitively means dead end street.


That might make sense for where you live, but it would be different in a place where almost all of the population speaks English. Anyone know where this machine actually is?




Learn how to read?


come on op, i bet you can read what the buttons say rather relying on color alone right?


Is this r/unusable or r/crappydesign?


Zero sympathy for people who don’t read signs. Especially multiple times. Just more of this sub complaining because y’all are lazy.


"kept"? Like you did it more than once, fucking idiot!!!


its like trafic signals


Because clear is safer than enter!


I hate it too


Why do we see green as a good color while yellow as a bad one?


Traffic lights probably have something to do with the connotation's current ubiquity. Perhaps it's ingrained in us naturally because red means "danger" (fire/blood/aposematism), and green is its complement and opposite?


It’s a BOLD move let’s see if it pays off for him


It’s usually bottom left to clear though and bottom right to enter


And if I don’t have my reading glasses then I can’t figure out why it keeps canceling and the person who comes out thinks I am an idiot


Because people aren't confused by gas pumps enough as it is. Whoever designed this deserves a demotion, a deduction in pay, or both. I feel bad for the poor clerks at that gas station!


Clear is green, and yellow is enter at your own risk.


Not just a crappy design it's a madlad who did that. I'm sure its to piss off people /╲/\╭(•‿•)╮/\╱\


The target where I live has a self serve machine where when it asks if you want cash back, Cancel is in green and Yes is in red.


I ask where is the Z button


Why won’t it read?!


Would have taken 1 or 2 times of doing that before I 'defaced' it with the black INKZALL I always carry in my pocket...


On my local gas pump they swapped them around entirely. The enter is on the left side. Everywhere else is bottom right and not just at pumps but in stores all over.


Hate crap like this. At work we get a food utensil kit with salt and pepper. The salt has black writing and the pepper has red writing. But I just assumed the black was pepper and poured salt all over my chorizo hash.




Green you are in the clear. Enter at your own risk.


as someone who is color blind i do not understand your struggles on this


I just hand my card to the attendant, and they operate the touchpad for me.


Why are the gas handles at BP green like diesel pumps? We may never understand the terribly designed gas pumps.


I hate everything about the pumps at RaceTrac (and yet I still go because they're the closest gas station)


Because the designer knew what they were doong and was laughing their ass off imagining you repetitively clearing your pin..."he's doing it again"


The trick is to be colorblind so the green looks red.


hmm, maybe there's a problem with your pin? What is it?


Cause they know paying for them is generally not recommend..?


Same exact problem for mouses with switches that have red for on


Um..... You'd think you'd have learned after the first time u/veeveemarie even the dumbest animals learn from their mistakes.


Maybe you should learn how to read??


Did you design this keypad? Did you??


On point. This is 10/10 stupid.


Not just me. I'm always a little stumped by that. Also...why does every single pump have a different menu and process....aaaaiieeee.


Kinda shocked at the number of comments blaming the user here. Habit and expectation queued by design are typical far more powerful than text.


The white font against the light grey backdrop doesn’t help either.


ATMs in general and card scanners in the checkout lane have both got to have the worst, most unnecessarily confusing and inconsistent interfaces on earth. You would think BANKS and STORES would prioritize the experience of U/Is dealing with MONEY.




The fact that you said you “kept” doing it, says a lot


As a colorblind, this wouldn't bother me at all.


Better clear than enter. Never know, you might make a mistake.


There's also no "Z"


Also there is no z on the keypad


Haha! My colorblindness saves me today! They oth look yellow!


Plus the T9 keyboard doesn't have a Z.


Then you should know when to read and when to see




Enter is standard on the right hand side, and also maybe learn how to read


It's not the position or the text that's a problem. Green usually means Go/Enter. Also, you're a dick. You clearly meant to insult a random internet stranger that posted a crappy design in r/crappydesign. Get over yourself.


Ok snowflake


Anyone who calls people snowflakes cannot handle criticism in the slightest


What do you put in a toaster? Pay attention.


Are..are you dumb?


“Clear” in this case means “clear the road for me to start entering my fucking pin again”


Don't put you PIN into gas pumps. That's how they git ya. Run that shit as credit or prepay.


Forget all these comments. You have 16k+ upvotes agreeing with you that this is crappy design.


Only if you are legitimately stupid