Get seed extractors and work your way up to peach seed each sells for a decent amount for early and mid game.


\^This.set up a peach automatic farm go afk and make profit. Another good and probably easier thing to do, is a Jack'o lantern farm [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1xOtHV8ZVM&t=617s&ab\_channel=Caztecx](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1xOtHV8ZVM&t=617s&ab_channel=Caztecx)


Can't really do AFK until you get multi slings though


I know, that's why I said the jack'o lanterns farm it's easier.


I got cabbage but i can not progress further. The machine does not give me higher grade than cabbage. How can i get peach seed?


Been a while but there’s another machine that converts seeds into “a bag of selective seeds lvl x” I think and that’s how I progressed


This. I ran and got hell pepper seeds from hell and set up medium potters for easy money in the beginning until I unlocked a world 7 and got a peach seed from a random chest which then I made a farm out of that. Easy like 10 mil in less than 10 mins


Jacko farm


Catch jackolanterns, put em on farms with monos to keep em alive, add 11 droppers to each toaster BC pumpkin chunks spawn Uber fast, absorber on a market


Seed extraction/upgrade to Peachs is decent money, easiest passive income is go to Island of Fallen Leaves, grab a lower level Jack'O'Lantern. Breed it til you've got 2-5 level 1 Jackos (2 alone gets you around 1.3mil every 5 minutes IIRC, I think 5 was getting me around 3.6m. Numbers probably off from a few other money farms I forgot about). Set up a breeder so the babies spit out over a pit of water, put some green Monos in and let them do their thing (don't forget to set up a market for the Monos). Set up Livestock Farm(LF) around but make sure they're close enough to the pit of water to get healed when the babies die. I've been able to do this with 5 LFs per mono death pit. Put 9 droppers on EACH LF. Set conveyor belt around the area to all lead to one spot, vertical walls around on the opposite side to make sure the LFs droppers spit out onto the belts without going too far. Make a space for another market, add an absorber, let it go. I recommend a small one on your main island (I only do 2 LFs on my main) because they spit out so quickly it can actually fuck things up, but also set up a couple extra farms like this on AFK islands. I have an afk islands with a bunch of bedrocks/excavators and my Jacko farm, fill up on food and go make food and eat. By the time I'm done and back I've got good money and resources. Let me know if you have any questions :)


Peach farm, without a doubt.


On lvl5 maps and higher gear will give around 100k each when you sell it. That's one of the easier ways I found so far.


It means you gotta move arround. Jack o Lantern automation is way more efficent and you can just go afk and get rich. 3 Jack o lanterns give you like 2.3m every 5 min so thats super easy




Thank all of you for the help!


Jack farm way easier if you need help or anything you need just message me.