we got covid at Christmas- I'm still sick my 2 kids are finally better but still a bit congested. it started for ALL 5 of us with insane gas- the longest farts ever and I know that sounds like a joke but I'm serious. we are all vaxxed, boosted, and my children 11 & 6 are vaxxed also. I couldn't get my sons fever under 103.6F for hours with Tylenol and ibuprofen, wet rag on head, ice under armpits neck and groin.. he was suffering. my daughter (thankfully her ANC is back to normal after cancer) had high fevers but not as high but both extreme throat pain. the rest of us flu line symptoms but the problem is we still can't shake the lingering cold-like symptoms. fortunately the worst seems over but I just wish I could breathe out my nose


I’m late 30s and triple vaxxed and my congestion is still hanging around too. Every day around midday I’ve started developing a hacking cough which sticks around until the time I go to bed.


Do you have that mucus shit in the back of your throat. I keep feeling like I have post nasal drip and need to keep coughing this shit up.


YES. That was exactly it. I made the original comment a few days ago. I wound up getting some Robitussin extra strength because at night I would get huge coughing fits I couldn’t stop. Sorted me out - hope it might work for you too.


im having the same issue with the cough


I hope it’s all over soon and you all can relax once again and live your life. It seems as everyone has vastly different symptoms!


I think I might be getting it now and I have the worst headaches of my life, but reading about your long farts made me laugh; thank you for that. That's the best I've felt all day. :)


glad I could cheer you up a bit lol it was truly shocking- my daughter (6) farted long enough for us to actually stop what we were doing, make eye contact with our jaws dropped, stand in silence a bit and then Crack up laughing. you don't realize how brief a fart is until you experience a 7+ second one . rest up, hydrate, and feel better soon!


Ahaha, oh my. Thank you. :) But yeah, I've been feeling on and off totally fine, so I really don't think it's covid.. or don't know. I just get hit with like, a punch of super exhaustion (where I just need to sleep for hours and still tired) and feeling like crap for no reason, and like, vice-crushing headaches (and I never get headaches), and then feeling fine for a day or so. And then crazy night sweats for no reason (again, never get that) and then fine. And then a massive sore throat but only for like a few hours. I have no idea what's going on, it's very unusual. Triple-vaxxed, though.


I got Covid a little over 2 weeks ago. A week ago I started getting vertigo and it is just getting worse. Thursday was awful, could not walk without my husband holding me up and sick to my stomach. Went to the doctor and they prescribed medicine for dizziness and nausea. Also went to the ENT and they said I have fluid in my ears and prescribed Prednisone. I have been on the couch all day miserable with this vertigo. I am so scared and hope it goes away!!! Cannot drive or anything! Anyone else have this issue and are better?


Are you better? Did you try the eply maneuver?


No, I feel terrible. I have never heard of that. I will Google it. Thank you!!!


Do it a few times if it doesn’t work the first time. I woke up a few months ago and never thought I would be able to walk straight again. This fixed it. I’ve done it a few times since… most of the time it works. Once I had to do it 7 times before I felt better. Drink electrolytes too - the crystals in our ears shift when we don’t have enough fluid in our bodies. Hope you feel better.


Thank you so much! This gives me hope. I hope you continue to feel great!


I got fluid in my left ear from covid. Take 1-2 Sudafed every day , flonase and some Ibprofen. It helps alot .


Thank you!


I can't drive to save me life.. this is terrible. Hope you recover soon. My wife thinks I'm losing my mind. Does not understand this illness.


I could not drive either and now I just get a little dizzy in bed. I did the Epley Maneuver which definitely helped. You can find a video on YouTube how to it. It is very easy. Hope you feel better soon!


They have been seeing POTS in people after they have bad COVID. If your symptoms persist, see your doctor.


This stuff is amazing for vertigo . https://www.pureformulas.com/cocculus-indicus-30c-by-boiron.html Also look up labrynthitus. I had it after flu once and it was a pain in the ass but it did slowly improve . It’s a viral infection in ear.


Thank you for sharing!!!


Thanks! I got it on Christmas too and it's been 2 weeks and I still am congested, coughing, etc. I'm fine overall but I'd say 90% (after 2 weeks!) Glad to know it's not just me!


Same boat. 11 days in. Feeling-wise fine, no more fatigue. The only issues are slugs of mucus and compulsive cough in evening for about 4-6 hours. Definitely PND but not sure that explains the cough entirely. It's a strange illness. Similar to cold and flu but not identical to either. The weirdest thing is the arch of the illness, how it comes as one thing, goes away, then pops up as something else. Like a 3 part play with intermissions. I'm triple vaxxed btw.


Well I’m excited. This afternoon I got a crazy headache. Now I’m getting the crazy chills. Wrapped up like a burrito in a down comforter and wearing wool long-John’s. Still shivering like crazy. My wife and daughter got it like last week and I was like… psh I’m not getting that mess. I’m vaxed. Yeah so here I am. Suckin anus. But hey look on the bright side. At least I got this fancy marketing job where I get like 300 emails a day all needing some shit. Those won’t pile up at all.


Started with gas for me too! I think Friday or Saturday. Other symptoms Sunday. I couldn’t remember what I’d eaten that would cause that but now it makes sense 😆


Dude the GAS! I have covid right now. Currently 2 days in. It started with such bad gas that I was having chest pain and thought I was having a heart attack several times. So far everything else has basically gone away besides the stupid gas and diarrhea! It makes it’s hard to sleep when my stomach is constantly talking to me haha


How are u now?




I hope you get your energy back up asap!


We were similar. Started the 26th with kiddo and fever, then headache for me. That and fatigue for a few days. Could not shake the headache. Then a few days of general cold symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, coughing, fatigue). Now just lingering low-level malaise, like if I don’t think about it I feel generally ok. But if I forget and say - clamber to the top of a toboggan hill with my kiddo (we are clear to be out in the world now) I REALLY feel it. My legs feel like they are filled with hot cement and I am well and truly winded. I know to take it easy, but yeah, it’s difficult to explain how it feels.


Hello, Unvaccinated who got it here. I literally felt I was gonna die at one point, and because the pain was so overwhelming and I was too weak to even lift my head, I was honestly hoping for it. Its been about a week and a half since D-Day and I have Bronchitis and an incessant post nasal drip, and my Fiancée who is also unvaccinated still feels horrible, and is struggling a bit more to recover than I am. But, we are getting better as the days progress. UPDATE\*: Feeling tons better, but Fiancee found no such relief and made a visit to the ER. Turns out she got a Sinus Infection from our previous illness, and is now on antibiotics and recovering! (edit) She also lost majority of her sense of smell and taste, and it has yet to come back.


As someone who is vaxxed although I still have symptoms 2 weeks later I'm happy to hear I didn't have your experience... Do you both regret not getting vaxxed?


I regret not getting vaxxed I have a hackling cough as of lately and it has not gone away


Husband and I are triple vaxxed and both have been sick. I tested negative on an at home test and PCR. Son and daughter are both sick and tested positive on take home tests. Other son is sick but tested negative on a take home test. My brother is a doctor and said we should just assume all of us have it- especially because we haven’t gone out or seen anyone for the past week. So five of us are sick but not one of us has a reportable test. We’re taking our daughter in today to get a PCR because the school wants us to to start the countdown for her to go back to school.


FWIW, i was negative on nasal swab but heavily positive on throat swab.


That’s what I’ve heard is really the case with omicron! We pulled our kids from school regardless because we know how transmissible it is. Sucks for all of us but we didn’t want to be the ones spreading it.


i had like 6 negative nose swabs, 1 negative throat swab, then waited another day and negative nose but positive throat swab. i assume now i’d have a positive nose swab because i actually had a fever and stuff. i think it’s because omicron seems to infiltrate the throat and saliva it’s not likely to be detected in the snot early on.


Did you do a throat swab? If not, this is likely why you got negative results. If you still have symptoms, retest if you can. Do a swab on your tonsil areas and the back of your throat and then your nose. The omicron viral load is more prominent in the throat than the nose.


Has anyone experienced numbness and tingling in their hands from covid?


I’m boosted and got Covid. Tested + on 12/31. I did notice numb hands after waking up for about a week. I also had a break out of cystic acne. Along with a little cough. But feeling fine.


My best friend has this! She had COVID in April-very mild case-but now she’s got long COVID and is having a ton of issues with neuropathy in her hands and feet.


She is not alone https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.03.21267146v1.full-text


Thank you for this! I sent it to her.


Omg! I went to the ER for those symptoms. I found it not listed in the symptoms so I wouldve never guessed i had covid.. They gave me an MRI and was like you tested positive for flu and COVID. I was in disbelief cause my symptoms was so mild. All I had was a runny nose. Never guessed though that covid caused the neuropathy interesting thanks for sharing


You may be low on B12


Not numbness, but lack of feeling object in my hand. I can't stop dropping things because they just fall out of my hands. (but I had this issue years ago and it went away for awhile)


Yes. I am on day 3 and my symptoms are very mild. But I got so anxious and my hands and lips were tingling and I was in a major state of confusion. Called an ambulance and they checked me and said I am doing fine and it was anxiety.


Mine was pretty much the same symptoms but not as severe, although the aches in my legs were insane after day 2-3. Weirdly enough, I felt fine yesterday and within the past few hours I’ve gotten really sick again with a cough and stuffed nose. This shit is so annoying


Yep, 3 of us have symptoms in my household yet only 1 tested positive. Had to contact some family we'd seen days prior. They have it too now. I have zero energy and the headache isn't letting up. I wasn't sure if my aches were being sore from a workout a few days ago or omicron, sounds like it might be both. This heating pad is my friend for now.


I’d probably ring your doctor about the red mucous it could be blood


I will if it happens again


Blood from blowing nose a lot, probably a scab inside somewhere, nothing to worry bout


My mom just tested positive and yours are the exact symptoms she has - especially the terrible sore throat. Luckily they said she’ll be fine, just feel like a bad cold, because she’s vaccinated. Hope you feel better soon!


What did she do for sore throat??? currently suffering through the worst I’ve ever had in my life (tested positive for Covid). It legit hurts to breathe


Me and my whole family have omicron. I'm sure it's omicron because i have the characteristic night sweats. I'm vaxed but my kids are either too young or one has a medical issue preventing him from being vaccinated. The kids did fine. 102-103 fever and misery for one day then back to themselves. My symptoms are: Extreme aches and fatigue. My knee joints hurt so bad I can't walk up and down stairs without wanting to cry. Being freezing.. then hot...then freezing again. Headache Fever Bad insomnia and combine that with sweating buckets every time I fall asleep. Seriously. Drenching my clothes and blankets in sweat. Feel like I'm swallowing knives. Before I came down with covid for I was in the worst mood of my life for 2 days! Now i know why.


Absolutely horrible worsest sorest throat I have ever had, little cough and snot to end all snot. Tired at first, that passed after the 1st day. No ache, no fever, no breathing issues. Lasted at its worst for 5 days, now just a bit of a raw throat, little cough, well I take a med that causes a bit of a cough, so.... Snot has gone back to normal levels, which are abnormally high for most folks, guess I am just naturally snotty... Double vaxxed and boostered.


What did you do for sore throat??? currently suffering through the worst I’ve ever had in my life (tested positive for Covid). It legit hurts to breathe


I know this is late but I’ve been searching Reddit for more comments on the sore throat because I’m experiencing the same thing as all of you are and it’s brutal.


Literally same right now… I was so worried it was herpes esophagitis since I do have herpes. when I had thrush before it was similarly painful to swallow, but nowhere online mentioned just how painful (and common) covid sore throat is. I think out of all the symptoms, the sore throat is driving me the most insane. thankfully, my symptoms seem to be on their way out on day four with just the sore throat persisting. 🤞🧿♥️ i need this to be overrrr


Me too. It's kept me up for three straight days. It feels so dry but I produce so much saliva. If i doze off for ten minutes, i wake up feeling like I'm drowning on spit. My throat feels like it's bleeding and there is a lit match in my neck.


I had the exact same thing. Worse sore throat I’ve had in my life, probably will ever have. Said this in response to the other redditor: I can’t remember just ate soft foods/liquids and I think drank a lot of ice cold water and then Tylenol. Unfortunately you just have to wait it out. Only was really bad for a few days for me. Good luck hang in there!


Same here, have never had such a bad sore throat… thought I had strep at first.. turns out to be covid.


Reading between the lines, you should try edibles or even the liquid version. This will help tremendously. It’s hellllllll trying to smoke whilst the throat is dying it’s own personal death. Good lord the throat is so sore


The sore throat is horrific!


I have it right now and id honestly put this in the top5 worst things Ive been through in terms of pain. I can barely pass air over my throat, can barely swallow a tea spoon of water. I woke up yesterday and it was 10% better only for it to be worse again today.


Came here to check if someone else also experienced the same throat pain as I'm going through now, 4th day so far, it's not getting better yet. I also hear ringing in my ears I almost can't hear a shower and before swallowing I have to sit, the pain literally daze my head and I lose stability for a few seconds.


same 😕 double vaxxed and boosted and yet i feel so sick with the worst sore throat! it hurts to talk, eat, swallow, cough or do anything! i have friends that weren’t even vaccinated and their symptoms weren’t this bad.


This sore throat is awful. Glad to hear it improves around day 5 that gives me hope. Double vaxxed and boosted. Hate to see how I would feel without it




He had it worse than me but he is doing well and he’s also just left with a very very sore throat now


Did anyone have super high resting heart rates? Or random jerks and movements? I'm having neurological symptoms plus what seems to be the standard issues for omicron.


Yeah that’s kind of how I came to the conclusion that I have Covid. My resting heart rate is usually 56-60 bpm but over the last few days I’ve been about 78-83 bpm coupled with some pretty extreme body aches. I have a Covid test scheduled for today so I’ll know for sure in the next couple of days. Has anyone experienced night sweats with Covid??


My resting heart rate reached 120-130 for a whole day, when normally it should be around 70


I keep testing negative on home tests. I hardly have enough energy to leave the house. i used to be pretty active. Cant sleep. I shake. High heart rate. I'm sure I have Covid. Did a teleconference with my doctor and he said go to the doctor if I have breathing trouble...i dont. "Get some rest"....i just lay in bed and toss and turn. This sucks bad.




Yes mine was ~15 bpm higher


I am not vaccinated, I haven’t been tested but I’m going to be tested very soon hopefully. My symptoms were extreme body aches on the entire back primarily the lower back with some sharp stabbing chest pain for a day randomly, headache, chills, slight congestion and eye aches, that’s all I had so far and today is about to be day 5 of being sick with what I believe to be the omicron variant and I feel MUCH better almost 100% better right now, I’m just worried of it somehow or bizarrely coming back to harm me double time. Currently I’m suffering a slight eye ache and headache occasionally. Tylenol helped a TON for me. Sorry, forgot to mention my RHR is usually 48-60 and during the hardest times when i felt sickest at rest it was 80-100 BPM.


I have had crazy high heart rate! So scary! I think it was because my O2 sats were dropping and my heart was working harder trying to fix the oxygen problem. It's a little better today thankfully but I am keeping an eye on it, and staying better hydrated today


My HR has barely moved up, which isn't what I expected.


I got it at NYE and I’m all better almost 100% Doubled shots with Modena, no booster tho


Am 15. I got omicron and I have annoying symptoms. The back of my eyes hurt pretty bad if I move them roughly more so than before. As well as this, I feel like no matter how slowly I get up, I get a headspin. I genuinely feel like throwing up all the time and I have lost my appetite completely. Finally, I am now unable to sleep for more than 4 hours no matter what I do thanks to my body feeling like a metal slide on an Australian Summers day. My lower back also aches to all hell :/. Stupid Omicron.


The back of my eyes are killing me along with me head. I have horrible fatigue. I’ve been sweating through my pajamas and sheets since Sunday. So far I can’t get anyone to swab my throat here in MA, and I can’t find rapid tests. My nasal PCR came back negative.


Haha aw man I’m sorry for your pain. But your description of your night sweats had me laughing


Oh, man. I’m sorry you feel like that. I also had a ton of pain behind my eye, and it was starting to make me paranoid. It was pretty intense for about three days, but it’s finally gone. I’m also not throwing up anymore! I hope you feel better soon! Hang in there!


12/15/21 tested positive after feeling run down, but had just returned from a wedding trip a few days earlier and honestly thought I was just needing to catch up on sleep. So after testing positive I slept for pretty much 2 days. I felt achey and tired, headache that was helped by tylenol, never really got a fever, scratchy throat but no real cough. Day 3 I had some coffee and felt 90% normal. Still got tired a little but after a few days it helped to get outside and moving to bring my energy back up. Spouse tested positive a few days after me with mostly same symptoms and trajectory. Kids remained negative, though we all quarantined until 2 weeks were up and then still didn't see many people for another week. I think they got a cold just prior and it protected them or we just couldn't get decent samples despite plenty of runny/stuffy noses. Lots of other wedding goers tested positive (vaccinated and not) and all had similar mild symptoms that were better by Christmas. All personal accounts I've known have had mild symptoms with a scratchy throat if they got it recently, but those who got it early on in the pandemic had a much rougher time with it, but recovered.


I’m vaxxed & boosted with moderna. Live in nyc area, 39, healthy, active. Booster shot was administered 12/27 1/2 exposed to someone who tested positive for covid (got results 1/4) Tues 1/4, late at night (past 1am) started experiencing scratchy throat. Wednesday 1/5 - was feeling OK throughout the day aside from scratchy throat and some congestion. Around 7pm started feeling a bit worse (more congestion, headache, overall out of it). Took two home tests, both came up positive for covid. Thursday 1/6 & Friday 1/7: the worst of it. Really runny nose, brain fog, bad headaches, sneezing pretty regularly, aches, and overall rundown feeling; very fatigued. That being said, I felt worse when I came down with a non covid infection in September. This was more so annoying than anything else. I luckily didn’t experience any sore throat, or coughing aside from a few coughs here and there. Today, saturday 1/8 - feel like I’m almost fully recovered. Congestion is alleviating and I haven’t had a headache. Would say I feel about 75% back to usual. Hopefully continues on this trajectory. What i’ve done to help alleviate symptoms: lots of orange juice, wellness juices, soups, water and rest. I took mucinex twice when congestion felt really bad and some advil for headaches.


Triple vaxxed (Moderna), but dumb enough to travel through the US South to see family for the holidays (we are all vaxxed, and take masks very seriously, but Omicron dgaf, and people in the South seem to think they are allergic to masks). Other than gas stations, the only place I went was the beach. Although it was a little crowded, it was outside, and we were able to keep our distance from other people. Well, I started sneezing like crazy, was congested, and had very mild nausea on Dec 31st. I kept sneezing but felt mostly better by the 2nd. Then, on the 3rd, I projectile vomited all over my sister in-law’s lanai. I took a home test they had, and there was a VERY faint pink tinge, but everyone wrote it off as me being crazy and the pink not being there. It was there. I keep looking at my picture of it to make sure I wasn’t really crazy. Anyway, I felt better for a day or two, but have been down with a severe headache and nausea since I got home. I can keep food down, mostly, but my stomach is feeling pretty awful immediately after eating. I can’t find any home tests to retest, and there’s no regular testing available in my area until the 16th. Anyway, I’m 99% positive it’s Covid. My husband has similar symptoms as does his family, but he’s still trying to tell me I’m just tired from traveling even though I threw up pedialyte on the bathroom floor yesterday. Still, I had Covid in March of 2020 after being in and out of hospitals and PT for a broken leg, and I was sick for 6 months. I had heart issues (at the time docs wrote it off as panic attacks even though I knew I wasn’t having panic attacks) and literally had to stop for a break just walking to my bathroom at that time. So, I’ll take this vaxxed covid over that any day. I still feel like 💩 though, and I’m still bitter about catching this even though I follow all precautions super carefully. I’m mad that people just won’t wear a fucking mask and then I got trapped in their omicron cloud. Okay, that’s all. The rage just made me very tired. Good night.


According to the CDC, after five days you can go back to work, so get to it!


Why suffer alone when we can all suffer together 😂


Without symptoms and most jobs make you take a test before returning to work.


People are being willfully ignorant about this. It’s infuriating. Suddenly reddit armchair scientists know better than any professional.


Jesus only 5 days? What kind of slave driven workforce do we have?


My brother in law still testing pos on rapid day 9. Omicron is contagious for 50 percent through days 5-9 . Literally says that on cdc site now. Yet no change to ridiculous 5 day policy.


this is what my boss told me. I think I'm a go in to get everyone sick so that the company shuts down for a bit lol


Funny how sweating it out seems to work. I wonder if you hadn't lowered your fever with Tylenol if it'd have taken it out on its own.


Yeah I was thinking about that too, the headaches and muscle aches might have been unbearable if I didn’t though.


I put off Tylenol as long as possible too for this reason because I figured the fever is my body trying to kill the virus. Let it hit 103.0 before I finally caved and took some Tylenol as I was scared of it going higher. Only had a fever for 24 hours, woke up today feeling much better. Vaccinated primary series, no booster as I wasn’t due yet.


I'm double pfizer vaxxed also, and my symptoms escalated pretty quickly... **1/4** \- Woke up and felt like I had to gasp for air immediately, and felt a little run down all day. Thought they were unrelated and I may have inhaled something in my sleep, and the run down feeling might have been from drastically changing my diet after the holidays, which has happened to me before. Took a covid test to be safe, and it came back negative, which I wasn't super surprised about. **1/5** \- All symptoms scaled up a tiny bit to where it was evident I had contracted something, so I tested again and it came back positive. Took my temperature that night and read 99.5 **1/6** \- Woke up feeling very feverish, achy, bad cough, had trouble keeping focus and felt almost in a dream-like state. When I took my temperature it was 101, I don't know if it was slightly higher before that or not. By night the symptoms felt tolerable, but cough was annoying and developed a sore in the back of my throat. **1/7** \- Woke up with an excruciating sore throat, esophagus was clicking when I tried to swallow and was having a hard time even getting saliva to go down because of the pain. I had my tonsils removed as a kid and this pain was worse than that. I developed another big sore on the back of my throat as well, so I got an antibiotic called in incase it was a secondary infection. I continued to cough, worsening my sore throat and slept for maybe 2 hours the entire night. My temperature at the end of the night was 100.4 **1/8** \- By far the worst day of the virus for me. My throat pain was beyond anything I have felt before, my throat had visible sores, constant coughing amplified the pain ten-fold, and I couldn't find any relief. I have no idea what my temperature was, but this is easily the most sick I have ever felt in my entire life and every single time I would lay down to sleep, the pain in my throat would jolt me back awake. The burning/stabbing pain in my throat literally made the canker/cold sores in my mouth feel like little hairs stuck in the back of my throat in comparison. I didn't sleep more than 3 minutes at a time, and I could barely breathe through my nose at that point. I was legitimately traumatized from the torture of laying in my bed with that pain and no relief that I got anxiety going back into my room and slept on the couch. Luckily this was short lived (as of now at least, knock on wood) **1/9** \- Woke up with a pretty bad sore throat, but definitely manageable and tolerable. Canker sore pain is clearly evident now, but its a relief compared to what I felt the 2 days prior. Slight lingering cough that seems to be improving, fever is gone for now and my throat is still sore in the mornings but seems to improve a lot throughout the day. I'm hoping I'm towards the end of this now, but I'll post an update if things spiral in the other direction. I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy, and I hope everyone is staying safe.


Im in the thick of the worst sore throat of my life right now. I can’t sleep. I want to escape but i can’t


I know it sucks bad, but it will start getting better longer than the intensity has you believing. If you have any fitness goals or anything, screw them for the time being and get some ice cream to soothe it temporarily in the meantime.


A big bowl of applesauce helped last night for me


Double vaxxed, didn’t realize I had it. I thought it was a sinus thing or because of the weather changes. I started with a three day migraine. I have migraines that sometimes last two days so I didn’t think much of it. Then I had intermittent chest pain and got a dry and scratchy throat and a dry cough. I kept needing to drink water to wet my throat and thought I was just dehydrated. Then it turned into a “chest cough”. I felt like I was having a fever but wasn’t. No body aches, but lots of fatigue. Some nausea. After 4 days, my symptoms subsided. I’m still a little fatigued but nothing crazy. I did notice today (day 8?) that I have a tickle in my lungs and feel a little short of breath. Test is negative now though.


1/8 I started to get a very minor sore throat. 1/9 same thing but with body aches and lose of energy 1/10 body aches were random but not as bad. My sore throat start to get worse . 1/11 I couldn’t sleep because my sore throat got really bad. During the day my sore throat slightly went down but still painful to swallow saliva or any liquids. I have tried DayQuil, aspirins, cough drops and nothing helped. I am vaccinated.


How do you know it was Omicron?


At this point, you'd have to be insanely unlucky to be vaccinated and come down with symptomatic covid AND have it not be omicron.


I’m vaxxed and had delta in September and I’m sick again right now…it sucks.


Sorry to hear. I'm vaxxed (2x Moderna in April/May 2021) and have somehow ducked and dodged this damn thing but I've had progressively worse sinus pain behind one eye for three days now an almost head cold but not a head cold type feeling today. Paranoid and anxious because I live with and take care of my immunocompromised mother. I figure I'll survive COVID if I get it but I don't give her good odds. So god damned frustrating and exhausting this became politicized from the start because the data shows how great masks, social distancing and staying home when possible were last year and 2020. I remember hearing or reading that supposedly carbon emissions were at an all-time like 20 year low or whatever and that a few strains of the common flu were possibly eradicated. Like wtf people?! Precaution is a win-win! Lol




If you are double vaxxed (and boosted, although not sure if OP is) and got COVID in 2022 there’s a 95%+ chance it’s Omicron edit: Omicron is 95% of sequenced cases in the US as of the new year, and vaccines are 90%+ effective against Delta but anywhere between 0% and 70% effective against Omicron depending on boosters/timeline, so the chance of a COVID-positive vaccinated person having something other than Omicron currently is statistically very very low


Yup I’m just making an assumption based on statistics tbh


There is, but it requires genomic sequencing, which isn't something your local CVS is doing.


Any follow up on this? I'm undiagnosed yet but I'm pretty sure I have something, whether it be covid, covid variant or some strange flu virus. (I can't drive to get tested cuz of snow and the line up to get tested takes 4.5hrs news says so I just decided to isolate home without official diagnosis.) Anyhow, this is my 6th day already. First 3 days were with heavy headache and sinus conjestion and soar throat, non of which ever went away whatever medicine I took. I've been hoping it would just go away with rest but it didn't. Then this morning I felt different. Now I don't have that soar throat at all, that itchy feeling I have to cough it out constantly. Headache's lifted so generally I feel better, but now I have this deep heavy cough coming from inside my chest, not very often but it's there once in a while. I honestly don't know if it's the sign of my body finally winning over this virus or drowning in it. Nasal conjestion is still there btw. So, I'm curious how you are holding up and perhaps whoever reading this, how your exp has been after 1 week. Do the symptoms get better or change, what happens? I'm glad I don't have soar throat any more but this nasal conjestion is really annoying.


I peaked around the 3-4th day and now about 9 days later I almost feel normal. After 6 days it wasn’t too bad just a sore throat


This... Sounds a lot like what I'm dealing with. Fuck


Just to add, it's my Day 8 now. Fatigue is still there and sparse cough from chest is still there too. No more conjestion but dry nose is sth new. I slept 8 hours straight but it ain't helping much. I read in the news sometimes people who get covid stay in hospital for months. I just hope this doesn't go chronic. Btw, i'm double vaxxed too. I don't know who's gonna rerad this but I will keep an update in two days period.


if it helps those symptoms are close to mine and i had an official positive covid test.


I woke up with a horrible sore throat which isn’t so bad now that I’ve gargled with salt water, but it’s still there. I’m tired and just want to lay in bed but I can still function. A bit congested, not bad. But I have lower back pain than I can’t shake. My area isn’t testing anyone except health care workers, but I’m wondering if this is it?


Can you get your hands on a home kit? I woke up this morning with only a sore throat, but with tons of energy just like every morning (I get my 7-8 hours of sleep every night no matter what). My gf happened to have a home kit and I tested positive. I managed to snag a PCR test today by some miracle, but even now I feel fine except for the sore throat. Hoping the home test was a rare false positive and I don't come down with any more symptoms. I hope you'll be ok as well and if it is confirmed for you it runs its course quickly


If this is omicron, i really hope there isn’t more to it. I have mild asthma and the thought of delta scares me.


Stay safe and get well soon!


I can’t get an at home kit, unless I make an appointment (which wouldn’t be for another 2-3 days) and line up for at least an hour. I’ve heard those rapid tests are giving too many false negatives and I don’t trust them :(


I have really bad back pain. Its horrible do you still have it?


51, vaxed in April. No booster. Had some strange eye pain and then got a little lightheaded. Some other aches. Tested positive. Next day went out and did a strenuous 15 mile hike in a remote canyon. Other than some sore feet and legs from hiking, I feel good. Maybe covering up the prior aches.


34 year old male - fit and generally health! 2 pfizer jabs and booster shot Tested positive with a PCR test on the 31st (have done a few lateral flows since the 3rd, all negative) I started off with common cold like symptoms, runny nose, head a little foggy - probably around the 5th my back started getting very achey - upper middle back - (ibuprofen has been helping), this is still ongoing, the other symptoms have pretty much gone, I'm a touch flemmy still but feel fine - hoping the back pain goes away soon : / 11th - Back was bad still, stopped taking Ibuprofen so I can better gauge how it's feeling and hopefully speed along the recovery. Developed a slightly worrying tightness in my chest later in the day. 12th - Woke up with my back feeling the best it has done in the last 5-6 days or so, it's still not great, but it's more achey now rather than achey plus shooting pains with certain movements - feels like it's on the mend now. 17th - Back not feeling too bad, did a whole days snowboarding and survived so think it's pretty ok now - my ass just hurts now instead 😅


Day 1: lower back started to ache early in the afternoon. 11:30 that night I woke up with a massive headache & immediately needed to throw up, & kept going on & off for the next 4 hours. Day 2: headache even worse, back hurts, thighs hurt, everything hurts. I can't stop sweating but I'm so cold I can't get warm. Can't eat, only drink small sips of water. Sleep all day, lots of ibuprofen & Zicam. Day 3: feeling better, body aches & headache are still present but much less severe. Finally able to keep food & liquids down. Still tired, sleep all day, ibuprofen & Zicam. Day 4: woke up feeling like a Rockstar, ready to go!


Glad you and your dad recovered! I went through a similar experience though shorter number of days. Not sure if you are but I have been struggling with the following question - if you have had COVID recently and recovered, do you plan to get the Booster? I’ve read the benefit of it reducing transmission is minimal, though unsure of that, and trying to figure out what other benefit there in the presence of natural immunity.


I probably will get one at the end of the day as I don’t think this mess will end anytime soon and there will be a time where people get it a second time. So I rather stack up my immunity to prevent that because it hasn’t been fun at all


Makes sense. My initial experience (early last year) with COVID I was sick for about 8 days. Was then double vaxed in June. More recent felt like a head cold, not sure if that’s because of the initial exposure, the vaccine or both. Either way have a hard time understanding what benefit the booster would provide in the next 5 months or so…


Triple vaxed. I had 3 symptoms. One week ago, just a tickle in the throat and eye pain. I honestly thought it was just dry air, but eye drops weren’t helping. I was fine for 4 days and then yesterday, I developed painful canker sores on my tongue. Googled the symptoms and landed on this thread. I know the symptoms were mild, but I’m worried that I could have infected others. It’s probably too late to test now.


I have the worst sore throat of my life rn. Aches and chills gone and I would be back to normal if it wasn't for the extreme throat pain... Nothing helps


I’m sorry I feel for you. Going through the same thing right now. Trying to eat or drink is extremely hard. Hang in there. The most important thing even if it hurts drink water. It’s going to hurt. I just chug the water because the process of drinking doesn’t hurt it’s the stopping and swallowing.


I am form Europe, but i guess you won't mind i share my exp here. This virus is really weird, although some symptoms might be a lot like flu, timing and feel is very differrent. 44yr / male / 2 x AZ vax + 1 x Moderna boost / s prot abs 250> / no prior infection * Day 0 - (exposure) Caught Omicron from asymptomatic friend in bar * Day 1 - (incubation) no symptoms * Day 2 - in the evening for 1-2hrs 37C light fever otherwise fine * Day 3 - no symptoms, tad runny nose? * Day 4 - no symptoms, but a feeling something is off * Day 5 - woke up with full on flu like symptoms (runny nose, fever 38.5C, constant shallow bronchial coughing) * Day 6 - woke up with stuffed nose, nothing else, then after 2hrs hangover like headache, fever, every 2hrs i am like nothing happend then again those symptoms, weird pattern * Day 7 - same as day 6, but less intensive headache, constant issues with body temp regulation, can't sleep with blanket (too warm), without too cold * Day 8 - (present day) almost whole day w/o symptoms, then headache (different aread of the head, like it is moving thru head) On day 5,6,7 i took paracetamol 500mg. Each day i am taking my usual supplements regime, no matter sick or not: NMN 1gr, Pterostilbene 250mg, D3 4000IU+K2, omega 3. I have added my stack for winter/cold attack Zinc citrate, Vitamin C, hydroxytyrosol (antiox). Today i have added Mg (Taurate, L theronate i citrate) which i use when i do workouts. This Omicron ride is really weird. Symptoms off and on in pattern i can't get it. Headache is really weird. Remindes me a lot on Interferon a2b sideeffects (i have did it for HCV for 6 months). I do not feel fatigue, nor any other body aches. I feel bit brain foggish and slow. Hope this Omicron infection won't leave permanent damage to the cardiovascular/nerve sys. stay safe and well friends


Does anyone have a lingering scratchy throat?


Hello all, I'm currently battling omicron right now and I'm day 7. I'm not vaccinated yet so I've felt the full hammer of its effects. It was really bad and I was weakened greatly from it. I did not end up in the hospital but there was a day I thought i might. The sore throat is the worst I've ever had but I have some tips for people who are having a hard time with it. 1. Ice cream. Eat as much ice cream as you can if you can stomach eating. I know some people are nauseous. Milk may also work. Really the idea is something cold so you get some numbing effect from it. 2. Tea and honey. This is tricky because if it's too hot, it can make your throat worse. So be very careful and drink it slowly. Try to avoid caffeine as that will just dry out the tissues and inner membrane areas of your throat more. So you'll want green tea that's decaf or herbal tea which is optimal. I recommend lemon and ginger for good digestion or matcha. 3. I had some burns in my throat back in 2016 that felt very similar to this and took some time to get rid of. Nothing helped much but the godsend that I found that did was drinking aloe Vera drinks. Most grocery stores carry them and sometimes you can find them at gas stations. Aloe Vera has many medicinal benefits for wounds, burns, etc. And I believe it would help here as it helped my throat heal when I used it back then. 4. Painkillers of course, but due to omicron aggravating my stomach and digestive problems moderately, I haven't been able to take painkillers as much. 5. Swallowing ice chips. Be careful not to chew these too hard. It's not the best for your teeth but if you can get a cup of crushed ice, it's very helpful short term relief. Just take breaks in between because too much cold can cause sensitivities in your teeth as well. 6. Throat lozenges. They have some that will literally numb your throat. Throat spray may also be an option but it could also burn somewhat and make it feel a bit worse so be careful. 7. Use a humidifier in your room to keep the air from getting dry. Dry air will just make it hurt more. That's why it hurts the worst when we first wake up. Put a moist warm rag over your face and just breathe in the humidity. Take a hot shower every day and just breathe in the steam as if you're in a sauna. Do not do this if you have a fever or have dizziness though. Take a lukewarm bath instead. I hope these tips help. I'll try to think of more sometime later if I can. Hopefully I'll be better soon. Take care and stay safe everyone.


Anyone else still have a cough? been three weeks for me and still.. cough comes and goes, tested negative this monday but dang..


I have a pretty mild case. Tested positive twice within 3 days using Binax Test . No fever but feel hot, no chills, no loss of taste or smell but taste is diminished on certain foods; however the taste of salt is amplified meaning a sprinkle taste like a teaspoon (anyone else experience this?). Day 0-1 allergy like symptoms, day 2: cough with congestion with yellow mucus; dry coughing and some heavy mucus after I eat, some night sweats. Day 3: heavy coughing with thick yellow and green mucus, night sweats; day 4 (today): hard mucus with blood and yellow thick mucus with minimal coughing. Mucus production is less so far. Still feeling hot but not sweating and still no fever. Hot shower, tea, warm canned fruit/fresh fruit and warm water seem to help me. Avoided excess sugar and eat some veggies. Throat is sore but not as sore as I expected and definitely not like I have read here. I have dealt with horrible seasonal congestion (autumn and spring) so I am used to this.


33 y/o double vaccinated and boosted with Moderna (11/2021). I just tested positive for covid-19 yesterday (05/27/2022). I'm a first responder and worked with FEMA in New York during the original outbreak in the US. Then worked in Chicago's EMS system during the George Floyd riots. Came back home to California and worked at all the California prisons testing all the correctional officers. Never caught Covid. I work in an Emergency Department now, and we could see the surge of covid cases coming back up this past month. I go home last night, around midnight, with an itch in my throat. Nothing too bad, it just feels like if you swallow a tortilla chip that you didnt chew and it scraps up the inside of your troat. I work up the next day and went back into shift (1200-0030) and that lingering, annoying, feeling in my throat was still present. So for the next hour i would forcefully try to cough to... dislodge an unknown piece of something stuck there. Talking to a coworker I jokenly said, "Covid finally got me! I was supposed to be the chosen ONE! 😅". The Emergency Room has tons of self at home kits i decided to do one just for the heck of it. There's massage chairs in a break room that last for 15 minutes , a typical break tim, which paired up perfectly with the test time. The massage relaxed me so much that when my time was up i almost forgot about the test i took. To my complete surprise there were two solid lines visible. I was POSITIVE. I went to the urgent care down the street to take a PCR test and that too came up positive. At this point the annoying feeling in my throat is still the same, but they took my temperature and it was 99.5°. Im sent home to isolate believing the worst is ahead of me. Some sinus congestion and general malaise kicks in and my sleep is not the best. I wake up Day 2 early with 6 hours of restless sleep. Constantly drinking fluids and vitamin, along with dayquil and Sudafed. The itch in my throat is gone, however a bit of congestion still around. (I was able to breath through both nostrils all night). I do feel occasional tingling sensations, like pins and needles, going down my back. However, other than that it feels like the cold i had a month prior hit me worse. Tomorrow is Day 3 and I've made an appointment with CVS's minute clinic to try to get a prescription for Plaxlovid. Since it's Labor Day weekend and my PCP closes on weekends. I'm not sure if I'm doing too much, but i also dont know if day 4-5 will be the worst days or if i just have... that very mild case of covid?


Glad to know the foggy brain is common! I’m on day 5 since initial symptoms and this foggy brain makes me feel like “off”. Hoping it starts fading away soon since my other symptoms seem to be also fading away.


How are people determine which variant they got? Are they being told?


I think some places tell you if your sample gets sequenced


Damn, your experience sounds almost entirely like what I went through after getting my booster. X\_X Sharp, quick pain I can handle, but I just can't deal with persistent throbbing, and that's what my reaction to the booster shot entailed. (All three of my shots were Pfizer. The Pfizer shot has been listed in my allergies by my doctor, because I broke out in hives all over after my first dose, but since there was nothing affecting my breathing, she said I was fine to get the second dose. I had planned to get the J&J shot for my booster back before we knew if those would even be a thing for sure, but then the news came out about connections to blood clots in women, and my family has a history of blood clots... So I decided to go with the one I already knew how I'd reacted to lol) I was miserable, had no energy and couldn't sleep because everything hurt so much. I was hot one minute and cold the next. Every part of my body ached and throbbed for days. Then, magically, it was over on day five. I still consider it worth the alternative of catching covid. And I'll still get another shot if I have to later. I just... really hope I don't have to lol


Do you wanna consider moderna? I’ve heard the people that mixed are doing better


hey, I am unvaxxed, 4th day already with omnicron. First two days I had only temperature up to 38, coming and going. Day 3 the hardest sore throat Iever had with 37.5. Day 4 sore throat a bit better , again 37.5. Nose is absolutely clear, waiting it to start running


i feel like i've lucked out. I had a mild sore throat the first two days, day 3 and 4 I've been having the weirdest sickness of my life, no sore throat, headache, not really congested, just a weird aching sick feeling, but overall I can function no problem. I vape and probably drink too much but it's otherwise been pretty mild. Hopefully things don't take a turn tomorrow.


How are you feeling OP, can you give another update?


I’m back to normal now :)


I'm glad!


Ugh I am scared, I don’t want to have Covid. I had it when I delivered my baby, so I had to do it alone. It was awful. The daycare called me today and said my son can’t go back to daycare until the 18th because “several staff members are infected.” I felt fine this morning, and my job was being super annoying about me not coming to work but that’s the military for you. I had diarrhea this morning, but I swear I always get diarrhea and today is the first time I had coffee in weeks so I didn’t think anything of it. But around 1400 my legs started to ache like I was getting sick, I always know if I’m getting sick by the way my skin feels when I sit on the toilet, and my skin felt like I was getting sick (idk if that happens to other people.) I took Advil and felt wayyy better, but the aches are back so I said eff it and took Advil again and Tylenol and they are not going away. I don’t want my son to get sick, he’s 8 months old but he seems fine right now. Last time When I had Covid it was before the delta variant and I just remember first getting a headache and then. Low grade fever. Then I lost all taste and smell with lots of congestion. I didn’t feel like this. I have a test at 1430 tomorrow and I’m going to be highly upset if it’s positive.


I was sick for three days and then I felt fine again except for a cough that is really annoying. This virus really got itself in my nose and throat good. My cough is non stop 14 days now. If I laugh I start coughing and it hurts.


Glad you're better! how did it effect the rest of your family and how old are your parents? you story goes against ''what some say'' that Omicron is just a cold, comparing it to a cold is BS.


Double vaxxed and booster. I just started a job as a COVID tester and I’m sure this is where I picked it up unfortunately. So far body aches and this weird headache I can’t really explain. Very similar to the booster shot side effects but a bit milder.


Dealing with the sore throat, I feel mostly better but this throat won't let up. Will a humidifier help? I want to die it hurts so freaking bad!


Triple vaxxed with Pfizer in my mid 30s. Unfortunately caught Covid likely around 12/31. Didn’t feel any symptoms until 01/02 with a very minor sore throat. Similar to waking up in the morning with the fan running all night. It was ok throughout the day though. Tested at home twice on Jan 3 and both were negative (my partner was positive). Jan 3 (day 2) - throat hurt a bit more, body aches, fatigue, minor chills Jan 4 (day 3)- throat hurt even more, similar symptoms Jan 5 - 6 (day 4-5) - throat was extremely painful. Couldn’t sleep because of the pain. Difficulty swallowing water etc. Jan 7 (day 6) - 90% of symptoms miraculously disappeared. Sore throat gone. Energy levels mostly back to normal. Etc. I didn’t have much coughing during my peak, but started having dry coughs on day 6, after all of my other symptoms subsided. Simultaneously, I have now lost my sense of smell. Day 11, I still don’t have my sense of smell. When I do, I can only smell this strange fragrant/rubbery smell (for everything). It’s the weirdest thing! I hope this goes away soon.


Triple vaxxed with moderna. First couple days had runny nose. Then a day with no symptoms. Next 3 days stuffy nose. Then 2 days with no symptoms. Then 3 days with a mild sore throat lmfao. Got everything individually but all very mild. No fevers or headaches. Just annoying that I figured I was done 3 different times and found out I wasn’t… but feel very fortunate after reading some of these stories. My research and own personal observations (covid icu nurse) are that Moderna is the most effective vaccine. And I assume that the Moderna vaccine, the mildness of omicron, and my continual small increments of exposure while working with covid patients for 2 years kept me from getting sick. Mine was just like a very very mild cold


I would recommend taking NAC (really good supplement). You took a lot of Tylenol which depletes your body of glutathione which actually helps your body fight covid. Some other supplements to consider to keep staying healthy: vitamin D (with K to help with absorption), zinc, and magnesium


I’ve had a sore throat for almost 6 days now, that’s really my only complaint. I started having most symptoms except for nausea and body aches but they did a rapid test and came back negative so they sent it off to be tested again (at this point I know it’ll come back positive.) I’m wondering how much longer of this sore throat I’m gonna have to go through


I'm triple vaxxed and I have a "bad cold" right now. Can't be confirmed that's it's Covid though bc testing appts are like 6 days out. I just ordered a bunch of at home tests but they won't be here til next week. I'm just gonna assume I have it and stay home. Massive headache, sore (and itchy) throat, runny/stuffy nose, sneezing, the worst achy legs and lower back, sweating, then freezing (but no temp,) and extreme exhaustion. I took a 4 hour nap yesterday and still slept the whole night. Just woke up and I'm ready to go back to sleep. No cough or loss of taste/smell. Appetite is ok.


I have the random dizzy spells also!


The brain fogginess! I’m on day 9, back at work, and have long periods where I just cannot think or process information. Fortunately my boss has agreed to me doing shorter hours during this period. Because I’m rendered basically useless most of the day anyway lol. Did your brain fogginess complete dissipate?


I'm pretty sure I have it, triple vaxxed with the Pfizies. 35/m athletic, healthy, but a little overweight. Picked it up at a GD wedding that I knew I shouldn't have gone to, ugh. Anyway here is my COVID Omicron symptoms timeline, which I'll update until... I stop, I guess. Day 1, Friday - this was when I first started feeling a little congested. I assumed this was allergies at first, my girlfriend's cat sometimes triggers some post-nasal drip. I felt mostly normal until the evening when I started to feel a general malaise... but I thought maybe I was just tired. I stood up to go to bed and immediately got terrible chills. This is when I knew I was sick. I took a rapid test and it showed negative. I was so cold I wrapped myself in the blanket. Sweated everywhere, barely slept. Tossed and turned all night. Started getting a minor headache. Day 2, Saturday - woke up around 430am, stayed up for a bit - chills, low energy, tired. Finally got to bed at 7am, slept for an hour or so before we went to a Free testing site. Got tested, awaiting results. Wasn’t hungry but ate a small breakfast sandwich. A small cough set in around 12pm. Laid around all day, drank some water. Congested and coughing up minor phlegm. Felt mostly like a chest cold. Fever hit 100.4-100.9 around 12/1pm. Fever clocked at 102.4 at 6.12 pm. Feeling mostly ok, really. A little hot. No appetite to speak. Also had some instances of low-level GI issues, and some minor nausea. Took some Tylenol and knocked fever down to 100.3. Passed out on couch, slept for 5 hours. Day 3, Sunday (1/23)- well I'm awake at 4.15am so that's not great. Woke up at 230am, new symptom - sore throat, it's pretty mild but it's there. Fever at 102.3, took 500mg Tylenol, down to 100.8 around 3am. Sore throat more or less calming down after drinking some water. Still weak, still have chills, bad sleep, sweaty. Did off and on sleep from like 10-2. Small cough. Fever finally broke though, that's cool. Day 3, Update #1 (Sun, 1/23) So I took a bad nap from 5am-10am, needed to take two hot showers at the beginning and end of this period to stay warm. This morning was the worst. I had terrible chills and my fever shot up to 102.9 after having been 98.6 earlier. I couldn’t get myself to get out of bed, and I just laid for a couple of hours. Made a good turn once I got some Gatorade in me, and drank a bunch of water. Ordered pho for lunch which helped my throat. It’s 4:30 now and I’ve been sweating all day but I feel ok, took a small walk with the dog. Throat still hurts and I have a minor cough. Interestingly - gf got her test results back from the other day and they came back negative! We’ve been quarantining together and I’m wondering if I just got the flu. Will report back once I have results. Day 3, Update #2 (Sun, 1/23) Results came back positive around 730pm. Temp is 98.6 right now, throat still hurts, fatigued probably from lack of sleep, but otherwise feeling on the mend. Current meds: mucinex, 500mg acetaminophen. Day 4 1:43am - Temp holding steady at 98.6, sore throat remains. Small cough remains, and some mucus. GI returning to normal, but not quite there. Also can't sleep very well, but I do tend to stay up late. Energy is coming back, surprisingly. I don't think I've logged more than 3-4 hours of straight sleep in about 4 days. 9:40am - Slept ok, temperature has stayed normal... sore throat remains, small cough. I have an appetite again. Seem to be on the mend. I thought I had lost sense of taste/smell but I was eating a bland piece of pizza. So that was fun. 10:30pm - Went for a longer walk today with the dog, and had some good energy. Got very tired around 7 and slept for three hours. Temp held steady at 98.6 all day, thank god. I'm mostly dealing with the sore throat and unreliable energy levels now. I almost want to see if I have strep in addition to COVID. I have scheduled follow up COVID PCRs for Friday and next Monday. ​ ​ Anyway, that's where I'm at. Hope that helps someone.


Did u chest feel sore like pressure around lungs? I'm about the same as you but mine started with chest sore. Day 4 chest not as bad as day one but hacking and fatigued


Day 7 for me. Main issue is the brutal throat pain. One of the worst experiences Ive had. Feels like there is a thousand tiny micro slices in it. Hoping this fades soon. Fever and muscle pain left after 2-3 days.


Just got COVID, and it's almost certainly Omicron. Fully vaxxed and boosted. My first symptom was terrible night sweats. The next day I had a slightly sore throat and was tired from not sleeping well, but otherwise felt fine. The next night I had night sweats again, but this time I had prepared a towel and change of sheets/clothes so I didn't loose too much sleep over it. I also checked my temperature right away when I woke up in the night, but I didn't have a fever. It's now the second day and my sore throat is really painful. Makes it kind of hard to swallow, but strangely only slightly affects my voice. But otherwise I have had no other symptoms yet and have felt good enough to do other stuff (in my little quarantine room) as long as I constantly have a cough drop in. Anyone have advice better than a cough drop for the throat pain? Updates: Day 3 - same night sweats. sore throat is even worse. I saw someone describe it as "swallowing knifes" and that is what it feels like. I think it's not affecting my voice very much because it is so high in my throat that it's not really hitting my vocal cords. I found that keeping my throat hydrated by just drinking a boatload of water helped more than the cough drops. Day 4 - Night sweats were maybe a little better, or maybe I'm just really good at swapping out my wet stuff so it doesn't disrupt me that much. Sore throat was definitely much better. Still needed to drink water and have cough drops, but it wasn't all that painful anymore, just sore. However, some new symptoms showed up today: a stuffy nose and some slight dizziness, and maybe some stomach upset. This is the first day that I really felt like I wanted to stay in bed all day. The dizziness and stomach upset may just be the result of ordering food so much because of sickness so I haven't really had a proper vegetable all week. Hopefully if I just am a little more careful about what I am eating/drinking, I'll feel better tomorrow.


Hopefully you dont get slammed with the extreme pain in throat for 7 days


This is exactly how I feel. You think it’s gone. But then you wake up with another symptom. If you try to do anything you feel like death. Hate this


I have the same symptoms (except I coughed a lot and experience a ton of "lung burn") and timeline as you... I do have a ton of brain fog, too... I forget things more than ever and am absent minded, sort of floaty-minded, like a ghost.


I’m not from the US but wanted to share my experience as I am currently on day 3 of having covid, for context I am a 20 year old woman with no health conditions and I am doubled vaxxed. It started out as a sore throat so I just thought nothing of it, everyone else in my family who had covid before me had lost their smell and taste so not for one second did I think it could possibly be covid, I had multiple uni assignments due and was moving house in the same week on top of working 30 hours so I just put it down to stress and being rundown. I work in retail at a pet supply shop and while working about 2 hours into my shift I noticed my throat was getting worse and I was having bouts of severe fatigue, I told my assistant manager straight away and she advised me to get a rapid test at the chemist down the street, I did, came back and took the test in the staff room and it was negative, I felt well enough to complete my shift so I wasn’t sent home. The next day my throat was still sore but I still didn’t think much of it, I went over to my new house with all of my stuff and while back at my current house just to pick up the rest of my things I decided to do another rapid test and lo and behold it was positive almost instantly. I am now isolating in my new house where another one of my housemates has covid too, what a coincidence. My first night there I was still fit enough, I was attempting to build my new furniture and after building a chair I was completely wiped out and began feeling aches all over and fell asleep for hours. When I woke up the next morning I felt AWFUL, I had an extremely high fever, my joints and back ached so bad I could barely move or get out of bed, I had the most painful sore throat I have ever experienced, the kind of pain where I was too afraid to swallow my own saliva or even drink water it was that bad. I had completely lost my appetite, I wasn’t physically nauseous but the thought of eating food turned my stomach. I was using paracetamol, ibuprofen and throat sprays with lidocaine to try and ease the pain, they worked for an hour or two but then it was back to square one, it was just an absolutely awful day, all I could do was just lie in bed and sleep on and off. Right now I’m doing better, my sore throat is definitely better as are my aches but my chest is in a lot of pain, I’m not short of breath or anything it’s just a constant dull pain. What this whole experience has thought me so far is that this virus needs to be taking seriously still, my own father who had covid still likens it to a bad cold, as if!! I still can’t believe people don’t wear masks anymore. Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow so I don’t have to sleep in a room full of boxes!


Omicron. 4 days so far... never experienced so intensive sore throat in my whole life (40yo). So much pain.


Yup..back in October 2020 i had suspected covid..a week after i recovered (roughly day 16) i got smacked with vertigo..badly and constantly..it has taken 2 years and i still get bouts of vertigo..but its much much much less..drs say its my vestibular nerve got damaged by the virus..so id say its common for it to do that 💔..i hope you have recovered from it and have no lasting vertigo 👍


Got COVID March 25th. I woke up with a tingling in my throat. I am double vaxed and I have my booster. DAY 1: March 26th. Just happens to be my birthday. I have a headache and my throat is more sore. I took a rapid test. Positive. Day 2: Fever, chills, body aches, headache, brain fog super sore throat. Day 3: Much of the same as day 2. I started developing a cough. I've lost my voice. Day 4: Fever is gone. My throat feels like it's bleeding. My head hurts, my ears hurt, tired, coughing more. Still no voice. Day 5: Coughing keeps me up at night. Can't sleep. Head hurts a lot. Throat is still sore. Ears still hurt, Congestion begins. Taste and Smell are gone. Day 6: Super congested. Snot like you wouldn't believe. Thick and green. My head is still swimming. Cough produces some phlegm. I can talk a bit now but voice is hoarse. Day 7: Throat starts to feel a bit better but feels dry no matter what i do. I try to eat and get nauseous. Coughing fits that make me puke. Very tired. Im experiencing so much sinus pressure. Lots of blood clots in my mucus Day 8: Still testing positive for COVID. Brain is foggy. Standing takes a lot of effort. I get out of breath very easily. So, so, so much sinus pressure. Day 9: I ventured outside for 20 mins today and had to spend the rest of the day in bed. Extremely tired, fever is now back at 103.1. The sinus pressure is still bad its making my too molar teeth and ears hurt and I'm till coughing a lot. Voice has come back more but I still do not sound like myself. I feel a weird lump in my throat that hurts when I swallow. Day 10: Tomorrow. We'll see what that brings. Better be sweet relief. I cant take this much longer.


I got covid Last Monday, it started afternoon, i had a tickling sensation on back of my throat. In evening i started to cough a bit and went to bed. The next day i was feeling very tired, coughing a lot more than Monday. In Tuesday evening i felt chills and and my body temperature increased to 38 39. On Wednesday, i had chills and fever and i developed the worst i mean the worst sore throat in my life. I couldn’t eat or even drink water. Swallowing felt like someone was ripping open my throat. Thursday: i didn’t have fever and i didnt feel fatigue. But my worst sore throat was still there with cough. My throat started to get better from Monday. Today (Thursday) i don’t feel any sore throat, i just have a bit cough. I did 3 tests and all negative. The most painful symptom was for me sore throat. Once i started to get eating and drinking, I realise how lucky i am. Hopefully everyone will get better very soon.


31 years old, double vaxxed, picked up covid when I was still on antibiotics for an inner-ear infection. Day 1 - I had what felt like a panic attack for a few hours, caught me off guard until later on in the day when I developed a headache and a fever. Swapped from feeling freezing to death to boiled alive. Day 2 - Same as day 1, a lot of fever swapping and a little bit of a sore throat. It was a bit hard to sleep this night. Day 3 - What I can only describe as the worst throat pain of my life. 11/10 pain. My entire day consisted of taking as much ibuprofen, paracetamol, amd throat lozenges as I was allowed. Day 4- Zero sleep the night before and no food from the previous day. I had to have a disgusting spit bottle because I couldn't continue swallowing constantly; it was top much. Day 5 - Same as day 4. No sleep, no food. Got a prescription anesthetic throat spray that helped a little. Managed to get a few hours sleep when my body let me. Day 6(today) - Throat pain has subsided by about 50%. Able to eat and drink more water. Developed a hive type rash on my arm but feel much better than the previous days. Feels like the beginning of getting better. That's my experience so far.


I have it now and the aches are something else … my entire body is in so much pain


I’ve just recovered from covid and was lucky to have mild symptoms but one symptom I had was like an eye headache. My head didn’t hurt but a couple of mornings I’d wake up with painful eyes. When I’d look around they’d hurt more. Only last a couple days and was helped by having ibuprofen. Anyone else have this?


Not painful but cruddy, crusty, and a foggy feeling over my eyes every morning. This is biological warfare. I'm ready to revolt. Who's with me?


This is legitimately the worst sore throat I've ever had. It hurts to talk


Did you get a pain whenever you swallowed? I’m currently going through this and it’s fucking hell. Can’t even swallow saliva without feeling like I’m being stabbed. No other symptoms anymore, been 9 days


I'm on day 16. Very bad sore throat, foggy cruddy eyes in the morning and have to blow my nose a few times a day. Feels like swallowing glass still. I can't stay alive like this anymore.


May I ask how many days your sore throat lasted?


I think the painful sore throat ended right fatter 14 days but I still occasionally have some pain while swallowing and have to clear my throat mid sentence after 3 weeks


Am vaccinated but no booster. Got omicron even though test was negative I know it's omicron after what everyone is saying. My sore throat is driving me bat$hi+ crazy. I've been drinking lots of hot tea, soup, vitamin c, and taking excedrin to not have to feel the sore throat. My symptoms from day 1 to day 4 were different than they are now. I had headaches everyday, back and neck pain, and I threw up once the 2nd morning. Sore throat didn't start until day 4. It's now been a week and I'm congested a little in my nose and when I blow my nose blood comes out. Not a lot but enough to be worried. I just took 3 excedrin and I still feel sore throat pain. Can anyone give me hope and advice on what to do about this awful sore throat. When will it go away?


40 years old male, non smoker, non drinker. Double vaccinated October 2021, no booster. Caught the virus for the first time in early March 2022. Most likely Omicron BA.2 = My symptoms: Runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat and ears (first symptom), full body sweats especially after walking, slight fever, headache on day 3. Not bedridden. After 6 days I felt fine. Some brain fog a week and two weeks after. RAT test a few negatives and a faint positive. But I know some other people have been very ill and I mean healthy people in their 20's and 30's.


I've had the sore throat for 9 days now. So painful. I will be asking for the throat wash tomorrow.


I’m m17 and no underlying conditions besides possible mild asthma and I’m considerably underweight, been vaxxed and boosted. Started waking with horrible throat but felt fine otherwise. Next day throat is still there and temp hits around 100. Go to urgent care bc regular doc was closed to get tested for strep and Covid, both rapids negative. Doc says I have Exudative tonsillitis (meaning pus) and prescribes penicillin. Next day the congestion that I thought was from the throat gets worse and temperature is steady. Next day the same but I feel kinda worse. Day 5 congestion mostly goes away and that’s when I receive positive PCR test right after testing positive on home test. I don’t know if it’s anxiety knowing that I have Covid but I started to have some chest discomfort. Today is the next day it’s been on and off but still freaking out lol;\


I came Here because I too am dealing with a very bad sore throat. 8 of us at work got covid at the same time and when comparing symptoms I seem to be the only one with this bad of a throat issue which was worrying me. Glad to see others experiencing the same issues and getting passed it.


May I ask how long your sore throat lasted? I am on day 8 of my symptoms now(mainly sore throat), a bit worried.


32 year old, vaxxed 2 doses of Pfizer + moderna booster. 5/5- 102 fever, scratchy throat, no other symptoms. Negative at home self-test. 5/6- 103.5 fever, went to ER. PCR came back positive. Doubled up on ibuprofen and Tylenol. 5/7- reduced fever, more severe throat ache 5/8- fever gone, congestion, razor sharp throatache, swallowing saliva feels like knives. 5/9- Same throatache, less congestion. 5/10- reduced sore throat, only the back of the throat sore and not the bottom. 5/11- no improvement in throat from previous day, still positive on at home self-test 5/15- Sore throat almost gone, still fatigued and positive on the at-home self-test


I didn't sleep for 5 days. Maybe 10 mins here or there. The soar throat is something else. Holy shit. It would be (possibly) bearable if not for the excessive salivation. Every swallow was like having a dried pinecone shoved down there. I gave up trying to sleep last night and everytime saliva pooled in my mouth I'd spit it out. Had a massive pile of tissues by morning. What helped: Spitting out saliva instead of swallowing it. This may lead to dehydrated so you have to eventually drink some liquid and suffer. Chamomile tea with honey (not too hot). Ricola cough drops original (better than cepacol oddly enough) I got the prescription Viscous lidocaine I alternated acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen for the max dosage. I got a humidifier I did the salt water and am not sure if it t did anything. Try to not have air blowing on you. Embrace the sweating. The worst part is not knowing when it will end. Because this is the worst soar throat I've ever had, I thought yesterday was rock bottom. I was wrong and am still unsure how it is actually worse. I am concerned it will get even worse before better. The lack of sleep mental endurance is very weak. I just don't have the energy to self soothe the pain.


No trial phase drugs, with shitty side effects and low efficacy rate.. First 2 days, high fever 104ish, I left it work. By day 3 it felt like an annoying head cold. The strange thing, is the mucus, which is pretty much clear. Never had a viral infection that had clear mucus. Day 6 aside from a bit of mucus to cough up, I am well. No fatigue, no lasting effects.


Did you get the booster shot?


I was planning on getting it in January but omicron didn’t wanna wait 😭


I hope you feel better. Thanks for sharing.


Appreciate it


What does double vaxxed mean? Genuinely asking


You got 2 shots of the vaccine but are not boosted.