iPhone ios 15 Smart Health Card IDPH MyChart

iPhone ios 15 Smart Health Card IDPH MyChart


Very interesting. This suggests to me that Apple has features that could enable digital vaccine passports? Is that correct?


Yes, Wallet app is very flexible. I use it for all sorts of stuff from train tickets to credit cards to boarding passes. It will be just another pass on the wallet app.


Google Pay also has this functionality. I was vaccinated through Osco and have my verified digital vaccine record in my Google Pay account (similar to Apple wallet) with QR code on my phone. This was accepted by my employer as proof of vaccination.


VaxVerify used to show just one of my COVID vaccinations. Now it shows none of my vaccinations - COVID or otherwise. What a mess. If we end up doing the passport route, we're in for a world of anger and frustration.


Now if only I could convince the Indiana Department of Health to tell IDPH I got my vaccine at the Gary FEMA site, then I'd have all my records in one place, but alas, I cannot.


No thanks; not interested. My health records are my business, and the last thing I want is to encourage a system designed for broadcasting them and setting the expectation that others should be required to do the same.


I just tested the same thing but it doesn't show my vaccine records. I don't think they have all the records yet.


Did you sign up on the vax verify portal?


> vax verify portal I did not! I didn't even know that existed. I will check it out.


It’s important that when you do you sign up with the home address from your last vaccination.


I do know that my vaccinations were not showing up from Walgreens on the state vaccination portal until after I went to my general doctor for a physical. They asked if I was vaccinated, and I showed them my CDC card, and they entered it into EPIC. After that it showed up in the state portal. I don't know at what point they showed up in the IDPH MyChart though. ​ I did try importing the QR from my general physician's MyChart, but those came back as unverified while IDPH Mychart was verified. So....not too sure on where they got the records from Walgreens.


Is it iOS 15 specific?


I also got vaxxd at Walgreens in Illinois. I have a copy of my immunization record from Vax Verify but the records are not showing up in the IDPH My Chart app (just says "we didn't get an update from state registries") - any ideas on how to troubleshoot?


You are braver than I. I don't trust my smartphone with anything serious or confidential. I'd give it a fake name and phone number if I could, lol.