Hot sauce, because without smell food tastes bland as shit. Wife made a biryani tonight and it just tasted like rice. I get this is the least of your problems, but if you are prepping then you might as well go the whole hog. Panadol to control the fever has been pretty important for me as well.


Ahaha facts dude, the amount of sirachia I used over my iso was unbelievable!


I couldn’t eat any type of sauce, in fact that’s how I knew I was Covid positive because anything with sauce started to taste like metal. Then it was also salt, pepper any kind of herb or spice and then pretty much everything. I’m on day 11 (I think) and still sick and am so envious of you no taste people! All I can eat is plain salad sandwiches, can’t even put cheese on them or you guessed it! Tastes like fucking metal. First thing I’m doing when I get better is going to get hot wings and burgers with lots and lots of sauce. I’m so hungry lol


I had mild symptoms, but I still appreciated painkillers (ibuprofen and Panadol), sore throat antiseptic spray, Strepsils, cold and flu tablets (Codral), Berocca and Hydrolite, lots of water and nutritional comforting foods. If you’re isolating in a household with people who don’t have COVID, hand sanitizer, surface sanitizer and masks are handy as well!


The usual panadol, and the ibuprofen, vicks, and tea. I have an asthmatic child. So everyone in our house who can be vaccinated is. That was my first step. I have ventallin on hand always and I have an oximeter to check his oxygen. My kid goes to hospital with a regular fucking virus at least once or twice a year. So I'm very prepared for him. I just need our household to not catch covid for three more days he gets vaccinated on Wednesday.


Sending you strong vibes to make it to the vax. Thanks!


It almost feels like can we do it will we make it without catching it?!?!


As a parent, I’m also playing that “how long can we dodge it” game. The Federal and State governments really ballsed this up by shifting to let it rip before kids are vaxed…


We dodged another day!!! Just Tuesday now one day at a time


I don't want to dampen the high spirits and support but it's important to consider that the vaccine does take a week to become effective. Best wishes!


That alright one day at a time! First have to get it!


Hi, I’m ending isolation tomorrow after being a confirmed case so I’ll give you all the advice that I have. FOOD: Like someone said above we also did two shops, planned out what we would be having for breakfast, lunch, dinner and stocked up on LOTS of fruits and veggies. Like a ridiculous amount. You won’t feel very hungry if you do have it, but when you eat it needs to be something that fuels your body. We also got some vitamins to replace any nutrients we were loosing because of it. Also stock up on some favourite snacks, I preferred icey poles because of the scratchy throat. We also did some frozen meals just in case we were too tired to cook. CLEANING: Personally we also did the cleaning thing, we went through all our washing powder/detergent. Hand soap, antibacterial wipes and even dishwashing tablets because we were adamant on not leaving it on any surfaces in the house and washing all linen. It also gives you something to do and keeps you busy. MEDICINE: We had lots of codral cold and flu and this really reduced our symptoms because it is the same type of infection as the flu. We could tell when it was starting to wear off because we would feel worse. I also recommend Panadol because the headaches can be pretty intense. We also used vicks for the stuffy noses/congestion. ENTERTAINMENT: You will feel pretty tired, my partner and I both slept a lot but some people have had insomnia so it’s definitely dependent on your own body. I personally am a uni student so from day 5 when the brain fog disappeared I knuckled down and did my assignment. My partner and I played lots of board games, cooked lots of food together, watched lots of movies and TV shows. It’s not fun to have but like any sickness you will eventually feel okay again. You will be sleeping heaps so time will pass quick too. Just look after yourself and your body as much as possible, you will feel fine for the first 2-3 days. Day 4/5 are awful. After that you’re pretty much in the clear and that’s what majority of people have said and our own experience.


Codral cold and flu have the same dose of paracetamol that Panadol have. You’d be double dosing if you have them both x


Yeah need nurofen and codral.


Or Asprin and Codral (if you can't get/can't have nurofen).


Super helpful, thank you!


Just to add to your medicine list- my partner and I both found that there was immense pressure in our sinus system. So I would recommend a nasal spray if being congested bothers you a lot :)


Completely forgot about that, thank you! We used Vicks Vapour Rub as well


Thanks for the write up icy poles is a great suggestion! I have been slowly stocking up here in WA. When things get bad/we get sick I don't want to be dependent on food delivery services.


Thank you




We didn’t get TP in our shop, it was also all online so really didn’t matter if someone had an opinion because we didn’t see it anyways. We got our family to drop off a 6 pack of TP a couple of days ago but we usually buy the bulk packs anyways.


Isn’t toilet roll some kind of cute ? I brought 4 cases, how do we consume it ?


Get Hydralyte as well.


It really varies depending on the severity of your symptoms. For me, due to having super mild symptoms, all I needed was clean drinking water (tap is fine where I live), plus comfort food such as fresh fruit, bread, cereal, chicken noodle soup, orange juice, etc. Husband was hit a bit harder, symptom-wise, and took a couple Panadols as he had fever. Maybe get in some freezer/convenience meals in case you feel too unwell to cook? I did 2 x Coles Online shops during our 7-day isolation, just for food and cleaning products such as lots of disinfectant sprays/wipes (like, even though husband and I - the whole household - had COVID, I had this idea that I didn't want "more COVID"? I don't know if that makes sense but I didn't want us to "stew" in our COVID germs...) I sprayed/wiped everything, washed the bedsheets, washed the clothes, kept all the windows open to "air out the COVID", etc. You don't need a RAT to leave isolation anymore so don't worry about getting RATs in. Honestly besides basic food needs and household disinfectant/cleaning supplies, if anything I'd be stocking up on surgical masks for when you are ready to leave iso.


Thank you! I would also not want more Covid!


I’d recommend having painkillers on hand, you can get horrendous body pain and headaches with covid


Do not rely on food delivery. I'm in isolation and I can't get a Coles or WOW delivery for 4 days. Its going to be touch and go if I'll have enough food to last me until after my iso.


If you’re in the east/ SE, let me know if you need any help in getting essentials delivered. I’m negative atm, and can do a shopping run for you when I’m out in the next day or two.


Yeah I think the supermarkets are doing worse right now due to employees in isolation causing logistical delays up and down the whole supply chain. During my iso week they were still able to deliver in like 2 days.


Is there no one who can deliver for you? This comment has definitely made me think about people I know who might need a top up on groceries. Might check in and make sure people who need deliveries get them. Hope you have someone who might drop some stuff off.


Airtasker is great for getting someone to do a shop for you on the same day.


For someone, touch wood, who hasn't had covid this comment is tops. Cheers.


Just make sure to disinfect the wood after you touch it


Ha,ha,ha. Take my upvote.


I have COVID now, this is stuff that’s helped me: - Panadol: for headaches/muscle pain - Strepsils: or anything you use to soothe sore throat - Cold & Flu: for other symptoms like congestion - Betadine throat gargle: the worst sensation & taste in the world but apparently helps reduce your viral load - have been doing this 2-3 times a day - Sinus saline rinse: also helps reduce your viral load, and helps with sinuses. Have been doing 2-3 times a day after my betadine gargle (recommend by a GP) - Pulse Oximeter: VERY IMPORTANT if you have symptoms like shortness of breath etc or if you are in a high risk group. this will help tell you if you leave blood oxygen level is OK or if you need to call an ambulance - have been checking a few times a day - Food that won’t make you sick: I’ve been feeling really nauseous, so good to have neutral food on hand just in case. I’ve been eating loads of watermelon - Face masks: if you share a house with other people, would stock up so you have a fresh one handy whenever you need to use a common area & don’t need to put them in the wash with other laundry - Hydration: I follow a lot of doctors on Twitter and apparently many people who go to hospital with COVID are dehydrated. So have stuff that’ll help you keep your fluids up. I have a Gatorade mix which I have been having twice a day for electrolytes, have also been drinking soda water, 50:50 water and juice mix (I find plain tap water hard to drink when I have a sore throat) - Logistics: do you share a home with other people? Do you have children or pets? Do you live with high risk people? Think about how you will manage a COVID case in your household. Who will deliver food and groceries? Who will do the cooking? How will you get your laundry done? Are there any other chores etc that cannot wait until you recover - who will do those? Will you need to share a bathroom, if so how will you make sure it’s cleaned/ventilated after the positive case uses it? How will you keep children entertained when you feel awful? Good to work this stuff out in advance! - Gloves & mask: for a non-infected person in your household who might have to handle your dirty dishes/deliver your food to your door


Good point re: chores. My building has a shared laundry so if I get covid, I won’t be able to do any washing. So this is my sign to stay on top of it while I’m well. Thanks! Hope you feel better soon!!


Panadol. Fisherman’s friends. Didn’t have any. Had to Uber eats it lol


I Uber eatsed a coffee once. It was. $4.50 flat white plus 5$ delivery. Lol. Needed it.


Big bowl of weed






Wouldn't that prolong the sickness?


There are conflicting views on weed and covid probably its best to eat then smoke. It will help with the boredom.


most people have already covered the basics but i'll add something that i've found very useful, a thermometer! i've never owned one but when i tested positive the other day i got someone to buy me one and it has been very handy to have. when i went though the worse of my fever, having a thermometer let me know exactly how bad it is and idk about you, but i like being very aware of what's happening to my body


And if you own one already … check its battery. Mine is flat!!


I currently have Covid and sent my dad to Woolies for me (I live 5 mins from him and alone, so couldn’t go myself) I got sprite, canned soup, plain crackers, lemsip, hydralite, painkillers and deep heat. For info, my symptoms are loss of taste and smell, headache, sore throat, fatigue, body aches and pains and fever. The worst is over, but having simple, bland food helped when I got hungry, the deep heat helps me sleep at night cause my knees would get sore from the aches, and the painkillers and hydralite keeps the headache from being unbearable. Definitely recommend keeping a supply and they also help if someone has a general cold or flu and well.


Would never have thought of Deep Heat, thanks


It is amazing! Also on the food side, if you are feeling unwell, don’t bother cooking a normal meal. I did that and it was only after I finished cooking that I realised I couldn’t taste or smell. I had to throw it away cause I couldn’t east it due to texture alone. (Pasta) it’s just felt weird


A few people here commenting paracetamol and cold and flu tablets, just a PSA that paracetamol toxicity can be very bad (ie. fatal) and is one of the most common causes of overdose in Australia. Most cold and flu tablets have the same dose of paracetamol per tablet as Panadol. DO NOT TAKE THEM TOGETHER!


800 rolls of toilet paper according to supermarkets.


It was delta strain that gave uncontrollable shits


I wished I had stocked up on more cat food, I had to get a friend to pick some up for me. I had plenty of human food.


Dog food was the only thing I panic bought last lockdown, we need Uber eats for pets.


Uber In-Heats? Pughub? Menudog? Oh, no, I’ve got it: Pawdash.


[PetBarn](https://www.petbarn.com.au/) do same day delivery in metro areas :)


Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Melatonin, NAC, Quercetin, iodine gargle, aspirin (better than paracetamol/ibuprofen as it is anti inflammatory and anticoagulant), fresh garlic, ginger, honey and tumeric, chicken soup ingredients, lots of fresh fruit n veggies to snack on. Check out the iMask early treatment protocol for dosages of the vitamins. EDIT: iodine gargle reduces viral load in the early stages


Yup! I agree with the above. I also took probiotics and made heaps of soup, particularly anything that had a crap tonne of vitamin C. Also suggest to have some throat lozenges on hand such as Bosistos' eucalyptus drops (no added sugar and no artificial colours). Can also make the below concoction for a natural prevention to congestion: Fresh thyme, ginger & garlic soup. Take a few sprigs of thyme, 2-3 slices of old ginger (if you don't have it, young ginger is fine) and a few cloves of peeled garlic. Boil a pot of water (depends how much you want to drink. I usually make about 1.5Ltr) and add the herbs in. Boil for about 10mins until the broth is coloured. Can drink straight like that. If it's too strong add a pinch of salt to it


That sounds terrible, it must work! Thank you


Hahaha no worries! You can add it to chicken broth in order to appease the taste buds. I low-key thought I was going to lose my tastebuds after catching COVID but thankfully I can taste most things (nearly recovered). Also, if you do get a bit congested (I did) and want to get rid of mucus (basically puking/spitting those farkers out. Highly recommended by NSW health to spit out mucus) can buy this (weird tasting but effective) herbal tonic: https://www.healthpost.co.nz/harker-herbals-deep-lung-support-mhemp-p Make sure you take herbal meds at least 1.5hrs after taking Panadol or whatever so they don't interact with one another. Also you need to take it consistently for it to work.


Just be aware that vitamin C (even the amount in a cup of fruit juice) can affect the absorption of meds, so if you use it, take it with at least an hour or so gap between any Panadol/aspirin.


Good to know, thanks :) do you know if that applies to other vitamins?




You’re possibly the first person in this sub to ever say such a thing. Times are a changin’ (for the better!).


Yes! :) I was very happy to see your comment earlier, I’m glad people in Aus are aware of it. I know 3 sets of parents in the 60-75 bracket that tested positive in the last two weeks. 2 of whom are unvaxxed unfortunately. I gave them the anti viral medication with the iMask protocol, they were all good by day 4. One of them (my best mate’s dad) called me to thank me last night, because both him and his unvaxxed wife are almost back to normal. He told me his brother is younger and healthier than him, and double vaxxed but is still having major problems with fever and shakes every night. So God bless the doctors that designed the protocol.


That’s so assuring to hear, I have a friend running a weekly early treatment zoom call if you happen to hear of anyone wanting to be well informed by someone who has been in the thick of it all for months.


Oh that’s great of your friend. Since our governments and health experts have left us dry, we need something like that. I will definitely reach out if I come across anyone needing assistance.


Echinacea is also a huge immune booster on par with Vitamin D


Funny the Vic or federal government aren’t telling people this?


Yep. Peddle the vax, forget the rest. So wholistic.


Well they’ve been telling everyone to get jabbed. Once you do that, they don’t give two shits what happens to you. 2 years in to the pandemic, not once did any of their “experts” mention the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. But make sure you take your booster and then continue stuffing your face with junk food while you binge watch another season of a show on Netflix on your couch smh.


Surely now that it’s obvious the vaccine isn’t what was promised they’ll be pushing for early treatments and overall health?


You’d think so, but the way they’ve been going I highly doubt it. Get your boosters, and stay home after testing positive until you’re almost dying smh.


Strongly recommended getting some Voltaren for the body aches. It worked wonders for me, especially at night


Cold and flu tablets, nurofen and for some crazy reason I’ve been craving broccoli?? Drink a heap of water. I can drink tap here, but I’ve been drinking 5L a day.


Ok that’s the weirdest symptom I’ve heard!


I wish I was craving broccoli lol


I have asthma ( mild), doctor advised me to get a pulse monitor from local chemist. In case your symptoms are on the severe side it’s worth while monitoring your O2 level.


A cat and a book


My whole family have just left isolation after all getting covid and had pretty varying symptoms, in my case I had the worst sore throat of my life, couldn't say more than 5 words before being in severe pain, barely ate and drank anything for a while and any coughing or blowing my nose was horrible. I found throat lozenges to be completely useless, even those designed numb the throat, it wasn't until I switched from panadol to nurofen and started gargling betadine that i started feeling better. So basically, depending on severity it might be best to have nurofen, panadol, betadine, tissues, soft foods and a water bottle with a straw. Other than this the family only really needed the basics like their usual food, something to keep you sane and plenty of patience


This sore throat was me today, I was whispering everything to my partner. I hope things start to get better tomorrow.


I didn’t see anyone else mention this but if you’re living with other people an you’re the only one with covid a glen 20 spray helps a lot. It’s even good for cleaning after you’ve recovered. I managed to go through quite a few spray bottles while sick everytime I left my room to go toilet or when I was given food. I also had lots of cough medicines both for dry and productive coughs which really helps as I was coughing quite a bit before taking those. Anyways good luck I hope u don’t get covid any time soon


We are in iso at the moment. Basics like Panadol, nurofen, hydrolyte, cleaning stuff, fresh fruit and veg, easy to cook meals and snacks. If you have kids in nappies stock up. My son had some pretty bad gastro symptoms and we couldnt get any in our grocery delivery. Im also incredibly glad i got myself a coffee machine for christmas. Lifesaver.


KFC!!! The 11 herbs and spices helped Me recover fast!


Squirting the virus out your arsehole because of all the grease from the chicken.


That's something my kids would try conning me with.


Tissues and panadol


All of the above re: staple items, comfort items, over the counter meds etc. I would suggest some Aloe Vera juice for if you get a sore throat as part of your symptoms. There's sugar free options and they are available from Coles.


Currently in iso with the worst fucking headache, extremely fatigued and struggling with breathing, clean water, don’t take baths take showers baths seem to only make me worse, and basic foods. If you only have mild symptoms then I suggest something like a couple books or something to keep you occupied


Rapid antigen test, Panadol, nurephen, lots of food and snacks to pass the time and at least one streaming service


I thought I’d want sugarfree Powerade but it just tasted like chemicals 😅. Hard recommend for green juices (the sugar is bliss) and loading up on fresh fruit, meat and vegetables. Sautéd asparagus every day. Outside that just painkillers and some sort of cold syrup to soothe your chainsaw of a throat.


Whatever you would normally need/use within 10 days. If your a piss head stock up on booze, smoker, get a carton of darts, have all your usual pantry staples and frozen foods/meats, any medications you rely on, dont forget about your pets. You WONT need 200 rolls of toilet paper- I still haven’t figured out that craze to this day. Also maybe stay off the darts and go easy on the piss.


Some great advice here, but can I say that if you live in an apartment and are worried you can’t get rid of your rubbish, it’s worth making sure you have a palace to put it. My partner and I had to isolate for 9 days all up and we were lucky we had just had a delivery so we had a box to put a lot of recycling in. You don’t want the space that you’re in getting too messy because honestly it’ll bum you out if you’re stuck in there.


I bought specifically for if we catch it. a thermometer, an oxymeter, zinc, multivitamins, powerade packs, vitamin c, ibuprofen, panadol, soups...so far. I already have handwash, detergent, disinfectant. Someone posted the other week about the things that helped them get through it, thats why I bought that stufd




I’ve been up since 1am with the worst headache and body ache I’ve had since I got my jab. Painkillers and water have done very little for me but a wet towel for my forehead has certainly helped.


I was good with canned soup. (Actually a god send warm). Not that I couldn’t cook but just didn’t have the desire to do anything except chuck it in the microwave. Sprite. Only symptoms I had was headache for first day and annoying back ache for the next 2. Had some ibu the first day but the rest was fine and just got stressed from being stuck at home. Honestly if you do grocery shopping on the regular you’ll probably be fine without having to “prepare” haha.


Honestly lemsip was a life saver for me. It has paracetamol in it but feel like it works so much quicker and you get a hot drink to soothe your throat. Also something to help with throat tickles as I coughed so much all night I was almost gagging. There’s a spray that numbs your throat that helped


Orange juice!!!!


Paracetamol, testing kits, masks and the phone number of a doctor that will give you access to early (pre-hospitalisation) treatment.


You can buy [Hydralite zooper doopers](https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/801236/hydralyte-electrolyte-ice-block-orange) to help keep cool and hydrate at the same time. We keep some in the freezer and another pack in the cupboard. Very good if you're feeling a bit of heatstroke. Everything else seems to have been mentioned. Good luck.


A government that cared about its people


Talk about wishful thinking


Nasal spray, cause I can’t sleep at night if I’m congested. Soft Kleenex cause you’ll be wiping your nose constantly and it will get irritated Comfort foods for when you’re feeling especially icky Idk if you’re a bath taker, but extra Epsom salts so I could have a steamy, relaxing bath helped me a lot


Lots of easy meals, rehydrating drinks (electrolytes), cold presses (ice packs), soft tissues, snack, TP, .


Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and bleach plus syringes to IV the bleach.


I thought the bleach treatment was best taken orally…?


No only rectally


Penile catheter is also valid


We had alpha. Mar 2020. My husband+daughter got longcovid severely. Have an oxymeter and a thermometer. A blood pressure monitor is also useful if you develop longcovid. Soup - make + freeze a big batch of chicken soup. Electrolytes. I recommend coconut water. The main thing that is key is niacin. Flush niacin. (Not any other form, not niacinamide etc) After a year of severe longcovid and nothing having any effect, no help and much despair my husband healed 95% on niacin within a few weeks. Each time he would take it his low blood oxygen would shoot back up to 99% (from 86-92%). My daughter also recovered on it. My elderly parents and brother later went through delta taking it. I owe a lot to Dr Dmitry Kats.


Vitamin D Echinacea start taking them a few days before you're sick. Huge immune boosters.


Toilet paper


Ha still have plenty from last lockdown, shout out to Who Gives A Crap!


Food, money toilet paper 🧻


What’s the wipe like with a $50 note?




Bread and milk!


Codral day and night the strong one where you show your DL


I took the kids away and my wife just ate and slept.


A pallet of toilet paper


I have no idea why people hoard toilet paper As far as I know covid doesn't make you shit more than usual


It's irrational selfish hoarding. Doomsdayers cause the squeeze on products and create shortages that wouldn't have otherwise existed. It's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. They believe there will be shortages, so they hoard products and accidentally create a shortage, which validates their actions.


A coffin


ABC News web site has a good page: [https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-08/how-to-prepare-for-a-household-covid-19-infection/100742322](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-08/how-to-prepare-for-a-household-covid-19-infection/100742322) Enjoy!


My family didn’t have symptoms and are unvaxed so just Netflix to keep you busy


Every single thing on the shelves at the supermarket


You should get by with toilet paper and RATs


Currently have covid. Paracetamol. Paracetamol. And paracetamol.


Toilet paper apparently


A brain would help


About 600 packets of toilet paper.


A statue of scomo as the budda, and rub his tummy.


Decongestant was a lifesaver when I had it!! And neurofen is a good idea too.


1. The usual first aid kit everyone has suggested. 2. Start taking at least 4000iu vitamin D daily. + 10mg Zinc until this wave peaks and comes down. This will help your immune system to tune up beforehand. 3. Spend at least 2-3 sessions of wimhof breathing daily for your immune system (google guided video) . It will also help you to stay relaxed and stress-free throughout the day. 4. Stock 7 days of electrolytes per person (crucial) Optional: get a high absorption curcumin supplement and have it daily to lower your inflammation. This will prevent long covid damage as well. Stay Safe :)


High strength Melatonin,vitamin D and Ventolin.


I’m not trying to be a smart ass or anything, I think the best thing is avoid catching it. Prevention is the best solution. I don’t know your personal circumstances, I get it. You might not have the luxury. But the preparation is better to avoid it at all costs. Rather than stocking up on stuff. It’s where you should be focusing. Please be optimistic. Have a good day.


Agree with you and have been doing everything to avoid it, but so have people I know who have ended up catching it.


Can anyone recommend a pulse oximeter?


Toilet paper mate! That is all you need


Do immunity based tablets help? Like Armaforce, Wagner Professional etc. They all seem to have olive leaf extract as an ingredient


Just get vaccinated. You are less likely to catch covid /s


My partner and I are both fully vaxxed and both of us caught it. Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you won’t get it, just reduces how long you’re sick for and how bad it is


It is true though that you are less likely to catch it. With omicron double dose still gives 30% chance of not catching it compared to a un-vaccinated person. Better than nothing I guess 🤷


That is only true if you are part of the small % of people who will get sick from covid. Unfortunately there has been an effort by governments and public health officials to present severe illness as random.


You will all get COVID...


Body bag maybe.


Have a look at this. Vit D, zinc and b12 were the actives used in this study. A bit of vit C is a good idea just in general too. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2RvD7sF60jw


Vit D vit C and zinc!


If you can’t get your hands on any ivermectin, just some bleach and a syringe will suffice.