Brisbane COVID protest Saturday 21/08/2021

Brisbane COVID protest Saturday 21/08/2021


Yayyy more lockdown


There is 20k at the Broncos as we speak lol


To be fair I’ve done so much night works at the hospital I work at to reduce the flow of people during the day and made so much money that I don’t mind the lockdowns. However, I do want my kids to have a normal life and get to school so, fuck these idiots.


Not one protest had been a transmission site


You really think that the people who went to the last Sydney protest in the middle of lockdown, went to get tested? They don’t believe Covid is anything to worry about, they don’t believe it exists or they don’t believe the government should be testing and restricting the movement of people infected with it. The 800+ people a day are probably the people who caught it from the people who went to the protest.




Odd to be downvoted. Nothing came from the last one and it’s been confirmed it’s not transmissible outdoors


Show me the data on not transmissible outside...


Go watch all msm they said it them selves


“Nature has the answers” My dude nature would have killed us in a hundred different ways without all our research and technology.


Nature has the answer, and it's "you'll make great plant food"


No shit. Measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, hepatitis,meningococcus, influenza, etc. Let's stop all the mandatory vaccines, see how many babies do not make it. Then they will remember how it was in the middle ages.


I've heard of some "influencers" carrying on about how their clean living and sunshine will guard them against bacteria and viruses. I'm sure the Incans thought they were relatively invincible before smallpox came knocking.


"We will not be part of the experiment" You already are - you're the control group.


I don't have any awards to give you but please except this emoji 🐨 for a top comment. I know, I know, Reddit + emoji = > insert sad face emoji here.


No, apparently people who use emojis will get the virginity removed before other people who don’t


Agreed! I'd personally prefer to be in the group measuring "how many fewer deaths occurred relative to the control group". But as they say "idiots gonna idiot"


These people are pretty much exactly what you'd expect for an antivaxx protest...




Sorry, I read your comment the wrong way.


I always find the use of ‘sheeple’ hilariously ironic - this group of people were corralled together in a flock, then led by some shepherds in said flock from one location to the next.


They're soooo unique and individual in their hive mind and all


...to their inevitable death.


Rofl, death is enviable, just not by covid.


Imagine actually rolling on the floor laughing while saying that 🤣. Psychotic vision.


… just go home dickheads! What “freedoms” have we lost? I don’t see QLDers at the Brisbane airport trying to escape on 747 landing gears. Many others are worse off than us.




Just because otherwise are wors off, doesn't mean we cant fight for what we have. Maybe the lockdown is good and will help us in the long run.. Or maybe this will carry on and on and on regardless of how much we obey, these people would rather risk it now. Ill be doing the same if this goes on much longer.


Who are you “fighting” exactly? The vulnerable who might be affected by this bullshit? if your in NSW, you have every right to be pissed off, however, make sure it’s at the the right people! The people who put you in this predicament by not following simple requests. If your in QLD, shut the fuck up! You do not have a reason to bitch & moan lol


Like the government? That actually let the ruby princess dock in the middle of the night full to the brim with infected let them all disembark unchecked! Government gotta be held to account!


You are, as Australians on the brink of losing the freedom to enter areas as you wish until you have multiple covid 19 vaccinations. That’s the freedoms that you are literally about to lose….


Have you booked in yet? Your “freedoms” is a great example, as to why you should get vaxxed. Myself, I got vaxxed to protect the more vulnerable in my community… given the circumstances they are both relative


The old 'wake up sheeple' sign displayed without irony.


"nature has the answers", sure does but you might not like those answers.


Yeah nature is pretty ruthless when it comes to thinning the herd…


Hah yeah people who think nature is this wonderful green pasture bathed in sunlight and happiness.. when really the default state in nature is suffering. Starvation, disease, predation.. these are all very common in nature.


Nature literally doesn’t give a shit. It’s just a force without accountability.


I love it when these idiots play the nature card without realising that humanity has literally reshaped what they think is nature to our needs. Often through artificial means.


I was talking about this with my SIL earlier. She thinks we should just open the gates and “unfortunately, let the old people die. Let nature take its course” I responded “we’ve been going against nature since time immemorial. That’s why medicine exists, hospitals, physiotherapy, paramedics, firefighters, etc. IMO the elderly have worked hard, paid taxes and are entitled to live in the society we’ve created. No one wants to work for 70 years just so some slightly agitated idiot that wants their hair done basically condemns them to death. And here’s the kicker. She doesn’t want the vaccine because she’s unsure of it yet she told me this while smoking a cigarette which we know very well can kill you. Lmao


Yep. I've had similar conversations at work around people being unsure if the long term effects of the vaccine. All the while these same people down smoke and drink to excess.


You only need to browse r/natureismetal for a few minutes to realise that.


2021 Darwin awards go to anti vaxxers


That's literally the fuckest dumbest sign. Is that person just saying fuck it and let everyone die because it's a natural wipe out of people or that eating some fucking berries is gonna fix it all? Like what the fuck


Naturally selected for removal!


Well they're actually not wrong in a cold brutal way. The weak, infirm and elderly are usually a drain on resources. Thinning them out is usually a positive for the species..


They'll be one's screaming to live and requesting aid from the people who told them to get vaccinated. The unfair part being those medical professionals have to help them. I would rather let them live (or not) with the consequences of their actions. Natural selection I say.


I think that’s what they are asking for. And I think if you tried to see it from both sides, if you can. I don’t see them saying no treatment for vax injuries.


I understand the people that are opposed to the no jab no entry but how do you then discern from those that are purely anti Vax in an area where those want to go and know they'll be safe in their environment. That protest is a mix by the looks. Can clearly see a sign someone has about 'nature has the answers'. Which would elude to them being against the vaccine and let nature take its course. So as you can see the opposition is a mix and I would not want to be somewhere with my family where I have to look and wonder if they're vaccinated or not, which could put myself and my whole family at risk. It's no different to having a passport to leave and enter a country to protect the safety of the people, except its from a different kind of warfare


A lot of white supremacists are grooming anti vaccine discussion groups, as they view them as gullible, low hanging fruit, ripe for recruitment. The Nazi accelerationists are pushing for these ‘protests’ to sow chaos. That’s why Melbourne’s ‘protest’ was mostly young men who charged at the police and became violent. These people are actively **trying** to turn these ‘protests’ into superspreading events, from the way they have been talking. There’s an overlap between white supremacists, flat earthers and anti- vaxxers at the moment.


Hopefully their unmasked faces will aide law enforcement with issuing them fines.


I really just feel sorry for the police that have to patrol the streets knowing that these people could potentially have covid because I can hundred percent guarantee none of them have been tested and likely a number of them have had flu like symptoms. I really don't understand what they are protesting about I mean nobody has a gun to their heads saying you must get vaccinated.


More saddening is it’s literally the first day of no mask requirements post lockdown which we beat the delta spread. They could’ve gone and done anything they wanted and they chose this shit.


Could be worse. In Sydney idiots are protesting the lockdown. Nothing says well stay in lockdown longer then thousands of idiots out there spreading germs


They choose freedom for them selfs


They chose poorly.


I wish they would issue this ultimatum at the large supermarket chain I work in. I’m an essential worker, and supermarkets have to be one of the highest risk environments. The most our employer has offered is to allow us to use personal leave to get vaccinated.


I think we are good. The medical team in this state are red hot. Still, that doesn’t distract from the stupidity of this. The worrying thing for me is that most of those votes will end up with the Liberals again.


Hospitals in south East Queensland are regularly at capacity even without covid. I would hate to see what happens if there was a real outbreak like Sydney.


It really doesn’t matter how red hot they are if they are sick with Covid or in quarantine after potential exposure or exhausted from filling multiple shifts for others who are. Fingers crossed though. I’m in Tassie and our hospitals barely function on a good day... Covid would make them look third world. I agree with the too many stupid people and expect that nothing will change unless we get a better Labour leader.


What has been on point here is our tracing. The medical officers ability to be able to isolate and trace has been terrific. Add to that mostly everyone just doing the right thing. Queensland really has been the dying ground for Covid. Summers around the corner too, it doesn’t like the warm weather as much and we are punching the Pfizer into the kids. Honestly, I’d back our team to turn NSW around in a matter of weeks if they had the reins there.


Most are threatened with no injection then no work. Last demonstration…zero new cases recorded!


Agreed. Living in Brisbane I feel greatly disappointed 😞


I’m greatly disappointed with those parents exploiting their children for a political message and endangering them. I can’t believe how many stupid and selfish people there are. My sincere apologies for your impending lockdown thanks to these idiots.


An old co-worker of mine posted on her Instagram this morning of her attending yesterday in masked with her young child in a stroller- it posses me off no end that people are so else’s fish and exposing their kids to who knows what !! I hope they all get identified and charged by the police !!


Duck those else’s fish withches!


How bloody embarrassing to bring your kids to that shit. Wtf


I will re write the headline for you. " bunch of absolute selfish knobshites protest about a vaccine which will save lives and end lockdowns because they are fucking idiots" there done


I see one message written over four pictures, the whole thing adds up to tell me three words. “We’re all fucked”


So there's at least one actual baby in those pictures. Terrifying that their parents care more about taking them out in a giant shouting crowd during a pandemic so they can both be there rather than keeping her safe. But par for the course I guess. Selfish is selfish.


I'm more surprised, well no I'm not actually, about the disabled people in there. Those MOST at risk and most willing to demand assistance from scientists in other ways, such as mobility aids, pain relief, other medications. It just fucking blows my mind.


Especially since many of us with disabilities were lucky enough to be given priority access to vaccination!!


Lol. I find it funny that they're protesting when a good majority of them will soon have covid. Guarantee someone there has it. Way to cause another lockdown people.


They already have the choice of whether they are vaccinated. Seems they are more about denying other people choice of who enters their shop/workplace. Sorry guys but if you choose to be disease carriers then there are consequences. Same as if you choose not to wear a mask. We have a right not to be infected by covidiots. (Yes I know vaccine and masks aren't 100% but they help)


Do they help? According to the CDC data and John Hopkins the viral load of vaccinated and unvaccinated is similar so transmission will be similar too. Masks have a lot of positive studies now, even for the cloth masks most people wear, it would be good if these protesters could be organised, maintain a social distancing and mask policy. I think protesting is risky, I am not losing a business or really feeling much pressure from the lockdowns, so it's not worth it to me to be out protesting, but I think protesting, without exception, should always be an essential right that people can choose to do. Regardless of whether it's dumb or not many people, if your purpose to be in a place is to protest you should never need permission to do so, and there should be no punishment. It's an essential right, never to be questioned due to its importance in maintaining democracy. Protesting is a fundamental part of democracy. Even if it extended lockdowns and the majority of the country hated them for doing it, it's so important to the functioning of democracy that despite the set backs and costs of people protesting, they should always be allowed. Democracy is the backbone of Western societies and everything that is great about them, nothing, not even a threat of increased deaths due to disease spreading, should undermine it. We've historically accepted mass deaths in the name of defending democracy and for good reason, it's that important.


My guy, there are plenty of updated studies that show that vaccines help aid many things towards the fight against covid such as the rate of spread, the severity of the symptoms if a person who is vaccinated gets covid etc etc. Since you like to refer to the CDC website here is an update from their website about the vaccinations. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/science/science-briefs/fully-vaccinated-people.html


Theoretically I back you 100%, but the problem is that these protests are affecting other people's freedoms, which I personally can't abide. The technical terms are negative and positive liberty - negative liberty is being free from all external constraints (drive without a license etc) whereas positive liberty is the ability to act upon ones free will. Positive liberty is a more abstract idea, but it includes the idea that our liberties should be protected in such a way that someone else doesn't infringe on them, even if doing so technically strips them of some negative liberty. Applies to rights as well. In this case, their right to protest is directly affecting the ongoing (justified, imo) limitation of everyone else's rights. It's absolutely a blurry line, but while I do believe in the right to protest, I also believe this is unjustified - though it may also be naive for me to suggest that the stupidity of these people's opinions didn't play a role in my opinion of them. In any case, take my upvote for expressing your unpopular opinion, even if I disagree.


These signs are just outright cringey


Working class victims of disinformation


I recognise a former PhD student - now doctor - I used to work with in that group. Not all working class.


What’s working class got to do with it? Keep perpetuating the “class war” stereotype moron.


I don't know if it's all disinformation. I'm not one to punch a horse or go to one of these protests. But I don't think our government should have the power to restrict people's freedoms in the way our government is. It's a scary over reach in my opinion. I think it's bad for social cohesion too. My neighbour screamed at some children for playing in the park today. It was gross to watch. Two siblings just wanted to go down a side.


I find watching loved ones and innocent people dying from easily preventable diseases because others won't isolate and wear masks a lot worst for social cohesion TBH, but that's just me. /s The government has always worked to restrict people's freedoms when they act antisocially. I'm not sure where you've been living your life but welcome to the real world.


“My neighbour screamed at some children for playing in the park today”. Soooo you’re conflating government policy with a screaming neighbour? That’s a pretty long bow to draw. “I don’t know if it’s all disinformation“ The fact you say this is evidence of your inability to critically analyse the bullshit being fed to you.


What would you do in their place?


The Australian government is there to look after societies health, the idea that doing that is scary or overreach is the disinformation. Too many people watch USA political propaganda and try to apply it here now when it's got nothing to do with us. The USA is based on personal freedom and being selfish instead of thinking about the group, the simple concept of universal healthcare is anathema to them. When contrasted with Australian egalitarianism USA freedom is shown for just what it is, ignorant selfishness. I got a shit ton of schadenfreude from the video of the cop shooting the guy in Melbourne with what sounded like a paintball gun... "What's that...?" Followed by "you cunt" as he went down... More of that please, it's very satisfying.


See this is the part I don’t get, the measles-mumps-ruebella vaccine has been a requirement in Aus for ages; as has the requirement to show proof of vaccination from yellow fever to travel to South America, and tuberculosis for India and Nepal… vaccine passports have existed for decades - this is nothing new.


Gatherings like this are virus arsonists, it's the same as lighting fires in a total fire ban.


And what’s the bet that the people protesting will be the first to cry “but my freedoms” if we have to lockdown again from cases of people marching around in close contact with no masks on…0


You're right. Unfortunately logical argument and communication aren't going to get the message across. They aren't watching the daily updates, they aren't hearing lockdown gets us open sooner. They need to hear, if you want to stop things burning, stop lighting fires.


Except there's no proof the virus has ever transmitted at a protest


Wait for it. Edit. Add - does anyone need proof lighting fires in a total fire ban is a silly idea?


I live in Brisbane, and I was actually kinda happy thinking our state was one of the state's that weren't protesting or partying during a pandemic. This just ruined my Sunday morning. But ya know you get your dickheads ruining things for everyone in every state. Never thought I'd see so much stupid in one photo. It's actually kinda sad.


I live in the CBD this is far from the first time they've stormed past my door. Unfortunately.


Is it possible next time they do you could drop a few cartons of rotten eggs on them for me?


Ground floor unfortunately.




Epitome of privilege. These morons are a disgrace, carrying on like giant toddlers having a meltdown. A bunch of lost souls without a cause.


Ain't it just. Like turn to Jesus or something instead of denying science.


These people should have their Medicare taken away from them.


This terrifies me.


what i find funny was during blm and climate change protests (which people wore masks for, and are causes many people consider actually necessary), these same people who are running around now maskless were complaining about the 'snowflake left'. considering the situation afghan people are in now, they should be wary complaining about their 'lack of freedom'. and the fact, as other people have mentioned, that they drag their children into this. considering children aren't immune to delta and currently can’t get vaccinated... makes me nauseous


Idiots like this are the reason for why we still have so many restrictions to live by. They are the reason why we still have to wear masks and have lockdowns extended. They’re all hypocrites because if they got COVID, they’d expect the same level of care as everyone else. It’s just selfish.


Super spreader ??


Fucking idiots!


You took the words right out of my mouth


Not anti-vax but... These people are disgusting, we just finished a snap lockdown and they're acting like this. Send them on a one way trip to Afghanistan and see if that changes they're mind on our government.


After careful deliberation and scrutiny I've been able to add up all the brain cells present in the people on these photographs. The total number adds up to 3.2


At least their brain cells keep the 1.5m safety distance. ;)


I think you’re being generous tbh


Our body. Our choice… And thats the choice of facial hair? Come on mate.


Unrelated to your comment, but I'm actually so furious they've stolen this phrase from women fighting for reproductive rights. What a fucken low move. Come up with your own shitty slogans, ya dickheads


FYI Some one is holding the sign in front of him mate


When they’re older and look back they’ll be embarrassed by their stupidity.


The people in Adelaide did terrible they just took a stroll the the park and didn’t disturb any one XD


Adelaide people are honestly more civilised than all of the eastern states combined. Even their fucking protests are mild and considerate


Have you fuckwits not learned from NSW?


Who knew there were so many idiots in out society. 🤦


Stay home and keep us safe you idiots


Y'all dumb kents. Not learning from Sydney we got 830 cases yesterday.. and gonna b in loxkdown till September.


Plandemic 🤦‍♂️ I wish more of the people opposing government overreach were rational individuals. There is a sensible case for being anti-lockdown, but it's not to be seen here.


Is it me or it's majority white Aussies that go to these?


White Australians are the majority demo.


Fucking window lickers like this will keep us all in lockdown for months and months


lol protesting against a virus. how dumb could they be.


Fucking idiots


Fucking bogan tossers


Fuck every single one of these selfish idiots. Facebook conspiricy theories have given "free thinkers" a bad case of Swiss cheese brain.


They probably say the exact same about us tho? We’re just behind our keyboards with our smug elite views, which might be the most dishonest


Smug elite views backed by actual science, not backed up by a video posted on social media with random WORDS highlighted in the text TO make an IMPRESSION on the clowns that WATCH those videos




If we do not take appropriate precautions there will be more people with physical and Mental health concerns. It’s a numbers game.


Sure the mental health is concerning, I feel for the people who have lost their jobs, exercise is so essential for keeping good mental health. It’s not easy, but these retards protesting are just making these issues Worse by prolonging lockdowns and forming spreading events creating more lockdowns


Shame the cops can’t shoot them


With Vax darts lol


They can, they just have to wait for them to turn.


Lockdown is bringing back many older traditions baking, cooking’s, gardening maybe it is time the police Brough back the cavalry charge.


“Find peace within” doesn’t seem to add up from the centre of a protest


That “hands off our kids” protestor thought they were at an anti-catholic protest.


Spot the serial killer…


There are many ways in which are freedoms are limited for the benefit of society - taxes, having to go to school, passports and visas. I even feel like people should be more angry at marijuana illegalization than this. I'm usually all for a protest, but this just feels pointless.




Am I happy to be a Canberran!


I have a friend who was was there, she live-streamed it on Facebook. (We were quite close about 15 years ago, drifted apart, but still friends on social media). All the comments were from people saying “you go girl!” and the like. I watched for a while but couldn’t work out what exactly they’re protesting - is it the idea of a vax passport? What’s the sign about kids mean? I asked the question in the comments but when I checked this morning all comments were deleted. I wasn’t even trying to start anything, just genuinely wanted to understand what they’re thinking.


Y'all watched too many weird YouTube docos


Brisbane is gonna get a massive spike in cases. Nature has the answer? The virus is natural, lady. Go get it!


Fucking hell this shit pisses me off “not anti vax just pro choice” like bro if you have to tell everyone you aren’t anti vax it means you are definitely anti vax.


What freedom are they after. Send these guys to Afghanistan under taliban rule for a month. Hoping then they realize what beautiful nation they are part of.


Can we please export them?


And as we see here a herd of sheep marching through brisbane ruining everyone's day and causing extended lockdowns, not for me though I live far enough out regional Qld we never get any, still sad and disappointed tho


How embarrassing


Perhaps only death is the cure for stupidity. It’s better than letting them roam free and endanger every life. It’s a sacrifice i am willing to make.


Fuck these people.


These people don’t wanna get vaccinated but will go out to night clubs and accept drugs from random strangers 🤦‍♂️


I remember last year, these "protests" would only attract a few dozen. They were hilariously outnumbered by police. Now there are THOUSANDS. The authorities are losing control of the narrative.


Wow in a state of millions the numbers have not changed the arrogance has. Then we get locked down abs they whine harder. But hey there this time Leila nigh die. Lose control of the narrative my arse


This is a great point. The government is failing to be transparent, and communicate vital information effectively. Education and ensuring the people have good reason to trust you should be a priority for any democratic government, but especially one so small like Australia. Governments weaken their power by allowing corrupt practices and politicians to go unchecked. I would love to see the government make it a priority to improve their reputation through honest practices and ensuring the people have no reason to doubt them. Were they to achieve that, then you'd see a lockdown request be respected like you see in New Zealand. Regarding covid, a good place to start would be increasing the transparency behind policy decisions and statistics. Such as being clear about case numbers, age ranges, vaccine status, and other co-morbitities. Citing data that supports the policies they choose to enforce, for example showing the studies that support curfews as an effective way to suppress covid, only enforcing policies that can be backed up in this way. All these small things would help build moral, while the Aus government has a large history of deception and corruption to recover from, there is really no better time than when people are relying on and trusting them the most to start.


I have to ask what the hang up on comorbidities is. I have asthma- no fault of my own. If I die from COVID would you shrug your shoulders and say “well they had asthma so COVIDS not that bad for heathy people”?


What do you mean? All my views are on co-morbitities is that if you have them you should be prioritised in vaccination. Regarding the statistics it's just relevant information, if you're a fit person in your 20's and the only deaths you hear of from people in your age group are from obese people with asthma, then you don't need to be as concerned as if everyone who died has no co-morbitities. It doesn't make anyone's death less tragic and I have never suggested that I feel that way so not sure what you're offended by?


Do you think that only obese people have asthma? I think it’s a very selfish view. “Oh well I’m fit and heathy so I’m not going to care about this virus or if I pass it on to someone that isn’t as perfect as me.” People seem to jump to obesity because it’s a comorbidity that people can “control”, but realistically people are dying because they have underlying conditions that are out of their control- and you want to seperate them out in statistics- I’m just not quite sure as to why? Should statistics on AIDS deaths be modified because technically people wouldn’t have died if they didn’t catch a pesky cold? I’m just curious as to the logic.


Nope why would you assume that, I was just exaggerating the point that if they had two major co-morbitities it would be relevant. You seem like you're stressed and looking for reasons to be upset.. It's just statistically relevant, I never said I'm not going to care about the virus or behave differently, you've just projected that claim onto me in your post. It would be relevant to you too by the way, if they report there is a variant and it's tearing through people with no co-morbitities then it's a much more dangerous virus for you and you should respond to that. People don't want to feel afraid so if there is no deaths in the age group and they have no co-morbities then they don't need to feel as anxious. You are projecting stuff onto to me in order to justify calling me selfish but if you would prefer the people who otherwise don't need to be anxious and stressed to feel that way due to not distinguishing statistically relevant information, isn't that kind of selfish?


If they don’t trust medical advise, then they must be banned from accessing medical service, since we want to respect their so-called “freedom”.


I agree and we should also stop wasting time and money on people who don’t eat fresh healthy food, people who smoke or smoked, anyone who drinks and anyone who worked in an industry where there was any chance of injury. Also why do we waste time helping fools who crash cars, they had the freedom not to get in the car why are we wasting our good time and money. And anyone who had a blood clot from a vaccine should also be left to die You are spot on my man. You should be running the country.


You're an idiot.


I can only upvote you once unfortunately


I'm all for protesting but common!! Where's the mask? No face no case


They're probably all anti maskers too


I love festivals. Look at all the clowns!


Morons protesting lockdowns Lockdowns extended Nice work


Have they extended lockdowns due to any of the previous protests? No. Not in Australia, not anywhere in the world, BLM, lockdowns or any other topic - these protests didn’t really have significant impacts, so spare us the drivel


All it takes is one or two idiots among the idiots with COVID. More COVID outbreaks. Extended lockdown It ain’t too hard to understand


Yeah, nah. So you just ignored all the medical advice and experience around the world - there were no major issues with any protests around the world over the past 18 months. Have you seen protests in Berlin? They were HUGE and no cases spikes despite them all being anti lockdown. Not to mention all these rallies in the US on god knows how many topics. The point is - COVID has tough time spreading outdoors. https://www.dw.com/en/fact-check-the-risk-of-catching-coronavirus-outdoors/a-56792936




It's literally just crackheads and dudes who look like they're on bail for beating their wives


Pitiful creatures with peas for brains.


There is a time and place for everything. Once vaccine is ready available and it's up to the individual then do this. But these people are just selfish. Their taking a risk without thinking of the consequences. Exactly like a drunk driver does. I don't understand how people can't just suck it up deal with it.once you can be vaccinated it is pro choice. But right now you can't be so you do what's best for the community. Not the minority...


Vax vs anti-vax. Friend against friend. Neighbour against neighbour! 🤦‍♂️ doesn’t matter what side you are on.. You ALL sound like kids with smacked asses in this comment section! How the fuck can you try tell or judge someone for living THEIR life the way they want to?? Grow the fuck up everyone and make YOUR OWN DECISIONS.. if you want the jab,go hard! If not,all good! Whatever the next person does,my life will stay the exact same.. worry about you and yours! Simple ✌️


That’s all good until someone with an autoimmune disease dies because someone they crossed paths with didn’t get vaccinated.


Because people with out the jab walking passed my people on the street gets them fucking sick and they die


> Make your own decisions For sure man, I agree in most cases, but this one isn't about the individual it's about the pack. It's dangerous for all of society if there are some people who drink drive. It's dangerous for all of society if there are some people who are unvaccinated. You're doing the right thing mate, you've had the jab. It's a shame you'll be stuck inside like the rest of us cause this mob keep the numbers growing. You don't deserve that considering you've done your part


They deserve a visit from child protection I reckon when they take their kids! They love these kids soooo much that they wilfully endangering them. Idiots.


Man I smell NA education/ignorance and potential death. This is why I wanna leave this country, we unfortunately have idiots in our community, that and Gladys is an idiot compared to how well other states can handle this and personal problems that shall go unspoken here. Do we have moderators here that are willing to ban the idiots that actually think they’re doing good or did I join the wrong sub?


Ehhh I wouldn't be so quick to praise the other premiers. Our last lockdown in Brisbane ended not long ago. Can't have been a coincidence that we had active cases popping up and our borders didn't close until those NSW football players made it through. An absolute joke. It can't be that serious if we're going to risk community health just so some Neanderthals can tackle each other on a field for a few hours. Reeks of hypocrisy. The government need to get their fucking shit together and get these vaccines out because these lockdowns are decimating the small business economy.


Leave then.


I don't agree with these protests going on , but did you guys complaining about this one also complain about the BLM protests when they happened here ? If I recall , Brisbane was in a proper lockdown during that one .


I didn’t support the timing of it. I do support the BLM cause though.


Yes, just like these protests the BLM protests were also being complained about because it was in the middle of a pandemic.


Well thats good . I've seen at lot of people with the view that one is ok while the other isn't , when in the end they're the same in the context of the virus spread.




Dumb fucks


Oh yay a bunch of idiots


Disgusting lack of care for each other. The Facebook conspiracy outrage mob is growing and I don't know what we can do to end it. They are making actual human rights protests look like a joke and making everyone sicker doing it. Ignorant assholes


and you wonder why Brisbane had Covid-19


Love the sheeple signs when travelling in a herd in the city...


If you’re not anti vax then use that right to choice and choose to go get your shot and stop looking like a fucking idiot. Ugh.


Clearly they are not thinking this one through, because by congregating in Such large groups, it creates more Covid cases, and so everyone has to go back into lockdown, or prolongs the lockdown that we are in. Clearly intelligence is lacking with this mob


“No great reset” dumbasses