Is she not interested or has a boyfriend?

This girl was at the same bar as me last week with 2 of her roommates.

I saw her standing alone at the bar at one point and went to talk to her. We hit it off and ended up talking for 30-45 minutes. She was laughing a lot and conversation was flowing good. At one point her roommates decided to head home so they came and said bye but the girl decided to stay with me. The bar was closing so I walked her home which was 5 minutes away.

When we got to her front door I tried to kiss her but she didn’t want to. I got her number and called her 4 days later but she didn’t answer. I texted her afterwards saying it was me and asking how she’s doing. I got no reply and it’s been 2 days.

Do you guys think she has a bf or is just not interested?


She’s not interested bro, move on. You tried twice and she never got back to you. Her having a boyfriend or not doesn’t change anything.


It’s weird because she looked like she was having a lot of fun during the whole conversation. And why would she stay with me when her friends left?


Maybe because she just wanted to kill time and you seemed fun, but not interested in moving it forward. Happens plenty of times, just move on, who cares what her motives are. If she ever reaches out, ask her out. But meanwhile forget about her


Who knows man. There is no use to speculate on the why’s and what ifs. Maybe she does have a boyfriend, maybe she moved halfway across the world, maybe she gave you a fake number, maybe she died (a bit extreme I know). The point is that you don’t know what you don’t know. You called and texted the number she gave you and you never got a response. Bottom line, she’s currently not down to see or speak to you. You move on.


For sure I will move on. Just trying to learn from my mistakes


The only mistake you made was not to try to fuck her that night. Don't let women fuck your time. Be super forward. Talk to her for 10 minutes then try to pull to your place. I would have even try to kiss her at the bar. She's either down to fuck or she's not.


Dude it happens, don’t sweat it. I’ve been on lots of first dates that I thought went great, lots of laughing, touching, sometimes kissing, etc, only to get the “I didn’t feel a spark” text and no second date. Just try your best not to take it personally because rejection happens to us all.


Alright man thanks. I’m new to dating after being in a long term relationship so it seemed weird to me but if you say it happens like that sometimes I can understand


Yea bro at this point it could be any of those things, not interest or has a boyfriend. She loved the attention, validation, company, good conversation, you name it. At the end of the day it's not what she says but what she does. If you hear back from her make a date. She knows you called and text. Just don't get fixated on this girl, you are starting to project your interesting her onto her. Keep meeting other girls and if you hear from her then that's a plus.


You’re right. Thanks


This sounds similar to a post from a few days ago, have you posted this story before?


The kiss would have been out of sequence if she did not give you any indicators, or if she didn’t initiate any touching at the bar. Whether you made her laugh a lot or not, if she wasn’t touching you, slapping your elbow or leg when laughing, bumping into you, etc., then she wasn’t ready for anything physical. Doesn’t matter if she has a BF or not.


Nah she just wanted to be entertained. Some girls do that Flush her number and move on. She doesn’t even respect you enough to have the courtesy to decline your invite to go on a date