sounds stupid why would anyone think he's bad? he is lovely


I don't know, but it's one of those things that is frustrating and scary about the fandom


he's just a lonely unicorn all what he need is love, and maybe a partner {or anyone who stay with him}


Absolutely truth


I think its because its a guy And guys looking more feminine that like kids are often asociated with pedos🤧 Its just how some people are


WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH UNICORN CREAM? Sure, pedo feminie Are Real but not every fiminie Man is a Pedo This also count as sexism


Okay who the FUCK is out there protraying cream unicorn as a fucking child predator of all things and WHY??


Because in the relationships chart for OB it only shows kids. And people thought that since he liked kids. He is a pedo. But I bet 50$ that if Cream Unicorn was female, this wouldn’t have happened. It’s just a good representation on how shit society and the fandom is.


Oh god. what?? Aren’t all of his relationships marked as friendly anyway? From what I’m hearing it just seems like this dude is trying to be a father figure or something.


Yep, this man is being called a pedo because he wants kids to have a good life. This world in a nutshell. I remember that I was babysitting my niece and nephew and I took them to the park. She wanted help with doing something on the playground and as I was helping her, I was stared at by a lot of people. Literally only 17 and was looked at like a pedo. This world sucks man.


I thought the theories were stupid and ridiculous. Maybe that's why I'm so attached to him. He didn't deserve it


cookie run fandom is so crazy sometimes


The fanon is so funny like, he looks so nice and then they make him such a horrid villain


How tf do people think they’re a p*do. They legit did nothing wrong :(


They didn’t know that keeping the kids there was wrong, I hate the way this fandoms treats them


If you input 'cream unicorn cookie' on the Google search bar, the first suggested result is literally 'cream unicorn cookie is a predator'. Fucking disgusting honestly. People need to realize that an adult can like kids in a non creepy way. Not every single display of affection has to be related to romantic or sexual attraction at all.


The whole child kidnapper thing is vile and disgusting He doesn't deserve it


why the fandom be like this


man I started ovenbreak a while ago and his design and trial music absolutely slaps I didn't know the fandom saw him that way


Fanon can be a scary thing sometimes lol.


What the fuck is wrong with this fandom seriously


its kinda sad how fans randomly started calling cookie a pedophile because "well they wanted kids to be happy so they off course are sexually attracted to them"


By they're logic daycare attendants and babysitters are "pedos"


Aaaaand now I feel like a dick…/j (Let’s hope people don’t take this joke I make to seriously)


I can understand the feeling of not wanting to stop hanging out around people, i can understand how lonely for him it mustve been in that amusement park. I am severely touch starved, and ive tried to keep my friends hanging out with me several times in the past (mostly them trying to go to sleep and me being like "<:[") So the fact that people treat them any differently, despite cream unicorn simply going through something a lot of people experience, all because he just wants to have fun making kids happy? Is honestly really cruel. Just let them enjoy himself.


I/we will not tolerate this Cream Unicorn slander


this fandom sucks ass.


I never portrayed him as a bad guy, in a long run he didn't had anyone to spend time with him and once it happened, he didn't want it to end. He just wanted to be happy, to have someone to keep himself with, not to do these vile things. In the end of the event cookies promised they will see him from time to time to keep him company, as well as bring other cookies.


I feel like the cookie run fandom is worse then I thought now that I saw this post..I tought everything was "omg (cookie) is so cute I love them sm" and "haha shark cookie go oOOOOOo0oO" and simps not people accusing this cute pastel unicorn boy of doing that stuff..I wish timekeeper could make it the time it wasn't like that😭


Cmon yall think this nice soft unicorn dude can do something sexual??- T O C H I L D R E N ? ?


Devsis would not have the audacity to portray Cream Unicorn like how certain fans stereotype him as.


fandoms are always crazy these days…


And the most sad thing in my situation is that he came to the game (playable, CROB) on my bday


The fandom get really toxic bc of him and dough color and this is sad and disgusting also how do people see chess choco


I swear to god the players(not all) are gonna spend money for the healing cookie when its realised now..


Ngl I love him


Bro he didn’t even do anything gross


The first one is how proshippers see cream unicorn, not normal fans.


No,,, ive seen normal fans call him that kind of stuff too. Its always ruined my mood whenever i interact with someone that talks about him like that.


i don't know, i've seen antis continuously call him that too


I daresay antis do it more.


The portray him like a FNAF character.


Wait wait wait, the fandom really views this dude as that?


bruh how do people take the worst interpretation of a character in a game that is kid friendly???? like deadass is this a part of that bs phenomenon where everyone wants to ”ruin childhood” by telling the dark things behind a show a writer or something???


I really wonder why so many headcanon him as a rapist. It feels so out of the blue


Is there anyone actually portraying them like that? Like i have been playing OB for years and never came across anything like that.


Ok for everyone wondering why is a crk herbert it is becuase his relationship chart is mostly kids


Wait. That is a he? I didn't know that? But I admit he gave me Magical MLP vibes with. But live the design either way


Wait, what. WAT?!? I don’t know much about this character but did they have some kind of side story related to them that I never saw? I think I get the general gist from the comic, but uh, now I’m curious


I'm looking at the comments but the only thing that I'm thinking about is the fact that CREAM UNICORN WAS MALE?!?!?! IVE BEEN PLAYING OB FOR 2 FRICKING YEARS BY THE WAY.


Cream unicorn goes by they/them in english versions of the game, but goes by he/him in the japanese version, most likely due to a lack of a nonbinary pronoun in japanese iirc. So, a lot of people hc that he goes by he/they


Ok but fr he’s kinda like eclair and affogato, A femboy.


Wait cream unicorn is a he?


Only God knows.




This happened with the touhou fandom with meiling only no pedo stuff


Occam's razor would more suggest that he simply loves to entertain children but also suffers from crippling loneliness.


Wait he existed?


Hes a character in ovenbreak since 2020


That’s a dude?