Natalie after every video: "This is it, I'm burned out, I'm going to start making shorter content so that I can get videos out faster." Natalie 6 months later: "So yeah, about that..."


I feel like Natalie (and all good Youtube creators tbh) needs an obnoxiously peppy life coach to hold her to her healthy instincts. "Natalie, I hear that you want to make a 3 hour semi-operatic tone poem exploring how misunderstanding of Nietzsche led to the embedding of far right views within the sexuality of the modern tech capitalist, but I also remember you saying you wanted to get a drink with a cute girl this month, so what's more important?" "...\*sigh\* cute girls" "Way to go! Now just bang out 20 minutes about JK Rowling not understanding ontology and let's go get Negroni Sbagliatos!"


"B-but, the production quality!" "Eh just put on some cat ears and pour milk on yourself"


Honestly now I just want Natalie to have a nice time getting drinks with Emma D'Arcy and Olivia Cooke. Phone it in girl! Phone! It! In!


Do a No-Effort-November crossover where Natalie does lightswitch flipping ASMR and Technology Connections pours milk on old TVs


It’s possibly the sense of perfectionism. Like, after you’ve reached the bar that she’s reached, anything that feels even slightly less-than feels like a massive disappointment, and you can’t just live with yourself if you dare to put out something that isn’t a new 3-hour artistic magnum opus. Which sucks, cause she’s done a shorter “””lower-effort””” video relatively recently (the one on Voting) and it was perfectly fine and very insightful / substantive as usual.


Does she still even say this? It's so clear that she can't go back to making shorter videos at this point, lol.


For anyone who missed it, this is referring to the latest hbomberguy video


Which is inexplicably awesome. Or he's hypnotised me and I'm not in a cult. Both are possible.


Have you met our lord and savior hbomberguy?


Well we've seen his mum but never his dad...


It's almost weird how good it is.


That video is really good but I can't deny that it was really hard to listen to so many clips of that guy bullshitting.


That's the problem with really thorough takedowns of assholes: the best way to make fun of them is to just show clips of them making asses of themselves, which unfortunately means subjecting your audience to them for uncomfortable amounts of time. One of the best examples of this was when Internet Comment Etiquette had beef with Sargon of Akkad. Erik's response was just showing uncut footage of Sargon talking himself in circles for minutes and it was absolutely devastating. it showed just how much that man talks without ever making a point, but I don't think I could ever stomach watching that again.


And also to the latest defunctland video about the origin of the disney channel theme


Wild that they came out so close together, and were so similar in theme, yet ended up being about about nearly opposite people. I love the internet.


It was absolutely fascinating


Yes, the best 30 minute video I've seen lately. Nice and concise.


That video is nuts and the the sound designer is a loon. Loved every minute.


I thought she was referring to the new defuntland video.


I was not aware of defuntland, been binging them(couldn't find pronouns) since!


Well that was a wild ride


If I had a nickel for every long video essay about a short sound effect, I would have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice


What's the other one??


Defunctland video on the Disney Channel's theme. It's amazing


Defunctland about the Disney Channel jingle


Honestly, I just wish more youtubers would go the Big Joel path, with his Little Joel channel. I mean, I love 2 hour long videos, but those little snippets of Joel just bring so much unexpected joy to my life. I would die out of happiness if Natalie did something similar, but I guess that's just a hopeless dream...


I can’t believe I’ve been watching Big Joel for years and this is the first I’ve heard about a second channel


Tbf he just started it like two weeks ago


You and me both


Even as a fan, I've been consistently surprised how much the Little Joel videos delight me every time.


Breadtube in 2 years will be creating videos that are longer on average than all of the “Relaxing Low-Fi Mix 10hours Slow + Reverb” videos.


Can't wait for all of Breadtube to collectively enter their Tim Rogers era.


I just wanna know what happens to Justine


FOR REAL. I'm sober, so The Hunger was a truly cathartic experience, and I audibly gagged at the "to be continued." I've noticed glimpses of Natalie considering her own substance intake. I wonder if she'll wait for her own narrative to play out, so she's better informed to craft the rest of Justine's? I'll be waiting with baited breath.


I vaguely remember Natalie commenting that the topic of that video was heavy enough that it might be a little while before she revisits it, for her own sanity’s sake.


I believed she said she makes videos that are either manic or depressing and the next video is gonna be manic.


What are the chances she finishes it and releases it before the end of the year?




I'm giving that a 0%


That's pretty great


Seems more like a mission for Hbomberguy


It's going to be 2 hours about skull shapes


The date I guess will be July 2023


Read this as 'in 2 hours'. Thoroughly disappointed.


>Specific sound effect 2 hour vine boom origin story


I read this as “upcoming video in at least two hours!” And now I’m heartbroken


The year is 2025. Millions are taking a day off today to join the YouTube premier for Natalie Wynn's latest 15-hour long video essay, "Wait: The Ultimate Liminal Space", teased since November 2022...


What is it with video essayists and going longer and longer and longer...just write a book.


I can’t watch a book. Well I guess I could but that doesn’t sound as fun as a video essay.


I can't read a book while cooking, playing video games, drawing, cleaning, getting fisted, or doing drugs nerd


But you can listen to a podcast or audiobook, which is the medium these lengths are best in anyways


Not the case with Natalie. her presentation and costuming and aesthetic bring so much to her videos. Without the visual element, her work would still be great, but it wouldn't be *as* great


but I'm not listening, I'm watching. like I would with a TV show or movie. there's a visual component as well. stop dictating what mediums are best for what you art-fascist


Dictating…would you believe I have zero power to enforce my opinions, this is exactly like the “I can insult people because free speech” bullcrap


oh yea, prove you don't have art goons and secret art dictation meetings. exactly, you can't


But where would the bisexual lighting come from?


Some of us like it long ... Giggedy


The only people who write books nowadays are former child stars trying to process their trauma.


Ngl I saw that new Jenny Nicholson video in my subscription box, saw the length and was like "yeah nope not watching it". That shit is longer than watching LOTR the two towers. Too damn busy for that shit nowadays.


I watched it over multiple sittings and it's pretty amazing honestly, Jenny is a master in crafting a good narrative that holds your attention and keep you entertained


She's also a master at making me get lost in her big doughy eyes


So I really hope you mean doe eyes. Because doughy eyes sounds terrifying.


She had eyes like stromboli


Yup, I just watched it like multiple installments of TV.


It's one of her very best and, as always, is organized into segments, so watching over multiple sittings is really easy. You should definitely give it a go.


One of the benefits of diving everything into, well, some sort of *numbered list*


Fair enough. I'll try to do that.


I misread this notification as “upcoming video IN 2 hours” I got excited for nothing smh


Same, especially since we're about due for the next video assuming six months each.


do it. can we get a two hour exploration of musical effects in commercials and movies?