What is this guy’s obsession with taking kids to Hooters, of all places?!


He didn’t have it until this “controversy” first started and he got some vaguely mainstream attention from it and now he keeps bringing up Hooters to try and get attention for it TBH as much as I do enjoy making fun of him I’d rather just not give him any press for stuff like this


Because he's doing the good and righteous kind of grooming by raising good, God fearing heterosexuals. He will learn that not only are women sexually attractive, but their whole purpose is to submit to men. That's why. He won't say it out loud, but that's why.


I went to Hooters and Drag Queen Story Hour and it turned me bisexual


I went to Hooters and I liked the women so much I tried being one for a bit


Did you continue or?


Become nonbinary? Yes


Oh valid


You know what they say; if conservatives didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all


Surely this guy is a parody account.


No he’s depressingly real


A hilarious parody but a depressing reality


Nick Adams (Depressingly Real)


I've asked the same question many times. My current take is he is genuinely a right wing figure, but his Twitter is shitposting so he can go viral and get clout.


No, he's a real dude. He was even a member for parliament here in Australia for the Liberal party (Liberals are conservatives/republicans for Americans). But now he lives in America and Trump loves him.


He's just Australian, we are unfortunately cheesy as hell


This guy is dangerously obsessed with Hooters. Like what the fuck man just go to a strip club who makes this their personality?


I think his kink is taking kids to Hooters. Legally can't take them to a strip club.


Celebrating with your nine-year old by objectifying women is actually pretty creepy. Listening to some people in zany outfits read children's stories has no such issue. My dad used to give me porn for good grades--if I could have been exposed to queer spaces and queer people instead, I might've realized I was a trans woman sooner.


>if I could have been exposed to queer spaces and queer people instead, I might've realized I was a trans woman sooner. I know this is meant well, but at the same time it's also kind of validating their point.


Bigotry has no points, just hate and violence and the thinnest veneer of justification painted over it. You win by fighting it, not appealing to its logic. And meant well? Seriously? Why is it that every time a trans person brings up their actual lived experience, someone hearing it seems to think that it's just a political statement that could use rephrasing and *definitely* needs their input? It's one of my regrets and a part of my life story, not a clever fucking argument.


Is that dude definitely not a parody?


Everything he posts screams parody, but it sadly seems like he’s for real.


Aren't all his tweets about going to Hooters?


No, before this he was trolling people by claiming Kid Rock was the best musician ever. And I do think he's a troll rather than a parodist, & there is a difference.


If you have to refer yourself as an "Alpha Male" chances you aren't one.


I'm surprised that Hooters is still in business




They've got to be getting tired at Hooters of this guy acting like he's the edgemeister for going there


They should've censor the kid face


What if there was a drag queen story hour at Hooters?


I coulda sworn they used to wear orange shorts over their fake tan skin sweatpants rather than orange panties…? Aw hell what do I know 🤷🏻‍♀️


Grown ass men who unironically use the term “alpha” are just sad.


Hooters should host a Hooter Girl Storytime Hour so they can read “woke” kids books to these doofuses and maybe get some sense into them.


My uncle dragged my gay 8 year old ass to a Hooters and I was unimaginably disappointed it had NOTHING to do with Owls, and no one would tell me Hooters was a play on tits. Edit: autocorrect


All you had to do was take a menu, cut it into strips and play it backwards through a tape recorder (Do Hooters menus even say that anymore?).


I am all but convinced this guy is just a confederate in some socio-political experiment. He is not real and not valid.


Either that or he's proof the simulation is malfuctioning.


Too bad it’s not femboy hooters!


I'm holding out for Femboy hooters so I can get sassed by pros with my order....but that food looks pretty good. I'd be tempted to go if I was in USA.


The fastest way to solve this problem is to let parents, teachers, and librarians assume all the reading duties like it's always been done in the past.


People gotta stop engaging with this guy in any form.


I had to check to make sure this guy wasn’t just a satire of (insert professional white male right-wing opinion sayer here) and it seems he’s for real… truth truly is stranger than fiction


That guy is a troll.


This is 'celebration' seems to be for the father, not the son. It would be like if they popped open a bottle of champagne, but only the father drank.


Does this kid not know how to use a napkin or is that from kissing his dad on the mouth?


I swear these people are living in another dimension a la “They Live” style. How can you not see what you’re saying is utterly insane? Take the glasses off!


Well, maybe if the LIBERALS stopped dressing jr high school girls in skimpy skirts and making them dance around at football games then maybe we would'n- Oof ahh wait my alpha brain got confused.


You say that, but fun fact, the guy's Australian and he was a member for the Liberal government here (the liberals are republicans/conservatives) so...


I’m still shook this place is real and kids are allowed in there lmao


Hooters displays more overt sexuality than even some regular drag events, and *substantially* more than any kid-friendly drag event. The fact is what these people are fighting against isn't their children being assaulted or abused; it's their children being gay or trans. Why is this guy fine with a child being exposed to actual sexuality at a Hooters but opposed to them being exposed to a non-sexual drag performance? Because they're terrified the latter will turn their kid gay, and believe that taking him to Hooters will be what makes him straight. You have to remember these people genuinely think that all forms of queerness are a mental contagion, a disease you catch from other queer people, and that they have to shield their children to prevent them from catching this disease.


Lmao Natalie roast is just so pleasing to read


I thought hooters was a store that they sell pet owls in :(


What, didn't she quit twitter


I understand what she's going for here but this is so nonequivalent


I went to Hooters and the food sucked and the women's stockings were hideous and weird. I went to a drag queen show, the drinks were overpriced shit and the men in makeup and stockings were fabulously hideous and bizarre.


Where is the lie?