UFOs footage by the VIPER team of the USS Omaha

UFOs footage by the VIPER team of the USS Omaha


[https://nypost.com/2021/06/29/new-ufo-footage-released-by-filmmaker-panned-as-underwhelming/](https://nypost.com/2021/06/29/new-ufo-footage-released-by-filmmaker-panned-as-underwhelming/) > “I’m a true UFO enthusiast and believer and I gotta say, this video is not very compelling…..these look like they could be man made technology, there was no hypersonic speed or erratic movements,” one observer noted. > Other Twitter users offered sarcastic quips like “I am pleased the aliens are using FAA regulation running lights,” > In April, conspiracy theorist debunker Mick West told The Post there were plausible explanations for the mysterious pyramid-shaped objects seen in leaked 2019 Navy footage released by Corbell... “What we’ve got to go with here is the simplest explanation and really the simplest explanation is that it’s just a plane. It moves like a plane, it acts like a plane,” West said.


This is a guy talking over video of a dot. How many times you gonna repost this? Why do you think you deserve viewers to your youtube channel when all you do is rehash the same talking points that have been in the community for decades?