Well duh, I could have told you that since California can't even support everyone's A/C ( but they want to ban generators) that state is peak clown world 🤡


Human sized hamster wheel legislation incoming.


That's okay. They don't want you to own a vehicle anyway. The goal is to do away with personal transportation and make everyone ride public transportation.


It’s about making you reliant of the government in every conceivable way.


"I'm sorry, but your social credit score is too low to board this bus"


“All you Mexicans that didn’t vote for Biden, get in the back, that’s not why we let you in.”


"I'm sorry but only bus lane in this part of the city has been deemed unprofitable."


> They don't want you to own a vehicle anyway. [We know that already](https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/world-economic-forum-calls-reduce-private-vehicles-by-eliminating-ownership)


Reduce private vehicles while they fly their private jets.


So they can get to their electric yachts... docked next to their beachfront property that was supposed to be underwater by now.


And have all those beaches and beautiful natural wonders all to themselves - busses won't go to the mountains, or beaches or national parks...Only the elite can go to those places. The rest of us will be forced into concrete jungles trying to survive


And then when your social score gets low, your bus tokens are revoked.


Will I be happy?


There aren't enough resources to make enough electric cars to replace all current non-electric vehicles.


Landfills will start filling up with used up batteries. So called "recycling" ends up in some foreign countries backyard turning them into landfills just like with old tech that's "recycled"


Pretty sure the suede denim secret police show up at your door if you try to throw batteries in the trash in commiefornia


No doubt, while robbers and such are released soon after arrest


They know this.


They can’t keep up with the current demand, no surprise that they won’t be able to keep up with the demand to charge cars.


California electric utilities shut down their power grids when the wind blows to reduce the threat of sparks and wildefire.


That’s in very specific areas and they’re already starting to put those lines underground. I live in NorCal and I’ve not had my power shut off. Newer areas being developed will already have their power lines buried.




Green energy is essentially a political control lever. Its a fiction. If humanity leaned-in hard to fossil fuels, we could hit new high marks of advancement and prosperity. For some reason, they aren't interested in that.


I mean, I don't disagree that we need to get off fossil fuels, but there needs to be a replacement before just declaring it. Nuclear is a good option but that doesn't help any of the "green energy" lobbyists so it'll never happen.


They're interested in that but only for themselves. The rest of us get to be serfs.


Because at some point we might reach a point where the individual is truly empowered and the elites become irrelevant, and we just can't have that now can we.


California asking the rest of us to give them billions to fund their electric power grid rebuild in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...


They also have to build a sub-grid in order to connect solar and wind farm systems into the grid. At this time the power company says it can't connect them. The main grid electricity is a stable 60hz. Solar and wind power fluctuates because it can't produce a stable 60hz power flow when there's no wind and/or no sunlight.


I just hate the word admits. They made a statement about the current understanding of the market and capacity to provide the demand.


And thats why CA is part of the power grid along with 46 other states, unlike Texas…


They are just trying to get us transitioned to EVs. Laughable. The actual shadow government for global reset must eliminate the independence of “mobility”. It’s the foundation of authoritarian rule. others are, food, healthcare and energy. Eliminate mobility and you eliminate concentrations of political power and ability to protect each other as a collective. Climate change or other “constructs” are created for the peasant intellectuals ( high education, extremely emotional/ low critical thinkers/judgement) to help enforce a violent reset without knowing it. EV’s have limited range which the elites know eliminates mobility. Even if a Tesla created expanded range, they simply cut the power so to speak. All the while Republicans sit on their butts.


Republicans are just as culpable as the Democrats in this. It's called the Uniparty for a good reason.


Shh, let them do it. They can marinate in the shit they created




If everyone charges under this assumption you have just created a new peak period: overnight




Upgrades like nuclear power?


Power availability is less at night due to lack of solar power.


Solar is about 3% of power generated. Yes, it will increase, but that also means that there will be more peak power available.


>Solar is about 3% of power generated. Not sure where you get that number from. It's possibly a nationwide number. In California (a sunny state), solar has a much larger percentage. [This site](https://www.energy.ca.gov/data-reports/energy-almanac/california-electricity-data/california-electrical-energy-generation) says that Solar produces 16.33% of the power in the state.


Seemed obvious.


If everyone wants whatever is limited at the same time it won't be available for long at all. Good luck with that


Yes. It’s much cheaper to charge at night. Also all new builds in Ca now have to have solar panels. It was a law enacted a few years ago that went into play this year. People can choose to up their panel count but there’s no option for no panels. **This is new builds only**. The elementary school down the street has solar & all that excess it generates during the summer is going back to the grid. Multiply that by every school in my town. In my working class neighborhood there’s at least 4 houses on my side of the street with solar. We’ve got old used Toyota’s & Chevys in our driveways. This is not a high class area. But we’ve got solar.


>It’s much cheaper to charge at **night**. Also all new builds in Ca now have to have **solar panels**. Do you see a contradiction in those two sentences?


Their gonna charge em at night and when the wind doesn't blow😆


The DemonRats are known for not thinking their crooked narratives all the way through. It's apparent that the sheeple are not smart enough to figure this out.




EV's will never become popular. One can't find a working charging station now.


Its too early for EV. The proper EV wont even run on batteries they will be powered by miniaturized fusion reactors if they ever perfect the technology that is.


I don't see that happening. After all of the hand wringing about nuclear power, I can't imagine ever getting to a point where people are comfortable with millions of fusion reactors driving around town.


Fusion reactors wont go critical like a fission reactor. If they lost sustainability they would just blink out. It would just need to be surrounded by a pretty thick casing. To run something like a car the reactor wouldnt need to be very large either. Maybe smaller than cubic foot.


My point really is independent of the reality, but more about public perception.


EV's will never become popular. One can't find a working charging station now.


SoCal Edison for anyone who doesn't want to click. I'm surprised it wasn't PE&G. Those mothereffers are too busy burning down the state or blowing up San Bruneo with their neglect, and jacking up their prices every six months to actually provide any power.


Imagine That‼️


Probably means they'll have to open up a few more coal plants for this.


Just wait till everyone with an EV sees how much their electric bill will be when there is wide adoption and no other options.


Well, duh. They already have occasional rolling blackouts.


Well yeah they can't meet current demand


What if we had solar panel the size of a piece of plywood that surely provides enough power to charge the equivalent of a dozen air conditioners on at the same time


Blackouts will be an easy way to demobilize the whole state


Fuel cell technology! Is nineteen years mature enough? GM built this amazing car nearly twenty years ago. https://youtu.be/0fBqkWkEeqU






Square peg meet round hole. What do you mean it won't fit? We are the intelligencia, we know it will fit, now where's that hammer? What do you mean we will damage it? We know what we are doing, we are the intelligencia, now shut up and go sit in the corner while we hammer the square peg into the round hole. Clearly you are not equipped with the intelligence for such a delicate operation. Got a bigger hammer?


I am all for more "Green" tech as long as it works and isn't a giant sink hole of money. Those large windmills are negative in energy to cost, solar is decent but the resources needed to make them are not exactly easy to get or don't encourage child labor countries to keep on doing the dirty. Electric cars are find, but not for long road trips or even in energy strapped states like Cali. Someone has to come back to reason at some point. Want more renewables, cool, but lets not throw tons of cash and put hard limits on when something can and cannot be used. Besides if this actually comes to pass, Cali residents will just order their car from out of state and have it delivered. Boom problem solved and your virtue signal costs Cali even more.


Cali is doing a shity version of “field of dreams” Instead of building a baseball fields they are just selling ticket expecting someone else to build the field.