DC Jury be like: "We don't care, we find ourselves not guilty. I mean you… we find you not guilty on account of how it would reflect on us." Jury nullification bay-bee!


Nothing will happen to him.


I'm surprised he pleaded guilty. Apparently the juries in DC are just letting all Democrat criminals walk free.


Just more examples of the 2 tiered system If you are on team Obama and you break the law, nothing happens. If you are on team Trump and exercise your constitutional rights, you are arrested in shackles and threatened with years in prison (ask Peter Navarro)


I kinda don’t get this comment. He lobbied on behalf of Qatar to the Trump Whitehouse. He was trying to get in good with Trump and influence their administration. And unlike Peter Navarro who’s only been indicted, he’s already been indicted *and* plead guilty. That doesn’t absolve the Obama administration appointing this scumbag, it just doesn’t reinforce your claims.


Why was Peter Navarro put in shackles?


People assciated with Obama get off scott free every time... Look at Holder..... refused to testify before Congress, never was indicted. If you are on team Obama you get a free pass.


Trump had opportunity to indict and chose not to. Just like he chose not to indict Clinton.


>Trump had opportunity to indict and chose not to. The president doesnt indict, the DOJ does. The one where Sessions recused himself and the new guy was a traitor working against the will of the people. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/mar/02/jeff-sessions-calls-for-resignation-claims-lies-russia All a lie. Keep your gas lighting out of here.


Stfu with “gaslighting” if you’re not going to use the word right. Trump can direct the doj to investigate and issue indictments, he could have fired sessions and rosenstein, he could have started a special counsel to investigate Clinton and chose not to. All the talk of “lock her up” was just talk, he didn’t do jack.


You act like we did not all live through the last 4 years. Yes you are gaslighting. Yes you are lying.


Good point. If you are on team Biden and break the law, then nothing happens. Especially if you are family (Hunter) and break federal firearms laws. 10 years and $250k for anyone else.


Ok ,wake me when someone that's not a republican is held responsible.


In case anyone wants a well written article, instead of this crap. https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2022/06/03/richard-olson-qatar-lobbying-allen/ He was an Obama official for two years. Both democrat and republican have bad members. Doesn't mean either side is completely shit, just that there's a lot of shit on both sides.


I still want to know about that phony Birth Certificate, "Barry" ....


Is this real?