Next will be someone claiming allegations from 30 years ago, and then a general call for any woman who wants to make a claim to come forward, no proof required.


Someone pisses off the leftist establishment and suddenly a scandal breaks out. How many times does this need to happen before people figure out these conveniently timed scandals are rigged? I used to think the "Epstein Pedophile Island black-mail the rich and famous" idea was a conspiracy theory. Now i think it is exactly as described.


We all knew this was coming.


100% - can’t win on ideas so attack the individual personally. I mean obviously, I hold out the possibility that this is true - as we all should. But this is a pretty standard move out of the playbook. Once he decided to speak out we knew this would come and likely attacks on his company will come (despite it being a super progressive company/industry) - but if you don’t accept the precepts of the ideology then they will come for you.


> I hold out the possibility that this is true But you know it isn't.


You can’t really know that. Gotta wait for everyone to speak and tell their stories


I Agree, but we’re no better than the ones we criticize if we make definitive declarations without due process.




Another article said she took lessons to become a masseuse so she could give Musk massages. You could expect that if you're giving a naked man a massage, you might see things you're not accustomed to seeing.




So why do you think he gave her 250k? For fun?


Because if you're a rich person and someone accuses you of something that will destroy you in the court of public opinion its better to just pay them off than to fight it because when it comes to this stuff he would lose in the court of public opinion without a chance.


Johnny Depp doing just fine in the court of public opinion


Only took him 5 years.


Was gonna say. And how many millions in lost opportunities.


Is there a source for the 250k ?


Yeh said this would happen before he even mentioned switching over. This is a standard leftist tactic. Some radical makes some BS claimed up, and the accusation itself is treated as guilty by the media and spread far and wide.


6 years later, and at the peak of his fame. Yeah this is a political hit job.


It couldn't be any more obvious...


And to think, they had no problem with him until he admitted the left was loony


And they still have ZERO interest in the Tara Reade story accusing Bidrn of Rape. What happened to believe all women?


Funny how that works. Lib logic.


This is what leftists trying so hard to believe this story aren’t getting. Their logic is “well herp derp he switched to Republican yesterday! Shortly AFTER they reached out to him about this story so he can attempt to control the narrative!” (There’s a dumb brigader comment in the main thread with five awards claiming this. The awards are a dead giveaway lol) Except guess what? He’s been calling out the left for several weeks now. Not just yesterday. [This famous tweet is from last month.](https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1519735033950470144?s=21&t=PAq5DkTmKMXopa6bjXtwwA) Last year, he started questioning going 100% passionately in lock-step with all possible COVID mandates, and suddenly the MSM started smearing him for “spending too much of his own money on space projects” and “tweeting about selling stock”? That’s a strange, strange coincidence.


I love how democrats cant see why thats worse optics for them. "He knew he was gonna get accused so he came out as Republican to head those off" Now children, what does their own reasoning imply about Republican sexual accusations?


No, it was definitely pre-Covid, when all his [anti-worker rhetoric](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-03-13/when-elon-musk-tried-to-destroy-tesla-whistleblower-martin-tripp) came to the forefront.


Yeah, that’s just not true. There was plenty ‘the left’ disliked about Musk before he disparaged them. Let’s not be dishonest here.


They started disliking him about a year ago for stupid (and honestly, pretty irrelevant) reasons (“He puts too much of his own money into space projects! He asked this question on Twitter about selling his stocks!” etc.) simply because the MSM told them to start hating him. And the MSM told them to start hating him because he wasn’t going fully and passionately along with 100% of COVID mandates. That’s even dumber, honestly.


Their dislike started when he bucked COVID lock downs and hysteria. Before that they were worshipping him.


They also disliked it when he called out the "6 billion could end world hunger forever" nonsense.




That article was pretty trash. But yes there seemed to be a falling out earlier with the media and Elon.


lots of people have had issues with him for a long time, actually, plenty of articles about it, DYOR.


Well that just ridiculous. People always had Huge problems with him. From the Pedo thing to SEC feuds to taxes, people are constantly complaining about Mr. Musk.


why did this get downvoted


True, but let's not pretend it wasn't ramped up to 11 when he proposed buying Twitter and not targeting the right for censorship.


Call out the democrats in charge and you’ll get rewarded with a sexual allegation. It was almost like clockwork.


It's funny when people say what's going to happen and it still does. I got into it one time in a thread and I straight-up said, "now this is the part where you have nothing else to say and you're going to call me a racist" in a thread that had nothing to do with race. The person did it anyway. Why would you want to be so damn predictable?


nothing but facts. he literally said this would happen 😂 people need to wake up


He probably got asked to comment on the article before they went to print as major publications do. So he knew it would happen because they told him it was going to happen.


Seems entirely logical to me, was the first thing I thought of when the news broke.


Nah, [he knew this was coming for awhile.](https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1375033483148451842?s=21&t=PAq5DkTmKMXopa6bjXtwwA)


That strikes me more as him making a joke based on the 'gate' naming because elongate is funny as hell.


Especially so in the context of this "scandal."


Right? Not a fan of the man but that's a damn good joke.


Yep, from the article: “After Insider contacted Musk for comment, he emailed to ask for more time to respond and said there is "a lot more to this story." "If I were inclined to engage in sexual harassment, this is unlikely to be the first time in my entire 30-year career that it comes to light," he wrote, calling the story a "politically motivated hit piece." Insider extended the deadline and reiterated the offer to Musk to comment on the claims. He did not respond.” I don’t think Elon actually gives a shit about politics (besides tax related stuff), IMO he’s using political division as a shield/deflection. Who knows if the allegations are true, but he 100% knew it was coming, which makes the timing of his “coming out as a republican” tweets seem too convenient.


Yeah, I'd say the same for his whole 'free speech' campaign when he's actually just wanting to be able to manipulate stock markets without repercussions.


100%, I’m willing to bet the richest man alive is more concerned with keeping or increasing his unfathomable wealth than anything else. When he hits ~60 he’ll probably move into the philanthropist phase billionaires go through, see Bill Gates, Rockefeller, etc.


He did get asked. He said he ignored them as he knew they were written before they even talked to him : https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1527519328245059592?s=20&t=qE2gTlZNeRZcUy2Y2vPm-g


But you can't say 'oh he saw this coming' like he somehow foresaw they would come for him. He was told they were gonna do it then made the post saying they will come for me. He's banking on the assumption people won't realize how good journalism works.


Business Insider is not good journalism, let’s make that clear. Their founder and current CEO, Henry Blodget, was banned by the SEC from the Securities Industry for securities fraud in 2003. Source : [https://www.sec.gov/news/press/2003-56.htm](https://www.sec.gov/news/press/2003-56.htm) >In particular, the SEC alleges, and the NASD and NYSE found that, during 1999-2001, Blodget: > >1. aided and abetted violations of antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws and violated SRO rules by issuing research reports on one internet company (GoTo,com) that were materially misleading because they were contrary to privately expressed negative views; and > >2. issued research reports on six other Internet companies (InfoSpace, Inc., 24/7 Media, Inc., Lifeminders, Inc., Homestore.com, Inc., [email protected], and Internet Capital Group, Inc.) that were not based on principles of fair dealing and good faith and did not provide a sound basis for evaluating facts regarding those companies, contained exaggerated or unwarranted claims about those companies, and/or contained opinions for which there was no reasonable basis. He literally got banned for creating fake reports on internet companies between 1999 and 2001.


SEC is also investigating Musk so based on that approach they're both sketchy characters. Also, they asked him for this comment before the story ran (which he has admitted) which is good journalism. You might have views on other reports but this one seems to be proper.


>Musk, who is CEO of Tesla, did not elaborate on why he considered the article to be politically motivated. Literally the next fucking sentence: >But the article comes a day after he tweeted that he would now vote Republican after previously voting mostly Democrat while alluding to future "dirty tricks". The author of this article acts so clueless yet proves Musk's point in the very next sentence.


A reporter asked him the question about the alleged sexual assault a few hours before he tweeted the "now vote Republican" line. Politics 101. Get ahead of whatever story is coming your way.


He literally has been attacking Democrats for months. He did a full hour long interview with Christian Conservative BabylonBee staff months ago. He launched a take over or Twitter shortly after BabylonBee was banned off of Twitter. The left were screeching about him buying out Twitter. This supposed incident claimed by a "friend" of the sexual harassment was 6 years ago. Nope, just a complete coincidence that this is when such a story is launched. We saw this tactic play out against Trump repeatedly and Kavanaugh. Politically convenient allegations to damage the credibility of someone the left is at odds with.


Obviously we know people are going to throw smear jobs at politicians, celebrities, and high profile people. Easier for them to get ahead of the allegations and discredit the accuser before anything makes traction in the media. Discredit the real accusers and the false ones dilute the whole thing. Worked for Trump, worked for Biden, worked for xy or z.


It doesn't help that this is the MO of fake stories. Anonymous sources were abused by the hundreds during the Trump administration where nearly all turned out to be false. It's a problem of the boy who called wolf. The media discredited themselves and won't be trusted using this tactic again.


>A reporter asked him the question about the alleged sexual assault a few hours before he tweeted the "now vote Republican" line. Except he announced that he would be voting republican several days before he tweeted about it.


No shit. This is their favorite move to neutralize anyone who gets in their way.


I can’t take the media seriously until they finally address Hunter Biden’s laptop with the mountain of evidence on that hard drive.


All the accusations come out when he's at the height of fame. Hmmmmm


person has a "non" disclosure - supposedly. Yet a person informs the reporter? From a incident 6 years ago.... Nothing to see here, but inflation, high gas prices, Illegal immigrants, murder rate skyrocketing, infant formula shortage, high diesel prices, high interest rates, stock market crashing, Covid cases high "again", new monkey pox-sure another pandemic, Misinformation board - free speech, TWITTER - mainly bots, JB wandering around stage shaking hands with a ghost, Overturn of Abortion, 2000 Mules..... HRC lawyer being prosecuted. Russia, Russia was a hoax..... don't look at the man behind the curtain, look over here at Depp\~\~\~look at Musk,,,,,or look at Maga King.


Oh boy! Is #MeToo back and actually being taken seriously in the middle of the left attacking Amber Heard? This is too fucking rich.


The left isn't attacking Heard. They're embracing her. CNN, Vogue, Vice, The New York Times and others ALL published pro-Heard articles saying we should believe everything she says the day after she was demolished on the stand and proven to be a liar with mountains of evidence. Me Too is back wirh a vengeance and I predict it will be ten times worse now. Brace for it.


Maybe it's just the media then because everywhere else; on the internet, people I know in real life, all Democrats are calling her a liar.


When has mainstream leftist media embraced public sentiment.


The left has a fondness for Johnny Depp, so most Democrats I know had long sided with him. It's been a good wedge for me to show that Me Too is toxic and destructive, and they are starting to understand that.


Character assassination is leftist MO


It’s the perfect smear and they know it, it’s one that everyone is like, I guess it could be true. Even if it’s completely made up. We’ve seen this happen time after time.


These allegations are about as credible as Rachel Levine being a woman


Lmfao ya sure, the richest guy on the planet, that could literally buy a countries worth of hookers, feels the need to expose himself *to a flight attendant*? Come on.


I mean, Deshaun Watson is a multi millionaire famous athlete and he exposed himself to like 40 massage therapists. Ability to get women doesn’t mean pervy dudes won’t be pervs.


The average football player also has a room temperature IQ. True but there’s no indication Elon has ever done anything like this in the past. Even if you just watch him speak he’s not exactly your stereotypical chad seducing all the ladies.


The owner of the patriots was going to massage parlors for hand jobs you think he couldn’t afford hookers?


It just doesn’t fit with his character, that behaviour does totally fit a football owner/coach/player though. He’s the richest man on earth he’s literally got the most to lose out of everyone, risking all that to flash some dick doesn’t make sense.


Dude i think you got some blinders on for this guy. Roger Kraft was richer for a lot longer than Elon, and was also a business man but he’s somehow got less character than Elon?


Globalists (includes both D & R) do not like it when other rich and powerful do not fall in line. This is a risk when you speak out against them.


Amazing coincidence that he tweeted the voting republican thing about 2 hours after he was told by Rolling Stone this story would be coming out, almost as if he's the one trying to form a narrative. Weird coincidence! https://twitter.com/johnjcook/status/1527421611070177307


If democrat leaning people shit on me with false sexual allegations of course I would switch sides


He said he was Republican a few hours AFTER a reporter asked him to comment on the story; so he’s playing right wingers like fools by getting them riled up and then hiding behind them. And you chumps are actually buying it.


He pissed off the left when he bought Twitter. The hit job is in response to that.


They traveled back in time and forced him to settle with this woman?


There is a settlement. What it is for is unknown. The story his a "friend" telling a reporter. Anonymous sources have been a go to hit piece tactic of the left, as it protects the liars from public backlash.




He's been battling with Biden and the left for months. Why do you think the left flipped their shit over him buying out Twitter. There has been a political target on his back after he called out authoritarian left Covid lock downs and moved his operations out of California.


Is offering someone $250,000 to shut up what free speech is all about?


Strange how it works that way.


Hey Musk, welcome to the right! Now that you don't share the views of the lefts hive-mind, you are now a permanent target! Get ready to defend yourself against them using every bit of power they have against you.


Elon recently announced that Tesla would pay for all Texas employees to be able to get abortions out of state if Roe v Wade is overturned. Y’all are really going to let an openly abortion advocating guy be one of the champions of the right just because he pissed off some leftists? That’s pretty shameful.Musk isn’t on the right. There’s no room for baby killers on our side.


He’ll come around


Well, killing babies isn’t negotiable. So until he changes on that issue, he isn’t on the right.


Yeah, no shit. Welcome to the political right, Elon.


.... And it begins ... The left starts it's usual dirty tricks.


No shit Sherlock.


I wonder what did Ronaldo do to deserve a hit?!


For such adept politicians they sure have an extremely limited playbook


My girlfriend and I were just talking about this earlier this week. We both said that a sexual harassment or rape allegation wasn't far away.


Why should anyone care about this?


Wait…so him going on a “everyone against me” tour prior to this coming out isn’t suspicious to y’all?!


Interesting that she waited for his net worth to drop by billions before she “came forward”. But no, the timing isn’t at all suspect…


Pretty sure his role at SpaceX requires ongoing security clearance vetting that if true would never have slipped through the cracks.




He called it days ago lol. Here comes the slander.


After 6 years, really? I would tell everyone within 6 minutes! 🤣


Some claim that because he got out in front of a hit piece, it’s less of a hit piece.


This accusation is from an event that supposedly happened **6 fucking YEARS ago**, and it shows up in an article *now*, just a couple of days after Elon claims that he no longer has the desire to vote for Democrats.