Were the Democrats just presented with a road map for the November 2022 elections?


>Until now, the Biden administration appeared awfully quiet about this treaty, unlike some of the other recent international climate treaties about which officials have been quite vocal. However, it has come to light that several months ago, the Biden administration quietly sent the WHO several amendments to a 2005 international health regulation to be considered at the May 22 meeting about the treaty. At the time, the White House never issued an official statement or held a press conference. The draft was not made public until mid-April. [Source](https://www.conservativereview.com/horowitz-states-must-nullify-who-regulations-2657328780.html) Starting to make sense? They're probably pushing for another "outbreak", judging by the fear mongering about this fall and the return of covid, so the WHO would suspend elections without the blame being put on the dems. The Russian oil provides the perfect excuse for the EU.


>Luxembourg believes that such a plan should include the introduction of an EU-wide mandatory speed limit, a bloc-wide work-from-home mandate for at least two days of the week, and for every major EU city to ban the use of cars on the weekends. You know what would easily lower the price of oil for ALL? If our geriatric, poopy-pants President (or his puppet master) would unleash American energy.