My god damn premiums are so high, due to being on these fraking exchanges, the GOP always talk we are doing this and that but they never DO jack shit.


They tried when Trump was president.


Oh come on, they controlled the president and congress and still fell short... Lazy!


McCain sabotaged repeal. Even though he voted dozens of times under Obama to repeal, as soon as Republicans had power he claimed they needed to repeal and replace. Then of course no one could agree on what to replace it with and Democrats weren't going to support anything, so it resulted in no clear replacement. The shit replacement that could be agreed upon, the old piece of garbage proceeded to block it to stick it to Trump. Literally a clean repeal was all that was needed. Then they could discuss a replacement that Democrats may actually discuss in good faith. But McCain intentionally sabotaged the effort.


I think if they truly wanted to, they could have but the GOP in many cases has NO spine, at least i can give credit the left they will use anything and everything while the GOP cowards in their attempts at showing things are being done, example; Obamacare


Great, subsidizing insurance companies profits just so they can charge high deductibles and deny coverage


Don't forget that now employers are less incentivized to provide health insurance because they can just let their workers get a shitty Obamacare package. Remember, every dollar the government gives you in welfare is a dollar your employers don't have to pay you anymore.


Exactly, why the fuck would you want an employer package when you can just be on Obamacare and hypothetically split the difference with your boss?


Yay good ol Obamacare. Now I can't even use my insurance because of my 10000 dollar deductible that I can never reach. And that's per person in my family


So many of us no longer have health insurance. We have disaster insurance.


This, thank God I served so I just go to the VA. Haven't had insurance through my job since 2018.


We were promised we could keep our plans over and over. Then our plans ceased to exist.


I remember when my deductible was $500 pre Obamacare. Now it’s $8000.


Interesting. So now all these people are paying for something they can't afford and can also never use. Awesome.


Nothing to be proud of. I would love to buy privately rather than thru [healthcare.gov](https://healthcare.gov) but because of Obamacare, I don't have that option. Individual coverage is almost non-existent outside of the exchange. Just because people are forced into a government program rather than the free market does not mean the government program is benefiting anyone. My premiums increased by 50% for less coverage when Obamacare went into effect.


Can someone explain why this is a good thing? From a logical perspective?


For democrats, the more people they can make poor and put on government assistance, the more people they control and force to serve at the risk of taking away their only option. Their dream is forcing everyone to rely on the government for survival so if you disagree with the establishment the cut off your ability to survive.


Imagine claiming it’s a good thing that people don’t have jobs…


Not gonna lie. I've suggested Obamacare to a handful of burnt out people in their late 50s who had enough socked away in their 401K but were sticking around until they were eligible for the company sponsored bridge plan at 63 1/2. Several of them decided to opt for insurance on the exchange and retire. Might as well get something out of it since our coverage decreased and our premiums doubled when ACA kicked in.


When you fine people who don't buy into your programs out of fear for their wallet, you're gonna get buy-in.


This is not something to be proud of. Everytime I see these commercials I get furious. They tout the little to no cost as if that is the real price. Whenever the person says "I'm paying just $10 a month for me and my family of 5" I yell at the screen "Its because taxpayers are paying the other $400 a month to subsidize you!!!" Obamacare is a huge lie and taxpayer drain. Also on the curious side, what are the deductible levels for these Obamacare plan? Are they all high deductible plans like the rest of us were forced on to? I know mine is high. If someone can't even afford their own health premiums, how do they meet the deductible?


That’s because the moron is killing all the good paying jobs that offer health insurance benefits. Government and Corporations working together to enslave an entire population.


And how many non-Americans signed up?


Not really something to be proud of, but ok.


So at least 14.5 million people needed health insurance but couldn't get jobs that offered it? Success!


I am genuinely curious to hear your take on what you think / suggest people do for healthcare that work hourly rate jobs that cannot afford 200,300,400$+/month policies ?


Yea my husbands company provide us insurance in his hiring package. After obama care to get a plan that has 1000 deductible per person in the family costs us 128.00 a week. Fuq Obama care.


Obamacare certainly didn’t do those people much good.


My daughter just dropped her "Obama Care" coverage because when she switched jobs they tripled the cost and made her deductible unobtainable. The pay hike wasn't big enough to justify the huge change. Thankfully she can get insurance with her new employer next month.




This is terrible, but I guess that’s you’re only option is you refuse to work and want to be a lazy piece of trash or don’t want to work for a whole company that has insane mandates.


doesn't that mean 14.5 million people are doing worse economically than they were a year ago? lost jobs, working at crap jobs, walking dogs for a living etc?