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That guy in the car just trying to get to work


I saw that and wow.


It makes it feel like we are being shown something very powerful when it’s just on its own but doesn’t really reflect what’s actually happening. What I mean is like when Trump had a rally and there was pictures taken that made it look like a whole stadium but when a photo was taken from behind you could see it was maybe 100 people not thousands. Or like when a storm hits an area so the news channel shows the one street that’s been flooded but from all different angles which makes you think the whole town has been flooded badly. That’s what this feels like when you just see the car driving slowly by, like the locals are over the BS and just carrying on with their lives. In no way am I saying that this video is bs propaganda as I truly don’t believe it is but seeing that car really… well, you said it best “wow”!


There's an article by a Sri Lankan resident, someone who more or less grew up during the 30 year civil war there, about how much normal and routine things go on in war zones. This was very much the case in Lebanon in the 80s, Balkans in the 90s, and Iraq after tbe 2003 invasion.


Yeah, I've lived in Lebanon (after the war) and the stories I heard were just unreal. "Watch out for sniper fire" was just something you did without thinking when going out for groceries. About as normal as when we look right and left before crossing the street. Residents would sometimes put up signs in the street saying stuff like "Beware, sniper on XX street today". Even was I was there, there was an israeli air raid on a power plant not far from the place I lived. Most people in my building just slept through it, or just vaguely complained about the noise.


my grandfather was shot by a sniper driving home from work as a journalist in beirut (he survived, passed away much later due to cancer allah yerhamo). both my parents have insane stories from living through the wars. they said west beirut is a great film representation of what life was like during the war


I don’t think people have ever shook off photos of the destruction in WW2. No war since then has been like that. IED went off and you’d see Iraqis just go about their business. Places don’t see the level of destruction like what happened when planes dropped a metric fuckton of bombs on every civilized city.


No incoming, they weren’t covering that guy for shit, tactically speaking, imo, and civilian traffic is not interrupted. But who knows


Suppression worked then


To be fair, it doesn't make sense to mag dump suppressing fire for nothing. All that's doing is being noise makers. You really should be laying down fire like that to assist another team trying to maneuver around an enemy or to try to defeat an ambush.


I think we can admit that these guys are just fucking around trying to look/feel cool. What they're doing has no tactical purpose and they're recording and uploading this as if its combat footage.


Yeah, if true this is Larping and making a mockery of real combat.


Peeking this much is just asking to be shot


At 0:47 you can see a hit on the wall behind the guy running.


They are shooting at the open air pretty much giving continuous fire and not even worrying about being in the open doorway. Looks very much like they are just fucking around and *maybe* there are Russians in the area but whatever they are doing here sure isn't affecting those guys.


I was asking about this as well, they seem to not be using that wall for any sort of cover, just kinda stand out in the open like Rambo and let of some automatic fire... If someone were shooting back at me I damn sure wouldn't stand in the middle of a doorway to return fire


When you know that sound of gunfire is coming your way, whether the rounds are cracking against your cover, or zipping over head, you will get low and stay low.


That was kinda my point, these guys just stand in the opening and Rambo it


Dang, when the chechens on the russian side was doing dumb shit like this and everyone called them out on it but now we see the other side doing the same and not many people are saying so.


Both sides will score propaganda points with ignorant civilian viewers who don't know good tactics from action movie stunts. Source: am ignorant civilian viewer.


They're firing across the Dnipro River. Right next to the Antonovsky Bridge. At that point it is exactly 1km wide... That is so far beyond the effective range of 5.56 and 5.45 that its laughable..and they're firing full auto from the shoulder... To cap it all they fire 2 x M72 LAW at the opposite bank...effective range 200 metres...could it reach the far side? Possibly if elevated enough...but it's accuracy could be measured in city blocks at that range. Basically they're acting up for the camera...and wasting ammo.


The vehicle could have been military.


Must be one of those new armored civics


I have old coworkers who are Ukrainian and I'm still friends with them on social media. His brother is fighting in some mountain region and he's been raising money for his brothers group. They got some water heater thing and then like a Toyota pickup. As well as some drones.


Hey if they're clever they can turn that water heater into a rocket, just ask the Mythbusters how 😂 Seriously though I hope your buddy stays safe, scary shit over there


I hope they get Honda Peace Accords soon


I worked with a guy from Lybia, who was there for the first Lybian Civil war and the first two years of the Second lybian civil war. And pretty much what he told was that at first your scared shitless but then you realize all you can really do is go on with your life and hope you don’t get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Great guy and probably the smartest person I’ve ever met too.


dude good point damn. They as r/timesickdino said, they really are trying to get to work and live their lives as normal as they can. We are lucky to have home insurance and "back up" things like that incase of an emergency but they don't have that over there or other parts of the world ect. So that's why people stay. It's all they got.


Just a note on your insurance point, basically all insurance in the world excludes war and terrorist attacks from coverage. So if Russia invaded the US and blew up your house, it wouldn't be covered on your home insurance plan.


Found the claims guy


Their idea is that war is not an accident, insurance covers accidents. But I mean if someone smashes your windows into your car to steal something, that's not an accident either but they cover that. Go figure.


Boss not buying his "sorry, but I got stuck in a firefighter" excuse anymore.


I hate when I get stuck in a firefighter


Ooh! You almost had it! Dang it!


Some people do, some people don't.


It’s the hose that gets you.


Sorry I was late boss, traffic was a killer


"It's like a war zone out there"


Maybe we should reinstate the telework policy


No we paid for this building it would be a waste not to use it.


*immediately gets shelled*


this thread lmao


Could very well be a civilian vehicle requisitioned for military use. We've seen this since the earliest days of the war on both sides.


"Uhh, Hey guy's, can you tell me where there's a gas station...."


Just picking up groceries


Postal worker or Uber eats driver.


I swear😂


"Bills aren't gonna pay themselves!"


Did this dude have to go back upstairs for his rifle? This is why slings are important


Ik that guys a fucking idiot


Staff Sergeants across the world feeling validated right now


Look at them posting up to shoot, they’re all idiots except the guy on the corner of the wall…..


Yeah, change out the uniforms for regular clothes, sandals and an an AK, and it doesn't look too different to a lot of ME footage on this sub.


That was **exactly** my thought! We have been giving those ME-guys shit for *years*, now we see the same from people who supposedly know what they are doing (although that guy leaving his rifle doesn't really add to these guys coming across as pros)


The mag throw at 0:34 makes me wince. Threw a mag down in the dirt and then just chills behind cover. In Northern Ireland the IRA would booby trap left behind mags. The next patrol would come wondering along the following day or so and some bloke would catch a heap of shrapnel. I think it's fair to say these guys might be a bit fresh.


I doubt any of these are counting their rounds as they fire them either, especially the ones firing full auto Just doing the standard Call of Duty hold trigger until empty, then reload


Haha that was my first thought. "Let's all take turns standing at a corner spraying full auto".


It’s actually better to square off with your opponent to some degree. You want your plate in front of you to stop the bullets. Although in this case, these guys definitely have an apparent lack of training. Just the movement and coordination is off. Edit: nvm they really aren’t even squaring off


I dunno, I feel like the wall is a better thing to have in front of you.


Like I said poor training. I was at least trying to give them credit for something


To be fair its a bunch of dudes trying to defend their country from a russian invasion, pretty ballsy if you ask me regardless of their combat effectiveness.


Foreign volunteers. They chose this. There are plenty of safer ways to help the effort there if they didn't want to train.


> their country not their country


Where's His helmet?!


I remember getting the shit smoked out of me for leaving my weapon lying around.


Delta or no Delta you know better'n that


Witnessed my battle buddy leave his, I fucked up and didn’t be a good battle buddy by reminding him. That mistake will NEVER happen again.


I just had it leaning against a tree two metres away which is 'out of reach' so I had to crawl through the mud to get it. It mysteriously moved further away by itself too.


Random ass car just drives by


Imagine that car just got lit up after your guys were putting down suppressive fire. If I saw that happening on the side of the road, you couldn’t pay me to keep driving, I guess they’re used to it by now?


Yeah I was actually thinking it might just be a local trying to go about his life in a war zone


How the fuck are employers still expecting people to come into work every day damn


"no one wants to work anymore"


Realistically the driver probably didnt know where the gun fight was happening until he drove by it. Determining direction of gunfire in a dense urban environment is hard enough for an experienced fighter, let alone some random schlub operating a vehicle with the windows up.


Welcome to Ukraine 2022.


Probably military. I've seen quite a few clips of Ukrainians using civilian vechicles.


Did one of them yell “Desce Cabron” ? Did I just hear a Mexican ?


Could be a Mexican, could be a Spanish speaking American


The old joke is that if you ask a marine what the the most effective Hispanic military is, they’ll tell you it’s the United States Marine Corps. The US military is disproportionally Hispanic, and most of them are as hard and patriotic as anyone else. They also disproportionally serve in infantry units I believe. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s a number of Spanish speaking US vets in Ukraine.


As a half Hispanic USMC Infantryman, can confirm. Our company was prolly 1/4 hispanic.




Minorities are always overrepresented in militaries whose society is very economically unequal


“Ramirez, use your smoke grenades”


Facts! Regardless I hope he’s “mowing down” with that suppressive fire.


He protec, he attac, he landscapes perfectly


Could also be, you know, a Spaniard.


Is “cabron” a Castilian term too? I associate it with Latin America.


"Cabron" is used by almost all spanish speakers in the world.


As far as I know, yes.


Spaniard here. Yes, "cabrón" is used in Spain too, but far less than in Latin America. The accent tells me that the guy is not from Spain. He is latino surely.


Agreed. I’d like to picture a bad hombre laying it down like a Narco with a cowboy hat and a 5lb gold chain instead of a helmet and armor, yelling Desce Cabron to a Ukrainian who knows 0 Spanish, in the most typical “fuck your language puto, I’m here to get a job done, eat my tacos and drink my beer and you’re holding me back bro” attitude. I salute you mister giant cojones.


Here is a clip of some LA gang bangers fighting in Syria for the SAA. It is so ridiculous it almost seems like a skit but they are for real, i think i remember hearing they did an interview about their time in the SAA.


No the short guy died in combat, and the tall one lives in Yerevan, he wasn’t allowed back in the States.


Cool. I learned my Spanish in Latin America and haven’t been to Spain so I am pretty unfamiliar. I don’t usually know what’s Latin American slang and what’s global Spanish slang.


He sounds a lot like me. White Texan with a Mexican step-family who spent a decade in restaurants where the kitchens were 98% Mexican. I mix in single Spanish words with English sentences, especially as exclamations. Obviously can't say for sure if this guy has anything in common with me, but that was uncanny. *Edit: I should also say I think I heard a "vamanos" in the video before this one. **Edit: Could have actually been "rapido" when his buddy was taking a bit longer to arm his AT.


I think is "vengase cabron"


I get they're laying suppressive fire but they're not doing it when the guy is running across? If they have someone posted on that corner firing while the guy runs behind them, wouldn't that be the proper procedure?


This is the kherson bridge man. Idk why they are even shooting in the first place, there is nothing to hit. Its like 1km from there to the other bank. They are being goofballs. https://youtu.be/x-X74oJ7c1w?t=635


its for propaganda purposes lol.


The enemies could pick up on it if they're only firing when their guys are moving. Plus, they don't want the enemy advancing on their position when they're trying to get their guys out.


They're not saying to *only* fire while their guys are moving... That just seems like the most important time to not take a break from firing.


I agree. I too thought it was weird they chose not to while their battle was moving.


Advancing on their position? Huh? They're over a kilometer away across the Dnieper.


Not to mention they are peeking the same corner twice or more. Do they even watch Dr. Disrespect? You never peek twice.


You never leave your desk


Why is there nsfw tag? and how does this shitty dumping mags around same corner video like we used to see a lot during Syrian civil war video get 4.5k upvotes?


This looks like a video out of the middle east with a bunch of dudes barely aiming spraying from the same corner repeatedly.


Lmao right but it's the correct tactical move in this case. Suppressing fire so they can move inbetween point A and B. If you fire only when your guys are moving, the enemy could pick up on that and use that to their advantage.


No it's fucking not, your statement has no logic at all. They should also fire when their guy is moving, because since they are not firing, they enable the enemy to gun down their buddy running the corner.


Legend has it everyone on r/combat footage would never make a mistake In any situation ever In life


They exclusively don’t fire when he is moving.




You don't always have a choice.


Jesus Christ the car just driving by in the middle of the firefight. Really puts into perspective all the civilians just trying to go on with their lives getting caught in the crossfire.


“You need to come in, we’re short staffed”


Uber ride to the front lines please.


They use civilian cars. You can see it in other videos too.


By they I mean the armed forces, more specifically the Ukrainian forces.


Does the last guy have a suppressor on his rifle?




Seems to be more of the norm for the guys rocking AK's to have suppressors over any type of red dot or scope. I've seen so many videos of just regular troops and a lot of the time have suppressors, even territorial defense forces. Shits mad but makes somewhat sense as I'm almost certain they're completely legal in most Eastern European countries and they don't have a lot of restrictions on them compared to, lets say the US.


Well, it’s a fucking war zone so I bet it’s zero shits given over what’s legal or not but hey…


I think the point he's making is that suppressors much easier to obtain in Europe as a rule. In numerous countries in europe, the guns themselves are heavily restricted but the accessories unrelated directly to the weapon's operation are not. In the United States, suppressors are heavily regulated at the federal level and outright illegal in some states. In the US you can buy a rifle same-day in many states with proper ID and filling out a form. In even the most permissive states however, a suppressor will take a $200 fee, fingerprints, multiple forms, and a 6-12 month wait to take possession, in addition to the not-insignificant cost of the suppressor itself.


How is that relevant for an army? If they want suppressors they get them manufactured


This guy's watched too many Syria vids, now they're corner peaking with mag dumps.


seems more like suppressive fire so their guys can cross


Shouldn't you be suppressing at the same time as your guy is trying to cross?


Not in history channels: UKRAINE WAR in 4KUHD


The point of suppression is just to keep rounds going out, only doing it while the person you’re covering is moving means you’re not properly suppressing the enemy.


He did not say you should only fire while the person is moving


Cover me while I move/got you covered was drilled into out infantry heads during basic in the Army. Laying down suppressive fire WHILE moving is kinda the important part. Dude should have been moving BEHIND whoever was doing suppressive fire so they could have kept laying it out. I would also be shitting bricks about that 2nd guy so far back and friendly fire but it's not my squad. I am also sitting in the comfort of my home and not over the wire, cold, and fucking tired sooooo


But taking a break while your guy is crossing is really dumb. No point using suppressing fire when the enemy isn't pinned at the most important moment.


>only doing it Who said "only"? More like "also"


generally you do that WHILE they are crossing, not before or after, what as shit show


Why on earth would you present a fully framed silhouette to someone shooting at you?!?!? Why not paint circles around your head and chest while you’re at it…


Saw the previous video too. I am seriously wondering. The opposite shore looks so far away for the kind of hasty shooting they are doing to be any effective. Am i not seeing this right? edit: saw


Suppressing fire while moving between cover.


I was thinking about this. It is a good example how the ratio of bullets fired to casualties is very high, in the range of 20,000-100,000 shots fired per casualty. This one is suppressive fire. The opponent has to wait for an opening to shoot back, so shooting a ton in that direction will cause them to hesitate for a few extra seconds before peeking out to fire back, and this provides a small window for the other person to reposition.


Spraying is actually not as ineffective as you would think at longer distances.


Yeah, video games can never truly capture the reality that only one random bullet can end you even at 500m and beyond. I'd bet my puckered ass I'd hesitate to peek if I had rounds cracking 10cm overhead.


The other side is over 1km away, they aren't going to be effectively firing on it. It's just a show of force to harass them and make sure they don't cross.


These dudes rockin SCARs? First video I've seen of those over there cool.


I think they're CZ Bren 805s could be wrong though


They're BREN 2's, the updated version.


They're not. Significant amount of Legion uses GROTs. They look very similar to a SCAR.


I was about to say it looks almost like a grot


These are the CZ brens, not scars. Close though


Thanks! The bren is very nice too!


There have been guys rocking SCARs


Belgium I think gave them some


The guy running in front is me on battlefield


That last guys with the suppressed AK was laying down cover fire so the driver of that random car could make it to work on time. That's classy.


Those are some awfully well equipped Iraqi insurgents playing the "take turns jumping out of the corner" game...


My exact thoughts, this looks like some amateur hour, over excited , mag dumping, fox hole popping jihadists .


they look like a liability


What are the shooting at? It’s clearly not that dangerous if the guy crossed that doorway twice and the car just drove by on a morning commute.




This excellent t interview with a volunteer who has just got back might interest you https://youtu.be/TCbD4WBqPg4


That was very insightful thanks for that link


Lindybeige the goat.


Lots of Americans, Brits, French. Many heroes fighting for Ukraine


Mexicans, Brazilians, Czechs, Poles, canadians and on and on...


I know at least two lol, theres nuckin futs of course and then there was civdiv, both have youtube channels with videos and both are worth checking out. Pretty good stuff


I think the dude might actually be Irish with the camera but hard to tell. The "Go-go-go" had an Irish slant to it.


Just look at him dropping his mag like a fucking cowboy. You know he's American, no need to hear him.


What is going on here lol did he say I go get my weapon? And he said what? Ok... 😂 Then their "cover" was ... Dangerous at best ... God that whole scene just seemed so amateur and chaotic, like had they just been ambushed? It reminds me of the level of amateurism you would see in those isis videos where they were actually trying to martyr themselves half the time.


They’re fighting like the fucking Taliban. Absolute dog shit tactics.


Why the NSFW tag??


Because they are Not San Francisco Warriors


No one was giving cover fire when he ran back, I wasn’t there so obviously I don’t have the full picture but everyone knows suppression without movement is a waste of ammo and movement without suppression is suicide


how is this NFSW?


For context. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-X74oJ7c1w Unless my eyes decieve me, they are at the kherson bridge. And they are ineffectually trying to shoot 1km.


What percent of shots fired in warfare actually hit? 1%? 0.1%? Less?


Most of the time you aren't aiming at actual soldiers, you're trying to establish fire superiority. Making the enemy think/realize they are out gunned so that they retreat and give up ground allowing you to advance and take over those positions. Or you're laying down cover fire allowing your troops to move without getting hit.






Do they even get return fire?


It’s like a classic Syrian Civil War corner video!


That a snack table they got at up there? 👀


Why NSFW? Is this farming votes or something? There's more shit giving comments than anything.


Oh dear. Another Tik Tok brigade.


I think I figured out why war is expensive. These guys can’t shoot for shit. 2/10 cod teammate


When the guy comes running down the stairs back towards them at the end . Isn’t it dangerous for the guy with the go pro to step out right after he passes and Start shooting . You would think anyone trying to hit the guy retreated would now be zerod in on the go pro guy . It reminds me of that scene with enemy at the gates where they have to jump over the open space while a sniper is locked in on them. I’m just an arm chair general though so I could be totally wrong


Really odd video. That's an awful lot of what I presume is covering fire, for the dude to just amble across the gap with almost no real urgency.


I mean I’m not current or ex military or anything but is this not just retardedly bad tactics?


Why do the jump into the centre of the opening? No one can shoot around corners?


Wondering why dont they peek just a part of their bodies out from around the corner to shoot vs standing fully out?


Aren't they poking out kinda far from the safety of that wall? I've never served but I would think you would wanna use that wall for cover while firing no?




Not a good look


Can someone explain what the point of that is? Is there some utility in taking turns shooting around the corner?


Providing covering fire shouldn't mean "hey look at me, I'm out in the open!" These foreign volunteers dont look like the experienced ones I've seen. The guy forgetting his rifle really makes that obvious. They try to beat that out of you in basic.


Reading these comments and slowly realizing that you know alot more about tactics and combat then you thought you did.


Do they have to be that exposed when shooting? I'd think you'd just have one guy peeking around the corner using cover to protect as much of his body as possible. And rotate that guy when he has to reload


If you leave your weapon behind don't go back for it. The fuckery.


Dude, imagine leaving your fucking gun behind in a war zone/battle. What the fuck??????? You should take that over your own foot.


Shit looks like they are playing Call of Duty.


Me and my friends mag dumping into are more effective than these guys lol


Why did he tell the guy to go go go when there was no cover