It was a nice house


Had a lovely bush in the front.


It is a good shrubbery! I like the laurels particularly.


I think it was more of a shrubbery


We want, a shrubbery.


A * WHAT *?






oh good. I hate that barbie doll look.




We still talking about the house? Lol


That rug really tied the room together.


Obviously you’re not a golfer.


Say what you want about the tenets of Russian fascism, at least it's an ethos.


Had a nasty infestation


Better rubble than russian


Not so much the people inside


Not much left of them either way.


the neighbor's are like "there goes the neighborhood"


The thing that's so surreal to me is that could be a very typical house here in the Midwest. Seen MANY like this, on the side of a hill in West Virginia. Now that similarly-looking-house is being used as a field HQ for an invading army, half a world away.


I have never even thought to considered West Virginia part of the midwest https://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/hickey-map-midwest2.png


According to your map, <10% of West Virginians consider West Virginia to be part of the Midwest.


West Virginia mid west? A frame style houses typical Midwest what?


i love the setup of this video - here's what we're shooting, why we're shooting it, a clip of us prepping & firing the shot, then the aftermath. all in like a minute. fucking work of art.


Yeah it seems like they have a professional video editor who knows his stuff working for them


don't forget normal people that a few months back were living their lives and doing their jobs -- truck drivers, pharmacists and video editors -- are now fighting this war. I saw a video from the developers of Stalker II, and many of them now on the frontline. So yeah, I can imagine many doing this kind of stuff. It must keep the moral up.


Great marketing department




Also footage of shooting randomly at trees and evacuating their own disabled vehicles.


Best one I've seen was that Chechen holding two AK-47s, shooting trees Rambo style. Now that's war. /s


Liberating the streets from those oppressive nazi traffic lights.


Plus a swaggering theme song! “Kraken!! *something something* Kraken!!” Stuck in my head now.


Haha I thought it was something something, direct hit after watching the house disappear.


Here's the track: Вова, їбаш їх блять by Мюслі UA. https://www.shazam.com/track/610212428/- It seems to be a mashup of: Вова їбаш їх блять (Drill) by gnomi. https://www.shazam.com/track/616330616/- and Matrix by Big Bro. https://www.shazam.com/track/620958730/matrix


Smart move, guess the Russians will soon be so over starring in those clips and hearing the Kraken song.


I hope they blast this song while attacking like Lt. Col. Kilgore and Ride of the Valkyries


I really appreciate the English subtitles. 10/10 video and 10/10 shooting!


I'd love to know who makes these. Like are they doing it in their downtime or is it someone especially assigned to make propaganda all day? I think it must be the latter, which makes me wonder if it's a very young person or a woman.


I guarantee you have they teams dedicated to producing these videos, they're great for morale and very well-made.


For sure. Wartime propaganda. I have no doubt a lot of peoples opinions on the war are influenced by it. And why we never see as much russian footage is nobody WANTS to see russian footage. It's not that it doesn't exist, i'm sure if you go on Russian sites theres loads of it and none of Ukraines. It's all propaganda to convince people about their war and their own power, to keep morale high for their own sides. Russia goes a step further, even, and has banned saying anything bad about the war or Russia so everything seems positive and like they are supposed to be doing what they are. ​ We don't need that so much, our side buys into the propaganda way easier already, due to it being a bit of an obvious attacker / defender issue and our culture generally always accepting the attacker as the one in the wrong.


Sounds like you're suggesting that in this case the attacker is not in the wrong? Very subtle though. Like you said - lots of propaganda on both sides.


Nah i'm just doing my best to try and say these things without actually saying any kind of opinion, lol. Just trying to be factual. There is definitely lots of propaganda on both sides, for sure that's a fact, there are plenty on our side, too. It is generally our culture to accept that the attacker is always wrong, though, and that everything should always be talked about or debated etc. Unfortunately that doesn't always work out in real life. I'm not trying to say that is the case for Russia v Ukraine as my opinion for sure is strongly that Ukraine needs all the help it can get and Russia is just a bully. ​ Just trying to point out though that there are cases where an attacker could be in the right. And indeed there have been cases of this in modern history where our own propaganda convinced us that attacking was a necessary course of action. Like George Bush and Tony Blair's war on Iraq. They are war criminals in our own countries, we are no better either and more people need to be aware of that.


War is going to get weird with the zoomer generation.


It’s just missing the “reaction shots” of the soldiers, livestreamers, Ja Rule, etc.


Is teabagging considered desecrating a body, so it's a warcrime?


I assume it's someone from the unit because all these videos have different editing styles and they're all repping their unit. If this was done by some zoomer in an office in Kyiv they'd probably all be branded under the Ukrainian army and have the same editing style. We know that a lot of these units have volunteers so it makes sense that they'd have some graphic designers/video editors there. I'd wager that they do it in their free time, like at night when there's not much going on.


There will be teams creating these vignettes for the purposes of propaganda to both boost moral for the home side and stick a middle finger up to the enemy. It’s good stuff and they’re on point.


Somehow imagining Ukranian music video editors shifting their work to pumping these out is an amusing thought.


You forgot to mention that they use a song with the name of the battalion in it


And logos. Even well branded.


Who is editing this stuff? It’s extremely well done


My money is on Michael Bay.


Sandbagged basement? I would have put two more rounds into it.


Not going to lie, was expecting the double tap.


My guess is that they kept going, and turned that house rubble into even smaller rubble, and they probably weren’t happy about that house with the red roof, since that’s where people were coming from, so that’s probably flat now, too.


That's some damn fine shootin, boys. ... Give er another, just for fun.


Wait a few minutes with an observer drone, then hit it again as the survivors start to move.


2 rounds? I would’ve fired for effect on both those 🏠houses 🏡 with some HE and a Willy Pete chaser.💥


Not too hard to find the Russian headquarters when the dumbasses put “Russian headquarters” in giant letters on the roof…


They should really reconsider those bright red orbs above their heads as well.


Yes, they should be diamonds.




You mean like the Sims?


Yes! https://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120816220734/sims/images/c/cb/Sims3plumbob.png


That'd make it much easier to parse these videos. *"No, he definitely got hit. You can clearly see that his plumbob turned red."*


Yeah, if the guy behind you and the guy ahead of you both have big red orbs, you might wanna check yourself.


I think the house with the red roof must be some sort of a spawn point.


They were even nice enough to put it in English for our satellites to pick up.


The only sympathy I have is for the people whose house that was... Imagine going online and watching the upstairs bedroom where your daughter took her first steps just exploding into shreds...


Recall that there was a Ukrainian who contacted the authorities to let them know that his home security cameras showed that his house was being used as a base, and that it should be targeted.


IIRC there was a story early on of Andrey Stavnitser (Ukrainian millionaire) that fled to Poland and had watched -on security cameras in his new home- his newly built mansion being looted by Russian forces. They were using the area to fire into Kyiv and he informed the Ukrainian army the coordinates of his mansion to be bombed/shelled. If you search his name there are articles and details about it.


That's the one! Man called in arty on his own mansion, got some Russians killed, and probably got an insurance payout.


doubt it. war is often excluded from insurance policies...


I wonder if they have separate policies for those, like volcano insurance


I wouldn’t be surprised if a millionaire in A post-soviet country would make sure to be covered for that.


yeah no he is not going to get anything from his insurance i can tell you that. insurance companys in ukrain will defenatly not pay out any money to people who had their homes ruined by the war


every insurance policy on the planet has a standard exclusion for damage caused by; war, riot or civil commotion.


Read your insurance policy. War is always an exclusion.


Yeah, as stated by the other replies, I doubt he got a pay out. Great bit of nationalism though. Is one of the nations rishest individuals and sacraficed his new mansion for the war. The world needs more altruism from the wealthy.


Full kudos to that guy, I mean he still has my sympathy, but also my respect...




Gotta respect the hustle there


Joke aside, I genuinely doubt if there was any policy available in Ukraine for any type of asset that didn’t include war as an explicit carve out. Way too high a risk, especially after 2014.


Wait, is this real? Pretty sure insurance company didn't want to reimburse damage caused by war


The what clause


Lol, that’s genuinely hilarious.


I would do the same if my house had gotten infested with bed bugs.


Forreal lol, it's just a bunch of sticks and plaster, that shit can be replaced it isn't a big deal.


That house was actually built with bricks like most in Europe. You can easily spot the red and beige dust after the shell explodes. Only the roof is made of wood


Well I can't speak for them, but personally I would hapilly have my house blown up if it was infested with pests like that.


You'd be happy they're gone. But your childhood home would still be in pieces. That'd make me sad.


“I remember once, in Japan, having been to see the Gold Pavilion Temple in Kyoto and being mildly surprised at quite how well it had weathered the passage of time since it was first built in the fourteenth century. I was told it hadn’t weathered well at all, and had in fact been burnt to the ground twice in this century. “So it isn’t the original building?” I had asked my Japanese guide. “But yes, of course it is,” he insisted, rather surprised at my question. “But it’s burnt down?” “Yes. Many times.” “And rebuilt with completely new materials.” “But of course. It was burnt down.” “So how can it be the same building?” “It is always the same building.” I had to admit to myself that this was in fact a perfectly rational point of view, it merely started from an unexpected premise. The idea of the building, the intention of it, its design, are all immutable and are the essence of the building. The intention of the original builders is what survives. The wood of which the design is constructed decays and is replaced when necessary. To be overly concerned with the original materials, which are merely sentimental souvenirs of the past, is to fail to see the living building itself.” – Douglas Adams, Last Chance to See


...frankly its ludicrous that people have no issues with "ship of theseus"-ing their car, but get their pants in bunch, when somebody rsstores building and claim "iTs nOt tHe sAmE bUiLDinG!"


Sounds like every aussie pub


Having a nation to come back too to make more memories wins every time.


I'm not denying that. I'm just saying seeing your home being reduced to ash is possibly something to be sad about.


I think if I could blow up my own childhood home under my own control, it'd be sweet to watch. Having to tell someone else to blow it up because it was invaded, not quite as much.


Lots of people don't have childhood homes. I have moved every few years my whole life, I can't imagine the feeling of a childhood home. It's all just shells to me. The family is what gives the shell meaning


Amen brotha.


When I moved out, and my Mom gave the house to my brother, that hurt a bit, but that's just me.


It's all shells to the Russians occupying the house too. 155mm high explosive ones that is.


I just hope the owners of the house had already evacuated


How do they know it is HQ?


HQ might be lost in translation. Maybe more like a ‘base of operations’.


Base of operations are typically actual, or impromptu, bases with onsite facilities where many units are based out of; tactical headquarters are more like what is depicted, a single building from which commands can coordinate.


Command post?


Didn't you see the large text on the roof? :)


As a serious answer, one of the key goals of military intelligence is to discover where enemy headquarters are. Reportedly the Russians do not have sufficient encrypted radios so they are communicating via unencrypted radios and even the commercial cell phone networks; certain agencies (*cough* NSA *cough*) have worked very hard over the last few decades to develop near-real-time signals intelligence capabilities. So if there's a building that's using radios to communicate with nearby units, and also communicating back with higher command in Russia, that's a HQ. In addition there's visual observations- with all these drones overhead, people are looking for where messengers come and go, where officers seem to be having meetings, etc.


I thought so. I suppose merely observing density of radio traffic is already enough for triangulation. As someone else said, could be a staging ground as well.


Good lord, doesn’t look like anyone inside was likely to survive that hit.


Sheeesh that was right on the fuckin money. Looks like maybe they corrected laterally after some hits in the field. Artillery spotter drones are really changing the game.




You see Ivan, is reverse psychology, they never believe we label own base!


That's too bad, looked like a beautiful house.


Really interesting/probably smart how they censored the area around the gun when they filmed it firing. You know the Russian military must be watching every single video that comes out for actionable intel/geolocation.


Location 50.25265, 36.21408


Where'd you get these coordinates? They look about right.


1: I know kraken operates around kharkiv. 2: [Look at what you can see on a wide shot](https://i.imgur.com/9FnhQux.jpg) 3: [Search for water as it is much easier to see on a map](https://i.imgur.com/ZxZUnKW.jpg) 4: [Confirm with google map](https://i.imgur.com/GnWZ3Pd.jpg) I dont know if this how OSINT guys do it but i find it fun to do for myself


Love kraken squad.


Are they not neo nazis?




Their leader says his mission is "lead the White races of the world in a final crusade."




Look bro i'm German i support Ukraine but they have the black sun as their motto.


What the fuck are you talking about? This is [black sun logo](https://external-preview.redd.it/JV6azdxE9hmfCtf4QmN8jXJ2QAdMsh7c9HRnkotgMwY.png?auto=webp&s=b7f83df87bc702701d3a9235276ff1ca1de924e0) And this is [kraken logo](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ed/6d/6d/ed6d6d6002b384a85fc10069314e71fc.jpg) which you can see twice in the video: at the beginning and in the end. You are either blind or a russian shill. I'm voting for the second choice.






They are an offshoot of the Azov Regiment. Other than that affiliation (and it should be noted that the general consensus is that the Azovs were depoliticized in the late 2010s), I'm not aware of any evidence of Kraken being neo-Nazi. Not saying it's impossible, but the Russian Wagner Group is far more openly neo-Nazi and the Russians are suspiciously quiet about them.


My brother in christ have you seen Azov motto. Its literally a nazi motto


That was a *Kraken* shot!!!


very unfortunate day for those inside lol


Man, the precision on that


One shot, one hit? Is this the norm now or was that just lucky? (a serious question I know nothing of artillery aims )


Those craters around the houses are probably fresh from previous shells missing the mark, as that explain the two Russians running from the house on the right to the the one that went BOOM. Whoever uploaded the video cut out the misses so it looked like one shell.


Depends on the gear and the people using it. GPS corrected artillery is a thing, if that’s in use then yes a one shot one hit is effectively the norm. The M982 Excalibur shell has a CEP of 4m, which is more than accurate enough to hit a house dead on. I have absolutely no idea if that’s what they’re using here or in the war in general. If we’re using regular shells, a few shots to hit is entirely reasonable, and those first shots might have been edited out of the video. Correcting via drone is a refined science at this point.


I think they must have guided shells. The the newer unguided shell the US uses (M795) has a CEP of 62meters @ 10km and 139meters @ 20km+. So even with correcting, I still think they would have to saturate an area to get a hit like that? If interested, sourced those numbers from page 6: [https://ndiastorage.blob.core.usgovcloudapi.net/ndia/2012/annual\_psr/Milner.pdf](https://ndiastorage.blob.core.usgovcloudapi.net/ndia/2012/annual_psr/Milner.pdf)


More likely than gps guided munition is that they just did not include the first 1-2 misses before the hit.


There are some other impacts on the field around the house. You can see them when the camera zooms out. Might be old but may be from the same time.


Beautiful country, I look forward to visiting it as soon Russia goes tits-up


Good stuff! Stay strong Ukraine, you got this!!


Kraken has its own theme music now I fucking love these guys.


Not gonna lie… I’m into the catchy euro-beat.. lol


hell yeah KRAKEN!


Someone please ELI5 how on earth you can be this accurate with this weapon


Great math, lasers, GPS


Ukraine has reverse engineered 152 mm guided shells named "Kvitnik".


Shows how much or little a house with a second story can protect against an artillery rounds first hit, interesting!


What is the name of the song?




I got matches with these songs: • [**TOXIC (Uh Huh) (Radio Edit)** by Nivon](https://lis.tn/TOXICUhHuhRadioEdit?t=58) (00:58; matched: `100%`) Released on `2022-06-10` by `First Wave NL`. • [**Russian Roulette** by ZayBang Seven](https://lis.tn/dOvith?t=12) (00:12; matched: `100%`) Released on `2020-10-04`. • [**Party - Instrumental Version** by Jeri Cheri, Lexi Cheri](https://lis.tn/goDka?t=58) (00:58; matched: `100%`) Released on `2022-04-06` by `Total Queendom, LLC., a division of MagicHouse Recordings; 2022 Warner Bros. Records`. • [**Вова, їбашь їх блять** by Мюслі UA](https://lis.tn/GHSZH?t=72) (01:12; matched: `100%`) Released on `2022-03-30` by `мюслі UA`. *I am a bot and this action was performed automatically* | [GitHub](https://github.com/AudDMusic/RedditBot) [^(new issue)](https://github.com/AudDMusic/RedditBot/issues/new) | [Donate](https://www.reddit.com/r/AudD/comments/nua48w/please_consider_donating_and_making_the_bot_happy/) ^(Please consider supporting me on Patreon. Music recognition costs a lot)


Can't find the tune. Do you have a link?


[Song: Вова, Їбашь Їх Блять](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_FoH0gucGo&list=RDQpS56Jf5hI0&index=10&ab_channel=KONGBAND)


The Russians would do alot better in this war if they didn't walk around with those red dots on their head announcing their positions


War sucks and is not as fun as video games or movies make it out to be. Shit is horrible. One sec you’re getting bitched at by your superiors next minute artillery turns you into meatloaf and the whole thing is recorded for all the whole world to see.


damn, there's really no hiding from artillery


Lot of luck for that apparent first round on target, but a lot of skill also. Looked like an old Russian 152 mm?


It’s a reverse engineered 152mm guided shell called “kvitnik”


Thanks for the reply 👍


How expensive is a round?


No idea Edit: google said around $35,000 for a single round


It would want to have laser guidance for that kind of price


still cheap to get a direct hit first go instead of just area bombardment.


We’ve been trying to reach you regarding your car’s…..


Looks like they missed a couple of times before the direct hit


A truly awful day to be Russian HQ staff.


Always trust Kraken for some kino


these artillery rounds are incredibly precise, are they using guided munitions with these weapons?


Beautiful hit!




Well, shit, that was not ambiguous.


So no comments how it's cut to hell or that it's not a headquaters like on Russian videos?


I don't know if it's a "headquarters" or not, but it's definitely being occupied by soldiers in camo green. So, what's your point?


Mainly that the same kind of videos from Russian side have dozens of comments how they actually didn't hit anything and how it's just propaganda


Well thats because you're on a social media app that has majority user base from the West? I hate to break it to you, but the overwhelming majority of those users think that Russia is a joke. So they're naturally going to be discredited. Plus have you ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf? Hint: That boy is Russian propaganda.


OK. That's a fair point, imo.


Well naturally there won't be many comments like that. Do you know why this is? Because Russia is notorious for their lies and propaganda and staged videos to show their "might". Do the Ukrainians have propaganda too? Yes of course, but the main difference is...Nobody likes Russia.


So web should just gobble up Ukrainian propaganda instead of trying to see the situation as it is? For a while you could actually see combat footage here but I guess se are back to the Ghost of Kiev


I mean if you want sympathy, you can just hop on over to your local state controlled media and gobble down some more of their prepared remarks on the "operation"...or you can see what people actually have to say on the other side and realize why people are so pissed off and unwilling to trust anything Russia says or does.


I don't want symapthy. I would like for this sub to be r/combatfootage and not r/Ukraine. But I guess I can stop reading the comments


Probably a good idea, you're not going to be happy if you keep reading the comments. I heard Telegram is nice this time of year tho.


Ma happines Has nothing to do with it. But I guess a lot of people are not going to be happy when they realise the war isn't really going the way they want. As for telegram it's the same as here but from Russian perspective, only dead Ukrainians and victorious Russians. Not really interested in that eather


Well then use both! You get both sides and then you won't be surprised that no matter where you go, there is going to be bias opinions. Its up to you to decipher what you think is truth and whats just war propaganda. Its rampant on all sides.


Did they blow up your house or something Bogdan? 😪


if they were in the attic pow


Why no double tap? I’d hit the same target with at least two shots


Slava Ukraine


I feel bad for the owner of that house...


how they so accurate?


Yo Ukraine is getting really good


Bigup Kraken squad


Russian unit successfully krakened


Goddamn, what a shot.


But it didn't look like artillery hit it. They usually shoot a barrage of shells hoping that one might get close or hit it. Here it almost looked like a switchblade or some high precision guided munition


Man... Switchblade explosions are the size of grenades, or a bit larger with shaped charge for anti-tank. No switchblade could ever hope to dream to immagine to blow off the second story from a house.. Inly a large arty shell or a missile could do that... those are just packed chalk full with explosives.






Ok it is a video and maybe edited a little 😜. But... 1 shell, 1 hit... bulls eye.... Ukraine really has to promise that once they'll cross the border to Moscow, they'll have to use old soviet weapons in urban area again...to make it square