Redditors really expect this drone footage to look like a video game. This is real life


It’s always funny to me how some people expect artillery to just hit spot on first shot and every shot


Bad week for Reddit


Bad werk for freedom.


Battlefield music yay :D


What's not included is that this strike eliminated 80 generals as well as half of all NATO forces


No no you don't understand, exactly at THAT moment the drone camera ran out of battery but it totally happened, trust me


Don't forget the 50 MLRS systems and hundreds of western weapons in there as well


and simultaneously destroying Washington, Paris and all of the evil Jewish Nazism with one hit.


According to Ukranian sources, a hospital and a school were hit in this footage


Idk what's worse, the people who think Russia has killed Nato General, or the people who think every single Russian video is an elaborate fake.


I wouldn't go as far as to say that Russian videos are fake, I agree in that way too many people jump the gun and assume they're fake because they don't want to admit that Ukraine is taking Ls. And since this Donbas offensive, they've taken A LOT of Ls too. But Russia do have a habit of exaggerating who they've killed without any real evidence besides DUDE TRUST ME. I remember when some Telegram channels were boasting about killing USMC commanders on Snake Island when it turned out it was just them getting blown out again and again. It gets a bit incredulous at times.


They do absolutely lie. But people here generally don't. There is no need for the same copy pasted replies under every single Russian video. They're just wanking themselves off.


Isn't it weird how every building Russian artillery lands near is a Ukranian command post


You see with your eyes here a load of people going in and out. What would you call that?


I believe it's NATO world HQ. Joe Biden was probably in there too


YOU enter the HQ YOU take your YOUR combat position YOU tell the soldiers orders (2 minutes) YOU leave


I have similar intel, there was Chuck Noriss as well. He was the commander.


Chuck Noris survived for sure.


what they don't tell you is that wasn't Artillery hitting the building, that was Chuck Norris taking a dump and blowing that toilet up!


No doubt. I think we can see in the video where Russian rocket turned back to them, they were shooting at Chuck Norris.. Rocket got scared.


I think on this sub this kinda shit is way more annoying. Essentially no one here believes that shit. You're parodying an imagined person.


In 2015 russkie were blowing up ISIS HQ every few days, for months. Despite that death cult being quite chaotic and probably not having much centralized command at all. A week ago they claimed 50 generals in one case and 500 troops in other, both one shots


Is that imaginary person you?


Joe biden got blasted off his bike there


Could be a nice shitter and shower in there, never know. Could be a chow ball.


With the limited amount of footage we see, and only a couple of vehicles going in and around, I'm having a hard time believing this is a command center.


Yep, just recently RIA actually posted that they killed 50 Ukrainian generals with one strike. Absolute insanity over there


Hey, atleast we actually saw UAF soldiers this time. It's normally a shack or a patch of random trees that are command posts when hit...




No, I think most of their vids are shit and show nothing


I’m sure you have all appropriate info to make that conclusion


I do, it's called my eyes


For both sides looking through drones it must be an incredibly target rich environment.


As per source: “Artillery of the "🅾️tvazhnye" group destroyed the command post of the 80th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​Lysichansk "Krasnopol" guided artillery shells hit a Ukrainian command post, two pickup trucks, an infantry fighting vehicle, a bus, and up to 20 Ukrainian militants.”


Actual BDA indicates that an occupied nursing home and child daycare center were struck along with a bus full of evacuating civilians and two Red Cross escort vehicles.




I am unclear on who is "cheering" for this war of aggression besides Russia and people who spread misinformation on Russia's behest. So...


Why the hell would they use guided munitions on something as big as a building? Out of range of standard ammo? Couldn't muster enough artillery to do a volley strike?


damn dude if only Russia had a guy as smart as you on their side they would've actually taken all of Ukraine in 3 days.


Conventional projectiles can be fired at a distance of up to 24 kilometers. Manageable up to 100 kilometers.


They should get a copy right strike for stealing battlefield 4's music...


So looking at the shadows, seems the recon shots were midday or close to, and there’s at least 2 hours worth of shadow (assuming the red roofed building is two floors) and then one good and two partial hits, on a confirmed 3 foot mobile and one armoured car/MRAP of some kind. Wow, worlds number 2 army indeed.


Seems to be enough time for them to leave the building


That presumed command post was shelled, not destroyed. If you want to learn what destroyed means, you can look at your own command posts. Or ammo dumps. Or airfields, warships, convoys, global reputation...


There are several giant holes in the building buddy I think that counts as destroyed


Post really comes across as the “yelling at clouds” saying. Or I guess “talking trash at clouds”


How many Russian cities look like Mariupol? I don’t think they’re even comparable mate. Ukraine has taken much more damage over the course of the war.


If you would like 🇺🇸 to give them long range rockets we will then Russia will look the same.


Then us gets a nuke up his ass. Great way to end the world


Both of your points are really dumb.


Do none of the bots in this sub understand how artillery shell shrapnel works. Anyone in that house is very dead.


Odd that they didn't fire anything larger like a few cruise missiles. Like a brigade command post probably warrants enough firepower to ensure people won't get out.


This footage was soo good! I was so surprised Russians had recorded it! And then I saw the cut... Another laughable "strike" video... 😕


What else do you want to see? Ukraine soldiers waving their hands at the drone seconds before the artillery hits? Of course they aren't dumb enough to stay outside for too long when the battlefield is littered with drones, but they still got caught. How fast do you think artillery takes from target acquisition to destroying the target? Do you want the full uncut 20min or whatever of the drone looking at those buildings? Ukraine vids of them destroying buildings/bases are the same btw but they don't get mass downvoted and I don't see people complaining about cuts.


Definition of the Death by a thousand cuts




Battlefield 3 anyone?


Battlefield 4 actually