Different type of combat. Attempted cash van heist in South Africa. Three suspects were arrested. Action starts from 1'05min in.

Different type of combat. Attempted cash van heist in South Africa. Three suspects were arrested. Action starts from 1'05min in.

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Its not within the rules but it stays because this is some seriously badass footage.


Cash in Transit in SA is one scary ass job. My boss worked for a gold mine in Joburg and has some crazy videos on his phone. This driver is the man.


>This driver is the man. Yeah, given that the bullet proof glass was the only thing that stood between him and death just a moment ago, he seemed very focussed and composed. - And fearless. Can anyone explain why he left the van at the end?


Got high centered on a median it looks like


Seems like he tried jumping a curb and got stuck


Traffic was probably backed up in front of him so tried to get an alternative route but ultimately got stuck. News article say the robbers were actually caught by the police.


What news article? Any ones I’ve seen were not from this incident


It tripped over the driver's massive balls.


It looks like he got stuck so he got out and defended it


Yep, he was preempting the threat. He knew that he had created some good separation but he didn't know if the attackers were still following, and staying inside the stuck vehicle would probably have been death if they caught up. It takes guts and a clear head to get out from behind your armor in a situation like that - he's definitely ex-military, probably a para.


I was going to say that guy absolutely has training and probably experience in combat. His reactions are cool and smooth and he immediately makes the call to arm up and defend when stuck.


The other guy seemed kinda new though.


Might be his first serious engagement. Everyone has a first. He did everything he was directed to though and was immensely helpful. That's all that matters for someone who is both stuck behind armor and can't help drive.






Yup it was kinda the only thing he could do as a passenger really. Shut up and let the driver concentrate then give him the gun when he needs it. Even if he was scared he did really good


Adrenaline will do wonders for ya, I promise you that.


Had to be told to cock his gun. Very strange, wonder if it’s some sort of company policy to carry with an empty chamber.


I imagine it helps avoid accidental discharge in a confined space.


It helps when you’re 90% of the time inside hermetic armoured trucks indeed


Also helps avoid intentional discharge


Oh I can almost guarantee you ride un chambered. We did the same in airplanes.


Likely a company policy to prevent negligent discharges. The downfall to this policy is in this situation one may not remember to chamber a round.


A ton of accidental discharges (with and without injury) are because, you guessed it, there was a round in the chamber So keeping the amount of time that there's a round in the chamber down statistically and in reality decreases the chance of an involuntary discharge


A lot of private security companies like hiring apartheid-era former soldiers, or police who want better pay.


I'm with Allied Universal, my entry to the company felt very streamlined and I was treated with immense respect, compared to other non-veterans. I'm on a DoD contract and most of the ppl at my site are all ex military and all of us served a tour in iraq or afghanistan, couple of them more than one. I'm US. Your comment is def not wrong, these companies want ex military or veterans because of our previous training. The skills, almost all of them, directly translates to the job. The only real training we need is location site knowledge, patrols routes and surrounding area knowledge. I love the field, it's varied, but can be extremely boring depending on site. Pay is also dependent on site.


Dude it’s freaky to me how diverse allied universal is in regards to their security contractors. You have some dudes with a GED who are mall/shopping center security to k9 handlers sniffing for illicit substances/bombs(I know someone who does this for allied), then some tac’d out prior service guys lol


Yeah it's pretty diverse lol, I don't even know what all else they have. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they had maritime security with ships now. Benefits could be better, especially with a multi-billion dollar, world wide company, but I enjoy what I do. Everything could be better, but there isn't much about my job I can complain about. A lot of guys/gals have it way worse.


I'm with Allied Universal and work in a correctional facility who works with inmates who are in trial or awaiting trial but are deemed incompetent or plead insanity.


Do you know why they carry rifles instead of a submachine gun or pdw? Seems hard to use that in a small space


Not really supposed to be using the guns inside the armored truck. You only get out if you have to, and once you do, you may as well have a rifle if it comes to that.


Yeah. It looks like a hand gun would be best if they were to get your door open and you're stuck in the cab.. outside the truck, you 100% would want a rifle.. Also, I'm assuming they carry those rifles when they're making their deliveries outside the truck in case someone wants to ambush them


They can't shoot from inside an armored vehicle anyway. Egressing a vehicle with a rifle due to a combat engagement is probably something that trained and experienced fighters are familiar with.


Rifle caliber ammunition is far more powerful and can do a lot more damage. Submachine gun ammunition is the same as handgun ammunition, so it has its limits. The one benefit SMG have, is they can fire a lot of rounds very quickly, and are generally smaller (easier to maneuver). There is a saying in the self defense community. A handgun is just what you use to fight your way to your rifle.


>There is a saying in the self defense community. A handgun is just what you use to fight your way to your rifle. precisely


When they catch the vans they usually put explosives under it to open up if the guards don’t.


GTA 6 South Africa


South African here, I can explain. They were probably pushed onto a bad curb by the robbers and got stuck, in that situation they always get out of the vehicle and return fire, their lives are worth more than the cash, and they'll certainly be killed if they are stranded in the vehicle.


It's a Toyota Land Cruiser they were driving. I'll poat some pics of the vehicle in a few. He probably beached it. https://i.imgur.com/mzsKqsp.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Ur8IQ8h.jpg


Definitely had good training/experience. Don't stop, don't roll the windows down. Keep moving and keep them guessing what you're going to do. Just don't hop a curb in a heavy van.


You can't roll the windows down in a bulletproof vehicle.


I would like to see the door that can allow level 5 bullet proof glass to roll down!


Mercades E Guard would like to talk Edit: Also the S600 Guard


Can you please post them?


Yeah I'll show him this on Monday and try get him to make an account (or just send them to me lol) Most of his videos are from a few cars back in the convoy but there is an insane one where they blow the doors off the cash truck


Jesus Christ. I both, do and don't want to see them. Mostly do. That's be cool if you could link them.


Luckily they're not graphic, don't think there were any casualties in the videos I've seen. The truck that was blown open was pinned by a ute so the guys ran away. It's just crazy seeing cars going up the sidewalk to get away from gunfire. I'm in New Zealand so shit like that is WAY out of the ordinary for us here lol.


What's exciting in video is definitely no fun for most folks in real life.


Driver handled that shit like a BOSS


Yeah, you can quickly see why he is the leader of this team. First, pre-action, he is constantly scanning his mirrors, aware of the growing threat around him. He then anticipates the initial attack. Before I move on, lets note the damn fine shooting of the attackers. Credit where it is due - it is really hard to accurately shoot a moving vehicle from a moving vehicle and these dudes managed to put "woulda-coulda-shoulda-been-a-head-shots" on both the driver and front passenger. They also follow faaaar longer than your typical robbery team. Back to our driver. He is clearly amped (watch his breathing change) yet he stays calm and gives clear, largely concise directions without adding too much fluff (OMG!s). Calmly tells his passenger to use his rifle if he needs to shoot while the driver is still operating the vehicle. Best of all, the driver keeps driving until the vehicle is disabled because rule #1 of an ambush of a single vehicle is "GTFO of the kill zone."


The first shot on the driver was impressive. The second shot on the passenger while in pursuit was seriously impressive. Without that ballistics glass being able to take (what I’m assuming is) 7.62 rounds, those guys would have been goners.


Attackers should have spent a few more bucks for AP rounds - not much ballistic glass can handle that. To be fair, we don't actually know what they were shooting because we don't know what glass was installed on the vehicle. They might have had AP rounds that were just a bit outclassed by really good ballistic glass.


I was gonna write "where will you find military-grade AP ammo?" and then I realised this is south Africa. Nevermind, carry on then.


There is meant to be a limit on the amount of ammo you can stockpile and you still have people sitting on like 30,000 rounds.


We can guess though that the company that owns the vehicle Has some knowledge of local threats and outfits their vans accordingly. These guys looked well-equipped and... one of them at least... was well-trained. I mean if you think about it this is the sort of thing the US military uses whole convoys to handle, and here it’s just two guys in an armored van and an automatic rifle. I imagine the pay must be pretty good.


>I imagine the pay must be pretty good Probably about $3/hr


>I imagine the pay must be pretty good. As someone who lives in SA... Probably not, sadly.


As the armchair warrior i am, the only flaw i spotted is the lack of communication to request help, after that and driving over the curb, is perfect. The kind of guy you want besides you when shit hits the fan.


Yeah, he should have a radio, not a cell phone.


Some cash transport services in Canada use cell phones. At least the ones that collect from my store all have cell phones and no radios.


Hm, good to note. Which routes specifically do they take?


Curb thing was because traffic was backed up ahead. Notice they dont call the police and there is likely a very good reason for it in South Africa. They caught the robber team in this incident but in others the robbers have been known to carry police radios...


Even still you'd think there'd be a private line to whatever head company incase of this incident. Beyond phoning Robbie & Josh lol


I was wondering if those two weren't their follow car that they had lost


> They caught the robber team in this incident but in others the robbers have been known to carry police radios... I'm not sure I follow. If the van called the police on the radio and the robbers intercepted that call, what would have the robbers have done? If they would have given up, I still see that as a win for the driver.


I agree the robbery team was making some really accurate hits on that van! Thank god for the strength of that bulletproof glass. The attackers were probably using AR or AK type rifles which would have ended the chase alot faster, If it wasn't for the armored glass and the drivers amazing driving skills and big brass balls!


This a good read. Ambushes bite the bone, you could see the "OH SHIT" moment on drivers face, but he got composure quickly. Not his first rodeo.


Yeah, that reaction tells us he has had years of training and likely practical experience.




In this case the kill zone was following the cash van


Am I the only one thinking why the fuck they don't have a coms to radio shit like this in as soon as it happens ?


Police are corrupt in SA. They only called their management company for backup. Probably only called cops when they knew they were safe.


Pretty sure a lot of these trucks have SOS buttons so they probably pressed that which automatically contacts the police. Also sends out GPS signal.


I've worked on a cash in transit vehicle to install some survalience equiptment, can't speak for how other companies operate but the one I worked on had a panic button linked to a radio that would send a panic signal back to their private security companies control room who would dispatch their own armed response personnel/vehicles to the scene (all the vehicles GPS positions were constantly monitored and displayed at the control room on a large interactive screen) and they'd only get the police involved after they've already dispatched their own armed response to handle the situation. Same applies to most peoples houses (myself included) where their alarm system is often linked to a private security company (ADT, Blue Security, Marshal Security, Pro Secure, Etc.) who will dispatch their own armed response personel and the police will only get involved afterwards to report the incident primarilly for the purposes of documenting the incident for insurance claims and not much else. Source: I work in the technical field for one of South Africa's largest local intrusion/security systems manufacturers and distributors, so if you have any questions on security equiptment (Primarilly Survalience, Intrusion detection, Access Control and monitoring equiptment) and how it relates to the South African market, I'm your guy :P


Wow are you serious? The police are corrupt. That seems like a rough situation.


I'm guessing you've never dealt with corrupt cops


my South African friend says the cops will taint the breath analyzer before you use it and when you blow on it, it will give a very very high reading. So if the individual doesn't want to go to jail or get beaten, they would have to bribe the cops with quite a bit of money to get the incident completely forgotten. They have a serious distrust of the police in SA.


Answer is simple, South Africa.


That's what I was thinking too. Especially when the driver told the passenger to phone their friends. They could've had back up coming the moment shit started rolling down hill if they had proper radio equipment.


Is there another part of the video? You can see the white truck on the right coming in as the driver get out!


No, this is all. No one was injured, three attackers caught.


As wild as it was, at least it ended well!


Im sure being that close to death, that man was ready to kill all of those attackers.


They clearly tried to kill you...you have no choice but to try and kill them to stay alive.


Yup. If someone tries to kill you their life is forfeit. Period.




Aka: fuck around and find out.


Stay strapped or get clapped


Link OP. Link.


Thats the sniper from tf2


Professionals have standards


What an absolute bad ass.


The way he grabbed the AR as he left the van. Handling his business


The fucking driver is a badass. He's drifting a 5 ton armored van. Then, the last thing we see is him get the ar and head to confront the attackers. And finally, according to op, they were apprehended! I'd love more context. This was the best action movie I've ever seen.


>Then, the last thing we see is him get the ar and head to confront the attackers Not only that, but while he is evading the attackers, moments after he got shot, he asks his side kick to ready the gun which he then takes at the end. Very action movie-esque.


I don't believe he was shot. The car he was in (which had bullet proof glass) was shot. There is a big difference between the two.


True, I was missing an "at". Big difference indeed, but I would probably be similarly useless if a bit of bullet proof glass stood between me and death.


Driver is a former Special Task Force member. He was driving an armoured Toyota Land Cruiser.


Fuck. That.


The immediate shot to the drivers head is what really scares me about this. Like a robbery is one thing, but they shot to kill right away without any other warning or attempt to take the cargo any other way. Big ups to the manufacturer of that bullet proof glass!


Probably in this situation those robbers know the people are armed and armoured and will likely fight so they're better off just shooting to kill.


Also it’s South Africa, here criminals are about as smart as a sack of meat and are brutal. They want something, they take it, you refuse, you die. People have been shot over a cheap phone. It’s hard to describe them if you’re not from Africa. Here there is just this total disregard for life amongst criminals. It’s almost primal behaviour. Nearly the whole of Africa has this mentality south of the big deserts


When I was in Cape Town, some guy tried to rob me by saying "Hey man! Come talk to me in this alley." Like really? You think I'm that stupid?


Maybe he felt lonely and needed someone to talk to...


U/stuckinfetalposition missed an opportunity to make a friend.


> here criminals are about as smart as a sack of meat and are brutal. That's true. They are also gigantic cowards. Likely these boys thought the cash van was an easy heist. But in most situations when the robbery goes awry (usually because the victims go full Offduty Brazilian Police-mode) they [tend](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lnPqbgEU7o) to [run](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thVhVjn59mg)


It's almost the exact opposite in Uganda though. Even criminals have respect for you, they just do what they have to to survive. Like, if they steal your bag you'll most likely find your passport or any important paperwork returned to the place of the robbery the next day.


I bet that makes the victims mental health much better the next day.


Better than being dead, I suppose.


Very much so


So you’d rather be dead or injured as well?


That's their MO in regular car jackings in SA too though. Run up to a car stopped at a light, shoot the driver through the window, then dump the body and drive away.


I had a truckload of goods in transit from Zambia to Cape Town. The fuckers stopped the truck in Zimbabwe, killed the driver, stripped the GPS tracker (they knew exactly where to look for it) and drove the truck away leaving his corpse in the road. We'll feed that guy's family for as long as the company is running, but for fucks sake what a waste of life to kill an honest working man like that. Total value of the truck was about R600k, but they probably scrapped it for chip change, and the value of the goods was R400k worth of lumber product that they likely sold as firewood. For a man's life. That's about 70k USD if they could get the full value, which is highly unlikely.


jesus christ


Welcome to Southern Africa my dudes. ^Help^me^GTFO^here


It's probably pretty common knowledge that trying to bully an armored car into stopping won't work. That's the specific thing they train for. The best thing you can hope for outside of completely boxing it in is what the attackers did, go all out on the personnel inside.


They tend to throw molotov cocktails onto the cabin to flush the occupants out


South Africa is the prologue to Mad Max.


there's a scene in that movie with Die Antwoord where they (rag-tag bunch of street thugs) rob a cash truck, and I thought it was like some fantasy-action-movie style shit... but apparently that shit is for real, and even somewhat commonplace... wild.


It’s so fucking weird that they starred in a big budget sci-fi movie.


the more time i spend in this thread, the more i feel like it wasn't even that fictional lol


This is my same strategy when robbing a stagecoach in RDR2


Right around the 30 second mark, the driver notices something and starts watching the mirrors a lot more than before.


Because he was getting boxed in, the shooter was exiting the vehicle, pause video at 2:37 you can see the shooter out passengers window.


Damn dude, good fuckin eye.


There were multiple vehicles and shooters. The white truck and the dark sedan. The white truck goes ahead to start the box. The sedan then engages, front and back windows are down. Hard vehicle then turns into the threat and rams. The white truck then gets ahead of the hard vehicle and tries to cut it off, which the hard vehicle happily complies with by ramming the truck hard.


Is that why you see our boy working the hell out of the gears - forward and reverse- bc he was ramming the white truck?


No, at the end there he was stranded on a median.


Friend of mine did personal protection in SA. He was being followed and was expecting a kidnap attempt - specifically he expected the attackers to make their move as they entered the clients residence/compound and use their car to block the gate open and jump out of their vehicle to rush/kidnap the client. This is exactly what happened. As he and his client cleared the opened gate, he had his client get low, while he himself left the (armoured) vehicle and stood behind the engine block with his gun pointed towards the attackers. He opened up on them while they were still in or exiting their own car. Killed or wounded all four attackers, who didn't even have a chance to fire back.


>pecifically he expected the attackers to make their move as they entered the clients residence/compound and use their car to block the gate open and jump out of their vehicle to rush/kidnap the client. Transition zones is where they try to get you!


>Doors and corners kid. That's where they get you. Miller


Miller was by far my favourite part of the Expanse, books and show. That sweet detective noir action in the disenfranchised Asteroid belt of the Solar System was top notch stuff


Holy fuck this was exhilarating


Both those guys stayed cool af through that entire thing. Whatever they are paid, the deserve more.


There was I thinking that a quick Google of ‘South Africa Cash Van Heist’ would quickly reveal more about the story but holy moly, it seems that this sort of thing has become something of a National past-time over there! Being on the crew of a cash van is about as hazardous as being tail-end Charlie on a WW2 bomber...


Usually incidents ramp up just before elections. Make of that what you will.


Gotta pay for those votes somehow eh? 😉


Yeah this ain’t that dudes first rodeo.


[Edited to add a thank you for the reward, and to caution that instead of gilding you spend your money on a charity. It's your cash of course, so thank you.] Skimmed the thread and didn't see a translation, so here it is: [UPDATED WITH THE GOOGLE MAP LINKS WHERE THINGS HAPPENED] (Shooting starts [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'29.3%22S+28%C2%B015'25.6%22E/@-25.7414559,28.2560207,526m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.7414583!4d28.257115) and he turns into the grey car [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'29.4%22S+28%C2%B015'24.0%22E/@-25.7415035,28.254468,1052m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.7415083!4d28.2566567)) Driver: "Fok jou, jou poes." | "Fuck you, you pussy/cunt" (The Afrikaans "poes" is either "pussy" as in you are a sissy or coward, or "cunt" as in you are an asshole. Sometimes it sits in between, like here "Try again asshole" would be a less verbatim but accurate translation for the his words.) (He drives away from the initial shooting) Driver: "OK." (or "Good" I am a bit unclear on what he said, it sounded English, but "OK" is an Afrikaans word as well.) (Stirring the go faster stick while pressing the go faster pedal) Driver: "Cock the gun" (Guard cocks his pistol, and driver fiddles next to him) "This one" (Hands over the preferred boomstick.) Guard: (Cocks gun while remaining surprisinly nonperturbed by all that's going on. Must be almost Friday, amirite?) "OK" while holding the gun ready for the driver to take. (Some high stakes bumpercars action ensues [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'31.1%22S+28%C2%B015'09.5%22E/@-25.7419535,28.2504596,1052m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.7419583!4d28.2526483), the opponents perform a less than ideal overtake, the guard cocks the rifle ~~again, or maybe chambers a round? I am unsure. Help me understand what happens there as I don't know firearms well~~.) << Before cocking the rifle he cocks his pistol, I missed that on the first watch. Driver: "Kom jou kont" | "Come you cunt" (Better translated as "Bring it, motherfucker.") (Said [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'31.8%22S+28%C2%B015'05.8%22E/@-25.7424311,28.2494492,575m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.7421733!4d28.251605) (Spirited motivation of the direction-finding-wheel and a hasty U-turn is performed [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'33.1%22S+28%C2%B015'01.4%22E/@-25.7418748,28.2491784,709m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.74252!4d28.250385).) Driver: (Not clear, sounds like); "Die kamera is crushed" ("The camera is crushed" or " coming half crashed") (Driving with less oomph now, but still at high speed - From what I see on Google maps according to the latitudes on their camera, and having driven that road daily at one stage, he is driving against traffic now.) Driver: "They coming after us" << This could be what he said earlier as well. Guard: "Nie aan die kant" | "Not on this side" (Another u-turn is performed [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'30.3%22S+28%C2%B015'12.2%22E/@-25.7417487,28.2527779,526m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.74175!4d28.253385), and they pull away with a little tyer squeel. Could also be the hijackers doing a hard braking turn and it's their tyres we hear.) Driver: "They gonna shoot, they're gonna fucking shoot." Guard: "They can shoot." (His face says "They made him angry now...") (Popping sounds as some bullets find their mark [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'30.5%22S+28%C2%B015'11.0%22E/@-25.7418026,28.251959,526m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.741805!4d28.2530533). Guard purses his lips, as if he is dreading having to write a report if they hit his window, aaand then they hit his window. Damnit...) - Last bullet in this volly hits their vehicle [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'30.6%22S+28%C2%B015'09.9%22E/@-25.7418259,28.251654,526m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.7418283!4d28.2527483) Driver: (Hits guard on his leg) "Phone Robbie..." Guard: "I'm gonna phone Robbie..." Driver: "Phone Robbie, phone Josh and ask them where they are..." Guard: "Ok." Guard: (Looking through the contacts on the cellphone) "Ok-Josh" (He finds Josh on the phone [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'37.2%22S+28%C2%B014'51.9%22E/@-25.7436702,28.245563,1052m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.743675!4d28.2477517)) (They impact what I think must be the median or a concrete barrier. South Africa has various types of these separating some highways and busier main roads) - This happens [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'38.1%22S+28%C2%B014'45.4%22E/@-25.7439188,28.2453828,263m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.74392!4d28.24593) Either he tried to turn into the parking lot, or the coords are a bit off and he tried to turn up End str and got curbed there. Driver: "Fucking shoot him" (Uttered [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'38.1%22S+28%C2%B014'45.4%22E/@-25.7437317,28.2451019,144m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.743915!4d28.24593) I am thinking the coords are a bit off to the West of where the real events happened.) Guard: (Unclear, I am not sure, best guess from what I can make out) "He's not holding" (Drives over something) "He's right you..." OR "He's my problem..." (Drives over something) "Hes my problem..." Driver: "Fuck" (Proceeds to get out of the car, remembers the handbrake but forgets to remove his seatbelt.) - He gets out of the car [HERE](https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/25%C2%B044'38.1%22S+28%C2%B014'45.9%22E/@-25.743893,28.2457696,81m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.743905!4d28.2460683), as it is the last GPS position in the video, so I am assuming it didn't sync up precisely with the events in the video timestamp wise either because they moved North, but not further East yet the GPS showed him getting out of the car further East than where it showed him getting beached or stuck. Guard: (Holds rifle for driver) "The rifle" Hope this helps, they have a thankless job, and I struggled a bit because some of it could have been said in languages other than Afrikaans or English and I wan't listening for those so could have missed it where I indicated guesses or that I couldn't make out what was said.


Ok cool. The reason why he appears to cock the gun twice is that he doesn't do it the first time, I think he might hesitate cycling the bolt or he might think that his arm might not bend enough given the weird angle so a bit later he moves the gun forward so his arm can move back far enough and load one into the chamber. Or he may just be very well trained and knows that in a big metal box the ricochet would be awful and hesitates as to whether to load it or not incase of an accidental discharge.


Thank you, appreciate your explanation.


I salut you. This actually was a very interesting Dialoge


Thanks for that detailed debrief-cum-translation!




He only pulled it once. He's doing something to the ACOG at first or preparing to pull the charging handle, but he only actually pulls it once.


>Driver: "Fucking shoot him" I think actually he's saying "(they're) fuckin' shootin'"? That ties in better with the fact that the guard says "he's not answering", because if the driver/boss said "fucking shoot him" and the guard just... Calmly refused and not even addressed that order would be weird, wouldn't it?


As for your question regarding the cocking of the gun. The man on the right first unholsters his Pistol and chambers a round by pulling the lside backward. Right after that he grabs the m16 variant and fingers the cocking piece a few times before pulling it backward fully once. So all in all he once cocks the pistol and once cocks the rifle.


Its crazy how far people will go to get cash. Trying to kill someone they dont know who’s doing their job just for a few bucks. Thats pretty fucked imo


yeah first bullet would have killed the driver without bulletproof glass, persistent cunts too kept coming back. At least there's prospect of a bit of cash here though. Seen robberies in south America where they're shooting people over $30, cold blooded.


Human life isn't worth much in a lot of places, or more accurately, to a lot of people.


Googling South Africa and van cash heists. Had no idea how prevalent they are there.


Yeah I have colleagues in ZA, they say its quite common. High level of crime especially in Joburg. I imagine it’s basically like your typical GTA lobby over there.


It does, We had a similar thing happen yesterday. A prisoner van got hit by 4 gunmen in town yesterday, 45 prisoners were broken out. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.news24.com/amp/news24/southafrica/news/kzn-police-release-pictures-names-of-escaped-prisoners-20210429


South Africa is the wild west, that's why PMC's and security companies are a big thing there.


Damn we want more of this content in the sub. It's insane how they got away!


Watching the driver go from 'huh' to 'hmmm' to 'yep, here we go' was great, perfect example of defensive driving. Post contact was great too, hope he got out ok


I applied to be an armored truck driver/guard awhile ago when I needed a job. I think the pay was 12-15/hour. I then decided to look up how often trucks are actually attacked/robbed... suffice it to say, I skipped that interview


12-15 an hour for that job? who the fuck would ever bother?


I did it for 2 years. Starting wage was $10.25


For that job? Fuck that!


Don't be hard on the guy on our right. Any person in that situation would have freaked out in panic. Plus, you really don't want to open the bulletproof windows and become a potential target yourself. Or even worse, shoot towards the attackers but hit traffic or a bystander. That driver can keep his calm, drive a truck under pressure and handle an assault rifle. Pretty much the definition of badass.


Watching it I thought he did ok at keeping his head on straight, that was definitely a high risk situation and while he wasn't as overtly badass like our driver friend, he didn't lose his shit and wimper and cower and stuff. My guess is he's relatively new to the duty, and hopefully he does well cause it seems like there's a pretty damn good incentive to do that job well...


Man, the entire time I watched I was genuinely impressed by his composure. Both did well.


Yeah, he did what the driver asked for, was really helpful to him, giving him the info he needed. It must be how the job is learnt, the senior drives, because he knows what to do in case of an attack, the junior watches and learn at the same time, so later, the junior will be a senior and so a driver, then will teach his knowledge to a junior copilot.


Thanks for saying this. Until you’ve been in a moment like this, you don’t realize how overwhelmingly scary it is. Like, can’t breathe, can’t think, can’t hear, scary. Piss yourself scary. ‘Merely’ performing your basic duties under this sort of stress should be considered a success.


True, but it's a good opportunity to point out that training helps to mitigate the impact that fear has on these kinds of events. You know what the other person will be doing and what you will do from drilling that kind of action over and over. Like I should collapse the buttstock of the weapon and immediately chamber a round. Again not a criticism of individual, rather, on the quality of training.


Yes and movies completely ruined our perception of such situations. I was hoping the passenger seat guy would open the window and blow the balls off the robbers!


He didn’t really look panicked to me. Amped for sure, but all he can do is sit there and take the shots until the driving stops. He did everything the driver told him to and without messing up lol


Exactly. If the driver had told him to do something, I'm sure he would have done it. But the driver had to focus on fleeing from the attackers. The passenger just got the gun ready and that's it. I don't see any bad reaction from him.


...what did you expect the guy on the right to do? I don't think anyone reasonable is shitting on the helpless dude getting shot.


Seriously, I don't know what they're expecting, for him to open the door and shoot while the other guy drives them away? lol.


*Passenger pulls his pistol* Driver: "we don't do that here" *gives him an AR*


This was awesome, amazing work from both guys staying calm and collected in that situation. Got to love that bullet proof glass proving its worth, so many clear headshots its amazing it stood up


Here are some after pics for those interested. [https://imgur.com/a/oXRLVeo](https://imgur.com/a/oXRLVeo) . The van is a armored Toyota Land Cruiser 79. The attackers were driving a Audi A5 (tbc) and a Ford Ranger UTE. Edit: "According to the original poster who first shared the video to [**Reddit**](https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/n1s9ub/dodging_a_cashintransit_robbery_the_man_has_balls/), the incident has not quite made the news in South Africa, since such heists are a common occurrence over there; indeed internet sleuths continuously posted articles to a similar cash-in-transit robbery a week apart, believing it to be the same incident. The poster, who shared the video from a WhatsApp group, said the Land Cruiser was carrying phones, which was the target of the attempted heist. He said it got stuck attempting to ram the sedan over a bollard; after the guards got out the sedan tried to run them over but missed, before fleeing the scene. He said neither guard was injured — and no phones were stolen. (The Land Cruiser was left "a bit sore" however.)"


This clearly wasn't the first rodeo of the driver it seems. the passenger was a bit out of it but still handled it well. Some scary ass shit




*If that were me in the passenger seat, it would be three suspects neutralized at the scene!* /s -dude who thinks real life is a movie.


Good drills by the driver, once he is stationary he is dead if they pursue him.Gangs use different methods to stop the vans, AP rounds through windscreen, trucks to box in, spike strips, ditches etc. And then the fun starts, petrol into cab, explosive charges to open rear safe. Teams up to 15 bandits will hit the vehicle, all heavily armed. The movie HEAT, but real life. You can see he spots something behind, starts watching the side mirror intently 30 secs before being hit. The guys on the CIT vans have a seriously dangerous job in SA, specially the busy periods and the response teams from the companies often are at serious numeric disadvantage, also only allowed semi auto weapons, sucks, but such is life. If the SAPS ( South African Polics Service ) are able to get their response team in place, things are different. Those guys were the real deal. Lots of them landed up in Iraq as contractors. You can see why! Not so sure how competent the teams are now. Sometimes the bandits get a nasty surpise. [task force v CIT robbers](https://youtu.be/FYoHWFoE9Q4)


Yo that driver radiates big dick energy


I read Van Neistat.


Are there somewhere more videos like that? Thatw as insane


Here you go. From a documentary about the special task force in south africa. https://youtu.be/2SATcOdxZu0


The driver of the van looks around the right age to be ex-military (apartheid era - probably involved in the border war) that dude has guaranteed seen some shit. Huge props to him and the gent sitting next to him. Note the trigger discipline. In case anyone thinks passenger dude wasn't handling the situation well - he followed his CO's instructions.


My man on the right saw god himself. I'm very happy to read that they are both alive and didn't get harmed. Also good finger placement never on the trigger. Hopefully they will upgrade their gun to a smaller variation.


That dudes balls are heavier than the armored van


Any related article?


No. OP keeps claiming that suspects were apprehended but links no article. Classic reddit.


Plot twist. OP is the driver


Is there the other half of this video?? Are these guys ok??


You’d think they would have some kind of PDW along with the AR.


An AR seems wrong for the job tbh. Especially one as long as that one.


I think the more important thing is that they got the right man for the job.


Apparently the driver is an expert firearm trainer. That is most probably his setup by choice. Some people talked about him today on a local facebook group and one guy knew him personally.


The best weapon for the job is the one you’re familiar with and can shoot well. Perhaps the fella prefers his AR.


Would have been great if the stock wasn't extended...


If you watch the passenger pulls out his handgun and racks a round right after the initial volley. His job is probably to stay with the money and fight to the end


Awesome clip! I find it strange that the van didn't have a CB radio installed or the crew have long range walkies. It seems crazy to be texting someone that we are under attack. Also - would some sort of alarm siren and lights been of any help, maybe something like a police one? At least it might help alert innocent drivers that something fucked up is happening and approaching fast and to get out of the way and keep your head down...


Driver has balls of steel and my respect. How many shots can that window take before becoming useless?


It never becomes useless, but it becomes untrustworthy after the first scratch. Depending on caliber, composition, and how much energy that bullet still had when it got to the target, each subsequent shot could more easily get through. I wonder what plate thickness they're using there, though. That drivers side window took a beating.


I bet the white dude wishes he would have worn his plates today.