Book written by former Ohio State player

Hey folks, some of you might remember my post from a couple months ago where I invited people to check out my Ohio-centric horror short story collection “Scream if You’re Having Fun.”

You all really showed out for me (thank you so much btw) and since that was self-promo, I want to pay something forward and plug a book I found that could be of some interest to folks in Columbus. Shane Clark, a Chillicothe native and defensive lineman on the Buckeyes in the mid 90s, just dropped a new gritty thriller called The Devil Won’t Keep Us Apart that takes place in a fictional version of Chillicothe.

Southern Ohio lit is dominated by Donald Ray Pollock and Clark managed to snag an endorsement from DRP himself on the front cover. If you’re familiar with Pollock’s “The Devil All the Time,” you’ll probably really love this one too. It’s much more in tone with Pollock than my stuff. I would sum it up as a contemporary version of DATT. It’s about a prison murder and the fallout from it. Loads of interweaving characters and storylines.

As a cherry on top, the novel is PACKED with Southern and Central Ohio references that will constantly make you feel like that GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. There’s even a 10 TV shoutout (again, like mine, no Jerry Revish though.) ):


Man, if Pollock digs it it’s probably worth a read.