Thanks to u/aevuhh for originally posting about this two weeks ago 😂 https://www.reddit.com/r/ColourPop/comments/jj87wp/raw_beauty_kristi_collab/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Usually it’s really obvious when influencers phone in their collabs, this isn’t it. I saw the video she posted introducing it, and it’s obvious that a lot of love and thought went into the collection.


I saw it on Instagram it’s beautiful with great colors!!!


Come on, colourmom!


[Here it is!](https://i.imgur.com/njK3WTr.jpg)


I hope it has mushrooms!


I was just saying I wish they’d do a collection with dark greens. I reallyyy want this to be great! Hope it’s not tons of neutrals again.


Wasn’t the cake on her surprise baby shower fantastic? It had delicate little mushrooms and a forest scene similar to this mushroom scene. I bet it tasted great.


I’m so excited for this collab if it is with Kristi 😩 i hope there’s no problems with the colourpop site tomorrow


I feel lost... What's tomorrow? By your timing I'm assuming tomorrow to be Tuesday the 10th yes? I must've missed something lol but yeah no problems on the site plz :)!


i thought it was launching tomorrow the 10th, instead of the 12th! oops my bad, either way i’m hoping to get my hands on the collection! :)


Excuse my late reply and I hope you got what you wanted :)!


I LOVE mushrooms


I hope this would be a 30 shades pallet. 😍


Doesn't CP usually announce Monday or Tuesday for a Thursday release? I'm so excited that Kristi got her Colourmom collab!


I hope this has some beautiful dark mossy greens! The Baby Yoda was a little too light for my skin tone personally.


I think this might he the raw beauty Kristi collab that there was a leak about. I think that's what the cover looked like. Edited to fix a typo.


I’m so excited


I’m literally so excited for this I cannot wait to see it!!!!


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