I hate when that happens! I do this all the time haha. Rest assured, it doesn't look bad or weird in any way 🙂 perhaps someone has some clever advice, but I think you can move on for now and perhaps revisit it when it's done with the cow/bull (?) No one would ever notice or think twice about it, but I know that it still sucks to have these "trigger areas". I'm sure anyone recieving it would be super happy. It looks amazing so far and I hope you share the whole drawing when it's done!


Thank you very much! I’m gonna guess from your handle that you have anxiety too! I’m prone to panic attacks - LOL - not funny but you know. I appreciate your point of view and your input on this and I am going to continue on to the bull and just ignore it for now and see … maybe it’ll just seek it to the background LOL. I will definitely continue to post progress pictures and the finished product. I enjoy being a part of this community and will try to get on here more often


>I’m gonna guess from your handle that you have anxiety too Yup! I have been in therapy for quite some time now (GAD) so I would change my username to slightly_less_anxiety_cookie if I could! I hope you're able to get some help with how to handle/manage your anxiety as well. I look forward to see the finished piece! Big hugs.


Hey! This is pretty cool. If it were my mess up I would use the same purple and branch out the same way as the surrounding plants, maybe a little bit thicker. With green blended in it too. Like a mother plant haha


I would try using touch up texture or textured fixative by brush and pencil. It’s not a cure all but it def will allow you to add more layers. Keep in mind that the touch up texture is more for smaller areas and the fixative is for bigger areas. Good luck and you’re doing great so far~