What is the most devastation loss your team has handed to someone else?

What is the most devastation loss your team has handed to someone else?


Maybe 1988 beating 1-seed Oklahoma as a 6-seed in the national championship game. Also Memphis in 2008. Not necessarily because it was surprising that we won, but moreso the way we won.


Not sure it beats either of the championship games, but Kansas over Kentucky in ‘89 (150-95) was pretty sweet. Pitino barely had enough kids to field a team and refused to take off the full court press even after the Jayhawks proved they could break it at will. It was the loudest I ever heard Allen Fieldhouse - wasn’t good for my hearing, but sure was fun.


I was there, it was amazing. Kentucky ran out of time outs and Roy being the gentleman that he was offered to call a timeout for Pitino, Pitino told him to go fuck himself. Terry Brown hit 11 threes that game or something like that.


That was a statement game for both teams. One obviously via domination and the other that this is the way we are playing get used to it.


You also beat 4 seed Kansas State in the Elite 8 that year.


KSU's basketball program was sacrificed for a football program at that moment.


Correct answer.


I live in Memphis. Even Mario Chalmers playing for the Grizzlies for a brief time made them uneasy.


can absolutely confirm 2008


16 over 1


2017 when we beat Northwestern. May not have been the most devastating game but it certainly was for this kid. https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/be/6c/crying-kidpng_g98h01npbiia101m2qqqefjuq.png?t=-345710038&quality=100


It's because that was the first and only time NW made the NCAA Tournament in school history. Kid probably didn't want the ride to end cause he knew it was once in a lifetime lol


That was the then Northwestern AD's son.


The missed goal tend in that game was huge.


I'm thinking it was 2017 Xavier (84-59) keeping them out of their first Final Four, or 2016 Utah (82-59), as an 11 over a 3. But maybe close losses are more devastating? UCLA 2021? West Virginia 2017?


I can’t think of one. Have we devastated any of you? Mostly we eat basketball pain, store it, and deliver it at random to B1G football teams with NC aspirations.


I remember the Tennessee game in ‘19 crushing a lot of UT fans’ hearts, man was that a good Tennessee team


Oh yeah, easy to forget for us because of how devastating the next game was


yeah but they also don't remember purdue had a 20 point lead with 15 min to go and managed to "Purdue" it and let tennessee regain the lead in a game that should have been over. We dominated that game for 25 min and then completely forgot how to play basketball for a 10 min span. And as a purdue fan it sucks we've blown 20 point leads at least 15-20 times in the past decade.


They said Carsen Edwards stepped out of bounds lol


Beating us at home on national television for Bobby Knight’s first game back was pretty soul crushing if I’m honest.


Lmao that one was funny af. For everyone's sake, I'm glad they kept chairs out of reach


107-57 still stings a bit even if it’s worn off


1994 NCAA tourney vs. KU. That team was all Glenn Robinson and KU wasn’t expected to win but I still had high hopes. Had to go to bed before the game was over so, early in the morning I rushed out to go grab the paper and check and got really sad when I saw we’d lost.


All I remember from that game was Robinson dunking all over Ostertag.


Two that come to mind are the following: 1) #11 [Purdue beating #2 Ohio State at Mackey. On a personal note, I was at this game and I left Mackey with ringing ears.](https://www.hammerandrails.com/2020/4/13/21219320/purdue-76-ohio-state-63-2011-matt-painter-best-wins) 2) [Purdue dominating #2 Virginia at Mackey](https://www.jconline.com/story/sports/2019/12/04/purdue-basketball-takes-down-no-2-virginia/2604679001/) Purdue really has something against the number two ranking...


You could maybe say Tennessee but they also came back from a huge deficit Beating #2 IU in the 1980 Sweet 16 as a #6 is probably bigger.


Number 2 you say?


Nah we've consistently hovered in the "good enough to not be embarrassed about losing to them" range for so long with glimpses of actual greatness. And a lack of tourney wins means we haven't upset anyone huge. This year looks promising as hell tho!


Beating the 38-0 Kentucky team in the final four probably


No joke, I was watching KarlTowns twitch stream one day and he was playing jackbox and opened it up to viewers, and I actually made it on What is your anti-drug? I won this question and got Karl to laugh when I submitted Wisconsin. I know we UK fans are spoiled, but that was a devastating stake to the heart you all gave to UK fans


I don’t think a loss will ever hurt me again, honestly. Like I see UNC fans commenting Luke Maye’s shot against us in the Elite Eight… I barely remember that haha but the Wisconsin game broke me in a way no sporting outcome has broken me before. Losses just roll off me, like water off a duck’s back.


Same. I was at that UNC game and it doesn't bother me all that much. It was a great game. That Wiscy one though, I may never get over.


“PrObAbLy” lmao


I know the feeling.


Also drove the spear through ol Roy's heart last year


and I will never like ANYTHING about the state of Wisconsin because of it


Ohio State game in the 2011 Sweet 16. Not sure how many Buckeye fans remember that game, but that team had OSU’s best chance to win it all besides 2007 since the early 90s teams with Jim Jackson- 32-2 into the tourney and a #1 seed, only for Brandon knight to knock them out of the tourney. But damn, that was a good OSU team. Also maybe the 2019 S16 versus Houston, but I’m sure their fans have been replenished with the final four this year


Harrelson throwing the ball at sullenger


2014 vs UCLA. 41-7 at half, going on to win 83-44. Same year, Aaron Harrison hits a 3 with under a minute in three consecutive tournament games to crush the hopes of Louisville, Michigan, and Wisconsin. One of the coldest displays I remember watching as a Kentucky fan. Important to remember that we were an EIGHT seed this year too. https://youtu.be/P456rEWQpXs


For Syracuse-2016 elite eight vs Uva. For William and Mary, we only experience devestating losses, we don’t dish them out


this is the correct answer from a UVa fan perspective. no one cares about the UMBC game - but that syracuse game was an absolute kick in the pants - they would have been in the championship game at least.


The correct answer for Syracuse is the 2013 Sweet 16 vs IU….IU was ranked #1 most of the year and the fan base is dying for another NC.


Mississippi State: I guess maybe ‘96 sweet 16 against UConn, or maybe 2017 women’s final four against UConn? Sorry UConn fans. Villanova: Probably upsetting Georgetown in the ‘85 national championship game


Georgetown ‘85 for sure. But second place is probably the 40 pt win over Oklahoma in the 2016 Final Four.


Miss State takes the cake when it comes to fucking over UConn


Are you forgetting someone? In an 8 year stretch from 2011-2019, Notre Dame delivered over half of UConn’s total losses. Including 3 times in the Final 4 If anyone has been a thorn in the side of UConn since Pat Summitt retired, it’s us


can confirm. Loved UConn-ND games! Fierce battles all the time. But also Miss State.


2001 Final Four was also devastating. Arguably our most talented team, but Ralph and Abrasimova were injured by that point. I was a sophomore in 2018. That buzzer beater hurt, felt like my heart got yanked out, same thing as 2017. I can’t really say which one was worse, but if I had to pick, it was Mississippi State.


Can confirm. That ‘96 loss hurt. Dampier and Jones were monsters.


Our ‘96 team was peak Allen and Sheffer. That 2017 loss hurt so much because it broke our winning streak (I was actually alive for that one, a freshman at UConn). And we would have won that game if ~~Kia Nurse~~ Saniya Chong didn’t turn the ball over unforced with the shot clock turned off.


Northern Iowa over Kansas to make the Sweet 16. Sorry, but I still dream of the Jordan Eglseder and Ali Farokhmanesh 3's.




One of my favorite tourney moments of all time.


I could never return to the bar where I watched that game.


Arizona in 2005 Elite 8 for sure






I inevitably end up watching this at least once or twice a year.



Every time I think about it I get angry


Probably, but I think we also have to consider Wake that year. They had a lot championship hype in the preseason, were ranked #1, came to Champaign and then: ​ >"They played infinitely better than we did. I don't know how much more clearly I can say it," Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser said. "They made shots that were open, they made shots that were contested. Their offense was exponentially better than our defense, hence the score of the game." They still had a decent year, but nobody took them as a championship threat after that game. Their season was over. Not as much as a gut punch, but a slow burn destruction.


Everyone and their mom thinking Gonzaga, who according to KenPom was (I believe) the highest ranked team over the last 6 years, had an easy title ahead just for Baylor to beat the brakes off them.


Kenny G clutch 3 over Zion's Duke team in the 2019 Elite 8. ESPN had nothing but Zion coverage all year it seemed like, that had to hurt.


Probably was more devasting for ESPN than Duke haha, although I doubt Duke fans liked it.


Yeah, ESPN loves their narrative, they probably just didn't want to cover college basketball after that.


Can confirm, not a fan. Duke seniors were devastated though, that's for sure.


The ONE time I was rooting for MSU. God was that Zion coverage disgusting, it made me absolutely hate him and Duke.


I know, feel bad for him now though, seems like a decent guy and so much expectation on him it was unreal.


Tbf he's been as good as advertised if not better so far. We can talk about his weight another day.


> it made me absolutely hate him and Duke C’mon that wasn’t his fault. He doesn’t dictate what ESPN does


We were so over covered that year. We are every year, but that one especially. We really weren’t that great of a team, just a collection of good players, but Zion masked all that. We legitimately could’ve lost R64 and was one cup spin short of losing in R32. That team was championship or bust, and it busted hard


Wait, you’re telling me the fourth-worst high-major 3PT shooting team in the country, led by a freshman PG who shot 41% from the field, was nothing more than a ‘collection of good players’? A team with only 3 double-figure scorers, one of whom shot *35%* (Cam)? Yeah, that Duke squad is still remembered as a killer team for some reason. People forget that KenPom actually *favored* MSU and Vegas only had them at +1.5. Michigan State deserved to be on the 1-line, but we definitely threw by refusing to iso Zion on every possession with under three minutes to play. That team lost two games at full strength all season, Gonzaga by 2 and MSU by 1, and both times we let RJ play hero ball instead of letting Zion do whatever he wanted.


I’d add two games against Michigan that year; one we denied them a share of the B1G title, and then we beat them again for the BTT. Really going 3-0 on them when there was a narrative out there of Belein getting Izzo’s number.


Not even close, Uconn ‘99


I swear time slowed down when that shot went up, i replay it in my head pretty often


Purdue 2019 Elite 8 mebbe?


I can think of another game…


Watching Sir Charles die inside on the fouled 3 pointer was sad to see, even for me.


Can confirm Am still devastated.


Think about it at least twice a week.


I drink to forget it many times a week.


In addition, the Louisville game in 2018. There is no reason we should have won that game. Fun fact: I was there and was walking out when I saw on a TV that we were inbounding it. Couldn’t figure out how that could have happened, since Louisville was just inbounding it with 0.6 seconds left.


I was pretty close to choosing Louisville just for the sheer unlikely set of events that led to the win. But it came down to the difference in lasting emotional damage.


They thought they were about to beat the #1 team in the country


Where are the UMBC fans


The is r/collegebasketball. We’re all UMBC fans.


*No lies detected*


I hate your entire state and will for a long time :/


This is fair, but it’s a commonwealth, not a state.


The United 46 States and 4 Commonwealths of America


Lubbock also wouldn’t still be standing if we won, so maybe thanks?


That's the only game I've watched that still haunts me. Only because if we had one I feel like the championship was in grasp that year


It wasn’t much of a consolation at the time I’m sure, but that was the greatest performance by a college player that I’ve ever seen, regular or post season. Unreal.


I was at the Final Four and I can’t imagine anything worse than the Auburn game. Dude *they announced Auburn won*. I can’t imagine hearing that as a fan and then having it ripped away.


I was there too, surrounded by a ton of MSU fans. They booed the whole time Guy was shooting the FTs. I thought we had lost for probably 20 seconds tho until I wondered why the players weren’t walking off the court


I still can’t watch the highlights


I’ve watched the full game like 4 times, so I think that makes up for it


That game ruled. Reminds of how badly Tom Crean fumbled the bag by not recruiting Kyle Guy actively.


Gotta be Purdue over Tennessee in the 2019 sweet 16. They were a 2 seed. They spent 4 weeks in Jan/Feb ranked #1. Grant Williams 2x sec poy. Schofield a senior. That team was old. They got down big, roared back to take lead, controversial foul at end of regulation lead to OT, and lost.


Still mad about that foul


Proceeds to drink heavily


Luke Maye with the game winner over UK with .3 remaining in the 2017 Elite Eight was pretty devastating.




Get in line. It was bad, but I've got 9 UK games ahead of it that stung more. In chrono order... 84 Georgetown. Final Four. Lid on basket in second half. 86 LSU. Elite Eight couldn't beat them for the 4th time 92 Duke. Elite Eight. Obviously. 93 Michigan. Final Four. Mashburn's last game 97 Arizona. Championship game. Couldn't Nazr Mohammed hit a couple more freet throws? 05 Michigan St. Elite Eight. Double OT. Couldn't get a rebound. 10 West Virginia. Elite Eight. 0-Billion from three. 14 UConn. Championship game. Run out of miracles. 15 Wisconsin. Final Four. 38-1. Guess I'm getting older and the more you see the easier the losses hit you. I was even more devastated when UNC beat UK in 95 in the Elite Eight down in Birmingham and that didn't even make my list.


Was at that game.


Jenkins, for the championship! YES!


Haunts my dreams


Can't argue with that, by far the most devastating moment. If you wanted to consider most devastating game, though, the scorched earth that was the Oklahoma team in our previous contest has to be right up there.


I was there. Most numb I’ve ever felt after a game.


kids these days. it was upsetting Georgetown in I think 1984 when they had Patrick Ewing. I think Nova shot 75% in the second half.


Sir, we TAKE devastating losses here


oh, I'm sure you can think of one or two you've handed out


The 2013 game in Ann Arbor for the big ten title was pretty dope.


How that layup didn’t go in is nothing short of divine intervention.


Yogi doesn’t get enough credit for that.


I think Jay Williams might say otherwise.


But you did beat an Anthony Davis led Kentucky team in 2011. It was such a big victory that Cal blew a gasket and won’t go to Bloomington ever again.


Taking out Stanford in the round of 32 in their best season ever.


Beating the 1999 Duke team in the title game.


And then in the 2004 final four….ugh dammit


Uconn unites kentucky and duke fans in our broken hearts


Everybody has given the championship to Duke before the tournament had even started. They all just forgot the great team we had as well.


Agreed! The one team I was scared of that year was UConn. Was hoping they got knocked off before the final. Top 2 all year, wasn't a huge shock to me when they won.


Beating Kansas to go the Final Four in 2011


I can still see the Morris twins crying when I picture the end of that game in my head


All I see is the crying guy with that ridiculous Jayhawk hat. I loved his sad little face so much.


There officer. That man assaulted me.


How do I delete someone else’s comment…


I would appreciate if you did


I sure hope it's UCLA last year.


We kinda deserved it for what we did to Adam Morrison in 06


>We ~~kinda~~ deserved it for what we did to Adam Morrison in 06 FTFY


Nah, the USC buzzer beaters hurt worse


Arizona 2005 Elite 8


Boston Celtics, 1986 NBA Draft.


Jesus dude


Gotta think us taking down Gonzaga is up there for them


Definitely up there. UCLA has the blown lead, the poor last minute(statue of liberty steal), and the camera work on Morrison. But, I thought we had it if we get through you. Fun explosive team and all the confidence in the world (in no small part to finally getting a win over Duke that season). In the moment I think that loss hurt more cause of the expectations, but doesn't have the lasting effect of heartbreak city.


Kentucky UCLA in 2014–15 was historically devastating for them. 24-0 before points, and only 7 at half, lowest since 1845 or something


I remember watching that with amazement.


We all remember it, but I don't think people lost sleep over a regular season loss.


Beating Texas A&M by 27 in the Sweet 16 in 2018 was pretty fun. One of the craziest offensive performances I've ever watched


I think the Houston Game might’ve been more devastating, even if it was much closer


It’s gotta be Kansas in 2013 imo


Def Kansas in 2013. Houston was a 14 seed and we played them in the round of 64. A painful loss but an expected one. I’ve got friends from kU who are still salty about that game in 2013. Trey Burke’s 30 footer to force OT was absolutely soul crushing and I loved it. Edit: I’m an idiot Houston was a 6 seed and it was the round of 32. Little bit extra heartbreaking but still an expected loss in the first weekend.


Houston was a 6 seed?


Fuck me that was round of 32 then. I knew we were a 3 seed and that we played Houston early. Also makes a lot more sense because I would never think that they could get a 14 seed.


It has to be this, Kansas stays salty about that game and if you ever want to trigger a Kansas fan posting Trey's shot will do it.








Indiana 2013. Lots of talk about them being tournament favorites only for the zone to shit in their mouths. I actually rewatched this game recently as I kind of thought that maybe the zone effectiveness that game has become exaggerated. Nope. Late in the first half IU had more turnovers than field goal attempts.


As an IU fan I revisited that game about a year ago. Tom Crean lost his job years later because of that game. Fans never got over it. He didn’t produce as well but he won’t two big ten titles after that and was still fired. That game is a big reason why. A 2-3 zone is Creans kryptonite. He’s like a dog looking at a door knob wondering how it works.


He won one more big ten title after that. He won 2 overall including that season. The rest of what you said is correct. I will give him one small defense in that Jordy's shoulder was separated playing in that game because of Khalif Wyatt in the game prior


This game was completely devastating to me as a student. That zone still haunts my dreams.


Yep I can confirm that.


I think he lost about a fourth of the fanbase with that game. We were favorites and looking forward our first title game appearance in 10 years and our first title since 87. That game hurts to think about.


Michigan State 114, University of Michigan 63. That didn't settle all of our grievances but it sure helped.


I'ma call a 3-way tie: beating Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kansas in the '97 tournament. Runner-up: Maybe Duke in 2011?


That Duke game…ah so sweet. D Will going off. Remember it like it was yesterday.


Kentucky is definitely biggest. You broke up the three peat and helped run off pitino


Gonzaga 2013


94 arkansas razorback championship team beat a Mizzou team that would go on to the elite 8 by about 50 points. That was a show


Arkansas 120 Missouri 68 12-2-1993 Missouri went on to win the Big 8 with a 14-0 conference record. Arkansas? Well, we won the whole damn thing.


Korey Luscious, 2010


Delvon's duck was clutcher than Korie's shot, but yes, that game.


Pain. It still hurts.


Still hurts.


Northwestern in 2017, doubt they’re over that one yet


Well we did end Oral's run so probably that. But we also ignited a war with Texas Tech too


rutgers: took down purdue at mackey on the last weekend of the season to clinch the tourney berth and likely move purdue to the bubble, and also probably both of the recent seton hall wins UVA: pretty much the entire back half of the 2019 tourney bonus: 45-26 at MSG


I have a soft spot in my heart for the 2004 ACC championship. Might not have devastated the Duke team, but it sure did make that little kid cry on national television.


I'd say UConn 2013-14, beats Florida at the literal last second, Florida goes in 30 something game win streak, Gets #1 overall in the tournament, loses to 7 seeded UConn in the final four. Where ever you are Phil Nolan I hope you still own that mansion in Pat Youngs head


I'm sure Malachi Richardson lives in the nightmares of UVA fans. We've had others but that's the first game that comes to mind


2017 UNC beat NC State by 51. My State friends were devastated since they were decent until that loss. I had the best time saying the rivalry was over after a beat down like that. Also I could never believe in Dennis Smith Jr. after that game.


My guess would be Tyler’s ennis’ half court shot at pitt. I mean by the look on everyone’s faces lol


Also in consideration: 2016 vs Virginia Elite 8 game and Gillon's shot vs Duke in 2017.


The answer has to be 2016 v Virginia. They’d been knocking on the door of being elite and were ready to finally break through to the final four in the Bennett era. This was one just a gut punch, topped only by 2018 v UMBC. The Gillon shot was impressive but not a particularly pivotal game. There are dozens of other Duke losses that vex me more than that one.


...also remember that the 2016 Virginia game involved a huge comeback, seems like doing that to such a defensive minded team makes it hurt that much worse


Indiana in the sweet 16 too


That game was absolute hell


I’m addition to the 2016 Virginia game mentioned already, I’d also add beating Indiana’s team with Zeller and Oladipo


[This](https://youtu.be/srFh6MB7YSQ) one was pretty devastating as well. Dickie V dropping a "holy shit" at the end is good too.


It was a hell of a shot but in a pretty inconsequential game in the grand scheme of things


Winning at Chapel Hill


Beating Louisville in the 2014 Sweet 16. They thought they were going back to back, instead Russ Smith's final game ends with Louisville blowing a 7 point lead in the final 4 minutes. And it gave us [this image](https://imgur.com/kfakdyB)


The game before against Wichita St had to be pretty brutal as well. I honestly didn’t think we would pull that one off.


Easily the famous 1992 Elite 8 game against Kentucky. No number of Kentucky wins have ever gotten rid of the bitterness from beating that particular Kentucky team in that way.


[Christian Laettner is a lint licking, miracle whip drinking, baby blue eyed little bitch!](https://imgflip.com/i/5rcsfk)


I’d say there’s a stiff argument to be made for the other buzzer beater from that era - when Duke beat us in the 1990 Elite Eight, ending our dream season. I wasn’t alive then, but knowing people who were, and knowing the history of the program (and lack thereof before 1989-90), it’s cataclysmically devastating. They literally call it the dream season! And it was made even more devastating as loaded team after loaded team in the 90s came up short before the FF, making the program truly feel like it didn’t belong on the list of elites no matter how many games they won. Of course, a certain game in 1999 changed all that.


If only I could say the same about Michael Quall’s buzzer beater against Kentucky.


Nothing hurt worse then this.


Either UK 2017 or Redick's senior night.


Probably not the MOST devastating loss... but absolutely walloping Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse last year was pretty nice :)


Two jump to mind as a Michigan fan based on how I would feel if I were a fan of the other team: Blowing out 3 seed Florida in the elite 8 in 2013, tossing out ally oops and sinking stupid deep 3s Blowing out Wisconsin in 2020 midway through the regular season before people realized how good the team was, Wisconsin was considered in that top tier of the conference and Michigan wasn’t before that game and afterwards Wisconsin never recovered and went below .500 in the rest of their regular season games


NJIT beat Michigan to the extent we got enough attention and energy to build a new basketball/mixed use arena, alongside selling a bunch of merch to Ohio State fans


I can't imagine that Houston fans have experienced any worse recent heartbreak than Poole's 2018 NCAAT buzzer beater.


I would say I can’t imagine being on the other side of that but the football team has given me plenty of practice.