I think both Mylo AND Viva are good to sum up that band’s sound. Both of them together.




Even though Major Minus and Princess of China are good songs, they do stick out from the rest.


I think it’s the peak of their sound. It’s the most “Coldplay” but also the most accessible and fun


Great way of describing it. It falls at the start of their tilt towards pop, but you can still hear the influences of their first four albums, particularly VLV, compared to AHFOD and MOTS. I think it's also helped by a cohesive storyline. Coldplay are at their best when they have a clear concept - it helps the album to flow and sound interconnected. The masses can listen to it and enjoy the music; hardcore fans can listen to it and pay attention to the storyline behind it.


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oof this is a tough one for me. I honestly feel that MX brought us the Coldplay we know in the 2010s. Ghost Stories felt like the most Chris Martin album I can think of, and I say that because his life was heavily influential in that album, but I found it did a far better job to tell a story, at least to me. MX though is a great album and one I seriously love to go back to whenever I can.


I've always believed that if Chris was the typical lead man of a band, GS would've easily been his debut solo album. It's such a direct unashamed album about his situation at the time.


I feel like it speaks most clearly the message they want to share through music the best out of all of their albums: life can be dark and cacophonous, but color and beautiful melodies exist- go out, find them, and spread that joy. ​ MX also has the best album closer


I think x&y is their most Coldplay album


the most «coldplay» albums are their 4 first ones, when they were rock n roll in my opinion. I consider em as a rock band, not their modern time/songs, before they sold emshelf just to follow the modern music trend


But do you really think that they sold themselves? I feel like as a person and definitely much more as a band, you can’t continuously hammer at the same nail. At some point, you have to understand that maybe you’ve exhausted your talent and experience in one are and then realize that it can be useful in another. Modern music trend was Coldplay. They must’ve gotten bored and said let’s make something new. Right? I totally love both versions of Coldplay (rock n roll and pop) but I’d love to see ur opinion.


disagree. Ofc we have all own opinions of the definition of selling their asses off. Both Beatles and Rolling stones did, they changed from what they were. Brian jones was kinda the boss in The stones, and said they had to change to be more relevant, they had the mop top style with suits in the beginning and changed everything. Beatles understood they couldnt keep the mop top style and went in a different way from they really were, psychedelic stuff with rubber soul,revolver,sgt peppers, magical mystery tour etc, expremention, getting ridd of their suits and everything, away from the beatiful boy stemple. the norwegian band, A-ha, was considered as a “boy band” and they changed everything after their 3 album, because of not to be seeing as a boy band, althought that wasnt them at all, but they had to. Coldplay wanted to be more relevant with the time, and ended of their own and old style after 08




I think “A Rush of Blood to the Head” is their most coldplay album. Having been listening to them since 2002… also what made them famous is the “Clocks” video clip which was released same year.


It’s the most fun and most colorful album for sure, the most Coldplay album is X&Y and the most non Coldplay album is VLV.


This is facts




MX really ushered us into the new era of the band moving forward...so I say MX. Viva being the highest point in their creativity.




X&Y best album