Cell negative yesterday and dashy negative today. Something must be in the air


What qualifying for champs does to a mf😔




if you aren’t shooting bots 24/7 you aren’t trying!


no bathroom breaks either or ur trolling


If your not playing cod on your phone while taking a dump in between scrims your not trying


smells like dogshit game with little skill gap




paul has been an another level all stage, incredible from him


Guy just wins the most ridiculous gunfights it’s insane. Him and Hydra are like a guaranteed hill break.


he's the one of the few "true" flex's in the league, great SMG player too when he pulls it out


Gives me Cold War Cammy the cunt vibes


PaulSEX was going huge today


And yesterday shit that boy looking diffy 🥵


These stats are gross, what a blessing for this team


Cell goes negative yesterday, Dashy goes negative today to balance the universe


"No you're MVP!" "No YOURE MVP!"


True bros fr


Isn't cause he left the last match lol


True, Dashy went 0-30 on the Berlin HP


So when’s optic Berlin plan not going to be: Hardly play for p2 time, give up 20 seconds scrap Rotate to P3 early to set up, get broken immediately, give up 50 seconds Rotate to p4 early, spend the next 60 seconds getting killed off point, gain 10 seconds Feel like our last 4-5 Berlin hp’s has always gone the same


Its also always the same plan for their control. It's always send 1 guy to the point that's easiest to get, while the other 3 try and get at least a tick on the harder point. Then they take too long and hope they can get the easier point before time runs out - all while hoping they can slay enough to keep the lives even. You can see NY read that on the Berlin control when they had Hydra in library by himself at the start, while the others were all watching train and waiting for shotzzys flank from fire. They need new strats at this point cause its getting easy to read, even Paris took control from them.


Watching us get broke within 5 seconds of a new hill popping was painful ngl


The breaks on P3 were absolutely laughable as well "Shotzzy bunny hop in the door while illey and Scump die off point at P2 for some reason" is not actually a viable break


The only way Optic can win Berlin HP is if they massively outslay their opponent


Stats may not show it but Kismet the perfect OBJ player.


Kismet has found his chemistry with Hydra in that regard


Crazy to me they got outstayed by 2 in the Bocage Hp and even slaying in the Berlin Hp and lose by 80 in both. Something is obviously off with their objective play


No playmaking outside of shotzzy


Dashy and Cell are human after all


Nah I think they just had a malfunction in their algorithm they’ll be fixed by next week


Both forgot to update their internal aimbot in their brain this week






They just have to place good at majors now to make it to champs right?


Yeah but they also need thieves/lag to do bad. Realistically if one of them gets first rounded and we win the match against thieves this week and lag looses against breach, we need a t6 finish to get lag and a t8 finish to get thieves (Well thanks faze for losing against lag🙄) Though if they don’t get first rounded/ one of them gets points this week sublimeres need to place even higher, which is not unrealistic given their current form (I could also see them winning it, although they should work on their snd) but still hard


at this point if either dashy or cell go neg you can bet the other will too just to keep it even




Hope Crim makes it to Champs and especially Hydra guys been a menace


It's all gonna ride on how they perform at the Major. If NYSL place the same, it's over ggs onto the next season


If they get t12 they don’t deserve it tbh


facts, if they can’t manage to win at least one series at a major they don’t deserve to make champs idc how good they play online




First Cell & now Dashy going negative. What a bizarre weekend with almost no close series.


DUBLINERS IN 4 Some of Subliners holds in HP are just sooo good. Went from the worst HP team to one of the best


Dubliners in 4. Was never in doubt


Dashy and Cell going neg back to back the world is ending. DUBLINERS stay marching on they are making some decent teams look very very silly


Death, taxes, Dubliners in 4


Cell and Dashy both went negative these past 2 days😳


Honest question: what map is optic dominant on now?


Think your Gavutu is very good tbf We don’t know about Tuscan though, haven’t seen it in a while (Talking about HP only)


Yeah that’s fair. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Gav HP or control I forget. Tuscan control looked awful and so did Berlin control today. Bocage HP not great either


Optic lacks clutch factor ever since major 1. Any gunfight that could clutch a hardpoint or a series or even map control they lose.


Optic down in an respawn and needs to make a play? Lets just have Shotzzy flank and get read


Shades of Envoy


Seattle 🤝 OpTic Losing to NYSL and Boston and beating Paris


If NY doesn’t make champs I’ll actually be sad, this team is clearly a top 4 team in its current form, Such a shame how so much drama and turmoil put NYsL in this hole


I agree it would be a shame, but there's absolutely no excuse for them going t12 at Major 3. Even just 1 or 2 wins in losers puts them in so much better of a situation. This roster played great in qualifiers and then just choked.


Please can we not get any excuses about how illey just came back and how the team needs time to get right. OpTic have Dashy, Shottzy and Scump, three of the best players in Vanguard. They should be playing better than that regardless.


Who's making excuses? NY deserved that win and are definitely ahead right now


Ah so other teams who lose should be playing better too? Such as Surge (who only beat Paris) and FaZe (who just lost to LAG), and I’ll even throw in MN since they just went 5-0 last online qualifiers. Basically OpTic need to win no matter how many times there’s been switches in the team? Brother they are locked in at #2 (most likely unless surge win again) what more points do they need?


Yes. FaZe should not be losing to LAG, they played like shit and lost. I don’t care how many switches you have, you should not be losing a HP rotation after 5 seconds that’s just fundamental COD. Three of the best players in the world should be better than that. Winning becomes a habit , every match matters especially in the CDL where you don’t really play that much.


Damn so OpTic can’t play like shit and lose? But everyone else can? Look I agree with you on getting broke after having a setup especially when you’re the #1 hold percentage. That’s not good cod and doesn’t make sense. But they were still playing fine, they just got broke cause NY just got the kills. Sure winning is habit, but teams lose, it’s fine. In the grand scheme of things, you think FaZe cared that they lost to LAG? I highly doubt it, cause if they cared, they’d play ALL their best maps.


They look lost. NY outplayed. Back to the drawing board.


The worrying thing is that not only do they look lost, they also look mentally checked out. Dashy in particular looked so optimistic and engaged early in the year whenever they needed to bounce back and now he looks like he doesn’t believe anymore. I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see them pulling it together. 90% of the league looks like they’re fighting for their lives to try to make the Champs run and OpTic looks like they’re just ready to move onto MW2.


I agree. I feel like they’re only focused on champs. Not a good mentality tbh. There’s a major coming up


Maybe you misunderstood me. I don’t get the feeling they’re just focused on Champs either. I think they’ve sort of given up. I think losing all that time with Illey out and the nature of this game has worn on them to the point where they’ve sort of mentally “quit” this game. They’re obviously not enjoying the game, other teams have caught up, and in many ways they’re trying to learn how to play the game again with this roster. They just look defeated right now in a way that I don’t trust they’ll be able to overcome.


Rambo has mentioned on stream that they’re working on having everybody back into the mindset they once had in major 1. The hunger they had at major 1 is no longer there and they need to find it soon.


Well next year is going to be very similar to this year I feel if MW2019 was an indicator of the upcoming CODs. Not too much to look forward to tbh, must win now


Right but in their minds they’re at least getting a fresh start with the full roster (hopefully).


Braindead ass take.


Says no one


This roster deserves to be at Champs


If they deserve it they will make it, they simply need to win 3 series at the major. 3 series at a major in an entire season to make champs.


Acting like if this roster missies they don’t deserve it is dumb. This roster is clearly really good and Champs worthy. If this miss it isn’t because this roster doesn’t deserve it. It’s because they had shitty rosters earlier that helped tanked their record.


Which is no one’s fault but theirs? A team getting good towards the end of the season doesn’t mean consistency should be thrown out the window and they somehow deserve to be at champs.


Almost like I said roster for a reason and not org.


This roster placed Top 12 last event. They’ll make Champs if they win Major 4.. It’s entirely in their hands at this point there’s no one who “deserves” anything in this league they all put in the work


Anyone with half a brain still thinks every team should be at champs. This new format is trash and this season is a prime example


I personally don’t, sue me. With the current amount of teams, I’m fine with only t8 making it but ideally I’d like 16 teams in the league so formatting is easier.


no they shouldn’t, no one wanna see 4 teams that couldn’t put it together in the reg ssn at champs


Nobody wants watch a """playoff""" that's only like 4 matches lmao. Every champs since franchising has been boring as piss compared to prior. 8 teams aint it chief.


I disagree tbh


CoD doesn't work like other sports where qualifying is a good testament to your teams skill, at least not with the abysmally low amount of teams we have currently. 3 years in a row we've had this problem that we never had before. If we get expansion then maybe, but for now, 8 teams is a pathetic excuse of a "playoff"


Isn't this the same roster that went 0-2 and placed 9-12 last Major?


If you do not collect enough points over a season to get in the T8 you don’t deserve to be at champs. It’s literally that simple, they’ve had ample chances. Ultimately this is a great roster, clearly a T4 if not better team - they need to show it at the major. They cannot bomb out like M3 where they were a T4 team too.


NYSL can 100% win major 4, crim needs to be at champs.


Optic are actually inefficient turning kills into hill time. I feel like they were matching the slaying but were always one step behind in the hp


Looks like they wait to try to get the perfect setups instead of just taking what they’re given. You don’t need 50 seconds off a certain hill to make it worthwhile. Feels like they’re stubbornly trying to bring structure to a game that has none.


Noticed that too, they were pretty much even in kills in both HPs but ended both maps way behind in points (iirc)


Paul and Kismet get so many important kills on the map. OpTic is playing like dogshit too, just focusing on controlling the map on hardpoint instead of pushing on hill. Their SnD was fire but yuck in the respawns.


kismet was killing in 2 bullets, but somehow he's negative 4


His map 1 was ass


He died 40 something times map 1


I knew I wasn't crazy some of the gunfights he was winning were crazy lol. I need to see this NY team on LAN


Looks like LAT finna have to handle these monsters for you guys


Are OpTic allergic to the hill?


Terrible vetoes, 0 trades and just overall playing like garbage in respawn. Hopefully another week of practice can help clean some things up, onto the next one.


Paul wins so many gunfights he has no right winning


Watch out Thieves, you can’t avoid the 3-1 Dubliner train


Playing NYs best 2 Hardpoints is such an idiotic decision. Winners is far from secured. Huge possibility of starting in losers now. Illey just got back so don’t even give me the “expanding the map pool” garbage. They don’t even know if they’re still good at tuscan and Gav. Just ridiculous Edit: Also the possibility of keeping NY out of champs should be enough to just try and get the W.


play their best maps just to keep NY out of champs is better than playing maps to get better and expand? That's what you're saying?


Playing their best maps to win and get winners is better than playing the other teams worst maps to “improve”. Also making sure you’re still good at your “strong” maps would be a good idea since illey just returned.


Champs is right around the corner, they should be practicing their weaker maps... they literally only have a few matches left to practice their weaker maps?! They are locked in at #2 for champs... they can't pick their best maps every series, they gotta be able to play other maps as well.


They haven’t shown they can win their best maps either right now. They just lost tuscan control yesterday. You need reps on those maps too.


And they haven't played Tuscan since Berlin came out.. FaZe just lost Tuscan to both LAG and LAT, and that's their best Control as well. FaZe played LAG on their better maps too and lost... they are locked in at #1 for champs and they technically aren't locked for winners, yet (they will be soon). They are fine as well. OpTic will be fine man.. yall gotta calm down


Faze didn’t play LAG on their better maps. They were also 2-0 coming into this weekend. Optic were 0-2 and needed wins to get into winners. Testing maps against Paris is fine, but NY are playing really good right now. They just got illey back. Now isn’t the time to test out maps. Stacking some wins is the best option right now so they can gain some confidence and again not start in losers. They were going to end up playing one of New York’s best 2 hardpoints anyways. There was ZERO reason to play them on both. Edit: You don’t need to defend every decision optic makes. Playing New York on their best maps was stupid as fuck. You don’t need to test out all your bad maps at once, especially vs a good team. Yeah they’re “fine” in terms of champs seedlings, but right now they don’t even look like a top 4 team.


I'm not defending every decision, but YALL nor ME knows what the reasoning is... we can only assume.. NY is also good on Gav as well... they could've easily banned Tuscan themselves and forced OpTic to still play on their best maps. OpTic also just shouldn't be losing their controls and they should be getting in time... you act like they just got smoked because of bad plays, they lost both HPs because they weren't getting in the hill and they just got broken instantly. Control they had chances to win rounds but they didn't stack (even when they had 4 down).


You are defending every decision they make. New York are good on Gav but didn’t want to play optic on it. They lost the Hardpoints because New York are way better at both those maps. Optic haven’t been good at Berlin ALL YEAR. It’s been their worst Hardpoint all year. Bocage they haven’t adjusted throughout the year to the meta change on it. They would’ve gotten practice on bocage or Berlin regardless because NY was always going to ban Gav. But banning tuscan instead of bocage/Berlin lost them the series before they even spawned in.


I'm not, I literally just said my thoughts as well. So you're saying OpTic stood no chance on either HP? did you watch? All im saying is, yall are just jumping to conclusions about whatever.. let them play and make their decisions.. only team truly making poor decisions is Paris.. No one knows what is going on day in and day out, so why does every feel like they know better?


Dude, Illey just got back and they are expanding their map pool. Winners is still more likely.


Read my comment again. They haven’t played tuscan or Gav in a series yet how do they know they’re still great on those maps? Winners is 50/50. They’re 1-3 right now and they play ultra next week who are good.


I'm pretty sure he was joking because he said pretty much what you said not to say.


Dashy had an off day rarely ever see him below 1KD


Hail Hydra + WaulEhx


Dashy and Cell really making this MVP vote as close as they can huh? 😂 gonna be close for sure they’re unreal


Dashy went negative today to keep the MVP race with Cell interesting that's all


SiLLeY the difference maker 💯💯💯


You're something else man lmaoo






OpTic beat Paris and fans celebrated like they had just won champs 💀 welcome back to reality you guys are still mediocre and need a lot of improvement.


And you still ain’t won an event and lost to lag


at least they have won a chip


LOL optic has won more chips than u have brain cells


Cellium & Dashy negative... Are we sure that death & taxes are guaranteed anymore?


They said “wait til Illey is back” 🤣 😆 😭


OpTic when Dashy doesn’t cook are like t8 at best. Unfortunate


True but also a useless statement lol people say the same about cell, like yeah congrats if they main is going neg you’ll lose.


OpTic is really a shell of their former selves. I hope the roster stability helps moving forward


What till we have our full team back they said.. Well..?


That good ol yearly Optic regression 😂😂😂 How long before optic fans start scapegoating Illey? I thought Prolute was the problem? It’s almost like optic has had one common denominator on their team for the past how many years…hmmm wonder who it could be Also please never make a list and put Scump top 5 in it again. That guy is the definition of average.


relax, they got illey back less than a week ago


After they place shitty at the next event “It’s all about champs” They don’t win champs “This game was horrible anyway”


You really are the most delusional hater I have ever seen. Go get a life loser.


It’s funny cause no one can ever refute a single thing I say. Instead just downvote me and cry.


You can suck on the fact that OpTic has a chip and your favorite team doesn't (probably faze). Edit: Also I didn't downvote you not that petty Edit 2: Scump has also put your favorite players in the dirt this year (probably the tiny terrors).


You’re a freak lmao


Scump 2nd most damage in the lobby and he went even what are u on about


Top 15 player for sure


Yup every year it takes Optic fans incredibly long to realize their team might just be mediocre. But I have faith in Shottzy and Illey so I am hoping they rebound for Major 4.


I mean winning the first major and going flawless qualifying for the second is cause to call them good. We’ve been mediocre since but we’ll judge them on champs after they’re up to speed with iLLey again.


Yeah I have faith in the grinders this year Shottzy and Illey hopefully wouldn't let it get to their heads. Last year's roster would probably be chalked though and ended up being that way.


Just hope iLLey stays fit to play so we see the best they can do, they’ve been unlucky and most of the other teams have caught up / overtaken us


The caught up/overtaken is what a lot of Optic fans are failing to consider. Major 1w was a long ass time ago. Teams have gotten better and studied a lot of tape.


Rotations where good. Optic just couldn't hold a hill to save their life. That last p3 on Berlin, you know you need a good hold but what happens? Shotzzy pushes p2 with 3 seconds left, illey loses a gunfight now 2 are spawning out with 2 left to fend off 4?. For bocage, Dashy has to bump on the hill at times to fill a gap. P4 on bocage during the listen in, need a good hold. Shotzzy coming off Dashy gotta bump to hill and watch the side door and comm to Shotzzy to watch the lane until everyone can setup. Instead scump gets shot in the back as shottzy is a second late and leads to a cascading affect of losing the hill. For control, they've just gotten outslayed. A times they can stack but they just ain't winning gunfights. Not too worried until I see their major 4 performance if they still have a poor showing, then they might be in trouble.


Imagine picking dashy over the goat


The GOAT fighting for his life to make Champs btw


That bocage hp was embarrassing. Berlin hp not so much, optic could've won the Berlin easily if they knew how to set up to both p3 hills and hold but got broke within 10 secs each


Betting against Crim going to champs has to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen


So what do NY need to make champs?


NY has been one of my underdog teams from the start, so glad to see them having this run now that they've really found themselves. Paulehx is so reliable its crazy.


Like a wise man once said... dubliners in 4




Winning champs would be a miracle for Optic


That was the worst I’ve seen Dashy play since CW. Just looked unsure of what he wanted to do on the map and wasn’t winning his normal ludicrous gunfights to make up for it. Today should be a nice kick in the ass for that team though, you don’t have excuses at this point and are getting smoked in controls now


Good looks from NYSL, hope they make a run and qualify for champs, not a cod champs without the porterhouse on a roster


Scumpi fans when Dashy doesn't drop a 1.4 every series 😡🤬😡🤬


Lmao not a single person has said anything about this


You ok mate?


Paul has been nasty for a minute. Dude seriously needs to unban me from his chat though lmao


OG just look behind right now. NY is a great team but I really gotta see that team on LAN. Kismet was shooting nukes


🤫 time will tell


So I’m new to the CDL scene; is the next major tournament the championship?


I didnt get to watch today and someone may correct me, but Optic losing respawns while winning S&D doesn't concern me that much. It's much easier to figure out respawns than it is search. Still concerned about the losses, but hopeful that they'll figure it out.


LETS FUCKING GOOOO Come on now guys, you got this


You know what would be fantastic in these graphics? Obj stats


If New York keep this up good chance they qualify for champs.


Before people overreact OpTic literally just got illey back lmao. Let them grind and progress.


OpTic have legit had 5 or so days back the overreaction is nuts


To be fair we played like ass, their Berlin is looking atrocious


you were terrible but it’s understandable for a team to lack small talk & fundamentals so soon. One week practice will make all the difference, two weeks and optic will be back at a high level.


What servers were Optic and New York playing on here?


Probably Dallas, both teams play from the same state


Got spit on in respawns nicee