Might as well be sponsored by Exxon as far as I'm concerned. Exxon is gonna infiltrate the outdoor community by sponsoring one of these people as a means to green wash us, you heard it here first.


don’t miss out on the epic new ExxonMobil X Colin O’Brady X Nike merch drop!


Dinosaur leather aside, they already have, with Handlove pitching the coal-fired truck.


wait i thought Aliks was all-in on rivian?


Yeah, powered by coal and and nat gas.


Yo if Exxon is peeping this thread I'm ready to be sponsored yo.


Just like shell have done with cycling. British cycling( the sorts governing body in the uk for those who don’t know) have just signed an 8 year partnership with shell


Ummmmm excuse you, but "[ExxonMobil leverages its core capabilities to meet society’s needs for products essential for modern life, while addressing the challenge of climate change](https://corporate.exxonmobil.com/Climate-solutions/Advancing-climate-solutions)".


/uj literally none of us in this thread criticizing jimmy would deny a ford sponsorship in his place


Just because most people would say yes to free funding doesn't mean you shouldn't point out manipulation.


I really thought hard about my impact on the environment as I flew to South America for fun


The dude is so high off achievement he has no idea what’s going on. There’s no time for bullshit details when you’ve gotta achieve achieve achieve. When you’re pushing that train of utter utter accomplishment forwards, whizzing past bystanders, suckling every last bit of respect and awe out of them as it takes him to the ultimate destination….. dads pat on the back, or perhaps a penis enlargement procedure. It takes jet fuel and then some if you want to make people think that you just go around shitting gold records and hit documentaries like it’s just natural for you. Chill with me here for a moment for an overblown metaphor: You have infront of you a massive bowl of exotic ice cream. Only a small percentage of people get to experience this ice cream. You need more though, it’s just not enough…. At the end of the table you see a glistening bottle of rare Himalayan chocolate sauce. They make chocolate in the Himalayas? There’s a lot you don’t know, you broke bitch. Anyways You need to get that sauce but you’ll have to reach over the whole table, you’re bound to knock some things over. Are you the alpha who says fuck it? Or are you the beta who eats your shitty rare exotic ice cream as is? You’re an alpha. So you reach, knock everybody’s shit over, and then watch as they behold the spectacle of you’re ice cream with the Himalayan chocolate sauce, and worship you as they salivate.


*masturbates to Training for the New Alpinism*


I see we have the same training plan for staying in zone 2.


Woah woah woah, but did you really read it. Did you know that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell?


Not only all that, but by being a sponsored professional athlete and waving his big dick accomplishments for all to see, he's glorifying an ideal. So now Timmy sees how everyone worships and adores him on Instagram, and feels like he's falling short or lesser if he doesn't get his piece of the pie. It's framed as "expanding the sport" but it's the same shit that capitalism always does - make people feel like they need something that they weren't even aware they wanted until they were marketed to, creating a demand so that they can sell you shit. All of a sudden Timmy wants to spend his 20s flying to climbing destinations for a week at a time so that he can flail his way up the routes he sees on Instagram, and feel like he's accomplished in his newfound "passion." Oh wait, that's me. I'm Timmy.


Your. Metaphors are Aid.


not enough, I need more, nothing seems to satisfy


Jimmy chin heads to the breakfast table. On his table are a multitude of health foods. Oats, a plate of bacon, egg whites, a cup of fruit. Chin looks at his wife who is standing crookedly by the table watching him embrace his meal. She is sporting a worn, plastic smile and looks slightly disheveled from all the cooking. Jimmy immediately notices. he looks her up and down with a blank stare. Then after only skipping a singular beat, he works out a friendly, socially acceptable smile, and sits down without greeting her. His wife returns to the kitchen smiling and sinks into a familiar self deprecating obsession. She violently scrubs dishes as she contemplates firstly, why she is a failure, and secondly how she will make tomorrows breakfast perfect. Meanwhile Chin has not even begun to eat. The smile he used to warn his wife is still plastered on his face, as he stares at a box of Frosted Flakes in the corner of his schmorgisbord. His appetite dissipates as he begins to feel threatened, staring at Tony the Tiger. In the past Chin had kindly threatened his wife not to get Wheaties, and now he was looking into the black Beaty cartoon eyes of Tony… was this an act of passive aggression on her part? She’s constantly doing that, he thought. He projects again to drive the point home: she really does this all the time. Chin is suddenly reminded of a fan he had met off the coast of Madagascar. She would have done anything for him. Chin briefly imagined spitting on her Patagonia nano puff jacket as she looks towards him in awe. Why is he stuck with his wife now, who clearly fetishizes the success of other atheletes and athletic characters? Chin relaxes his shoulders and employs a meditation technique that he learned in the foothills surrounding south east India. He had learned it from an ex Texas rancher and turned monk. The combination of cowboy hat and orange robes advertised both credibility, cool, abd mysticism for Jimmy. Chin exhales slowly as his focus goes from his wife back to Tony the Tiger. What does a cartoon know about greatness? What does this Tiger do besides judge his own brand of cereal? Why was Chin never featured on this, OR a wheaties box? That fucking Alex Honnold gets all the spots. He was only on cap for 4 hours, Chin had been setting up for a full day hanging in his harness. People don’t know how to recognize greatness. People are so stupid and ignorant. Only idiots put their lives at risk. Smart people sit around and watch. No, no. Chin reminds himself that he’s above petty thinking like this. His smile widens as his fondness of himself returns to its normal super inflated state. Namaste. He recites a quote about peace that he learned from an LA spiritual cleric. As he reaches for his steel rolled oats, he subtly knocks the Frosted Flakes off of the table to the ground. His wife hears them impact the floor, and smiles her way to the bathroom to pluck out a small patch of the hair on her head, right next to the other small patches towards the back of her head.


Do one for Caroline Gleich 🫠🍿


This is poetry.


Climbers fucking hate private property. Until the Access Fund buys it for them.


They be out there taking transatlantic flights to climb different rocks than the ones they have at home and then lecture us on environmental issues


Poisoning the planet is definitely aid.


Preventing sending temps is the opposite of aid


But preventing future generations from flashing your proj is aid


Naw dog, I've climbed at a gym that never washes their holds. This only breeds freak beasts. The next gen will rival all.


Breathing clean air is aid. Huff motor exhaust before every send


So we all use aid then?


Y’all are totally taking this out of context. Jimmy means “environment” as in his milieu, i.e. “will this climb win me another Oscar or garner me another sponsorship with an automaker?” Those, fellas, are the real challenges of our time.


Petrochemicals (including nylon and dyneema) are aid. Refined metals are aid. [The only clean ascent](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%96tzi#/media/File:Archeoparc_-_Museum_%C3%96tzi_Kleidung.jpg) is done with animal hides and sharpened bits of bone.


Animal waste contributing to climate change is aid. Real ones use rock on rock and eco friendly foliage waste only.


Post-user leaf decomposition is aid. Hard men use /r/climbersgonewild.


Aid is using anything from that sub that's more than 3 inches. Only real ones have small packages to save the environment on man-made lubrication waste.


Having less meat lets you get your pelvis closer to the wall. Micro-penises are aid. Vaginas are aid.


It’s only aid if the dead animal is haunted


Free soloing butt naked is the way


The only clean ascent is done naked with nothing but the skin on your toes and the the skin of your fingers


[I’ll consider devastating the environment.](https://youtu.be/ZAtzN_ScKXY)


"Intimidate your surroundings"




Like when celebs make some stance on ethics while being sponsored by a brand that uses sweatshops.


/ uj I mean, good luck finding clothes that don’t use sweatshop labour, the best you can do is find less awful sweatshops




How about thrifting for your clothes instead? Does that make me less evil or just a regard


i find you quite well regarded for using thrift stores.


Plenty of ethical brands out there if you can be bothered to look for them.


can u give names tho, would be nice when people do that so we can have some positive changes, thx! :)




[This site has a directory that should help get you started](https://goodonyou.eco/)


Yeah but they don’t pay nearly as well as blood money


They just use significantly less awful sweatshops, and pay better.


Only if you call every factory a sweat shop. Stop making excuses for your shitty purchasing habits. They affect other people's lives.


Remember when he took out a PPP loan to pay himself and have it forgiven. Jim is awesome


/unjerk is this documented? genuinly curious as i work on ppp fraud


might be this: https://www.federalpay.org/paycheck-protection-program/jimmy-chin-productions-inc-wilson-wy


The fuck are a production company in Wyoming getting corona virus related loans for?


In the beginning you could just apply and automatically get $10,000 > “The Small Business Administration, in sending that money out, basically said to people, ‘Apply and sign and tell us that you're really entitled to the money,’” said Horowitz, the chair of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee. “And, of course, for fraudsters, that's an




At a glance this was not a fraudulent application. JCPC received ~20k in ppp loans which is about half of the average production company ppp loan for that area in Wyoming. Looks like he has roughly 3 employees, so if each of them couldn't work for let's say 8 weeks, they each received about 6k for that lost time.


I know plenty of small business owners who did the same. It was and is completely legal, same as cashing stimulus checks. Should the politicians have designed the program differently? Yes. But don’t act like he was committing a crime.


He’s not a small business but go off bruh


The way the program was designed allowed for people who structure their employment as a business to apply and get money. Most photographers will have that sort of thing going on. Keep in mind 99.9% of these guys aren’t making Jimmy money, so the program makes less sense when you look at him vs the random guy who takes high school year book photos.


Save the planet. Stay in bed. (TM)


Rich gringos should consider shutting the fuck up and stop thinking themselves as heros. They are the problem.




Hah anyone can be a fucking gringo with the right attitude. I believe there is a philosophical treatise on this: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNXjTKBErEE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNXjTKBErEE)


Gringo means American (as in from the USA). ~~Came from "green go" where south Americans wanted US military (and their green outfit) out of their countries. Green, go away~~


>The term gringo appeared in the 1787 Castilian Dictionary, whose author, Esteban de Terreros y Pando, defined it as a term used in the southern Spanish port city of Málaga to describe foreign, heavily accented speakers of Spanish. In Spain’s capital Madrid, Esteban noted similar use, though typically it was aimed at Irish foreigners. >Some believe that gringo comes from the Spanish word for Greek, griego, alluding to the Latin-based idiom it’s all Greek to me (“incomprehensible”). Others have hypothesized that the term comes from peregrino, a Spanish word for “pilgrim” or “foreigner.” >Years after the publication of the 1787 Castilian Dictionary, gringo sprang up again, though this time on the other side of the Atlantic. When United States forces invaded Mexico in 1846 as part of the Mexican-American War, many Mexicans began referring to the newly arrived English-speakers as gringos. https://www.dictionary.com/e/slang/gringo-2/


Your dictionary can say that, my many years of living in South America says that is used for people from the USA only. Other westerners would not be gringos. But you should really go inform them that they're using the word wrong


You miss the point. My reply was about your etymology being wrong. Words mean, ultimately, whatever people want them to mean and their meanings, or primary meanings, shift - sometimes as rapidly as from decade to decade, or country to country. So I wasn't disputing that. 🤷‍♀️


Ah, fair ;)


You’re not just wrong, you’re aggressively wrong. Bravo!


You're saying that with your many years of Latino cultural exchange? Or are you saying that from your basement? Their own link has the short version of: > What does gringo mean? While not always the case, gringo is frequently an insult. If you’re white and use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to drink too many margaritas at your local, inauthentic Tex-Mex restaurant, all while wearing a sombrero, you might get called a gringo. Among Latin Americans, gringo is a term for a “foreigner,” **often a white person from the United States**. It can also refer to a person who doesn’t speak Spanish or is out of touch with Latin culture, including people of Hispanic descent.


Damn you really had that one saved up.


Jimmy Chin sounds like the name of a low-level mob enforcer.


Dudes not even climbing


Jumar Chin


Youngest ascent of el cap (compared to all future iterations of jimothy “crimson” chin


Should eat some meat to compensate his carbon footprint. Just MCDonalds is also great to get all the gains


This dude is gross


Bruh y’all actually suck.


Its still not as bad for the environment as 20 beef patties a day!!!


On the real, Jinmy’s flights are absolutely worse than the 20 beef patties.


Did you just accept the premise that people eat 20 beef patties a day? This is why team kids campus your projects


Dave Macleod does. He swears it’s the key to climbing E11


/uj go read up on Dave's IG he's posted a dozen articles about why he believes meat to not be dangerous for the enivronment (and even beneficial)


/uj Given the downvotes it looks like way too many people took this comment literally. Dave’s stuff is always super interesting, he’s clearly a clever guy and I love his “content”. The irony of people calling him out for it but still taking flights is quite frankly disgusting, and virtue signalling of the highest order.


glad to hear you agree 😎 /rj alex honnold is vegan, I don't understand how stupid climbers have to be to eat meat after having that proof


his takes on meat production are shockingly stupid given how smart he is generally, it doesn't even really effect his general point that meat heavy diets can be totally healthy, pretty dumb


“knot in me”