Yes, you'd have to stick to online version if you want to continue right now The person that would translate for this sub stopped after losing interest doing volume 4 and only got halfway through. He mentioned coming back but that was like 2 months ago and then disappeared again. He did volume 3 which you can read and is in the sub guide 4.5, 5, and 7 are machine translations. 4.5 is the best of them all as it was done by someone who knows JP and was also proof-read by other JP readers. It's the only machine translation aloud on this sub. A translator is currently working on volume 6 but idk if he'll continue afterwards If you want to read the novels as soon as they come out, you can take your chances with machine translated volumes. If you want better quality, you're better off with the official releases unless the translator doing vol 6 continues. Regardless of all the problems with Sevenseas, their translations are better than machine translations


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