welcome to the world of freemium games. pay to upgrade faster or wait longer to get needed gold for free


Tbh bullshit, as a coc and brawlstars player this isn’t just ‘freemium’ this system is fucked, the game where it matters the most too somehow (massive difference between levels)


Supercell is the least P2W of nearly all mobile games. It’s actually not bad at all compared to most


Sure but clash royale is imo, it’s insane how the game is focused on 1 element being pvp that literally focuses on levels rather than skill alone, I can basically ‘one tap’ your troops by simply paying more money (get higher level spells) etc, it’s insane. Other games tho? Not pay 2 win at all imo, coc speaks for itself, pretty normalt and brawl stars is just progressive overall, clash royale lacks that imo, it’s very easy to max out a brawler in this day and age in brawl stars while it still is a massive hassle to do the same for clash royale, a game that exists for so long too..


*proceeds to get a 0 trophies brawler to p11 cuz why not*


That’s me rn, every single new brawler lately I just maxed to level 11, last 3 brawlers released were at 0 trophies max level, with brawl stars I lost the motivation to push trophies from 0>500, after 500 I enjoy it but before that naaah


P11 fang, 22k total, i am playing for about a year. Maxed him and pushed 0-750 in 3 days. Most fun i ever had.


I lost that stage, I also pushed fang to 750, couple passes later I stopped tho, I gave 33k, I can probably easily get to 40k just by bringing most of my brawlers above 500 to maybe 600 for those that aren’t already but rng matchmaking sucks and i’m too lazy to find teammates on a mobile game


I quit after gears dropped. From 32-33k to 24-26k (I don't quite remember) My poor r25s


Damn the trophy drops are so nonsense to me, they did extend the time recently tho, they added like an entire week or month I think to the reset


If you want to, you can hit me up and we can play a little bit. Also i am working on bringing the most skill based brawler (edgar) to p11 at 0 trophies, just to have fun. (idc he gets countered by everything he is fun to play as). Also do you have an active clan in coc to join? (i plan to return in like 2 weeks)


>Sure but clash royale is imo, it’s insane how the game is focused on 1 element being pvp that literally focuses on levels rather than skill alone, I can basically ‘one tap’ your troops by simply paying more money (get higher level spells) etc, it’s insane. Except for the part where tournaments, challenges and friendlies have tournament standard and 2v2 and party modes follow a level based matchmaking. I maxed a deck in 6 months while playing those modes


Agreed, but let’s be real we all want to reach max arena for the better loot, chest rates and champion unlocks, no? Maxing a single deck in 6 months sounds depressing as fuck, if I played this game that religiously I’d see paying real money as an investment lmao


In what game is it reasonable to expect to be 'max' in a short timescale? There are plenty of games that take 1000s of hours to max, why should clash be any different? Legendaries used to feel special and rare, these days they're common to unlock. Champions have already lost that special feel with how easy they are to unlock. Also, while faster progression always seems like a positive, you have to consider that EVERYONE gets rhat faster progression, not just you, this means that until you are fully maxed, as qui gon once said, there's always a bigger fish


A game requires some type of progressive overload as in you progress up to the point that you can’t and then progress elsewhere to keep it going. Let’s take a look at brawlstars, you play the game, unlock bralwers get them high enough that you realize that your oponnents overpower you (your beawler is level 5 theirs is 11) Okay, no problem on the way to that trophy level for that brawler you acquired 3 more brawlers, which then allows you to push one of the 3 until you notice a spike in level difference. In clash royale? You’re just fucked no matter what, because the only thing that matters the most to this game is the trophy road which you need to climb, to climb it you need to win many times and to win you willface people of similar skill level, and sometimes, they are higher level than you, if you have a SECOND thought that the deck you’re using won’t work past like let’s say 5k trophies, you’re hard blocked, you can’t do anything by that point because your other cards are under level 10, you have no choice but ignore the MAIN progression of the game by playing tournaments or party game modes or whatever and gain MICRO rewards that like you or someone else said will most likely take upwards of SIX MONTHS. This all comes down to the same thing, I have no experience with any other mobile games besides supercell, supercell doesnit amazing but clash royale is the only game where it sucks absurdly, I also don’t know why you’re gatekeeping it with ‘legendaries used to feel special’ what are you trying to say? Legendary cards as a whole was even more pay to win so them actually allowing them to be bought in shop for coins, easier acces through chest is nothing but a nice addition


Clash Royale is not pay to win. I haven’t spent any money and I have enough resources to max a couple decks. I only use one deck rn so I have 500k gold that I started saving up ever since the summer, and I have a ton of common and epic wild cards. Clash Royale is much easier to advance in than many other mobile games, and except for interactions like goblin barrel or fireballies, 1 level isn’t gna change who’s gna win, it’s still a skill based gane


2 equally skilled players, with a one level difference on all cards....the max level guy wins vast majority of games. Its a 10% difference across the whole deck, it's a huge deal.


If you look closely to the damage numbers, healthpoints, ALOT of things change, it’s not just spells.. Also this would make more sense if we talked generqlly but you’re literally stuck with your 8 cards while the oponnent has his 8, if one of your card is level 12 like the mini pekka his other level 14 will probably kill your mini pekka before he can get his third attack in, which means an entire 500+ damage missed just because you didn’t upgrade that card. Also, what you say is very bland; you play one deck and maxed it, good but wth lmao, how do you enjoy a game by using the same 8 cards over and over, i’m trying to do mastery challenges I had a pretty good sccount back when I played onrelease day, had all the legendaries and all my cards were level 10/11, right nownI started again 1 month ago bought the battle pass and the ONLY sensenofnprogression I noticed was the battlepass max book and coin book, once the battlepass was done I swear to god the game had NO progression at all, 100k coins for 1 upgrade makes no sense, the deck I use is maxed aswell but thatdoesn’t change the fact that the mtx of this game sucks, it truly does because I know damn well that I won’t ever get to try any other deck because fuck me, anythijgnunder level 13 sucks it seems like


I see what ur saying but I used my level 11 decks up to master 2 so you can still win with low level decks. It wasn’t even a meta deck either it was graveyard with three mini tanks and mother witch and I still won a lot of my games against max level people.


it's because majority of those maxed players, as we like to call them, midladder menaces rely on their card levels to win. those dunces are possible to beat as they follow no rhyme or rhythm of strategy. if you go higher, you will eventually meet people with maxed out cards and decent amount of skill whom you will find practically impossible to beat with low level cards. I'm not hating on clash royale tho, I think it's a great game to play casually, but competitively it is way to level depended, meta depended and way too stressful to play.


Your PFP gave me a heart attack.


The issue is, even if you do pay, it is a ridiculous amount. I would understand costing maybe $100 to max all your commons but almost $500 to fully max all of my remaining commons, not counting all of the ones I had to grind for?


Ever heard of Diablo immortal?


Do you guys not have phones?


No, I sold my phone to donate on cr


Just because of the existance of that shitty game doesnt mean CR should too.


they have all the power do put whatever prices to their product. we as customers then decide if its worth the money or not. if you feel it costs too much then just dont buy. when enough people think same way they need to lower their prices or business will fail.


As true as that is, people keep buying the crap! The monk ‘value packs’? Half my clan got at least one of them. The value deals haven’t often been amazing, but in the last year or two they’ve been awful. Especially those ‘black Friday’ deals that were up a week ago


>people keep buying the crap that just proves their pricing is good (for them). Its too much for you and me, but clearly they make sales so they have no reason to change those


They've figured out that we will keep playing the game no matter the cost of time. At its core it's a fun game. Just ridiculous that they try to balance out the imbalance by adding paid content like the hoggy bank or minimal amounts of gold at mastery completion (it was supposed to help the economy and f2p while ironically capping some masteries at lvl 14)


If all or most your card stacks are full, pass royale gives you a significant amount of gold for $5


Pass royale could probably help you upgrade at least 1 or 2 cards to 14 with gold and the gold token. If you spend any money at all on this game, the pass is of most value


With such high prices, it seems that supercell does not intend you to buy progress, but rather earn it, which would explain why the best paid rewards come from pass royale🤷‍♂️


Dude its almost cheap compared to mobile games, usually it takes $3000 to max an account.


It takes way more than that to max either clash Royale or clash of clans. Like massively more.


If your talking to max your account instantly, via buying the gold then yeah, I’m 4 cards from maxing, 3 when I get the book of legendaries to max phoenix this season. I’m not free to play but haven’t spent anywhere near that over the course of 6 years playing.


Which is also fair, but you have been playing relatively consistently since launch.


Aka they are all a waste of money unless U rich and don't care about money


It's only 60 dollars with pass (with magic coin and 40k gold)


A years amount of time though


Why the rush? I've been playing for over 5 years. :)


Not to mention all the extra gold they would get along the way, when most of your cards are maxed or at least maxed amount of cards needed, the gold you get increases significantly. I used the book of books from passes to max all the champions and get 40k for every champion i get moving forward. But that doesnt include all the other rarities youd get gold for when getting extra cards. That shit adds up quickly!


$500 might be a lot to you. It isn’t to others. Someone has to pay for the game you play.




you’re so badass for swearing. my mom doesn’t let me swear on the internet. I wish I was you so I could swear.


Sorry papi I got a bit passionate


\> almost $500 to fully max all Did you know there are many freemium mobile games where a $1-2k **per month** is the minimum spend to stay relevant? Games where many thousands of players have dropped in excess of $25 grand? Clash Royale is playable as f2p, but you'll need a lot of patience. But it's also relatively cheap for spenders. $500 is not a lot of money in 2022.


See there's the problem. People are different. You think $100 is fine but $500 is ridiculous. I think both are ridiculous. There's going to be people that'll pay whatever they want and that's what makes them the most money so that's what's going to happen


I spend $500 on clash of clans and clash Royale combined every 2 months lol


New to gaming I see?


I agree. Then, once you cross this hurdle, you'll still be paywalled by champions. I'm a long time f2p with maxed commons, rares, epics, legendaries. I have over 4m gold. And i am NOWHERE near maxing a single champion. Heck, i havent even unlocked monk despite being eligible since monk was released.


thats why the pass is attractive - book of books trivializes maxing champions and its extremely cheap AND valuable compared to other games


Exactly. Quibbling over $5 to play the game the amount that they do is ridiculous to me.


For someone in a third world country $5 is a huge amount.


I hate to say it, but there are far bigger issues about living in a third world country than not being able to afford pass royale.


Im also f2p but maxed archer queen. No luck with monk yet though and still far from maxing mm and sk, but pretty close to maxing gk as well.


I'm guessing people don't count getting the season passes as F2P, but that's all I've ever gotten (using free money from Google rewards) and I just got Monk maxed out which was my only card left... And I have 3.6 million gold left over to do nothing with. It's not THAT expensive at $5 a pass, it just took some time


pass is p2w. Its respectable and idc if you buy it, but its not truly f2p. for truly f2p players champions are a hell of a bottleneck


That’s why we need champions in the shop. Would only make sense.


Champions aren’t a problem tbh, except for the monk. The other ones aren’t too bad to counter, and most champions are better countered with non-champions.


I have 2 million gold, with 32 maxed cards and I don’t pay, it’s not impossible. I’m keeping the gold for new cards that I might like.


how did you get the gold?


Challenges, completing the free pass Royale, clan wars, etc


Clan wars 2 has way too much gold but you need to play


Probably a couple or more months of saving + playing regularly (but that’s a given) I’ve only ever been patient enough to save up to 350-400k


Why do you care about maxing all of these? You won’t use all of them. Just focus on cards you use. You get alot more gold than you think. 1.8 will take just over 6 months if you really care about maxing them. But just focus on one deck at a time and it goes pretty quick.


The problem is that supercell encourages maxing all cards through the multiple war decks and the constant shifting of the meta. I also wish I could play with more than one deck but I simply can’t afford it. Also, what is the point of a cool new card being released if I can’t use it because it’s under leveled, especially champions?


Of course they encourage people to max their cards, this is a successful business and that's their business model. There is no need or forcing into using more than one deck, you can play the game with exactly one deck if you want. It's using time or using money and that's your choice, the game can be enjoyed for years while being F2p. Every time they release a new card it's like releasing a small dlc for a AAA game. There's work going into new content, man power, resources, designing etc, and they expect to get a positive return so the game doesn't die. The moment cr starts making negative results for Supercell the game will start to slowly fade away. This is a free to play game without ads and their business model is brilliant for gathering massive amounts of new players as there is no incentive to purchase anything if you don't want. These types of games profit mostly through whales who complete massive amounts in microtransactions + pass royale income (which is a great deal btw). So obviously they know what offers are "good" deals for the player. Most of the "bad" deals are targeted to the oilers who can spend bigger amounts. It's funny people complain about shifting the meta too much while also complaining that every deck they face is the same...


There are a few all star decks, like 2.6, 2.9 or logbait which you can use for war decks besides your main deck. And they also are almost always playable.


Yeah gl to you trying to win with 2.9, a deck that is not only dead, but also underleveled, especially on the middlader overleveled shitfest the CW duels are. I have been trying and it's not fun


Eh, I can push with it on midladder decently well. I hate the clan wars tho, so my experience is fairly limited on that front.


Have you seen the top1 player deck of last season? If you care about competitive but you can't afford to max a lot of cards, choose 1 archetype and become a one trick. If you care about war choose 32 card and max them, and just don't change. You want to try new stuff go to challeges. The argument "I need a maxed account in order to have success on ladder" is false as most of the top players are one trick. Also champions are basically locked behind a paywall because SC need/wants revenue but I'm ok with the current state of the game(Except this season) as champions are not mandatory to stay competitive, if you check RA there are lots of non champion decks that are viable(don't consider this season bcz phonk). I'm a F2P player that has never bought Pass Royale and I'm fine with the current progression system and monetization, my main drive is just playing ladder and idc about collecting. If you want to max your account as a F2P, it's impossible so give up or start buy those Passes. I just play xbow and sticked with it for years, and with time I invested in other decks but I still prefer xbow.


basically nobody plays war


even though it's the best way to consistently get gold?


ah really? my clanmates never play it, so I don't either


Doing my clan wars every day gives me around 20k gold a week including the chest, definentaly worth it. If i win alot then its more around 35k a week. But my clan is very cracked so i understand at lower leagues the gold reward isnt nearly as much


My clan routinely kicks people for not participating in war. It's a really good way to earn gold. Assuming you win only 50% of the time (and assuming you do actual battles instead of ship attacks), it's an easy 1760 gold per day that doesn't take up a chest slot and has no wait time.


thats actually pretty good


Yeah they do everything they do on purpose to make you want to spend money to upgrade as many cards as possible


Yeah the main annoyance for me with the cards being hard to level was having under-leveled new cards that I want to use.


Yeah you can get 100k gold in like a week, it’s really not that big of a deal


Pass Royale every month is a good deal, but also, this game isn't a sprint. Just like clash of clans, it takes a while to build up variety. At level 48, I'd hope you wouldn't have too many max cards. I remember when having a max deck was one of the greatest achievements of the game before all the QOL changes. I probably get 300k a month from pass Royale, Challenges, and chests (after cycle rework). Maxing 4 cards a month let's you be more specific with your builds. Card to gold imbalance is a new thing. They've made gold a lot easier to obtain too. (Compared to old clash)


and one of the saddest parts is that f2p players that played the game since launch were fairly close to being near max for many cards… and then they released card level 14 this year 😭


# here we go again


I think the Slash Royale and level 14 update was one of the greediest moves they could have made.


This right here! I just came back from a two year hiatus and I had at least one deck max level, so now I have to pay ANOTHER 100k per card to max them again?? Idk why they did that, just feels greedy to me. Magic items definitely help but that’s still pretty slow.


I remember when they released Magic items like "We're fixing the progression, guys!" and then they were like "Huh, it's fixed now. Time to fuck it up again!" *releases lvl 14*


Just to offer some perspective, I joined almost a year after launch and have been completely F2P, and all my cards are lvl 14 except the champions (none of the champions are lvl 14). I maxed myself to lvl 13 literally the day before lvl 14 hit the game, and it didn't take me too long to get everything to lvl 14. I'm fairly active in the game and consider myself pretty good (finish every challenge, almost always hit 15 wins in the global tournies). Once you get all the cards you need the gold comes pretty fast since you get extra gold instead of cards. I hit 5 mil gold a while back and can't gain anymore, yet I don't have any champions at lvl 14. Champion cards are by far my biggest obstacle. If I could buy 1 champion card for 5 million gold I would because the gold just goes to waste anyways. It would probably take me over a year of playing to max out the champions, but seeing as they will keep getting added to the game there's a good chance I will never fully max out. Which sucks because everyone knows champions are OP and playing without a champion is a handicap. Supercell knows it and wants me to buy that season pass. But I won't ever do that. Even if I max out that just makes it more likely for Supercell to go "looks like now's a good time to introduce lvl 15."


And by the time you have enough gold, there will be level 15


Basically what happened to me with level 14. I finally got a 9th card to max and like a week later boom level 14


The whole point for the supercell games is longevity. It possible with a ton of money to max out quicky, but the intention of the design is for people to play for a long time.


Exactly this. I think people like OP don’t realize that if he had all level 14 cards there would be a good chance he quits playing when the game starts to feel stale. Not everyone will quit, but once all meaningful incentives to keep playing the game are gone (in this place it’s maxing out your cards), you are much more likely to stop playing the game long-term. Also, people say the balancing team is terrible are just completely unaware of how impossible it is to properly balance a game like this. Every single change they make will always have a major effect on the meta so every imbalance is never going to have a perfect fix. Supercell is without a doubt one of the best mobile game studios out there, and although it’s games aren’t perfect, people like OP have put thousands of hours into their FREE game with no ads or anything. That is unfortunately a dying breed of game so be grateful while it lasts.


You'd hope they'd achieve longevity with a well-balanced meta, regular content updates, good social features, and a good ladder vs ranked system. Clash has a horrendous balancing team, one update a year, clans are useless, and ladder and ranked are totally backwards rn with golden steps.


I completely agree. I have 30+ cards at minimum level, overflowing by thousands, but I lack the gold to upgrade them. I think Supercell do this to make the game challenging and not easy to complete in 2 days


I have the max amount of common cards almost there for rare and I’m nowhere near getting them all maxed. I’m also someone who has spent money on the game (<$100 though)


The great thing about this game is you can unlock everything for free. Paying to upgrade doesn't change the gameplay at all. It doesn't even help you win, which is what most people complain about. If you are low levels you'll face people where you have about a 50% chance to win or lose. Level up all of your cards and you still face people where you have about a 50% chance to win or lose. Once you get to max level card collection, your gold income increases massively because all of those cards and wildcards turn to gold. With most collected at max you can easily pull in around 200,000 a month without spending a dime. Add in a few dollars for pass royale and you get an upgrade coin and way more gold for all of the chests the pass provides. Don't see it as a race to the end, just a reason to play.


why do you need everything to be max level? you won’t lose every game just because a couple of your cards are one level under. also you can just upgrade like two decks worth of cards or something. or just play with the other cards in party games.


These posts never fail to crack me up. Do you think supercells built and continually maintains this game for fun, or to turn a profit? Genuinely curious




This has nothing to do with capitalism, wtf


It does


>Release a card >make everyone have the urge to use the card >make it hard to obtain or make a payment method to upgrade faster >profit Dunno man sounds kind of familiar?


Uh it’s gonna take a while to max every single fckn card in the game lol


I’m over 6 years into this game.


Well did you know that you don't have to max every single card in existence?


I'm maxing out most cards after 6 years. You'll get there. Focus on meta deck cards to excel to speed up the amount you get. Donate a lot and win wars. It's honestly stupid easy to get coins now. Back in my day you'd have to grind for a few months to max out a single card. Now you yougins can get a couple a month. Especially if you pay the monthly subscription.


This is definitely an issue but it seems to be slowly getting better over time via masteries, pass royale, events, and other things. It would take awhile to get this gold but it would take way longer if those didn’t exist


The more cards you get to the max position, the easier it is to win gold, but that doesn't change the fact that maxing out all the cards is impossible in f2p, which I don't think anyone designed the economy of the game to make it possible.


You play the game to earn gold 🤯


Yea I’ve studied the clash dev team for years and concluded they don’t want you to play the game


Just the pass every month makes it far easier to collect that gold. £5 a month for the amount of entertainment you get from the game is a bargain. You would pay more than that for a cinema ticket that lasts 2 hours at the most.


As a F2P I don't see the problem. The game gives a lot of gold nowadays especially if you're at higher tier of play. I have 800.000 gold spare and nothing to spend it on because there are many cards I don't bother to level up past 11.


People always fucking cry over this shit always will get over it I’m able to get 100k every 2 days


Imagine having a social, professional, or happy life playing this game for 10 hours a day in order to grind 100k gold in two days.


you seriously don't need to play much to get gold, and you only really need one max level deck, you actually don't even need a max level deck, just play path of legends. theres options, its a freemium game. even if you spent like $10, you could get two pass royales and get a shit ton from that, its not like you need to spend a lot of money to have max stuff


Dude I play like 8 battles a day max just say you fucking suck and that you’re a crying ass baby


Gold isnt that hard to get but definetely need more than 8 games a day. I am a f2p with all common, rare and epics max. Almost all legendaries and 1 champion are also maxed. I get awhole bunch of gold but i dont think I get multiple millions a season. Lets say a season is 30 days on avg which would require atleast, assuming you win all games 30 games for the 2 gt every season Lets say 8 hr chest is avg as you sometimes get 3 or 12 hr chest so you need so 30*3=90 games to get chests running non stop. Also everything needs to be a league game to maximize profit for the steps. Challenges are like 10 wins each and like 5 challenges a season which is another 50 wins 4 war games a day is another 120 games Thats 30+90+50+120=290 games. More than 8 games a day assuming you have 100% win rate.


You really don't need anything other than the occasional special challenge and war battles to max a card or two every week. It's just 4 battles per day + whatever's necessary for challenge or global tournament


Teach me the ways


Ok shutt it wouldnt be fun if you just unlocked everything instantly


Where’s all your gems? I’m sitting on 4000, which would give me 400 Classic Challenges for a potential 800,000 gold by itself.


Don’t upgrade cards you don’t use. Will help you! Also, lol don’t donate cards until you max them out




So being mentally strong enough to not be sucked into a predatory practice == being a boot licker? It's a mobile game on your phone. Predatory housing plans, predatory credit cards, predatory employee salary structures, sure point them out because those things are important in life. But damn some y'all need to just play without maxed cards like I'm sure 99% of us in f2p are doing.


The sub is about CR. It would make absolutely no sense to just go off on a tangent about any of those things here.




which is a shame bc there are many special mechanics to get cards like tokens, wild cards and regular shop offers. With the gold shortage you end up not using any of that and just wait for gold coming your way.


Why upgrade this many cards to level 13 instead of focusing the gold on a bunch of level 14s? Also, the bottleneck for f2ps rn are champions


I literally have the same problem ... But at least it's very satisfying seeing cards converting into golds in every chests you open...


Depends. I haven't played in a long time, I quit just before heros, but I was almost max as a f2p right before the update. Just got lucky getting game at release


Yea the game, is paid to progress, meaning it is getting increasingly harder to progress without money if you continue playing, sadly you just have you find a way to get gold and grind till you are maxed I have the same problem literally all my cards can be upgraded but i don’t have the gold


LOL Brother look up how much that was cost on the games release. $500 doesn't even scratch the surface of how much that would have used to cost


When I maxed my account years ago, I had about a quarter of the cards at max level, with the rest of them at full card stack just waiting for the gold. Most of the gold used to max most of my cards came from gold conversation of cards when opening chests.


Card inflation


Why would want to rush maxing all cards besides even if you wanted to max them all you can just spam grand challenges with all the free gems you get and max a good portion of the cards without spending any money. Sure it isn’t the fastest way but like every other game in the world if you wanna max fast you’ll have to bank out


I have 41 max cards, and I’ve gotten maybe 3 pass royales since level 14 came out. That’s $15


There are plenty of ways to use all the cards now if you are not max. I have a 100% max account and tbh you don't 2ant it. It's more fun grinding , although I know it does suck to be stuck with the same cards over and over for ladder. The grind is the real way


But why do you need to upgrade every card? Can some of them sit unused?


There is, and always has been a severe gold imbalance. I recognized this early and have always donated every card possible to my clan for gold. Additionally, CR monetization is way better than other games - using ads to fund the game or a 9.99 BP that only provide cosmetics? No, thank you. My advice is to buy the pass, and pace yourself. In a few years, every card will be maxed from the magic coin. If you max your champions and legendries first (using Book of books), you get a huge incoming of gold from the excess cards.


Dunno why Ur complaining so much, they're a company so obv they gotta make money, gold upgrades require people to play to earn gold or pay to earn gold, keeping the game alive Also at this point when u have so many cards max stacked, it should be much easier to earn gold


I need 1.3 million more to max all cards but Monk to level 14. There actually is a lot of gold in the game even if you don’t do pass Royal. You can get $75K gold from ranked mode, 2 gold rushes for good gold and also when you don’t need cards anymore every chest is just a gold chest. I feel like I get close to a million gold each month with challenges and regular play. It is slow but a lot more achievable with the recent updates. Bigger issues are balanced game play, champions and a 3 card cycle needs fixing, war needs a rework, global tournaments needs reworking, and I don’t think ranked/ladder are great. Gold and covers for Common, rare, epic is in a good spot


I’ve been f2p about 4 years and I still have like 25 cards to upgrade


Pass Royale (magic coins) are the only way to efficiently upgrade in 2022


I hade the same issue, I just upgrade cards and let them stay there generating gold through changes or chests. Most of them I would never upgrade because I don't like them. I just save from patch to patch and I save money for the new meta in case I like some new deck. I manage, with 23 cards generating money, to get 950k in two months for some new deck I may like.


Lmao while I agree it was 1,000 times worse for years


Honestly it’s not that hard to collect gold with challenges they host and constantly opening chests. I earned about 200k in the past 2-3 weeks. Just gotta be consistent


The gold prices in the shop aren’t to tempt people to actually spend money on those offers, they’re to make Pass Royale look like a good deal. The intended way to get paid progression is to give Supercell $5 every month and after a couple years your account will be maxed Which is still $120 or so for a maxed account, as well as a lot of time commitment, but that’s the price most paid players are ACTUALLY paying, realistically


Either there is a card choke in the game or a gold choke in the game. Trust me you do not want to have a card choke, because then you have no agency to choose what to upgrade. A gold choke is way better for players in the case


Play others game or pay or play


Me chilling here as a free to play with 3million gold and cards that are ready to be upgraded. BUT I don’t use those cards so I just keep collecting Smaug style


Well they gotta make money somehow


I'm free to play, and have been playing for 4 years. Just checked and I have 52 cards that are lvl 14, and almost all others are 13. Once you get max stack of cards and convert new ones to gold, it starts to fill up fast. I currently have 500k in gold and nothing I really want to upgrade at the moment.


I been playing on and off since launch and currently I have 30 maxed cards without paying, though I did start paying for some passes in the last year


There is literally nothing to complain about. Having more cards than gold means that you can actually choose what you want to upgrade. If I have enough skeleton dragon cards to upgrade them but don’t want to use them then I’m not going to waste gold on them.


Royal Giant got that lightskin stare 😩


See instead of gettin em all level 13 I just upgrade one at a time to max, this allows more time for other cards to build up without using magic items and it gets me maxed cards. If all these 13s are from when 13 was the max rip


Lmao why aren’t you upgrading your commons first, male. easy gold 🍼🍼🍼🍼 next


1.8 mil gold is not that hard to make, over the course of playing time. There’s no need to upgrade every single card as soon as you get the cards for them. Paying any amount to upgrade commons is laughable. I am f2p and unfortunately hover around 5 mil gold. Every card I want is maxed, No I don’t have any the champions maxed. Not tryna flex, I just don’t understand people complaining about gold. You get it from every single aspect of this game. (Wins, free in shop, trading, unlock, etc).


I’ve hopped back on Clash Royale after a 2 year break and was able to get 5 viable considered meta decks maxed out and the only thing I’ve purchased over the 4 months I’ve been back is pass Royale. It’s definitely fast and easy to get a deck you like maxed out why on earth would you max cards you aren’t even gonna play are are considered “bad” just don’t waste your gold and spend it on actual good cards and towards your main decks.


Lol. That’s why I stopped playing. I only ran one deck because it was too much gold to upgrade everything else. I remember when I thought it was cool that I had everything at 9 at one point back in the day I also am a bit of a hardcore brawl stars player. And there’s a lot more options to get gold etc. also a better ratio of gold to upgrade. 2k gold for max lvl is a lot nicer than 100k


They've made it SO much easier to level cards. Like if you haven't been playing since the OG hog cycle days you have no room to complain lol. I've been playing since before the global release (off and on). I installed from an apk before it even released in the states. When it first came out maxing was IMPOSSIBLE without spending. Now.. everything is maxed except the last 3-4 rounds of cards that were released. And I've spent MAYBE 100 bucks? That may be low balling a little bit it's under $200.


I am a true free player, never spent a dollar on this game. I focused on my top five decks. I upgraded those first, upgrading the rest as the gold allows for it.


Quit around season 5 but didn't have this issue ass a freenium player who only had certain cards I only wanted to upgrade


Upgrade the cards you need in a deck If you want to max the 50 king levels then good luck 🤞


Patience Why the rush? *Ohm*


I probably am in the minority, but i enjoy grinding gold. I remember back in the jail breaking days I would hack things like gems and gold, and soon that game would be dead to me. It stopped being fun when it was easy. I’ve enjoyed grinding my new deck to max, gives me a reason to play. I do see the frustration though, sucks when you are trying to grind or be competitive in wars, and everyone seems to have multiple fully maxed decks.


CR is one of the most F2P friendly games I’ve played. Like others have mentioned you won’t even use 90% of the cards anyway. Just play and let it happen over time.


Well, you dont have to buy gold from the store. You get a long way with pass royale. it's a lot slower of course, but you're guaranteed like 2 max upgrades a month regardless of rarity


F2P daily player since release. I just about had a max account when they introduced level 14. I've now gotten back to where I was (just need to finish 2 legendaries) but now I've also got champions and the phoenix. It will take so much time to max the champions for free. Gold was always the bottleneck of my progress.


Tbh, the more you have cards maxed, the faster you get gold. I pretty much have all the cards maxed I need and I was able to get 1 million pretty easily


As a matter of fact all games are pay2win at se point


To supercells credit, at least they’re not making you have to spend a ton of money for gold, but yeah, gold being the real progression lock kinda stinks


thats the point tho


I’ve been playing since release and never paid a penny. Have been on CoC too since around 2007 (?!). Focus on maxing a deck of choice. I always use a main deck and keep a few around for wars etc. you don’t need to max everything - these games are predatory in the way you’re encouraged to log on daily for tasks, upgrades, etc. it’s just a game.


The more max cards you have, the faster you get gold. You gave a lot that can go to max here so every time you get a chest you’re getting a lot more gold than whats originally given. The game needs to make money and the incentive is that you would wanna spend so you can get upgrades.


Unfortunately it seems that supercell simply don't care anymore. It's gotten to the point now where they have given out so many free gems via card masteries that they have started selling things in the shop for real money as opposed to releasing them for gems. It's quite sad, but true. The player base has dropped off. Updates haven't been quite as successful as past ones in terms of getting players back into it, so it seems they are just trying to make the most out of what they have.


I agree there should be more ways to earn gold like each victory should give 5K, also the gold crates are pathetic they should be 10K+


I've been playing 5.5 years and I still need 3M more gold to max AND I've paid for Pass Royale every month since it started.


Upgrade royal delivery first, most underrated card by far. Dark prince is also very underrated


I think what you’re not considering is how the balance shifts as you get more cards to max level. The more cards you have that are max the more gold you get. As well as being able to use tokens to trade for gold. I actually think the balance is well done




I need 3.7 million to upgrade everything. I think it would be interesting to graph the gold needed per upgrade over time since I know there was a point where I was near 6 million in upgrades. Unfortunately my acct is 82% max so I'm almost there


That’s mainly why I buy the pass every month. Magic coin and book of books.


Donate cards to your clan! This is the single best gold generator in the game. With an active mid-level clan, you can get more than 100 card request per day. If you are constantly donating, this can make you a ton of gold.


This actually doesn't bother me, I've found gold to be incredibly faster especially if doing challenges. What bothers me is seeing phoenix and monk purchasable for cash on release when they're so OP


Or just trade all your legendary tokens for gold, just request the card you have maxed at legendary & trade it for something you don’t care for 20k per token


Fun fact: You can only possess a maximum of 5 million gold at one time.


Do you need to max every single card?


You don’t need every card to max level. At your point you should have your main deck maxed, and all of your war decks too. You most likely took a big break from the game if you have played for 6 years.


You said it!


I buy the pass for $5 a month and have 44 maxed cards including all champions except monk because I haven't unlocked it yet. $5/month is a decent price to pay for a game that has perpetual costs to run. It's not like they made the game, you download it and that's it. They need servers up and running all the time. They have to keep paying employees to maintain and update the game. They need to turn a profit. You want a good free to play mobile game that has no pay to win features.. try pubg mobile. I haven't played in a few years so that may no longer be true. Another good choice is League of Legends for PC or Wild Rift on mobile.


Or buy pass Royale and get magic coins to upgrade one card a month for only $5


I have been playing one and a half years, have 42 maxed cards, free to play, you just want everything easy and free ...


Honestly disagree. What doesn’t make sense here is the money-to-resource ratio. If you just play normally for a couple weeks (and are in a high enough arena tbf), you’ll be able to get enough gold to max out a couple of those cards. I find that I’m pretty consistently reaching 100,000 fairly often, and then don’t really know what to spend it on. Honestly what really doesn’t make sense in this game is why anyone would pay for any of the ridiculous deals that Supercell offers, considering that none of them make any sort of sense when considering the value of what you’re actually getting