The whole industrial district connected with a two lane two way road? That's an instant traffic jam. Add more road connections, don't force everybody through a bottleneck.


I have two sides.. both a two way road. Another thing that is causing my traffic jams is the river bridge intersection. It mixes the main road, the neighborhood, and the industrial district all into one intersection.


Cars only use the shortest path I think, so even if you have 2 sides, they only use the shortest one, you should probably upgrade it to have more lanes


Doesn’t matter, they’re bottlenecking via one ways. OP you need to increase connectivity. If everything funnels to a single intersection, it’s going to back up, no matter what.


Thibk the main issue is you've got an entrance with a gap between the junctions so small, only one car can fit at a time. Other issues are too many 6 lane roads where they're not needed, major bottlenecks, and major roads downgrading into smaller roads.


This. Get rid of that tiny road segment where all the trucks are coming together. Use a roundabout or even a 5-way traffic light. But tiny segments between intersections will kill traffic flow.


We have that IRL in a town nearby. Only one car and it a four way entrance to that small gap it can become hell quick.


Every traffic problem in this game is a case of not enough route options and too little carrying capacity. Emphasis on the former. Every. Last. One.


At 00:09 that's a big issue: that street is too short. The AI is programmed to only advance if there's room in the next nod (the short street). Since there's always a car in that nod because it's too short, they'll always stop before turning right. Also, there's a traffic light.


Heavy Traffic Ban only prevents trucks from \*passing thru\* the area. If their destination is within the banned area, they will simply ignore the ban to make their delivery anyway. I always put industrial zones near highway access to prevent trucks from jamming up my surface streets. Also worth noting that when you are starting out a city, the first couple industrial zones don't have to be very big.


Would that create less job opportunities? Or do I connect it to the main street and the highway?


Have surface-street access as well as highway access for the trucks (highway access can also be useful for some cars too but you'll find mainly trucks will use it)


Hard to see without an aerial view, but first thoughts are you have a lot of roads but not a lot of routes. Trucks are all getting bottlenecked going to the same place and the additional roads are just creating new intersections that slow down traffic even more. Recommend looking at your traffic routes to see where they're coming from and where they're going, but some solutions will be 1) can trucks get to and from the highway without going through your residential and commercial? 2) do trucks prioritize denser areas because the routes are closer? 3) does your city have a clear road hierarchy to help with decision making? 4) noticed a lot of 6 lane roads. More lanes does not mean better traffic flow and can often be counter productive


It's kind of hard to see, but from a quick view you seem to have no road hierarchy, aka. small roads and big roads in seemingly random places. I would start with fixing that.


You'd probably be better off deleting most of those roads. The points where two or more roads meet creates a node and traffic slows down when it crosses a node. I can see about 5 different nodes right next to eachother just on the thumbnail image for that video, which is way too many.


doesnt look like anyone has suggested this yet, but some of those intersections at the start of the video are really close to one another which is making it hard for cars to get thru efficiently. all the garbage trucks, etc coming from the industrial area want to make a left, but they can only do that if the super short road is clear, and that one only clears if the next one is clear. try to spread out these junctions so there's room to queue up!


Yea, I don't usually have a problem with garbage trucks, I'm just enptying the Landfills so I can switch to Incinerator Plants


Think of it this way. The only supply route to/from industry is a 2 lane road with lights. Not only that, but those two intersections close together is further bottlenecking it. Some of those trucks are probably looking to make a left and can't continue through the second intersection because spacing doesn't allow it. Industry needs space and easy access roads for logistics in and out to supply the whole city (and commuters driving in). More than any other zoning, industry creates the most traffic. That intersection should be one. And industry needs a more efficient route to and from its destination. Once added, that road should clear up. Also, I'd move that cemetery in the industrial park. Keep it close to residential areas.


Well, banning heavy traffic in industry area does not make any sense.How else they should deliver their goods? There are some mods to help with this (rebalanced industries) but in general its a good idea to follow hoad hierarchy there too. arterial 4 lane through the district and all buildings are on small side roads to not block traffic on arterials by loading/unloading trucks.I Always try to have traffic flowing out of the area without trafficlights or crosstraffic and then split them at junctions or roundabouts EDIT: oops, console player. forget about the mod. Try to avoid trafficlights so close together and also junctions in general need some more space inbetween. this is a heavy traffic block.


It's also worth having more than one route between areas of the city. I don't mean having two right next to each other but there definitely shouldn't be just one road from industry to highway or industry to residential etc


It's because of your frontage road. The location where it connects to the larger road is a major bottleneck plus the node length there is so short that every single vehicle will make a stop, further compounding the issue. Try connection the industry area to the rest of the city with more ins and outs and better yet, give it direct access to highway, train and/or ship to get goods in and out of the city more efficiently.


Public transit?


When I make an industrial zone, I try to avoid making 4 way intersections, I try to keep them all to 3 way "T" intersections. Upgrading the road size should help.


The intersection at the center of the snarl has a road segment that's short. Cims wait until there's room for them to enter before entering. Possible fixes: \-round-ish about \-add roads leading out from the neighborhood These will be less effective \-increase the number of lanes entering intersection to give cims an ability to go straight or turn \-switch from lights to traffic signs \-add slip lanes to the interection


So far I've seen in the video, you have some really strange connections. That small road that is linked to the other two (that are very close between each other) and the bottle necks in the other side of the industrial zone. This is something that doesn't even work in the real world, since you have to favour straightforward planification with the means of avoiding jams. The best thing I would personally do is to reconnect the roads, with a more clear grid, and avoiding small connections (where only a car can enter) and bottle-necks. Other thing that could be useful is creating more entrances to that industrial zone and maybe using roundabouts as it makes the traffic more fluid.


The cemetery inside an industrial district, it's both funny and sad


We live in a society


In my newest city I've made numerous unrealistic undeground connections, linking all kinds of areas together in my main city. From what I see, it looks like you have mostly a one way in / out set up which will undoubtedly cause a jam.


Stroads are the problem


make cargo trains maybe


Oh you sweet summer child


Road hierarchy pls. Don't use six lane roads like that near building use it to connect your industrial area with 2 lane roads to your highway


Don't build your industrial zone so big in one spot. You need to build small industrial zones around your city, try to use road hierarchy for a better traffic flow. I watch this tip from Sam Bur on YouTube and it works.


Mixing your main road, neighbourhood and industrial district onto one intersection might be one of the biggest causes for the jam tbh


That junction is way too short and far too many nodes. You need to redo that area with either a set of traffic lights and a 4 way junction, or link in a couple of 3 way junctions, but more spaced out. Also evaluate your may traffic flows (e.g. north to east) and strengthen those with the most traffic. Industrial areas in particular can have heavy flows.


always you should build your industrial complex like a really big roundabout with a 4 lane street in one direction and end in a roundabout that leads to an highway also remove traffic lights from this 4 lane main street and put a decent space between crossroads like 20 cells.also your comercial zone would travel to the industrial for goods so keep it mind to build a city layout like residential " highway " comercial "highway" industrial with both highways with offmap connection EDIT in traffic less lanes if more effective rather than 6 lanes roads i personally almost never use that unless i have a lane matematics problem


I play on console too - you need dedicated highway access for the industrial imports and exports and delivery to other parts of town. The trucks will use the highways as long as the route is more efficient. Also make sure your waste disposal is placed away from the main city area and accessible by the highway system… I see a lot of dump trucks trying to get around in there. Lastly, I toggle off traffic lights on almost all intersections… it’s not realistic but everything flows so much better and I haven’t seen a traffic fatality yet.


Strategic use of one-way roads usually helps me manage industrial traffic better. If possible, establish alternate ways of letting that traffic easily access your highway network without piling into the rest of the city. Later in the city's growth, establish a rail network with cargo terminals so those trucks don't even need to leave/enter the industrial district!


One more tip: Grade-separation can be a useful tool here. You can try using tunnels or elevated roads that let industrial traffic bypass your surface streets and make a direct connection to the highway.


Looks like you have a lot of garbage trucks in that queue, maybe move the dump somewhere else or build another one elsewhere?


Im emptying my landfills to be able to delete them. I switched to incinerator plants


I see very little industrial traffic. I see lots of garbage trucks and buses.


Add highways, alternate routes and freight terminal connections by your industrial. Make sure your freight terminals aren't directly by the road, but rather have a semi circle driveway to it as sort of a loading zone. I don't know what options console has and doesn't, but if you can, try to check where people are traveling the most and add a bus route there.


Don't force traffic through one or two bottlenecks, create more routes to get into the zone from within the city, also most of your roads don't need to be 4-6 lanes. I would suggest keeping one wide street aroujd the zone while making the others inside small one way streets in a way that you can loop the traffic around the zone sorta like a huge roundabout as others said. I don't know if this would work like irl but consider building a cargo train station for your zone maybe it could take some trucks off the streets. Last, you should make a way for trucks to come off the highway directly to your industrial zone without going through your city.


There are too many roads intersecting in too small of an area, the nodes are too close together for the game to handle. I'm not sure what led to some of these choices, the 2 roads parallel to each other seems very strange. I'd probably rebuild this whole area. I also see a lot of garbage trucks in your industrial area. This is a typical rookie mistake, it's best to build a separate city services area with good access to both industry and residential areas.


Use industry roads. Only the trucks and emergency vehicles can use them


Give industry lots of roads in and out, but don't place two intersections close to each other. In the beginning instead of having two seperate roads one for trucks vs one for residents make one big 6 lane road


You are causing traffic jam when you reduce your lanes to 2


The entry intersection, 3 lane roads, two lane roads connection and doing that simply does NOT make sense at all. I'd change that FIRSTLY with a roundabout, and change the street that leads to the industrial zona to a bigger avenue. That's a most. To make the roundabout you'll have to get rid of everything there to make a good roundabout and not something relatively circular. You have too many traffic lights, way more than necessary.


You have to always give the industrial destrict a exclusive road to the highway and shops, also don’t force them to use the roads where all of your people live. And pleas add a road system to your city!


Make another route, if it's needed create a highway with exit and entry near industrial district. Industrial district have to go from and to highway as quick as possible because they need to import/export products


Hey Pal, I noticed that every intersection has stop lights. Use the traffic view and click on some of the traffic lights to turn them into just stop signs. You also have intersections that are too close. Maybe a road where all the buses are lined up going to the avenue would help alleviate traffic in the main two close junctions.


You've got a lot of good advice here. I'm going to add that you should use 1-way roads when doing a grid (I always use them going across, then up and down is 2 way). You can improve traffic flow by having wider roads, more access points to an area, and not putting industry directly on a major road. Put them in side neighborhoods that are off the main thru-road and you won't have such a jam.


Them intersections are ya main problem. When they’re that close together, it just throws the whole area into a clusterfuck


I usually put a one-way multlane road all around my industrial and make a lot of roads 1-way This usually moves the trucks to a longer, slower route without jams, though the slowness could cause issues, I haven't had any


No offense but it’s hard to give any advice beyond “use common sense”


Connect that industrial area directly to the highway. Also when you’re able to purchase some new land, make many smaller industrial areas rather one or two large ones. It helps the traffic a lot when all vehicles going to your industrial buildings aren’t using the same road.


Remove all roads into the industrial park, and only have a highway that connects it to the rest of the city. Add or subtract off ramps as necessary.


In addition to the advice other people are giving, I’d say add some bus lines for the workers so that private cars aren’t competing with the trucks, and if you have the bike dlc add some bike lanes and bike paths. Those go a long way to alleviating traffic issues!


I'd add a connection at the other side of the industrial zone. Like a slip lane that gets the trucks to the highway. Find the businesses at the back that have to travel the furthest and put it there. Or a train depot even, that would be my fave alternative to highway access


Dedicated cargo train, cargo airport, cargo port, connect some heavy industrial roads.


You need a highway directly next to your industrial area so all the trucks take the highway rather than congesting all of your city roads


I also had a big traffic issue in my industrial. What helped was when I constructed a highway through the industrial area and adding several alternate traffic routes to and from the district. Helped reduce the traffic issues in the area. Hope this helped.


I would ban heavy vehicles from the city and make a dedicated route for the industrial district


For Industrial area: * Create one way IN and one way OUT for outside side connections. (direction roads) * Create one way IN and one way OUT for inner city connection. (direction roads). For city: * remove multiple junction in very short distance. * remove signals. * add circles. * If possible don't use bus. instead use Trams / metro / monorail ( more capacity and can be elevated or underground )


Looks like you’ve tried to add more lanes to solve the problem, but can see that they’re all staying in one turn lane, seems like you need more connectivity to wherever that turn lane goes, p.s those large lanes cause confusing junctions for the A.I


Rebalanced Industry mod


I'm a console player


ahh sorry....i'm always forgetting that consolers can not mod


we have mods, just not a huge array. Just vehicles, buildings, and parks. Those are all