A Youtube search will give you a few results from renowned cs content creators with tips on that topic. However, I think the most fundamental tip you can get is: GOOGLE MAPS. You can never spend too many hours using it when you're looking for inspiration on real life cities. Edit: Keep in mind CS cities do NOT work like real life cities, your ultra-realistic designs will probably be inefficient, not lucrative and/or ridiculous traffic-wise.


I might use google maps for creating a city. Thanks.


Add trees and parking lots to empty spots (like behind buildings) and figure out the region of the world where your city exists. For example American Cities (NYC, DC) use much more grids than old European Ones (London, Berlin). Google maps is your friend. If you don't use grids you should use the Move-It tool to adjust building placements.




Just keep building. I have a new city 35k, hated it until I put in military cemetery. It made the city special in that area. Now I love it. Took a month of wanting to start over everyday, but industry, warehouses, and commercial is working and traffic works...


Mods make this a completely different game


You can look at some C:S youtubers they sometimes provide a list of mods they use in their cities. Also you should probably look in the steam workshop, you'll find lot of mods along with various small assets and details to make your city more realistic. All this is good but a fair warning, adding more assets to you city will probably affect the frame rate if you don't have a dope Console or PC.


Things that changed the way I build cities include: \- Using the Terrain Heights view to draw my roads. \- Planning the highway/train layout before you build smaller districts \- Preserving natural terrain (beaches/coasts/forests) where possible. Certain youtube channels illustrate this really neatly. Personally, I think Imperatur has a masterful ability to create really believable, well-laid out cities both with and without mods. Give it a watch and you might be really inspired.


Know that and then select mods that you like to change in game. Easy