Chinese waiting hours in the snow for a Black Friday sale. Just kidding, it's for their daily PCR test.

Let's all get pneumonia while we wait to see if we have a cold.

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Let's all get pneumonia while we wait to see if we have a cold.


China has truly perfected the ‘concentration camp’


It is a concentration country at this point.


Say it louder for those in the back!


It's sad that such a large population of people have to be subject to this brutal dictatorship.




*Queue the sad CCP music*


This is going to be america for our children when they are older


Raise your kids to love freedom. I started my daughter on the School House Rock American history cartoons at four years of age. She's now eight, and can sing the Preamble of the Constitution and speak to how the checks and balances of our three branches of government make our republic superior to any dictatorship


The Constitution has either authorized the government we have or it has failed to prevent it.


dear lord Fauxci, these are loyalists! covid zero heroes!


They are being abused!


Definitely! They aren’t getting tested fast enough.


China has been doing this stuff for a few months now and they still haven't contained it. Meanwhile the covidians think if everyone wore masks then it would go away.


They havent contained it and never will BECAUSE THERE IS NO VIRUS!!!! Its all a hoax but the normies - the sheeple - cant process the fact that governments are this evil. If you still believe in the competence of experts after the pandemic you are a fool. We've all been duped.


Covid is very real, it's just not as bad as they claim it is. Just because you haven't had it doesn't mean it isn't real.


Well I agree with you that covid is real... in the minds of BELIEVERS. It doesnt surprise me that what I said went over your head. Let me repeat myself: the president of Phizer admitted in a tv interview that covid is NOT REAL. Therefore there is EVIDENCE of him admitting it that you yourself can verify if you wish. He speaks in jargon so it will go over most people's head. My guess is that you wont even ask for evidence of my claim. You most likely call me a nut and call it a day. Such is how most docile people - the sheeple - act when confronted with the harsh truth that they have been lied to. But keep on believing mainstream media. It just goes to show how easy it is to manipulate the masses. And how these citizens LOVE being lied to and abused. Similar behavior can be seen in religious folks. No critical thinking ability, they just blindly follow a dead leader


>He speaks in jargon so it will go over most people's head ...or you're probably just interpreting it the way you want it. You're more than welcome to provide your "evidence".


>THERE IS NO VIRUS!!!! Its all a hoax I caught something in March of 2020 that was unlike any flu I'd ever had before. Still, I've been able to live my life normally ever since recovering.


What are you trying to say? What was that SOMETHING you are eluding to? I have proof that there is no virus. Even the president of Phizer said it in an interview using jargon. But most normies wont investigate when scientists use cryptic language. There is no virus. Only a computer simulated/invented virus model. But like I sai, most people dont care to understand what that means. They get sick - like most humans do from time to time - and since there is a hysteria propaganda campaign going for the last 3 years they conclude without evidence that it must be this disease. Humans are soooo gullible. No offence, but you belong to that group as well.


With enough cycles on the PCR test even a simple cold will show you as covid positive. And being out in the snow like this for hours without proper clothing increase your risk catching a cold immensely.


That’s the crazy thing about authoritarian governments that makes everyone’s life hell: they focus on one metric. Mao focused on steel output, never asking if the steel was any good or the opportunity cost of making it. Stalin focused on the rate of collectivization, not actual productivity or working conditions. Xinnie the Pooh is focused on COVID case numbers. As always, there’s a fair amount of lying involved, but the harshness of their lockdowns probably is effective in slowing the spread, at least to the point that their zero Covid claims are just somewhat false instead of cartoonishly false


Some of the people have said that they are more scared of testing positive than they are of the virus. So it might seem these policies are somewhat effective, but in reality it's partly because you don't want to be the person that initiates a local lockdown because you tested positive, so you hide it if possible.


It’s a good way to get actually seriously sick….


Communism. I despise the radical left, for promoting utopian ideals that have been proven time and time again, to lead to these sorts of outcomes.


I forgot that Covid only moves side to side and not front to back. The 6’ rule is ever so important!


How to transform a mild case of covid in a deadly one. But we need more boosterzz!! 11


This how I feel when I get Chick-fil-A at lunch time


Gotta get those tendies lol.


This is great for their health. Praise be!


Trudeaus’ wet dream


Oh My Goodness!!!! Global Warming is OUT OF CONTROL!!! Rrreeeeeeeeeeeee


Better dead than red.


MBUY 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


They don't realize how much power they really hold. They could end all of this if they actually fought back.


The funny thing is ( not so funny though) is that a lot of people in western countries did the excact same thing, without even being forced to do it. I know that in Iceland, people literally stood out in the cold for hours to see if they had a cold. So stupid. The government wasn't helping though. People had to show a negative PCR test to attend indoor events. The stupidest "health" measure I have ever heard of.




The swabs are coated with carcinogenic chemicals. ..The masks filled with micro plastics. People SHOULD be getting sick! I just wonder who will get the naming rights for the next pandemic? ..So far we have Pfizer who refers to it as "VAIDS" (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)




American MSM: China is leading the way!


This is a dystopian hell-scape


And all those damp masks on 🙄 so safe


These Netflix adaptations of George Orwell's 1984 are fire


Thank goodness someone is taking the deadliest pandemic of all time seriously!!!


For sure no one will get sick from this


I would gladly wait in a line two times, no three times that length, if only to be given the holy elixir by Prime Lord Fauci!


This is how you crush the deadly virus!


So china still doing all this with covid. It makes me wonder since Covid originated in their lab….. are the consequences much more severe then we know now? Cuz they been in lock down for 2 years pretty much doing their best to contain the spread. In like a year will everyone who ever had covid just drop dead? China just taking advantage of this to condition their pop to give up even more freedom? This is an experiment to be given to the world af some point?


Cuck nation.


Wtf why can’t the plague rats over in the us just praise pfauchi and get with the program like this?!?!!!


Winter-themed humiliation ritual


Dystopian nightmare


Suckers always form a line.




The whole Orwellian nightmare just showed up. There was nothing I could do, I tells ya!


What's wrong with those chinese folk. Just not take test or wait until the line is gone.


Stupid bastards have the power but would rather stand in queue




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It's so obvious, it's just too cold for those flimsy blue masks! No wonder they're rebelling. The Party needs to start issuing fur-lined ones.




Training exercises for when they release the real weapon.