Even Time is getting swayed by the plague rats! Everyone needs a booster or they won’t be up to date!

The slow shift to questioning the vaccine to create plausible deniability in the future to prevent the masses from coming after them as well.


The slow shift to questioning the vaccine to create plausible deniability in the future to prevent the masses from coming after them as well.


Right out of the SPARS pandemic playbook.


It's more just an excuse to hike prices by 400%. With fewer shots, they need to continue making the same profit.


Exactly. They’re still pretending like it’s a beneficial thing for older folk (aka “useless eaters”).


The US military quietly dropped the covid jabs and yet people are still pushing it. Lol the usm gives vaccines out like candy they are extremely good at making sure every unit has every jab- they've made a science of it. Why would the usm stop the holy elixirs? We must be talking about this problem! The science is resilient! The science is strong! Long live science! Long live Pfauci!


I think the requirement for the shot was just left to command discretion leaving it in the hands of the commanding officer to make the call.


But...... then why did God give us two arms??




and 2 legs? and 10 fingers? C'mon - boost 'em ALL!


The way the arm muscle is squeezed makes it look like a different organ.


I think they did that to hide the fact there’s no needle


Gross lol


You down bad, bro?




Lol what does it look like to you?


What type of hearsay is this!? I’m going to get another booster right now after reading this filth!


Amen or Awoman! Ditto!


Blashphemy! May lord Pfauchi have mercy on them! These heretics need to take 2 boosters and repent for their lack of pfaith!


Compromised "expert", I only listen to hon. Dr. Anthony F.


Link to article: https://time.com/6246525/bivalent-booster-not-very-effective-paul-offit/


The data doesn't support it for most, it supports it for ALL


Thank you for correcting that misinformation!


Exactly!! MBUY!


I don't care about the data, if I don't take a booster every week I feel non protected and in danger and my stillmasking family would just reject me! Give me that booster or will cry in tears!


Amxn! “We must choose truth over facts” -Joe Biden never been more true than in these trying times where heretics question our safe and effective holy sauce


I don't care about data, I care about $cience!™


I love to go back and read this criticism of the heretic Geert Vanden Bossche: **How it started:** [https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/covid-19-critical-thinking-pseudoscience/doomsday-prophecy-dr-geert-vanden-bossche](https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/covid-19-critical-thinking-pseudoscience/doomsday-prophecy-dr-geert-vanden-bossche) *Another important counterpoint to Dr. Bossche’s claim is that we can simply reformulate our vaccines to match new variants of concern. There is a reason why a new flu vaccine is made each year: the influenza virus drifts and shifts and the vaccine needs to be reformulated to be a better match for the specific viruses that are predicted to be common during the next flu season. Similarly, if a new SARS-CoV-2 variant emerges and is so different that our current crop of vaccines don’t match it, scientists can simply tweak their vaccines. It’s not an instantaneous solution, as massive vaccination campaigns require manufacturing and deployment at scale, but it’s a fix we know well and have implemented in the past.* **How it's going:** [https://time.com/6246525/bivalent-booster-not-very-effective-paul-offit/](https://time.com/6246525/bivalent-booster-not-very-effective-paul-offit/) *And the latest data show that the newest booster shot, which targets the Omicron BA.4/5 strain and original virus variants in a bivalent formulation, isn’t that much more effective in generating virus-fighting antibodies than the original vaccine when used as a booster.*


You take your filthy factoids OUTTA HERE! Can someone burn this guy in the phiery pits of hell?


Officially only the studies that have been somehow initiated by Pfizer or the government ever make it to the media outlets So even if there is a bazillion studies saying that it's not effective, it doesn't matter. Science has more than one opinion, but the media only has one (for several reasons).


Nooo! Without the boosters , you can't enter the Eternal Zoom call upon death!






Brethren it appears Time has been compromised by Russian misinformation. Please ignore the temptations and continue your quarterly Pfizer subscription.


Time is a right wing rag!


NOT the right experts! These experts need to lose their jobs and be deplatformed so the right experts can provide us with the real Science™.


"Real Science™". Remeber to capitalize "Real".


I walked out on my wife and children because they weren't up to date. Now they are destitute but it's their own fault.


Suddenly people will want to know the identity of these "experts" lmao


Which one, though? I mean my fifth or sixth booster? They certainly can't mean the third or fourth booster, right? I got my fourth one about nine months ago.


I'm taking TWO boosters to help!


Who needs data when you have pfaith!


You don’t need data to be safe and effective.


Data? What the hell does that have to do with pfaith?


I wish Time magazine had more diligent mods.


What is this blasphemy. Outrageous.


What is this bull shit??!


That's a vagina, and he's getting fucked.