No, Xi Jinping unlike Mao Tsetung emphasize the supremacy of the party over everything. Xi wears military stuff because he's the Chairman of the Central Military Commission. Also, if you look at the Politburo Standing Committee, there are no PLA members in the committee because they don't want the military to get enough power to do a coup.


I mean how useful is the civilian government now that the culture far from Marx?


It’s not a matter of use or not use. The Party, and Xi at its core, holds all power. The PLA was reformed to be even more loyal to the Party, in addition to the more practical professionalization reforms. Essentially it’s just further centralization of power through centralization of power in the Party, including the military element. Regardless of the ideological beliefs of the Party, it remains a highly coordinated Leninist-style single party government. (Leninist simply referring to it organizationally in this context).


Mainland China had been under military rule since 1949. Li Zong Ren ordered nation wide martial law in 1949, and that declaration for mainland China was never lifted ever since.