Lachlan Watson appreciation thread - I'm really gonna miss their as Glen and Glenda (INCLUDES MAJOR SEASON 2 SPOILERS)


Lachlan's portrayal of the twins were my favorite part of season 2 for me. As much as I loved Billy Boyd and was so happy to he was back as GG I thought it was a mistake to put the twins back in the doll.

Lachlan as Glen and Glenda was so much fun.


I’ve said this before but the best of both worlds would have been for Glen to go into the doll with Billy Boyd doing the voice and having Lachlan stay as Glenda. I’m disappointed that they were written off the show this quickly after how long it took to bring back Glen and Glenda.


This 100%. I legit just assumed that that's 2hat they were going for, but nope. Now I feel like it's likely G.G. just won't show up again anytime soon.


Exactly! Such a stupid move that made no sense. Imagine Glenda holding Doll Glen, would be so adorable! Her carrying her sibling around while they travel! 😍😒 Would have been perfect but nooo they once again like the whole Season made stupid choices.


I really fucking wish they weren't placed back in that stupid ass doll


My biggest fear was that happening. I'll allow it if they find a human body that can host both (all?) ((the whole soul/both personalities)) of them. Maybe even switch between when needed, or hang out with themselves.


Yesssss!! I’m surprised Tiffany kept it and didn’t incinerate it.


I love Billy Boyd, but I feel Lachlan brought a ton of life to Glenda and Glen. I was disappointed they brought back Shitface’s original body.


Sorry but I prefer the doll and was so happy to get GG and Billy Boyd back!


At least someone likes it, I personally find them useless and the worst part of season 2 as every appearance they did included a heavy amount of exposition and hard tries to remind us how good Glen is and how much of a badass Glenda is.