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Do you know 50% of us are introverts? Introverts are awesome active listeners! You can read the Bible and let the Holy Spirit give you understanding of His word along with mentors. Then you might think about helping and encouraging others in need on Reddit to get to know Jesus and to grow in the Lord.


I'm one, I have served Him as a worker at a food bank and currently as an usher at the church.


Love this been asking this my whole life


I’m a quiet introvert. I share my love for God online.


I imagine you are asking this question because the most visible types of service are more suited to extroverts, such as serving in the worship team of leading groups in other ways. I can assure you that just because some ways of serving are not as visible, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist or aren’t as important. There are lots of ways to serve that others won’t necessarily notice. Why don’t you ask your pastor or ministry leader about different serving opportunities?


What do you like to do? Do it It the name of God.


A part of what you could do could be to serve God with your finances to help provide for the church and others in need.


hey, someone has to help the extroverts out and clean up after then! we are granted many gifts. each has a part to play, and a niche to fill. "commit your ways to God, and He will direct your path." something I find really interesting, though perhaps not immediately applicable to this question/situation: I listen to stories about missionaries and martyrs. I really like it when the narrators delve into the more personal aspects of the individual in question. it seems like a majority of them struggled with depression. not like the occasional kind ether. God chooses people to fill certain roles. Many times, it seems He decides that it's the least likely candidate. I think that's on purpose. Why would God, who wants us to grow in character and faith, put us in a spot we will immediately do well in? Sure, maybe a couple of time so we don't get crushed under the weight of out own inadequacy... but He does want us to GROW. it's those people who are weak enough to lean on Him that grow the most. And sometimes that means being lead into a situation we wouldn't choose for ourselves. Point is, regardless of us, God can use us. we just have to have enough faith to step out onto the waters.


Prayer and fasting my brother/or sister... Here read this ////: and then was a widow until she was eighty-four. She never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying./// its from the book of Matthew about ANNA. The bible calls her a prophet it says she served God day and night by fasting and prayer.


I'm praying. We are even told to pray alone in our room, so that fits perfectly for me as introvert.




I’m also a quiet introvert. Study scripture. Applying your mind to understanding the Word is a powerful form of worship. Study number meanings and the names of people and places in the Bible. It opens up layers of meanings. For example... Daniel=judgment of God 7=number for completion Gethsemane=oil press/winepress 40=holy and set apart


I’m a quiet introvert, and a pastor. Listening is one of the key skills i bring to the role. I have learned to stand up and speak when I need to, as you would probably know, find me a topic and I can talk for hours. Sundays still exhaust me, but I know I’ll get some down time, usually in the afternoon, to recharge.


God made you introverted on purpose, just like everything else He does. He knows exactly why you are who and what you are, and the fact that you're asking how to serve Him makes Him beam with proud-dad joy! Ask God to SHOW you how He wants to use you! Ask Him for open eyes and an open mind to His Will, not your own. Maybe God wants you to go against your comfort zone and be outspoken. Moses was introverted, and God made him lead a NATION; but God gave him the tools to do it. Maybe God wants you to serve Him quietly, growing in humility of servitude. In the end, the only thing YOU need to worry about individually is that you remain subject to serving the Lord, however he sees fit. Romans 12:1 tells us that our reasonable service is to be a living sacrifice to God, meaning we give Him 100% of ourselves, and nothing less. TL;DR: Don't ask us what you can do for God, ask GOD!


Lol I love this, you’re completely right. Thank you :)


By the way, we're not supposed to just do what we feel comfortable doing. Frankly, God has a way of taking us out of our comfort zones. I'm not saying that he's going to make you do something for which you're not equipped of course. I personally HATE being up in front of people. Yet, God placed me into the role of being a music director at a local small Baptist church. I grew up learning music, but never would I call myself a musician. And I did some self study. I didn't totally bomb out in speech class (college), but I didn't do great either. I generally get nervous if I have to speak in front of people for any reason, but for some reason God has me directing music. Not only do I have to talk, but I have to swing my hands around (I think looking like an idiot, though I mostly know what I'm doing with it), and sing while hoping to never miss a word/note. On the other hand, I mostly direct our media ministry, and the biggest part of that during service is running the sound board. I very rarely do that anymore, but I'd rather, personality-wise, just sit in the sound room where nobody sees me. I've known lots of preachers who absolutely hate getting up in front of people for any reason at all. They'd rather be sitting on the back pew, listening, and not making a sound, but yet God told them to get up and preach. I've known lots of folks who also don't want to sing in church at all (not even in congregation), but as I occasionally try to remind our choir and congregation alike, God said to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, ALL YE LANDS, so nobody has an excuse there. And lots of us don't want to say "amen", shout, or do anything else in church, for fear of "who will see me and what will they think." God commanded us to praise him, so there's no excuses to always be a church mouse, and never praise the Lord. Now, exactly how you praise the Lord is between you and him. But on that, think about this: if you go to a sports game, and you cheer or stand up and do the wave when others do or whatever, but when you go to church, you never show anything, just sit there and listen, to whom are you offering praise? God will equip us for what he wants us to do, but don't be one of the many who just say, well I'm just quiet, so I'll sit here on the pew, and do nothing else. Instead, ask God, "Lord, what will ye have me do?" and then just listen, read God's Word, and listen for the Holy Ghost to guide you. I don't mean just say that one time, but just in your heart, ask him what he wants you to do. Sorry I rambled a bit. This kind of thing is on my heart and mind quite often.


This is the kind of thing that always comes to my mind whenever I see people on this sub or other Christian subs asking how to serve God while also being an introvert. I'm an introvert too but at a certain point, God is going to call you out of your comfort zone and you're going to have to choose between being comfortable and obeying God. That may not be easy to hear but it's the truth. A lot of introverts are guilty of idolizing their alone time and using it as an excuse to not serve God as effectively as they should be. I know this because I've been guilty of that myself in the past.


I am part of a smaller church community, and I set up chairs for Sunday church service, as well as do other things. Serving God by doing service for others doesn't have to be loud or flashy.


At the end of the day we are still called to make disciples. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone. I play disc golf as a way to meet to others. I start alone but can usually find a group to join. What are your hobbies and how can you use them to make diaciples?


Me. I think God directed me into the healthcare field so I could get comfortable talking to people who are messed up and sick and angry and miserable and ashamed of their illnesses and feeling like a lesser person, etc. Gentle words and kind actions go a long way.


This was an interesting read, I just recently decided to learn about and get involved in the Christian faith as an adult. Although I'm definitely more introverted, and rather shy to just walk into a church and be like "sup, 100s of strangers, im new here" lol




Awesome post/question. I am mostly introverted myself. One thing I believe God told me to do was to start a ministry on YouTube. the cool thing about making Youtube videos is it's just you in your room/studio making the video and you don't have to interact with anybody face to face. I just started my YT channel, and starting with my testimony. You can check it out for an example of how a mostly introverted person is serving God. Blessings to you! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH27vYgUzyCZMz-TGYW0aYQ


Very good question. Thank you for asking this. I could benefit with these answers.