Secular Buddhism seems pretty cool to me. There had been some research about meditation and it can really work. Some of the core concepts can be a lot to take in, but I find it fascinating nonetheless.


Yeah, meditation is really useful stuff and proven beneficial to they human mind. The really odd thing is that the 2000 years of Christian tradition has had similar meditation. But it's only recently, in the last 100 years, that Western Protestantism, particularly evangelicalism / Pentecostals & charismatic in general, have associated it with Eastern spirituality and thus rejected it as evil. Crazy barstools!


I don't know about Catholicism but I'm fairly sure meditation is not a thing in Orthodoxy. Psalmody is probably the closest thing, but that's obviously still very far from Dharmic meditation.


Hesychasm is part of Orthodoxy 100%


Some forms of Christianity are a lot like some forms of Buddhism. As a whole, I like Buddhist philosophy. I like its lack of dogma, it’s openness to change in light of scientific evidence. something I think modern Christianity could benefit from doing.


The love I sought as a Buddhist (for nearly 20 years) was fulfilled in Christ.


Great premise.


>the elimination of all greed, hatred, and ignorance within a person. I've always agreed with many of Buddhas goals to achieve nirvana, Buddhist or not they make sense


I like it a lot. It doesn't place a lot of emphasis on the afterlife like Christianity does. It focuses on how best to live this life. Much of the teachings revolve around remaining in the here and now instead of letting your mind wander off to think about the future or the past. This has helped me a great deal. Also reading the teachings of the Dalai Lama and his life story are very inspirational.


Personally as I haven’t researched much of it I prefer it over Christianity, but I still see problems with it. I find the teachings to be fairly nice but some practices have immoral methods. For example there is a group of Buddhist monks mostly in Japan that practice sokushinbutsu where essentially they starve themselves to death while doing it in a way they mummify themselves while alive. I don’t particularly find starving yourself or injuring yourself to be a moral practice. But I understand this is only a small group. I guess aside from single practices I don’t have much of a problem with Buddhist monks as a whole aside from the indoctrination aspects.


The idea behind it seems pretty nice.


Buddhism is still a baseless religion and while it does not appeal to a higher being, it still incorporates reincarnation and the idea of enlightenment/perfection, all of which is unfounded in reality. It has less baggage and less claims over Christianity but ultimately is an unverified assertion just the same.