Don't envy them AT ALL. Liver poisoning as well as other alcohol induced complications are not fun to live with for the rest of your life As well as the....interactions that happen in that lifestyle can lead to emotional trauma,unplanned pregnancies. The burn out is probably very quick too. There is 0 and I mean 0 net positive to gain from that lifestyle. Be happy you are not in it. I am 21 and see many my age living that lifestyle too Don't be discouraged stay in the Word


I am a 24M I am also looking to settle down and find a women to grow with in Christ but I’d rather be patient and look but not the point where I end up being in the wrong relationship since it is better in my opinion to be single then to be in a bad relationship. I also deleted insta ofd of my phone because I found myself feeling worse that I was behind where some of my friends were. I am like yourself in that I have no desire to go into the party scene whatsoever so my plan is to join my churches bible study for recent grads of university and it has a few churches connected in these groups. I know that this isn’t much help to you but just wanted you to know that you weren’t alone in feeling the way you do.


Thank you :)


Could it be that you're mildly freaking out over what feels like the ***real*** start to adulthood? Kind of like a giant, permanent weight is dropping itself on your shoulders and you're staring the down the hallway at what will be reality for the entire rest of your life? There is no reason that you can't live it up, per se, in a responsible manner. You're single, out of school, and you have an actual career job. Why not take weekend trips? Why not plan a big trip somewhere and really see the world. Explore God's creation. Try new things. Spend your evenings trying every hobby you can find. Climb a mountain. Go scuba diving. Live in a tiny house for 6 months. Why not?


Don’t pay attention to what others do. Doing so will only make you more depressed along with social media. If you’re on dating apps at all look for a man who is in the same situation and isnt partying or hooking up. Man still value woman who are like you more than the ones hooking up as that does not last and is only for the moment. Find new friends who holds similar values as well. I’m 29 and still waiting, never went into the partying and drinking lifestyle as well.


I deleted ALL of my social medias, (Snapchat, Facebook & Instagram), my life has become more peaceful, no more mindless scrolling! I encourage you to do the same, I also am young 32M & I don’t follow the crowd, I am trying patiently to wait for my bride. The world is tempting but we have Jesus, he is our ultimate for EVERYTHING. Also having friends that believe in Jesus helps as well.