First time ever listing something on Facebook Marketplace, truly amazing bartering strategy.

First time ever listing something on Facebook Marketplace, truly amazing bartering strategy.


Get used to it. I had a guitar brand new condition $150 new. I wanted 120 for it. Someone agreed to 120 but right before we were to meet up, they said 30. I blocked them lol.


Someone did that to me when I was selling a bike. It was a nice Specialized mountain bike that was in the $2K-3K range new, I had it up for $1200 because I literally only used it once and it was in absolutely perfect condition. Guy agrees to the price, comes up and starts haggling. he said he’d give me $500 for it. I told him that the price is firm and I’d sell it to what we agreed to on the phone. I think he was trying to do the thing where he would intimidate in person, but I don’t go for that shit, so I kept slapping down his stupid offers. He finally said that he drove two hours to get to my place and it would be a shitty thing for me to turn him down now. I told him that I don’t give a fuck if he spent 40 days and 40 nights walking to my place and the only way back was this bike, I wouldn’t sell it to him for $500.


The lowball on arrival is classic scummy thing to do. Was selling my car 750 (old and didn't pass some tests), got lowballed at 300 on arrival. It pissed me off quite a lot and refused. Lady told me she took a 2h train to come here and was the last one "and it's dark and i can't check the car clearly" .. well too fucking bad, go back home on foot or burn 200 on a cab because i'm not selling you shit unless you offer twice now that you've tried this. Still a firm no on 1500 ? Aw, well buh-bye and fuck off, only 60 miles to do by foot at night in autumn.


....and then what happened??


The last cell phone I privately sold. I had it up for like $100 the guy showed with with $20. I told him to fuck off. and walked away. He followed me back to my job and demanded to speak to my manager. I worked at a car dealership so the only manager he was getting was a desk manger who's been in sales for 20 years. The DM almost had him convinced to give him the $20 for wasting all our times.




What is that shite? I had a guy arrange to buy a gold diamond ring, and when he came to pick it up, offered way less because it looked 'bigger in the pictures'. I wasn't even asking much, and if I wasn't sick-to-my-stomach desperate to pay my rent at the time, I wouldn't have accepted.


Damn. That’s such a dick move


They think you're so desperate to move the item that you'll just take it. The one I don't understand is the confirmation of the meetup time/place like an hour before and then they just ghost.


I had one the other day for something I wasn't desperate to sell. Listed at 45. Offers 20. No thanks. But I can come today. Cool. No thanks. Day later.. What's your lowest price? 40. How about we meet on the middle at 30? I told her her math skills were terrible and blocked her. Sold for 43 (I ate 2 dollars of shipping it to someone) 2 days later. Not desperate to sell. Would have kept if it didn't go.


Yeah sounds like it worked here, so why wouldn’t they try it again


Thats why I only meet at my house. Too many people ghost for me to risk wasting my time and gas.


fuuuck no I don't want those people knowing where I live


they know, thats why they do it, people dont generally sell stuff on facebook because they dont need it but because they need the cash


"people dont generally sell stuff on facebook because they dont need it" It depends on what it is. I sell shit all the time, flipping stuff, replacing old tech with new models, I don't do it because I "need" the money, its more simply why not get something for it, I also give a lot of shit away for free if I know selling it will be a hassle. Regarding flipping, my wife got an awesome score recently. So Walmart has an app you can scan items with, if it scans lower than the in store price Walmart will honor it. My wife is a big crafter and the cricut easy press (large model) goes for about 200 bucks retail (its for t-shirts etc. pressing designs on them). Well at our Walmart near us it was scanning for 40 bucks. We bought them out of stock and sold them on market place for between $140-$160 a pop. When they got more in stock they corrected the problem, lol. You can usually tell items that are being sold because cash is needed.


My dad was a bit of a hoarder, We would upgrade things and he'd hang onto the old ones, in case we needed a third spare vacuum and such. I've been listing things on there to make space. I inherited a bit of his tendencies because I couldn't just throw stuff away I knew was good. So I list it on there before just donating it. Half the stuff people could be like "I have this pocket full of change" and I'd be like "Okay sounds good." Not saying I'm giving everything away, but when I have the time throwing items on there seems to be more efficient than a yard sale.


people always say they cant POSSIBLY understand why someone would do that. they dont care about making a fool of themselves, because they know there's 1/100 times that it might work, which makes it worth it to them


That’s why I always make them drive to near me. I refuse to go more than 10 minutes. You live an hour away? Cool not my problem you have a car you can drive where I want to meet. Wanna pull some bullshit? Have fun driving home an hour empty handed


What annoys me more than anything is when they agree to a price and try to haggle when they come in person. Or in this case, pretend they simply dont have the amount they agreed to pay. I had one guy show up for a stereo receiver for $120. He shows up says he just has $100. I was like sorry man. He's like "it's just 20 bucks" I said that argument goes both ways. Surprise, surprise. He had the extra 20. Because he wasn't about to drive home empty handed.


On a forum i've been on for years, localsales take place a lot and there was this guy of legend, his name was goosemaster5k and he made a post ranting about how people would agree to a price and then they would meet up. They would say "i only have X dollars"... (usually less than the agreed upon price.) ​ So now when people post a for sale thread, they usually put "goose rules apply" at the bottom to let people know they wont fuck around on price once it's agreed.


I had a diamond ring asking $500, guy offered $350 I was like ehh sure. Shows up and “measures” the diamond (by looking at the top only) and says “oh this is just under a half ct.” “no, it’s exactly 50 points, you don’t measure ct weight of a diamond by looking at mm of the table. You have to measure the table by the depth.” At this point I’m so annoyed this pinecone is trying to talk down to me and act like he knows more than me (I had worked in jewelry all through college and after) I’m pretty sure you can see the steam coming from my ears. Next he says “oh... will you take $275 for it?” No. “That’s all I have with me.” 🤷🏻‍♀️ there’s a gas station, use the atm. This assholes plan was to act like he measured the diamond and it was smaller so he was going to try to give me less and think I didn’t know better and I’d take it. I hate.


I recently tried to sell an immaculate Fender (retail \~$1200) that was about 10 years old. Definitely a sought after model, and with a branded hardcase, for $800. This seemed fair based on other listings, Reverb etc. Trust me when I say this thing was absolutely pristine, it had an upgraded set of pickups, professional set up etc. I received 4 terrible offers from 4 separate people; $400 exactly; a straight trade for an Epiphone 335; a trade for the Squier model (about 1/4 of the value) and $100; and finally someone who would pay $600 but wanted me to ship it across the ocean and I would pay the shipping costs (approx $200...).


I respond "what's the highest you'll go" when someone asks me that. It's a ridiculous question.


I hate when ppl open with this. Like you want me to do your haggling for you?!


I'll do that, I really hate when people ask that. "Who raised you?!"


I usually say, “Make me an offer and I’ll think about it” but yours is better lol


This guy gets it


So do I, but they just get confused and don't understand the irony. dumb fucks


If I think the asking price is fair, I just pay it. Sometimes when I go pick something up the seller looks bewildered when I just hand over the correct amount of money without drama.


I post all my listings with "I don't care about your kids, cancer, or other sob stories" ... and people still try to pull them. Last time I got someone complaining about the price, I told them I gave it away for free to someone with a better excuse on why I should lower it.


This probably made them go back to their excuse laboratory determined to make up the ULTIMATE SOB STORY so they can get stuff for free in the future.


Try topping "Baby shoes, for sale, never worn"


I would pay whatever that guy asks just to meet him. Maybe he would even get drunk with me and punch my lights out at the end of the night.


That is almost exactly how that would go too, and I would 100% sign up for that ride if he weren’t already dead.


I think you've misread the situation


Yeah if I'm being honest I never read any of his books


I had one recently when I was selling a guitar for a crazy good price because I needed to sell right away. It was an American Elite Fender Strat which goes for $1200-1400 used, I had it listed for $900. Some guy asked if I would take $350 for it, so I declined and told him my price is firm. They went into a sob story about how it’s for their son and their son is a war veteran with depression and this is to help them out, etc. I told him that I’m sorry his son is going through that but the price is still firm. Then he started throwing the whole “you hate America” card, saying I hate veterans and America, I hate the people protecting my freedom, and all this other stupid shit. I was ignoring it for a little while but he kept pestering me with this stupid shit so I finally told him that I don’t give a fuck if his son has cancer and my guitar is his dying wish, I’m not selling it for $350 because his dad hates him so much that he’s not willing to pay $900 for it, then the guy really flew off the handle calling me a dirty commie and going nuts until I finally blocked him.


Why are Americans always obliged to worship those in the Armed Forces? Why isn't it viewed as just another job?


It's the culture here. We basically grow up with the whole war hero worship thing, watching movies about war hero worship, pledge allegiance to the flag every single day, etc. It's pretty creepy, but growing up with this it took me awhile before I learned that this type of thing isn't normal in other countries. That being said, we really just worship the *idea* of war heroes we treat our actual war veterans like dog shit.


Tell him Glarry makes a fine beginners guitar for $100 and send him on his way.


Just make up a sob story about how your "kid" has "cancer" too and that they are "ruining christmas". I'd like to see how they defend themselves from such bullshit hahaha


And then jack up the price.


Same. I hate to argue about money. If something isn’t listed at a price I think is fair I don’t even bother.


I've always hated haggling. I want to know what the price is, decide if I want to pay that amount, and just be done with it one way or another. Edit: I don't know why I used the word barter when it should have been "haggle."


Yup. My parents love this “he’ll probably take $x if you ask him” mentality. If he’ll take $x then he should advertise it at that. It just feels so insulting to have to haggle with someone. Maybe my experience working retail where people somehow thought that as an 18 year old retail associate I was given the power to bargain on behalf of a multinational corporation has turned me off to the process, but I legitimately don’t want to go there. The less I have to talk about money the better.


This is the reason my family always had Saturn vehicles. No negotiating, no horse trading, you pretty much threw the car up on the conveyer belt and they scanned it and bagged it for you. I mean, they’re out of business now, but hey, they were good cars anyway!


I don’t even barter at garage sales, I just hate it


Same. I'd prefer to have the prices on everything so I can silently evaluate whether i want to pay that amount, but I'm not talking them down on anything, especially considering that people put time into pricing it. My dad refuses to have yard sales because people are so obnoxious about haggling.


I had the opposite experience once where I asked the person having the garage sale the price. I decided I didn’t want it at that price and started to walk away to look at other stuff and she kept insisting I give her an offer. Super annoying so I just left.


I'm just like that. But I did read a book about negotiating written by a lawyer and professional negotiator out of interest, and there were indeed some interesting thoughts, like that any deal should always be the best deal for both parties and that a concession doesn't need to be made without getting anything in return. So haggling could help both buyer and seller reach a deal when the seller has put up a really unrealistically high asking price, or a buyer might accept a higher price, let's say for a game console, but ask for a game being added, or the seller could accept a lower price, but instead of meeting half way, the buyer comes to them, or whatever. I still don't like haggling, but it can make sense, depending on circumstances, obviously.


I always list my shit a little higher than I actually want for it/what I think is reasonable value. Some people just love to haggle so they get to feel like they talked themselves into a better deal and I get what I wanted for my item all along.


And it’s a bonus if they pay asking price


This is exactly what I do


Because people do this crap so often. Its like almost every item you sell is a predicament.


I sold a kayak and the guy paid what I was asking and hauled it away himself. Kind of shook me.


It's fucking wild out there. I bought a roof top tent for my 4x4 a couple years ago. A near $2500 item was listed for 900. I was the only person who messaged not trying to haggle the dude down to 500. Unbelievable


And you probably would have paid $1200 without blinking because you know what it’s worth, you’re not thinking “how far below asking price can I get this rube to go” like it’s a contest.


They were probably trying to buy it then resell it. I bet if he would've taken a low offer it would be back on the market for 2000 a few hours later. Of course with a newer description saying it was "never used" or other lies.


We once listed a table for a few weeks and had to lower the price because we werent getting any bids and needed to move. This lady comes to pick it up with her daughter and was surpised at the condition of the table (we sold it for cheap). After helping her load it, she ended up giving the full amount before the reduction. I often think about that lady, it was really generous of her


I once went to buy two unopened puzzles on Facebook Marketplace; price was $9 each. I told her she'd have to take $10 because I didn't have any change. She said she'd look and find a couple of singles to leave out with the puzzles on the porch (contactless delivery). No, I told her; I wasn't willing to negotiate; she'd simply have to take my price or the sale was off.


I was in Trinidad one time, sitting at a stop light. There was a guy walking up and down traffic selling pineapples. In Trinidad, there are beggars at EVERY stop light, always asking for money, so I was happy to see someone trying to earn money instead of just begging. He came up to my window and was selling pineapples for something cheap like the equivalent of one for $2 or two for $3 USD. I told him I wanted 2 pineapples and would only pay $10, and not a penny more. Immediately he started to protest, expecting to have to defend his price because I was haggling. But then a second or two later, he stopped when he realized I was trying to RAISE his price. The huge smile and gratitude I got in return was worth every penny! As a bonus, those were some of the sweetest pineapples I've ever tasted!


She should've just opened the boxes and removed a couple of the pieces.


But why? I was paying her more. My refusal to negotiate was a joke about her accepting more money. Why would she want to screw me over? What she did was text be that she needed a laugh, and thank me.


My comment was also a joke.


Incredibly generous. Wow. That's one for the history books.


I sold an old xbox and some games a couple weeks ago. Asking price 150, dude asked if I would do 140 so he wouldn't have to stop at the bank and ask for change. I said fuckit, agreed. He showed up on time, gave me full asking amount, and was happy with it. The way he asked questions though, you'd think I was trying to pull a fast one on him and sell him some broken shit or something.


That is unfortunately a real concern.


I usually ask a good amount of questions just to make sure the thing I’m buying from someone on FB is actually theirs, and not something stolen. Just a few simple questions usually can tell you whether a 10 year old Xbox is something they just don’t use anymore or something they took from someone


did the same thing with my laptop. didn't want to stop at the bank and was $5 short with cash in hand and told the guy he said no issues. 15 minutes later sent a a message he would be in my area later that day and could save me the drive. you better believe I went and got him the extra $5. dropped in to me in the driveway and even gave me a bag for it, a mouse and extra keyboard for it.


I do this all the time. ATM only gives $20 notes so if the item is a price that isn't a denominator of 20 I just ask them to lower it by x amount so I don't need to go to the bank. Have never had anybody decline me over $10


I once bought a motorcycle off craigslist for the price they were asking for because I thought it was a fair price. Dude delivered it my house and gave me extra stuff like a factory service manual and luggage too. I was surprised.


Same here, I bought some 1950s-1970s Decoration and Glassware. Drove 1h one way there and she gave me 2 extras for the long ride. Don't banter, accept it. Maybe you will get more.


In most cultures, the most important part of the deal is that both party's walk away smiling. I've met so many cool people through buying. If I was lowballing , I would have missed out on a lot good stuff.


- List item for $25 - Buyer shows up on time - Buyer hands me a $10 and a $20 - I tell buyer “lemme go inside and get my wallet so I can give you change” - Buyer says “nah, don’t worry about it”, loads the item into his vehicle himself, and rides off into the sunset Then other times, I have a buyer show up in an Impreza with two buddies to pick up a sofa. Both are bewildering to me.


I know. I love getting the "What's your best price" from the seller on somewhere. I'm like, "uhhhhh.... what you're asking?:


Sellers "open to offers" are too much bother for me...lol


Depends on the culture you're in how accepted or offensive bartering is though


For me, bartering isn't the issue. I do it and welcome it when I list stuff on fb marketplace. What gets me is when they lowball it so bad, that there's no real bartering to be had, and then they get shitty with you.


I dont understand why throwing a low amount out but offering it in cash is somehow supposed to make up the difference. Im not offering credit or taking a check. There was never any other option except for cash.


I had a guy send me a pic of a bunch of 20s spread all over, saying he was flush. I asked for his name and date as a timestamp (for shits and giggles) and he blocked me lol


It's true to some degree. My grandparents would think paying full price for anything is a giant sin. Of course my grandparents not got to experience the lowballing and sob-stories of today's deals.


I guess saving 1 dollar is a win if you value your time and energy worth zero dollars.


Right? I get you can negotiate a price when buying items, but don't be a douche. You know they went a bit high, you know you're gonna go a bit low, and then you know you're going to meet somewhere in the middle. No need to lowball and waste everyones time. "I can let it go for $1200." "Eh, I'll give you $1000." "Hmmm, $1150!" "Errrrr, I guess I can do $1000. But that's my final offer. Sigh." "Deal."


Nope it's.... "I can let it go for $1200" "I'll give you $300 and this one-star B-movie grade tale explaining why I need this price."


Haggling, not bartering. Bartering is exchanging goods for goods, no money. Haggling is negotiating the price down.


IDGAF about anyone's bartering culture. Pay what I ask or move on. I will do the same when buying something.


I do that too. I am not a fan of haggling and if I am interested enough to buy it, it is already at least at the price I want. If it is a little above what I want to pay, I will ask what their best price is. If they say the same price, I will usually still buy it.


If it's a stupid number like $143 and they won't take $140, I don't bother with them.


I was on the other end of this recently. I sold a 3D printer, and despite stating that the price was firm, had several people try to negotiate and then get ignored. One person wanted it for half price, because they were new to 3D printing and didn't want to pay more. Their words. It was so nice when someone eventually came along and just paid what I was asking without trying to talk me down.


I bought a brand new, never been used motorcycle helmet off FB last week. Still had the decals and the little plastic bit poking through the chin strap. Didn't even try to haggle the guy selling it for less than 1/2 MSRP. Simply paid him and left. Weird, I know...




Wow, a person who knows how to do proper business. I'm impressed. In all seriousness we're a dying breed.


I have no appetite for the drama of lowballing someone...maybe I'm getting old.


Me neither. If I'm negotiating salary, you aren't gonna like me, but if you're selling me a game or something for a fair price, I'm just going to come buy it drama free. I guess to some people fair price is $5 delivered though lol


I'm mostly the same but it's hard to trust anyone, especially when it comes to electronics. I bought a switch (2 year's ago), the listing said it was 8 months old so I asked for $10 off, they agreed. They then added a brand new sealed joy con for 60% if it's retail value to the listing and asked if I still wanted it (I didn't know it was sealed at the time). I tried to barter another $10 but they didn't budge, ended just buying for the agreed price. When I got it, I was so surprised the joycon was brand new, it was a bargain and the switch was perfect condition as well.


Sometimes I give them extra because I don't want to deal with breaking cash. People should literally just round to the nearest $20 and be done with it.


If I don't think a price is fair I don't even bother haggling I simply wont engage them. If I think a price is fair I don't haggle, because I'm not poor.


When I was 20 and moving back home to finish college I and my then bf (now hubby) we’re selling my washer and dryer. He said to put a high price on them, like twice what we wanted, since we figured folks would barter. First person who came by paid the full price with no bartering. I was still blinking when we put the cash in the bank.


It would be a "Start the car!!!" moment if you weren't already at home.


Them: What's the lowest you'll go? Me: The asking price until you make me an offer. That's how this works. And don't lowball me or I'll block you.


Asking price - $300. What's the lowest I'll go? $299.


Plus a $1 fee for asking dumb questions


I never answer back when they ask what’s the lowest I can go. They can make an offer and I’ll counter back, but I’m not going to haggle myself down for them. .


You can always try, “What’s the most you’d pay?”


Lol I'm gonna do that next time!


„Oh, I‘ll go to [half of the real price], but every minute from now on will be billed you as storage with 1$ per Minute until you grab it. Stupid questions will cost you $1.50, okay?“


I like to respond with double the asking price. Makes me laugh.


This. Don’t engage, even for the lols. Don’t troll, don’t spend a second of your time for stupid offers. I would honestly rather not meet ANY crazies on Facebook when selling. I sell things to get rid of stuff but I’m not hard for cash. If a buyer makes me feel uneasy, instant block lol.


Because these beggars want to take advantage of you and think they are being slick. Not everyone who sells stuff is in dire need of money, which I imagine the Choosey Beggar lives life through materialism which is why they figured it would work on you. 🤣


Hilarious. That is the first time Ive heard someone comparing a furniture’s value like a car. The second you sit on it….bam! Loses deprecation like driving a car off the dealer’s lot




Dude what the fuck is up with bedbugs and termites on reddit? I've never encountered either


no one shares their stories of perfectly normal furniture


I feel you. Bedbugs ruined my life twice.


Don't tell people "I'll consider other offers though" people will either pay the price listed or offer something less anyway. I think explicitly telling people you'll consider something else, shows that you weren't serious with your main offer, to begin with. Price your listing $10 - $20 higher than what you're willing to let it go. This way when they say, $80, you can say "fine $80 works" and they've played into your trap card.


That’s literally what I did by pricing it at $100 even though I’m trying to sell it for $75, I figured as soon as the buyer asked for the lowest price this wasn’t going anywhere and had some fun while it lasted.


This is when you start to increase the price as a counter offer


I do that all the time on Marketplace. I really don’t care if I actually sell anything I list.


Especially at that difference, I’d rather hold onto it


Pawn Stars did this to people. 1. Ask for the price 2. Then ask for the lowest price (rude and stupid) 3. The say an absurdly low price with the expectation that the seller counters below the lowest price that *you just asked for* 4. Make a deal that’s in your favor only (fantasy). I’ve seen people get kicked out of stores for this. It’s a crazy abrasive and offensive way to barter. This was in a head shop in high school. (Big Al’s in Berkeley) Customer: how much is this bong? Owner: $250 Customer: What’s the lowest you’ll go? Owner: it’s $250. Customer: I’ll give you $30 Owner: GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY STORE YOU THINK IT’S YOUR STORE I SAY WHAT THE PRICE IS FUCK YOU GET THE FUCK OUT YOU THINK YOU OWN THE STORE IT’S MY STORE FUCK YOU GET THE FUCK OUT.


My local groups are now confusing as heck. The sellers expect people to demand a discount. So they purposely overprice it by $5 or $10. The buyer asks for $5 off and the seller agrees if nobody will pay the inflated price. That way the buyer feels like they got a good deal and the seller got the right price. If people don't want to haggle they put "**PRICE IS FIRM**" in the title and top of description. Then people still haggle anyway. It's so confusing I gave up. I've also seen this at my local thrift store where I work. I've seen people with entire carts full of stuff trying to haggle on every single thing in their cart. We once had a brand new vase come through. The tag on it said it was $15 from a local store. We priced it at $1.50. the lady wanted to know if we would take 75 cents. Joke's on her, though. Only managers can adjust prices. Once the manager looked at it they realized it was prices much too low and repriced it for $5. Had the lady not complained she would have gotten it for $1.50


Yeah. Other cultures are apparently huge on haggling, but it's just not really a thing in the US. I tend to increase the price once people start asking for discounts.


Depends on what you're selling. If you have a car and want 10k for it. You're not going to list it for 10. People will call and bother you all day. "I got 6000 cash right now!" "No bs cash in hand 6250$!, Today I'll meet you at the lot". You're just asking to get beaten up about the car for no reason. So you list it for 12000$ and then you have people calling you saying "man I got you 9500$ cash right now, in hand today, at this moment". Then you say fuck it, 500$ isn't worth the headache of having every bill, bob, and Joe falling you to haggle. This is core sales 101. Now you got pretty much what you wanted and the guy who bought the car thinks he got a deal. Which he sort of did. Win-win.


In your example, if I want to sell it for 10k, I'll post it for 10k and say firm price. And when people want to haggle, I add their requested discount to it. For your example, I list it for 10k, a dude says "I got 6k in cash right now!" Well, I've got a couple buyers lined up sir, the price actually went up to 16k. If you can beat that, I'll happily entertain your purchase.


There is this - and then the people who think that being rude and demanding is “negotiation” which is actually the opposite of good negotiation… but you can’t convince them of that. I’m pretty sure the former President had a hand in that. Be so obnoxious that you blow up the deal - just to go back in later and put it back together. Except that folks at a flea market (or a housing market) will tell you to fuck off rather than put that deal back together with you.


I work at a "smoke" shop; we sell bong and bong accessories, as well as CBD \[weed bill JUST passed so it'll be a while\]. The amount of people trying to haggle prices is so annoying. This ain't a flea market, it's a local business paying rent to stingy landlord. Our profit margin is low af, and anything you can find online is the same price in store. Either buy the Pax 3 for $250 or make one yourself, you pricks! Same with glass. Just because it's not name-brand doesn't mean we're gonna lose money on local talent. It's OOAK, so take it or leave it.


If they offer a ridiculous low ball price, I go up. Item bought for $350, list for $200. Them: $200? I can do $75 Me: Nah, how 'bout $250? Them: Come on, my kid's pet rock has cancer, $60 Me: $350.


Why do people use the "What's the lowest you'll go?"... You should just reply with "What's the highest you'll pay?"


I blame it on Facebook tbh. Just have an option on there saying “open to offers” on or off so these fucks can stfu


I just reply with my listed price. I may negotiate with people who make a realistic offer but I'm not going to negotiate myself down for someone too lazy to even make an offer, that's straight up clowning myself.


Just pay the reasonable price and leave.


I never even considered that people might be this bad at negotiating before I found this sub. I've been fortunate to only have one person lowball me this hard before telling me nobody will pay my price. I listed some used high performance tires with only about 5000 miles on them. I paid $1200 for them, listed at $300. This guy offered $50. The next week I sold them for asking lol


5000 miles is 8046.72 km


This is why I don't sell things.


This is why I actively avoid the FB Marketplace. I was selling a 55 gallon aquarium so it was pretty much my only option. I stated in the ad that I couldn't deliver, they had to come pick it up, and they would need help. I can't tell you how many times I was offered half since they had to come get it.


What kind of couch are you buying for $150?


It’s a futon, bought brand new.


Oh okay, that makes more sense, thanks!


Why do some people see the price as a half-hearted suggestion? They'll throw numbers in your face all day when they're trying to convince you that their conspiracy theories AREN'T pure bullshit, but the moment you pull a number on THEM, all of a sudden they can't meet it...


I always like the people who tell you they saw the same item for less money on another person’s ad. “OK, so why are you bothering me then? Go fucking buy that one and piss off.”.


People on FB Marketplace are a different breed. Intellectually inbred, if you will.


Your haggling needs some work though. Don't say what you're selling it for then immediately mention you'll go lower. If you feel it's worth 100, sell it for 100. Or list it for 125-150 and when someone asks it for 100 because it makes them feel like they are getting a good deal, you will still get what you feel it's worth.


Well if my lowest is $75 and I listed for $100 I am employing a similar strategy to what you are mentioning. Just figured after he asked for the lowest this wasn’t going anywhere anyways so why not have some fun!


Very true! And I wholeheartedly endorse the having fun part when you realize someone is just going to be ridiculous with their offers.


Then once you agree on a price they don’t show up


Tiny story I read somewhere forever ago. Both parties agree on a reasonable price of 100$, however the buyer literally shows up with just 50$ in his pockets, his argument was "well this is all I have on me, take it or leave it" (lmao). When the seller refused, the buyer raised his coat a bit to reveal a gun and smirked at the seller. I assume this was kind of a threat to just sell him the item for the 50$. Seller raised his own coat and revealed his police badge and his own gun to him. I'd pay the full 100$ to see that a-hole's face go *pale* in under a heartbeat.


Where can you buy a couch for $150??


When people start taking the piss the hen haggling, I start going the other way. My next counter offer would have been $110


Rule number 1 of selling anything online is to always ask for more than you’re hoping to get.


Probably a reseller, there's quite a few in my area that'll do this. An hour after they pick it up, it's in their store or right back on fb marketplace in a new listing for 3x what they picked it up for.


Look, this isn't a choosing beggar. This is just some bad negotiator.


I never answer, “what’s the lowest you can go?” If you want to make an offer, do it. Don’t waste my fucking time. How about, “what’s the most you’ll pay?”


I really hate that entitled "oh, you don't need/want it anymore, you should just give it to me for a rockbottom price/free" attitude. Just no. If it doesn't sell on marketplace it goes in my yard sale, and if it doesn't sell in my yard sale it gets donated to a resale shop that benefits charity (some of which charge \*more\* than I was asking for it when they sell it).


Oh man. This is like every time I post something on Facebook marketplace. People are the worst. All I can say is good for you for sticking to your guns and just wait, because someone will come along that wants to pay the right money for it.


If he applies this same shit logic to his dating life, I bet he's very familiar with r/niceguys 😂


Never ever ever tell someone how low you will go. If they ask just tell them to make you an offer.


I guess the perfect retort to the "What is the lowest you are willing to go?" - a question that, just as in the case, has absolutely no bearing on the direction of the conversation - would be "What is the highest you are willing to pay?".


I don’t respond to lowballers. They never have a sudden change of mind and become reasonable. I’ll answer any question about the thing I’m selling but if you come in with an unreasonable offer we’re done.


I’m usually throw out a “lol. no.” Sometimes that’s the end of it, other times I get material for my group text.


I listed over 1200 worth of open lego sets for 550. They all had all the parts and instructions. 550 is an absolute steal. Only 1 person acknowledged that 550 was a great buy, and bought no questions asked. The other replies I got were all for 200ish. People are nuts


Unfortunately this is pretty common. I ignore and block low ballers. As soon as the insulting offer comes in I block the sender. My favorites are the PM’s. “I’ll come get it right now for $75 cash.” For a guitar priced to sell at $250. I don’t even answer them.


I find it helpful to point out the percentage discount someone wants. “Sorry, I’m not ready to discount it 40% since I just listed it 2 days ago.” I find people get a little more realistic when their entitlement is quantified.


Why does this guy strike me as the kind of dude who will text a girl, tell her she’s beautiful, but then scream that she’s an ugly whore when she turns him down...


Hate these kind of buyers. Now, when they message “what’s your lowest price?”, i reply “what is your highest price?”


Why do sellers continue to communicate with a person who just underbid their lowest price? As soon as the person said $20, the seller should have said No and then blocked them.


So I could post it to r/choosingbeggars lol


There are so many people that sell used Ikea furniture for more than what it costs new on fb marketplace. I just don’t get it. They always say, but you don’t have to pay sales tax. I’d pay sales tax to not have had your dirty ass all over that chair, bro!


I'm not your buddy, guy!


I'm not your guy, friend!


He’s not your friend, buddy!


I’m not your friend, pal!


Lol awesome job.


PFFFT This people I cannnt


I go monosyllabic with douches like that. Yes or no, & that's it.


Whatcha out. Apparently this sub is FULL of Lowballers. Choosing Beggars = Bad Lowballers = Good That’s this sub entirely


pleasedropthes0ap meet Lowball Larry. He has a huge extended family.


I tried selling my prev iPhone on Facebook, never going on there again, absolute bellends the lot of the people on there


Just don't budge on the price and they usually go away. If they don't, start raising the price.


Never give them a lower offer on your own. Make them tell you how much they’re willing to pay and keep saying no until they meet you at a price you’re okay with.


Just have to say, your bartering technique could use some work too lol. When someone’s asks what your “final price” is don’t give them a price and then say I’d go lower lol. Sends two very different messages.


I always ask in my selling price for about 20-30% more than what I really want. That way if they offer less it will be pretty close or right on what I was truly hoping to get.


Sold an iPad Pro a couple of years ago, I'd bought it just over two weeks prior and so was practically brand new. Put it up for £900, accepted someone's £750 offer and arranged collection. They came and lo and behold only had £600 because "it's all the cash I have". I told them that we agreed £750 and wouldn't let it go for anything less than that. Buyer agreed to do a bank transfer for the remaining £150 when they returned home (which they did give me). I was living in student halls and so there was a ton of CCTV so if they tried to get away with not paying me I knew I could get the police involved who would be able to get the CCTV footage of the exchange plus a clear image of their vehicle. Why do a lot of people think they can agree on a price and then rock up with less?


Another reason to not use Facebook for any reason. Ever.


This is why I never respond to "what's your lowest price" with anything but "what's your best offer?"


I always include in the description “bids under asking will not get a response” as I always price things to move. Without it you always get a few bidders like this guy.


Why are they asking if you have pets?


I assume to assess if it’s covered in hair or smells bad as a result of having a dog/cat/hamster/whatever on the couch.


Dude i absolutely hate it when i hear "what is the lowest price you'll do?" like... give me a reason to go lower, otherwise list price is the lowest. Then people have the audacity to use the lowest price as the new standard and start negotiating from that figure. Hilarious


I put my very nice Samsung Tv on FB market. I had some typical interest but I had at least 10 people who WANTED TO MEET ME HALFWAY. They were gonna buy a tv sight unseen and/or take my tv and kill me. Good times!


What’s the final price? “100… .. But I can go lower” Bruh wat??


I didn’t say I’d go lower, I said I would consider other offers. Key word: consider. Please don’t misquote me when the picture is right above you.


“100 but you can offer more”? Wierd phrasing either way. Final is final ye? Not saying the other person isn’t at fault but cmon


Clearly you don’t understand the strategy, my listed price is $100 in the assumption someone will offer me lower. Buyer thinks they got a good deal and I’m selling it for what I value it at.


So 100 is not your final p.. Whatever I don’t even


If you’re trying to sell something in a barter-free environment, sure it makes sense to tell them what the price is. In bartering, why would I list the item at the exact price I want to sell it for, then everyone will just lowball that. I’d rather have them lowball the higher price and still get my money’s worth than lowball the minimum price I want to sell it for and never sell it.


actually it's 40% of your lowest price not 50.


Thanks bot!