This restaurant got $216,000 in PPP loans

This restaurant got $216,000 in PPP loans


I recently learned that "loan" is a misnomer, as they don't have to be paid back.




>those are loans like any other Small Business Administration loan, interest and all. Correct, except the interest rate on the loan was already super low to start (1%) and you spent the money on payroll during the correct period (originally 80% later 60%) and didn't reduce staff you basically get it forgiven (and the loan forgiveness doesn't even count as federal taxable income). All you had to say to qualify was: > "Current economic uncertainty makes this loan request necessary to support the ongoing operations of the Applicant." and the government would pay ~~8~~ **10** weeks of employee salary (calculated from the applicable period the year before) given to you free (and likely forgiven) if you were a small business of the appropriate size. EDIT: Misremembered it as 8 weeks when it was 10 weeks. In round 2 of PPP you had to demonstrate 25% or more decline in gross revenue for a quarter in 2020 compared against same quarter in 2019.






Unless they cut back on staff during (or right after) the PPP covered period, then it probably was forgiven. Yes, the owner will not have to pay salaries/rent for the ~~8~~ *10* week period if its forgiven and will pocket the difference. There isn't anything like having to prove you had a loss for the year or anything. Stimulus was needed but having it go through business was a bad idea (instead of just supporting furloughed workers and freezing mortgages/rent for those furloughed). The PPP was a bad idea as a huge giveaway to the business owners (as opposed to direct cash to furloughed workers plus postponing mortgages, mortgage interest, and rent for furloughed workers until after the pandemic -- e.g., if your mortgage was supposed to end January 2030 but you were furloughed 6 months then it ends July 2030 with same payments). However, you can't really blame small businesses for taking free money when the government offered it; especially when many would have closed doors during the pandemic but instead found ways to stay open (because salary was now free). It's similar (though much smaller scale) like how families that weren't struggling financially during the pandemic still would take their $3k/person or so in stimulus checks. (There are some differences in that you had to apply and you had to say the loan was necessary to support staying open because of economic uncertainty -- but that's a very vague term about a crisis that was very uncertain in the initial days).


For round 2 of the PPP you had to prove that there was an impact.


I believe there is a stipulation that a certain amount of the loan must be applied to wages in order for the receiving company to not have to pay the loan back.


Conservatives need their handouts framed properly so they can sleep at night.


If you think it was just conservatives taking these, you would be mistaken. Check the searchable database, you'll be shocked at how many businesses applied and received PPP or EIDL money. I don't blame a single one of them either, last year was a shit year for most businesses, and only a moron of a business owner wouldn't take free money for it when offered.


I think the issue people have is when businesses received a 'government handout' through the PPP in an effort to remain profitable, or just avoid bankruptcy, then turn around and complain about workers who do something similar.


I believe the term is hypocrites.


They didnt imply that only conservatives got them, just that they would be the ones that would prefer the "loan" phrasing


So we don't blame the businesses who take government handouts because that's "doing what's necessary" but when people do it we do blame them because they are "lazy"


They have to meet minimum requirements to not pay them back which includes staffing a percentage of what your "full staff" size would be.


My sister works at one of a few restaurants in her college town not having staffing trouble right now. Wanna guess why? They’re paying their servers more than the sever minimum wage and keeping their doors open so people can come and spend money for them to help pay their employees. *gasp shock gasp*


What state? I’m just curious




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In my area I haven’t noticed too many staff shortages, then again we don’t have a separate slave wage for tipped employees lol.


Seriously it’s not complicated


My state has slave wages for servers, and it is facing staffing shortages in most restaurants/service positions. Fuck, my local McDonalds is putting partially filled out job applications in the bag with your food.


Same situation down here in FL. I worked at a restaurant last year between career jobs to pay my bills. The place I worked was the best service job I’ve ever had. We were paid between $9-12 an hour (I made $10.50 based on previous experience) and split the tip pool evenly between everyone on shift. My average hourly rate was $19 an hour after tips, totally livable wage in my area. Every other servicing job in town either pays minimum wage, no tips or servers wage ($5ish an hour) plus tips. Every food service business in town is complaining that “unemployment benefits are stopping their people from returning” when clearly the reason they can’t keep staff is due to the way they treat/pay their employees…




I went into a little French bakery I like here in Fort Lauderdale, and was delighted to see signs saying they were hiring counter staff at $20/hr. They already had a good reputation, and that's only going to grow.


I have a nasty feeling the minute the fed unemployment ends and people have no choice but to work the pay will revert back to normal levels and anyone who doesn't like it can be replaced by a desperate job seeker on their last bit of cash.


I work in the non-profit world with an organization focused around helping lower income folks get job training, career/financial services, and job placement. There are discussions being had in the upper echelon of organizations like mine around what our employer partners should be paying people in a post-covid world. We've been dealing with a shortage of new clients for basically this whole year. People just aren't as willing to work for poverty level wages anymore. And I think it's beyond time we push for better pay and work conditions in these industries that are used to exploiting their workers. The overarching goal of our org is to get folks into jobs that pay a living wage. For Texas that is at least $15/hr. I'd like to think that this is discussion is happening across other industries too.


People need to be paid a LIVING WAGE in order to afford the cost of living. Check out the Living Wage Calculator that MIT put together, it breaks down the cost of living in the area and what wages should be in accordance with that. [https://livingwage.mit.edu/](https://livingwage.mit.edu/) WHAT IS THE LIVING WAGE CALCULATOR? Families and individuals working in low-wage jobs make insufficient income to meet minimum standards given the local cost of living. We developed a living wage calculator to estimate the cost of living in your community or region based on typical expenses. The tool helps individuals, communities, and employers determine a local wage rate that allows residents to meet minimum standards of living.


Saw a GAO study the other day which found that 70% of people on government assistance (snap/food stamps and Medicaid) work full time jobs. Our tax dollars are subsidizing corporations to pay unlivable wages.


This is happening now. A lot of states cut unemployment and/or made it more restrictive. Once desperate people return to this slave job, they will say "see, i told you so, it was the hand outs"


Correct. I see some people haughtily say "haha free market gave us a raise. Give us a raise" No. A government spending program gave you a raise. Now we organized and voted for progressives, shifting the moderate democrats hand to give us these things. This is a victory but a victory from voting. We need to continue voting this way if we want more victories. And pay raises from government programs aren't as sticky as organizing. We need more organizing and unions. These raises only stay in effect if people don't take the low paying jobs.


The government handouts would only be a temporary raise anyway as they aren't using money they have, they are printing *new money* and inflating the currency. We are going to end up with at $15 minimum wage that has the same buying power as it does now.


This is always the argument for raising the living standard for regular joe, but when it comes to corporate welfare or handouts to the rich it's all good.


Is this exert from a work of fiction? It cannot be!


Unemployment is giving me 350 a week, and the state has an extra 300 because of covid. I'm letting the state massively over-withhold (something like 15%, maybe more) for the taxes, and it's still more money than I've ever taken home, and I spent 6 years in retail and two in a call center making what I thought was good money on the night shift. But the cost of food and gas brought it down to nigh unlovable. I am unwilling to take any job that cannot provide me 15 an hour after taxes, so I'm looking for like 18, and there's nothing around here and all the applications I put out are simply ignored. But now I know that this is what I need to make it on my own where I live. It wouldn't get me much, but I could be free.


If I did the math correctly, you're being paid right at what you would make at a $15 per hour job, pre tax. Let that sink in, you're making more than you said you ever have, and you're only now at at what is being pushed to become the new minimum wage. There are people out there trying to say that it's to much and that businesses can't afford to pay it. And this still isn't even considered a "living wage" in most areas due to the increasing cost of living.


Apparently restaurant owners are single handily staving off inflation by keeping their wages low. That’s a line I’ve been fed. It takes some gull to think you have an impact on global economics


That is definitely not the norm for Michigan. Great that they’re doing that, but doubt you’ll see too many other businesses follow suit - easier for them to fold like the OPs picture until the extra benefits are finally turned off and the full restrictions lift July 1st.


I’ve seen a number of restaurants severely limit their hours in Michigan. Source: live in Michigan and want to go out semi-frequently.


Where I live, cash incentives are being offered to new employees for fast food chains and restaurants. I’ve seen signs offering anywhere from $100 to $1,000 .


they still have a work search requirement... Ohio has stopped the extra unemployment benefits, and guess what every business has signs up


A privately owned company paying their employees a (presumably) living wage and not treatibg them like slaves? Must be those darn communists at it again!


We aren’t getting any new workers in because we make less than the folks receiving unemployment benefits. I don’t blame them for not coming in! Why would they come in to work their asses off for wages that can’t support them when they’re making more elsewhere?


This has been my new working theory. Keep unemployment above min wage and SUPER easy to get and watch min wage just . . . increase itself Yeah, fine we won't raise the minimum wage. You win, capitalists. BUT Uncle Sam is raising HIS wage, so . . . good luck competing with him!


I never considered that idea. That doesn’t sound like a terrible plan, honestly. I don’t know the ins and outs of it of course, but it sounds like it would work overall.


pretty sure the whole "no one wants to work anymore" is just rhetoric because i have been applying all over even to places that still have hiring signs up and i have gotten jack shit




It’s also a coordinated campaign by business owners because they use that exact phrasing on all the signs I’ve seen.


Honestly the amount of bussiness that refuse to pay more than $10 an hour is ridiculous. If what you are doing isn't working you need to change what your doing. I don't understand why they don't think their employees deserve more than $10/hr


Dude we offer $17/hr for zero experience with health benefits and I can't even get someone to walk in the fucking door for an interview. All this shit rolls down hill


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Reddit it’s that the guy complaining about nobody interested despite paying decent is leaving out information.


He probably lying like the rest who claim they can’t get good workers


Yup. Place near me is paying decent, but you have to work rotating shifts 7 days in a row. So it's 7 days of graveyard, 2 days off. Then 7 days of swing, 1 day off. 7 days in day shift, 2 days off. Then they'll call you in early/ask you to stay late so you're working 16 hour shifts with exactly 8 hours off between. And they'll want you in on your days off. It's not healthy to mess with your sleep like that and you can't do anything socially, let alone have much time for chores/family/relaxing. They're also having staffing issues.


Are you in Virginia per chance? I’ll walk through that door




Damn. Just left Florida last month. Unfortunately I don’t plan on returning to the south in the future. Good luck to you!


I’ve never been to Virginia, but I’ve always thought of it as a southern state. Is it not? But props on leaving Florida, I did spend a couple years there and I get that hahaha. Edit: My question has been answered now, you can all stop telling me now.


It’s technically a southern state, but the southern culture doesn’t really start until you get south of Richmond. That’s where all the confederate flags and bible thumping billboards appear. Northern VA is basically a part of the DC Metro area and very liberal compared to the south with a culture more like the northeast. VA also has a Dem controlled legislature and governor. They’re also set legalize weed July 1, though in won’t be in stores until 2024.


North of Fredricksburg, no, it is not the South. South of Fredricksburg, it is. That's why you'll hear people saying "I'm from NORTHERN Virginia". No accent, no Southern culture or "heritage". People who are not from Northern Virginia look down upon people who are, because they're considered snobby, Yankees, anti-south, overly liberal, etc. People who are from Northern Virginia look down upon people who are not, because they're considered rednecks, racist, overly conservative, Confederates, etc. And then there's Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Hampton which is a whole other thing.


If it didn't mean living in GA, I'd be on that


Do you advertise those benefits/starting wage? Sounds a lot better than minimum wage, depending on the state and going industry rate.


Minimum wage here is whatever national is. $7.50 or something.


I’m also in GA. Looking for a new job as the company i work for got bought out by greedy bastards trying to cut our pay to minimum wage. where ya at? i’ll apply lol.


East side of Atlanta


Explains the wage being higher lol. i’m in cumming georgia. Most places don’t want to pay above 11. Good luck getting people !


The area we're in is cheaper than Cumming. You'd do fine with a move down here.


Recruit em, son


What kind of work?




my god I wish I lived in the US. I got paid rm5/hour (Malaysian ringgit) for my barista job which is about $1.25/hr. It will take me 2 hours of work to buy one rly cheap meal here and even then, I only got scheduled 4-6 hours, 3 times a week. Insane.


Pay change state to state as does cost of living.


I totally get it. I’ve lived in Seattle where the pay is $15/hr with rly high cost of living... but still. One hour of work gives u a pretty good meal, in fact a $15 meal is expensive. Here? It will take me 2-3 hours!! The cost of living here is also just as expensive


But nowhere in America is as bad as Malaysia


We have a couple vegan restaurants in AZ that are 15 an hour plus tips. Health benefits. LGBTQ + inclusive and friendly, POC inclusive and friendly, and are established restaurants. Reason they are having a problem with getting staff? Vegan.




Where you at?




My workplace had trouble finding workers, so guess what they did? They raised the pay to $20 an hour, and all of a sudden, we aren’t so short staffed anymore.


"due to covid, and thus, covid stimulus checks, people would rather sit at home earning minimum wage than they would slaving away for us 5-7 days a week" Solution... PAY YOUR STAFF MORE What a gaggle of Dunces


I’ve been not working and living like a king off of my $600 several months ago.


Right? Those big government handouts that covered 2 months of expenses of a 12 month pandemic. The horror!


He's most likely bitching about unemployment insurance increases not stimulus checks.




There was this hotel in Minnesota that used to be like this. There was an event in the state that we would travel to every summer and stay at the hotel. It wasn’t the best but the prices of places to stay jacked up so high because of the event so it was good enough for us. It takes us about 9-10 hours to drive there so we get to it fairly late. The last time, we go to check in, and they *hadn’t even cleaned the room yet...*. It was around 11pm and we were tired and just wanted to check in and go to bed. So I go to the front desk to complain and they give me attitude saying it’s not their fault. Don’t we know how hard it is to get people that want to work. We can’t really expect them to do everything.. The comments were pretty offensive blaming lazy people, other races. I was so skeeved out by the owners and condition of our room. I should have complained more or demanded a different room but it just seemed pointless. Thankfully we are barely in the room during our stay anyways. I did add a review after we left and they attacked me for it.. and called me a liar. (I had pictures and I brought it up to them like three times during our stay 🤷🏼‍♀️). So we never stayed there again and actually found this beautiful air bnb that is cheaper and so much nicer. Some businesses just suck.


If you put this kind of sign on your door I promise I won’t ever eat at your establishment again.


To be fair, I used to live a few blocks from here and only went once. Even without this sign they weren’t worth


Go and stick a sign to the door saying they took COVID handouts


Same. Very okay food. Just super okay.


They're basically telling on themselves.


It blows my mind that business owners can be so clueless about how whiny this sign comes across. They seem committed to political rightness more than they are committed to staying solvent.


“Sadly, due to Government Handouts (which we took) no one wants to work (for slave wages) anymore. Therefore, we are short staffed (since our servers are currently making $12 more an hour at Wendy’s). The 9th Door will be closed on Sundays until we can find more staff (willing to work for less than fruit pickers). We apologize for any inconvenience and we look forward to brighter days (and maybe another handout, amirite???? Gotta feed my family here) ahead!!”


If you tape this directly over their sign, they may not even notice for awhile…


Are fruit pickers poor in US?


Stereotypically work done by migrant workers, at a fraction of a typical wage.


Their wage is not fractional, but it is erratic and precarious. They are paid, at least in California, more than the state minimum wage, but the hours/days worked in a year is not full time. This makes their their yearly FTE wage lower than many, except maybe the staff at this restaurant




That's my impression of the same work in Europe. Eastern Europeans come to more wealthy countries to do it. Hard work, seasonal, but not exactly low-paying. Maybe he knows something we don't, like, illegal immigrants working for much less?


You are brilliant.


Honestly the one positive on the entire covid thing, is that maybe we can weed out some of the restaurants that don't pay their workers fairly.


I’m in NY where minimum wage is a bit higher than elsewhere ($10.40-$15/hr) but I would still legitimately walk away from any business with this bullshit posted. Pay your fucking people, & know your PPP “handout” is publicly available information.


It's also worth considering that some states don't require that waiters make much more than 2 dollars an hour because they accept tips. They aren't even entitled to the usual minimum wage.


This is mostly true. In Arizona (I think it might be a federal requirement, but I'm only sure about AZ) if the hourly plus tips does not equal minimum wage then the employer is required to make up the difference. I don't know how this works in practice.


In practice, you get accused of lying about how much you made in tips and having pocketed some in cash without declaring it. And then you mysteriously stop getting scheduled. And in some cases end up blacklisted in the local area, if the owners happen to know each other.


Well that sucks. Having worked in a few restaurants I could totally see it happening exactly as youve described. Thanks.


Also it's by the pay period. So if you made a ton of money Saturday night, and not a lot Wednesday, as long as all your shifts average out to minimum wage, it's legal


I think it is the same most places, but that means you'd be busting your ass for rock bottom minimum wage... which isn't enough for a single person in a crap apartment to live off.


A study I read said that it is ignored in a significant chunk of businesses. Also I don’t think they have to top it up on vacation weeks.


For most of these types the idea that they are hypocrites doesn't even cross their mind. See when they take government money it's just them being smart and sticking to the man. When anyone else does it they are lazy parasites who probably didn't even pay tax so don't really deserve it. If not for this massive cognitive dissonance how else do you think the corn subsidy dependent farmers keep voting Republican? Because to them its not a handout, they deserve the free money because of reasons.


Should we tell them that in Canada we had 2000$ per month given to us if we lost our jobs and that we still don't have a staff shortage? Just treat your staff right lol


Needs to ask himself why govt handouts are more than the pittance he pays


I mean... If a stimulus check or wtv they're called is a better option than your pay for so many of your staff... maybe you run a shit business? But what do I know.


I just checked my job. nowhere near as much as most but, she got my entire years salary and at least what she would’ve paid the one server she kept on staff during the “no dine in” stage of covid. I was the only BOH employee during that time. I got a 3k raise in the summer and I’m also accounting for that. Business has also grown exponentially since then. I’ve been feeling bad that I’m going to ask for a 15k raise. And am looking for another job for anything less than 10k. This helps me not feel so bad(also the 50k base truck she bought last year thats suspiciously close to the amount of the loan.) the funny part though is that she’s conservative and a 2 time trump voter who’s been bitching about stimulus checks yet she takes a loan that will be forgiven and also bitched how it’s taxable income(because it was forgiven).


I dare you to point that out to her, if you haven't already.


Better have that other job lined up first though.


The problem is that while productivity has risen 72% since 1979, wages have risen < 17%. CEO pay has risen 940% with other executive salaries increasing similarly.


This is massively unprofessional.


Only their underpaid employees are expected to act professional.


And word gets around, as here. They might have an issue finding stay in the future.


I don't think that "... Government handouts..." is the only thing driving the decision making process of your potential employee pool. Also, "Now Hiring For Sunday Shifts. Competitive Wages. Enquire Within." might be a more effective sign for fixing your labor problem.


Yep he's just pissed Biden won


How come rent, cars, water, electricity, crayons, clothes... everything can go up in price but wages?


Because then rich people make less money.


Restaurants are facing an existential threat. Pay more than $2.13 per hour or suffer.


If wage slavery is integral to your business model, then you **have no** business model.


most kitchens I've worked in the scumbag owners take a large cut of the total tips.


Yep. I had to tip out a percentage to the bartender (understandable) and the busser (I get that) and the one that angered me was I had to tip the manager who was the owner! Why do I have to tip him? At one place he was making a ton with cover charges and charging staff for everything and I ended up making low tips so I left.


I was a cook barely made any tips anyway, I was mostly upset the servers/bartenders getting screwed by a guy with multiple boston pizzas under his belt, with these poor people working multiple jobs and trying to support families. Working class people being taken advantage of though is old news sadly.


Sadly, yes it happens. I hated it though when like you said the owners took advantage. I found restaurants were the worst when it comes to screwing over workers.


it's really sad the lack of humanity out there for the uneducated or just those down on their luck, despite many hard workers.


Not to mention many aren't uneducated but are the only jobs they can find. I'm a skilled professional yet am struggling to find a job. Luckily I have choices but others don't and employers know it. I'm glad it's getting out there how many companies are scamming the most vulnerable in society


yeah I know how they feel. stuck in a life threatening job as hospital security getting paid minum wage, no danger pay, no nighttime premiums, 12 hour shifts with no overtime, wait 6 months for cheap benifets and I'm punished for sick days, I'm 25 and never had a job that enabled me to move out without 4 roommates. it's caused me great depression and shame having to move back to my parents multiple times... sometimes i wonder if I'll ever get paid enough in my life to live stress free financially. edit: I've worked many jobs, started working at 15. I don't think much will change with the current voting options. (Canada atleast)


Hard to say, it's going to be a bleak future in general. I have two masters yet get offered very bad jobs, even in my fields. I just got a counseling degree and certificate and many of the jobs are in bad areas paying low wages.


how frustrating it must be to go through all that schooling and be so undervalued... my training college time was less than a month. I can't even imagine your frustration!! I assume like many other fields they intend to pay you with experience?


I think that it's illegal to tip managers and owners. Maybe I'm wrong, Idk.


Sadly, because nobody wants to work shitty schedules or work for shitty managers or for shitty customers for pay that’s less than what a third world garment seamstress makes with zero benefits, we’re short staffed. FIFY.


Government handouts. Also known as our own fucking money.


The loans don't have to be repaid?


There's some formula and if you spent the loan money the way they wanted you to then they forgave the loan. If you spent it on other things (there's a long list of valid restaurant expenses that weren't on their list) then you had to pay back the money borrowed. There was a local place in the news that was upset because they wanted to use the loan money to replace inventory that went bad during the lock down instead of using it to pay employees, but doing that would require them to repay the loan.


If I remember when we applied to get ours forgiven, as long as 65% or more covered payroll that was all that was required for forgiveness


No, you had to have spent most of it on payroll to get ANY forgiven but you still had to spend ALL of it on approved items to get 100% forgiven.


>No... > >Loan forgiveness Calculation for borrowers with employees The principal of a PPP loan will be either partially or fully forgiven under certain circumstances.\[77\]\[63\]\[78\] A business may apply for loan forgiveness at any time on or before the maturity date of the loan, including before the covered period ends in the case of a business that has expended all of the PPP loan proceeds for which forgiveness is requested.\[al\]\[79\] PPP loan forgiveness is generally based on what the loan proceeds were spent on, to what extent the business maintained or rehired its employees, and to what extent it maintained the wages and hours of its employees.\[77\]\[80\] Take the business' average number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees per month during the 24 weeks\[an\] after the loan proceeds were disbursed,\[ao\]\[ap\] and divide it by the average number of FTEs per month between February 15, 2019, and December 31, 2019.\[aq\] Multiply the above by the total amount paid for payroll costs,\[ar\] mortgage interest,\[as\] rent,\[at\] and utilities during the 24 weeks\[am\]\[au\] after the loan proceeds were disbursed.\[av\]\[aw\]\[ax\] If, during the 24 weeks\[am\]\[au\] of the loan, the business reduced any employee's wages by more than 25% when compared to the previous calendar quarter, reduce the above amount by the amount of the reduction in wages.\[ay\]\[az\]\[ba\]\[88\]\[89\] One FTE is equal one worker who worked at least 40 hours per week. FTE for someone who worked fewer than 40 hours per week is equal to the number of hours worked per week divided by 40. Alternatively, the business may choose to consider each and every worker who worked fewer than 40 hours per week to be 0.5 FTE each.\[85\]\[84\] In an exception to the above, the business will not be required to reduce its PPP loan forgiveness due to a wage reductions or a decrease in FTEs in the following cases. The business received a PPP loan of $50,000 or less.\[ay\]\[81\] The business made a good-faith, written offer to rehire a particular employee during the 24-week period,\[am\]\[au\] and the employee declined the offer.\[bb\]\[84\]\[5\] An employee was fired for cause, voluntarily resigned, or voluntarily requested and received a reduction in work hours.\[bb\]\[84\]\[5\] The business rehired employees by December 31.\[82\] The business restored wage or hour reductions by December 31.\[82\] The business was unable to rehire its employees on February 15 and was also unable to hire similarly qualified employees by December 31.\[82\] The business is unable to return to its previous level of business activity due to compliance with requirements or guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration between March 1 and December 31, involving COVID-19-related standards for worker safety or customer safety.\[6\] A business can receive loan forgiveness on all of its payroll costs. Additionally, it may receive forgiveness for an amount of non-payroll costs up to 66.67% of the amount it spent on payroll costs.\[69\] The total amount of loan forgiveness cannot exceed the total amount of the PPP loan. The amount of loan proceeds used for unallowable purposes is ineligible for forgiveness. Knowingly using loan proceeds for unallowable purposes is fraud.\[12\]\[85\]


I find this hilarious. Here, it’s almost impossible to find a serving job between unpredictable lockdowns and a large unemployment pool due to said lockdowns. As soon as restrictions are lifted it’s like a mob fighting over work in the serving industry. I serve during the summer months when I’m off from my regular job, and two years in a row it’s been near impossible to find anything. My guess is this owner is just a dick, but lacks the self awareness to realize it.


Due to the government allowing people to survive, no one wants to be exploited via less than living wages anymore.


I will actively not go into any business that has a sign like this on their front door


It should read: Sadly, due to our business not paying our employees a livable wage no one wants to work here. We have no intentions of paying our employees what they need to survive not to mention what they are worth, therefore we are short staffed and we will be closed on Sundays until we can find people desperate enough to work here. We apologize, it’s sad that people just don’t want to work their asses off and struggle paying to live until they die anymore.


Did anyone actually protect paychecks with those paycheck protection loans?


The place I work did. There were zero layoffs/firings. They followed the rules and had the loan forgiven already. No new vehicles, boats, etc. Just kept the doors open and paid their employees.


You’re telling me that when you under paying staff because you’re depending on tips to cover the rest of what they deserve, it will drive employees away?


The sign is douchey as fuck but the amount they got in PPP doesn’t really mean shit if you post nothing else about the accounting and finances of this establishment.


Replace it with another sign thatvlooks identical, but tells the truth. I bet they are so lazy they wouldn't even notice.


I'm a little late but this is fucking hilarious. I used to work there as a cook, the owner is a fucking joke. Usual alcoholic chef who would spend most of his time behind the bar. He would lose his temper all the time and thought he was some hot shit. One time he threw a fucking hissy fit because a customer walked out on their bill, taking it out on the staff, and punching a whole in the wall. Also huge trumper, of course he would put something like this up. in fairness he did pay decently, $17 an hour for line cooks. Nobody wants to work for him cause he's a piece of shit though.


Translation: due to free market working out the way we always promised workers it would work in their favor, no one wants to work for starvation wages and no benefits after years of us telling them if they wanted better pay to get a better job.


Go to his Yelp and read this owner's reply to someone... 'our staff all make Colorado minimum wage, either through pay or a pay/tip combination'. This clearly states he underpays his staff and expects them to make up the difference via tips. What a piece of shit.


fuck em. Pay your employees enough to live, or close your doors and do something else. People are sick of this shit and nobody wants to slave in your stupid restaurant for peanuts.


Probably they are short staffed because they’re basically working them like slaves


Honestly the PPP loans don't really mean jack shit. Especially for restaurants which run on very slim profit margins to begin with. My business(manufacturing) got PPP loans and we made less in payroll last year than our first year in business as the loans barely covered our operating expenses and outstanding obligations(the way they were set up too required us,as owners, to pay ourselves and then finance the company with our paychecks, otherwise we would have went under).


People see $216k and think to themselves that it’s a lot of money... and for the average person, it is. However, for the average business $216k ain’t squat. One of the two small restaurants I oversee will burn through $50k in food and drink in a month, the lease on the smaller building is $8.5k, payroll is over $80k... keep adding on gas, electric, water, paper goods, chemicals and so on and $216k won’t keep a restaurant afloat for long. Especially not if it’s in an area with strict COVID guidelines limiting occupancy. People who conflate the PPP loan amount with the business being closed on Sunday have never been in a position where they have any access to the finances of a business with the kind of staff and costs as a business.


Yeah, sad I had to scroll this far down to see a bit of common sense. While their posted sign is pretty stupid, getting a $216k PPP isn't a windfall for restaurants. When you are either shut down for a month or working on limited capacity for a year (with many diners too scared to come), that money will get eaten through REALLY quick.


The restaurant took a handout while complaining about others receiving a handout. I think the criticism is fair.


Even w/o considering that they got PPP loans, the little whiney bitch sign here only tells anyone under 50 that the owner is too goddamn cheap to try to hire new staff. If I see that in a window I'm going elsewhere. I served for years, not supporting some jackass who wants to still only pay 4$ an hour to base wages on his customers kindness.


They just need to PAY THE STAFF MORE. I used to work 50 hour weeks as a waiter and get a $0 paycheck on top of tips. It’s a hard way to make a living.


How did you agree for a 0$ job?


Tips are taxed.


Yeah...it’s not that people ever WANTED to work washing dishes, cleaning public restrooms, or bussing your tables so that the business owner gets wealthy. It’s that they HAVE to work. So, before getting all indignant that folks aren’t flocking to your crappy diner with its grease stank and rude patrons, maybe ask yourself about the value proposition you’re putting in front of them.


> PAY THE STAFF MORE Preposterous!


Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?


If they want to die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population!


In my younger college days, I worked in restaurants as a waitress. Not only was I paid less than minimum (but made up for it in tips) but most of the restaurants scammed people, had either undocumented workers or underage workers (one had 12-year-olds working, not kidding) making a pittance in the kitchen. Because I spoke Spanish I was able to talk to the undocumented workers along with the kids and was horrified some were making as low as $1 an hour. After I left the restaurant (and I left early since most tended to have poor tippers to boot) I would call the Department of Labor and report this but usually, nothing happened. The sick thing is the restaurant the most in blatant violation was part of a retirement community and paid no taxes, that angered me. So yeah I'm willing to bet these restaurants do a lot of illegal things like hire undocumented workers or underage kids or the other scams.


My boss got a ppp loan and used it to give us 40 hour work weeks wether we worked 40 or not. Than started to use his own money when the loan ran out. Some of the loans went to actual businesses that care about the employees if that makes anyone feel better


Restaurant owners are bigger welfare queens than farmers. At least farmers are required to pay their non-family employees minimum wage. As a society, we need to stop paying their payroll directly and stop tipping.


Well it's not that bad, they'll have the other 8 doors open.


I fucking hate this new trend. I’ve seen this on multiple restaurants all claiming people don’t want to work… yeah working on the hopes the kindness of strangers pays your bills kinda sucks… imagine paying people a living wage… how horrible…


I love how it’s all “everybody doesn’t want to work because they make 600 a month on unemployment” and not “employees are now finally starting to see their worth after being considered essential for over a year and they’re not going to be taken advantage of anymore” $600 A MONTH ISNT A LIVABLE WAGE YOU MORONS NOBODY PREFERS THIS


The sign should say, "Since we took government handouts meant to help pay for our staff, we are still going to complain when our staff realize they are worth more and don't want to be treated like slaves"


P.S. Has anyone seen the keys to my new Range Rover?


Wow! I didn't know that I didn't have to work to get money! Why am I working for 7.80 an hour when I could get money from the government that is equivalent to that? Guess I'll use it on heroin since that's what the top 1% think we use all of our money for.


Nobody will work for poverty wages?!?!


Man it's almost like we should all call and make reservations and then not show up.


Oh no! They have to close for a day instead of offering better wages to entice applicants! The horror!


Pay people a liveable wage. It’s not that government handouts are the shit, but if government handouts pay better than you, that’s a you problem


People don't want to work in public facing jobs during a pandemic for inadequate pay? You do surprise me. Tell us more.


Found out this man who owns like 12+ restaurant in WA got a PPP loan, kept it for himself and consequently laid off hundreds of people at said restaurants Very upset because my partner and I supported them when we could during the pandemic, we weren’t struggling so we actually ate out once a week at a local business. Sucks the PPP loan was suppose to help but they just gave it to the dudes already in power then got confused when it didn’t trickle down Edit: found out he opened 2 restaurants during the pandemic.


Has nothing to do with gov't anything. It has everything to do with garbage quality of life and the restaurant industry generally paying like garbage.


That’s a funny way of saying “We seriously underpay our staff to the point it’s more cost effective to stay on unemployment.”


What I really read: "Due to government emergency relief funds and our desire to compensate our workers as little as legally possible, we are unable to secure essential labour. It is rather telling of our management philosophy that we speak derisively about 'government handouts' which are really measured based on the minimum wage and yet people that are supposedly desperate for jobs don't want to work here..."


If I saw this note on a restaurant I frequent they lost a customer.


This is the second restaurant with such a sign on it's front door that I've seen on Reddit. Now that I figured out where the loan search tool is, every job I'm applying to, I'm looking to see if they received money from the government.


I'm not from the US so can someone fill me in? Didn't the US government only give out a couple of thousand dollars per person over the entire last year? Hardly anything to quit your job over