i have thrown myself in front of my dog when i thought a car was going to hit us, so yes. on the flip side, i'm alive because of my dog. she's helped me keep on going through some really tough times. not to bring the mood down but damn, companion animals are truly such wonderful things.


I would and do sacrifice a lot for my pets (I have cats, for the record). My time, money, comfort, etc. If one of them were or lost I would stay up all night outside in the cold and crawl through the woods and bushes looking for them. If they were/are sick, they get my full attention and I spare no expense trying to figure out the problem and make them better. But I also have a child. A child who will need me to raise her and support her far more and far longer than any of my pets will. So if there’s a life or death situation and my intervention means losing my own life, I would choose to protect my daughter, which means protecting myself in that moment. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be devastated and heartbroken, or that I don’t love my pets any more than the next person.




Considering that I love animals and my cat more than most hoomans... Then yes, I do feel the same way. 😂🤎


Very accurate 10/10 in a dream where I thought I saw a nuclear explosion going, i ran outside to save my cat, knew I wasn't going to make it to cover before the sound wave turned my organs to mush and just threw my cat to safety and died. So if my subconscious is any indicator. I quite possibly would die for my cat.




Which book is this from? I know, High School Story, but which? CAUSE I WANT THAT CUTE LITTLE PUP!


You can buy the puppy in HSS:CA Book1


Well, I almost did actually. When I was a child, my rabbit escaped and I almost got hit by a car while chasing him. Thankfully, I managed to catch him and get out of the way, but it was a close call. I'd do it again.


If there was a scenario were either I or my dog survives I would choose me, so I fear my answer is no Edit: I knew people would downvote me lmao


I would die for my dog 100 time over




I will not. It's pretty logical that people right now feel like they would die for their pets, hell I feel like that too but if it came to the actual situation where you can die everything would change.


I mean I definetly love my dog and I don't want to him to die, but I love myself too and I really don't want to die


I’m upvoting these downvotes 😤


No, I wouldn't do that. As the other comments also said, I have kids who need me. While any pet would be important to me, I can't give my own life for a pet when my kids need their mother. Edit: y'all are really going to downvote me because I value my kids more then my pets?


Yup! I would even die for my fiancé’s dog!


Yes I absolutely would die for my babies


I'm not the confrontation type but when my dad yelled at my dogs. I yelled back at him for yelling at my dogs.


No hesitation, yes.






Heyy we have the samee MC


I absolutely do.


Pretty much




Absolutely, I do. My youngest dog went through some tough days (he was abandoned so I adopted him 😋) and he almost died, and even though he was with me for only a week, I felt like a part of me was being ripped of my chest. But he's now alive and well. My doggos are my children. They are pure, love me unconditionally and are better than a lot of humans out there. Maybe better than all humans. Anyway, yes, I would give my life for them.


Oh, absolutely, 110%. My dog means more to me than anyone else in the world, and I would do anything for him. He's the reason I keep going and moving forward, and get out of bed each day. Like, there's a reason r/ntbdbiwdfta exists - I'm sure it's a fairly universal feeling among pet owners.


Yes, I would also die for red lobster cheddar biscuits.


1000 times yes


1000000000%. When my dog was alive, I would have done anything to prevent her from being harmed. I would have gladly given years off of my life just so she could have lived longer


I'd do it for my dog, for my cat, and I would've done it for our other dog, rip buddy, I still miss you On a sidenote, same MC! And clothes!


Totally off topic but my MC's twin looks exactly like that and I named him Carter lmao


Ironically I did not buy the HSS dog. It was hard, but I didn't. On the other hand, I spent thousands last year on surgeries on my toy poodle, so the answer is still yes. (He is doing well, btw. Just turned 13.)


I have cried to my cat because I love her so much. In the words of Rosa Diaz, if anything happened to my cat I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.