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As a frenchie I take it personally.


Why would they ask for the Statue of Liberty to be censored? It’s literally the most iconic monument in the city/country where the movie takes place, and almost every Chinese viewer is sure to have seen it before in some form. It’s like censoring the Great Wall or the Forbidden City in a movie that is set in China.


They didn't want to outright block the release of the movie in China and explain it's because "fuck you Hollywood". So instead they just made a "just one request" that was impossible to comply so they can blame it on Hollywood. Next Spiderman movie: > we habe only one request: no super hero in the movie


Probably because they think it will create some sort of admiration for American culture which they so desperately want the people to hate.


That's not probably, that's certain.


just like it's certain that having three spidermans on top of the statue of liberty is good propaganda and a good breach into the subconcious of people


Because successful and free democratic countries threaten China's authoritarian narratives. The Statue of Liberty is an iconic part of our American narrative, and it conflicts with theirs.


Because FK America right now lol


In that case they will say it’s racist.


I'm in China and I didn't even know this 🤣 I know they never released Shang Chi here because a bus driver had 8964 on patch, June 6 1989 was the Tiananmen Square massacre. Thank Lady Liberty for streaming sites online! I might see it late, but better late than never.


I'm pretty sure they added the badge afterwards. Simu Liu talked about how his ancestors were starving in China so that's why they didn't originally approve it.


Nah, they just didn't like Simu Liu saying at some point in his personal life before the movie that he didn't support the CCP. For the badge, I love that it's in there, but it could have easily been edited out for a Chinese release.


Same goes for that line, tho.


ROFL is that for real? I didn’t even notice! Mad respect to marvel or at least the editors/costume/director for sneaking that in!!




Good on the producers for not removing the Statue of Liberty! The integrity of the Spiderman movies is secured, thank God. Chinese censorship is crazy, ain't it? It's almost like it's like "1984" over there--a dystopian nightmare! Really crazy. Glad I'm over here in my country so I can watch these Spiderman movies that I enjoy so much.


Thats not why they did it. They did it because removing the statue of liberty would require that half the movie to be edited. If it was simple Sony would have done it.


You're probably right. I made a few assumptions before I wrote my reddit comment, and I should've done at least a little check up before I hit send. But I wanted people to hear what I had to say on this matter, regardless of the truth. This is reddit, after all. Thank you for the correction.




[Funny you should mention 1984..](https://reddit.com/r/China/comments/ua3s4w/today_is_world_reading_day_chinas_largest_online/)


it seems it's still there https://www.douban.com/search?q=1984


Yes, [as I mentioned in my update](https://www.reddit.com/r/China/comments/ua3s4w/comment/i5v9sa3/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3). Notice how there are [no more comments since April 23th](https://book.douban.com/subject/4820710/comments/?sort=time&status=P).


"1984" is my favorite book. I especially love the part about Julia's hips.


Not sure if I misunderstood you or not, but I was not doubting you for mentioning 1984. I was referring to the madness that China censored 1984 on literally the World Reading Day, if you check my link.


Theres an interesting book called [Red Carpet: Hollywood, China and the Global Battle for Cultural Supremacy](https://www.amazon.com/Red-Carpet-Hollywood-Cultural-Supremacy/dp/1984878999) that goes into great detail about this topic.


Seems like something that a confident country would do.


What was wrong with the Statue of Liberty?


Her name, I guess.


Also some historical ties: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goddess\_of\_Democracy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goddess_of_Democracy) It was used during Tiannamen protests of 1989 so it is seen as being subversive.


Interesting, thanks.


Goddess of democracy was a separate thing as far as I'm aware, but there's definitely some visual similarities it evokes


Probably bullshit. Most of these giant, super popular blockbuster movies aren't being released in China anymore just because they want people to watch shitty Chinese movies instead.


What the hell is Puck News? Never heard of it before today and the article just cites “multiple [unnamed] sources”


Outside of the moral outrage with this, how could they feasibly remove the Statue of Liberty? The *spoiler alert* final fight of the movie takes place on it. It’s not a simple ‘just cut out these 5 seconds of film’ to fix, it would require reshooting the entire last 20 minutes.


You can buy 自由女神 related stuff on taobao. There's tons of it. I'm not sure that this was the reason for the film not being released. Any other proof besides a tweet from some account? Chinese people aren't morons, they know what the statue of liberty is. They've seen it in a bunch of movies. You can see it in Titanic on the Chinese roku app... Edit: 自由女神 lady liberty


But the government administrations have the tendency to be morons. The recent Harry Potter had been censored because of 3 seconds of „gayishness“. I have watched many movies abroad and then again in China, and it’s incredible how much film makers have to censor. When the film administration calls you to change something small, you better perform or the movie won’t be released.


Yeah, that they do. I've been here a long time. I'm not as jaded as I used to be. Moving to a coastal city has improved my life here drastically. The ocean is healing. They do censor a lot, and I agree with what you are saying. I'm usually kind of negative when it comes to the government here and stuff. I was mostly curious to the actual reason for the film not being released. I don't know too much about it.


Actually since marvel phrase 4, there were not a single film introduced in China lmao


Sadly they still choose to kowtow to China.. Moon Knight for instance failed to acknowledge Mao Zedong during a scene where the bad guy talked about how a certain God would've been able to prevent Hitler, Nero, the Armenian genocide and Pol Pot.


Neglected Stalin too did they?


?? How do you even still have a film when you remove the Statue of Liberty? The plot would make no sense


Spiderman is made in USA not China. Glad they stick it to the dictator


Any company or anything need to not cater to the petty ccp and the pitiful winnie the pooh. All they do is promote an immature shallow way of life, where all thst matters in life is the made up ego driven image in your head.


of course, from a nation with no liberty


totally bullshit. any reliable source for this news?


Anything negative will be gobbled up as truth. Vice versa by the Chinese about the U.S. We should be better.


Lol even the VIPKID curriculum had a “the statue of Liberty is a symbol of America and freedom” slide in the mix


Plot twist: they hated the movie, but didn't want to lose face because one of Shit Ping's nephews enjoyed it; so they made a ridiculous request... no?


there has been less American films released now in China in recent years and i do feel young people are less interested in western culture now?


The biggest joke is that the climactic final fight in the photo happens on the statue of liberty. Would literally have to change the ending. Guess it is all CGI anyways


Is there another source for this? Haven’t heard of Puck News


Next spider man will take place in a multiverse where China took over the world…