Honestly, it's probably best for Morgan if we don't give her trashy mother any attention. That relationship is probably already really complicated without us stepping in to condemn her biological mother.


Sounds like a classic narcissist. Lovely. It's amazing Morgan's turned out half as well as she did.


Morgan and her Brother deserve so much more. Whatever IT is... Morgan has IT. I wouldn't be surprised if we see her name in flashing lights one day real soon. As for her Parents, I wish them well, but they don't deserve to be apart of her life. Onwards and upwards.


I bet her "parents" will come knocking once she has money behind her name


Exactly. Any day now if not already.


It’s hard being the daughter of a narcissist. That’s why I felt like I resonated so much with her and her story when I watched the show. Dealing with that kind of person for a mother is exhausting.




The way she wraps herself into a ball a lot broke my heart.


Same here, her story ripped my heart out. I can’t imagine ever leaving my child to feel how she expressed, heart wrenching.


I especially liked how her dad said that "people have to do what they have to to get by" (something along those lines, I don't remember exactly what it was) but I immediately thought he was a piece of trash for abandoning his kids. AND THEN screw her brother for literally abandoning her as soon as he could just to go and find their men-- who ALSO. FREAKING. ABANDONED. THEM. Like, really, bro??? Morgan doesn't deserve any of these trashy people. God bless her grandparents, seriously. Like, bless them, bless her, and I am happy for Morgan and Navarro!!!!!!


They raised the dad 🤷🏻‍♀️


I went and found her Facebook profile and she really reminds me of the American Gypsy people that were on TLC for a bit.


Wow! She kinda does...Never thought of that....I feel awful for her...


I also want to k ow more about her pathetic dad and step witch. How can someone do what they did and live with themselves?!


This. Their living situation made Harry Potter’s cupboard look like five star accommodations. Did they say that the stepmom wouldn’t let the kids live with them and the dad went along with it? Or was it the dad’s decision? I can’t remember now


I can’t believe that her dad agreed to be filmed?! He’s clearly not a nice, or smart guy. And then I can’t believe her brother just left her there?!? The Friday Night Lights writers couldn’t have written or sold sadder backstories for their fictional characters. Cheer stumbled into an incredibly sad, yet hopeful world. These kids deserve all of the opportunities that their hard work and perseverance is affording them.


I just searched and she keeps replying to Kendall Jenner’s tweets saying “check your DM’s” and posting she loves Morgan like 👀 Edit: spelt reply wrong


The mom is doing that?! No way! W-O-W.


Yeah, just google the surname and it comes up 💀 so trash


I can’t find it :/


I don't understand how, even with all the details we were given and many minutes of documentary footage devoted to it, we still don't have anything like a coherent picture. This is all we know: Her biological mother, for some reason, is completely out of the picture. Her biological father remarried and moved to be with his new wife and 3 step-children, leaving Morgan and her brother, as minors, in a trailer. They were on their own and had to get their own food to survive. The brother, at 18, now that he's an "adult", goes out to find the mother, leaving Morgan. And that's all we know. We dont know what is going on with the mother, why she didnt take care of them. We dont know how a father can just abandon 2 minor children. We dont know what the brother does if/when he finds the mother. We dont know what the interactions are between the grandparents are between the father, over abandoning Morgan. We dont know what the father thinks currently (now that her daughter is "famous"); albeit, any thing he does do would probably appear hollow, obviously. It just seems like the documentary could have gone a little further in filling in some of the grey areas. If you're going to tell a story, tell a story. They did a magnificent job with La'Darius: the scene where they show La'Darius mean older brother crying while watching La'Darius' performance was monumental.


I think we can spend less time asking "why" and more time calling the father a piece of shit.


The joke's on her parents. That daughter they abandoned now has twice as many IG followers as her home state has people and I bet most of those followers would do anything for her.


Can you post pictures and block out the username/name? Or does that still violate reddit‘a rules?


I don't know how to do that. But if you search for Morgan's last name on Twitter you can find her mom pretty easily.




Wtf, I don’t even remember her criticizing her mom, just not really mentioning her. So I assumed she was uninvolved. The only mention I recall is that her brother went to find the mom at 18... Morgan never said anything specifically bad about her. She just stated the facts of her life. This makes me mad for her all over again.


WOW. Is the other comment from the brother we saw on the show? Is her mom a stripper? Appears as such...


Well... that's certainly trashy.


Was it Madyson that posted the half sister tweet? Genuinely curious because I grew up with both of them.




I.... don’t know what to say.


What’s her moms name?