You might wanna check today’s Ellen too, that was led by Morgan. The team is in such high demand that some went to New York like Gabi and others went back to LA like Morgan.


I honestly am not sure how much Lexi is interested in all this attention. She seemed like she had fun on the LA trip, but seems to have taken a back seat this week. Gabi has time to do it too along with being very professional and is very comfortable with the attention. Morgan is getting a ton of work, look at the Ellen show today. All in all, it's great to see them all get attention.


I think it's probably because she has had more media attention in general. A lot of people outside of the cheer world still know who Gabi Butler is. Shes an amazing young woman so I'm sure she deserves this, but not any more than the other girls. Thing is, media doesn't care about who's the most interesting, or who deserves to have their voice heard. They care about who will bring in the most views to the network.


Media training too. Gabi is well spoken and used to interviews, she’s a good anchor to have with the rest so inexperienced .


Aren't they supposed to be in school? A two year school?


I mean, what would you do in their position?


Lexi is not good on camera, though. Gabi just handles media well prob bc she’s so used to it. I love Morgan, too. There probably are others who would do well too but they didn’t have as big storylines.


I think they just have so much media stuff to do that they split up the team to meet all the demand. Gabi prob draws in more folks too.


Gabi was on a cheerleading show on YouTube and that's how she got her start. She really is amazing and the fact that she has been doing it for so long says a lot. It's why she was first because she is more known in the cheerleading world than any other. But, you can see how it's had an effect on her mind and body and how awful her parents are. I feel like Gabi has just had enough.