Imagine a bunch of five middle-aged blokes beating the shit out of a sixteen-year-old boy. Absolutely fucking disgusting.


Absolutely horrific. Mindless, partisan violence like this really churns the soul.


Terrible that this happened. “Did not want to press charges” That’s not a thing in this country. The victim has no say, more likely the police encouraged this because they couldn’t be bothered with the aggro.


It’s not a thing for something this serious but you can choose not to press charges for some things.


When you’re the sole witness you can choose to not give evidence which is the same thing. The CPS will have multiple witnesses here including CCTV. Either cops are lazy (what a surprise) or just doing a bad job.


The article does say that British Transport Police are still making enquiries, but I don't know if that's code for, "nothing's likely to come of this", or not. Because you'd think they'd have a wealth of CCTV evidence at the train station when the cunts got off. It's also pretty early in the investigation, as this only happened this Saturday just gone.


There’s a large section of our away support especially that are absolute cretins. More intent on trying to look hard as opposed to actually supporting the team. Home atmosphere is fun and full of ppl cheering on the lads, away (although loud)is full of twats. It’s almost like there’s an inferiority complex there. We have no real rivalries, no one cares about us and I’m fine with that, but some away fans try to over compensate for this by trying to act as cuntish as possible. Weren’t always like this, only since after lockdown it’s got worse.


We were at home the same day that this happened. There isn’t actually anything in the article that says that it was a group of Coventry fans who attacked the kid, it’s classic click bait from the Telegraph. All the article says is that guys got in at Birmingham and got off in Cov. A bit of a leap from the headline writer to call them ‘Coventry thugs’ purely on the basis that they got off the train here, which I’m surely they’d be fairly keen to do whether it was their stop or not seeing as they’d just assaulted someone on the train.


>There’s a large section of ~~our~~ all teams away support especially that are absolute cretins.


As a coventry fan I can only apologise for these mongs. There is no place for this anywhere in society and all it does is tarnish the rest of us. We're not all pricks, I promise.


Fucking disgraceful from those Millwall fans, they should be kicked out the league


Great fans


Every fanbase has a small percentage of idiots unfortunately, hopefully they are identified and get a life time stadium ban, on top of jail time.


They also didn't say they were cov fans


This isn’t the first time this has happened. We’ve had a couple incidents like this recently. Everybody brings up the Sunderland games first but they’re not the only example of cov being violent. We had a story last season where a group of cunts had beat up an isolated away fan. Don’t know if this is an us thing or hooliganism in general having an increase nationwide.